Make $20 Dollars In Free PayPal Money In 5 Minutes! (Live Income Proof Shown)

Make $20 Dollars In Free PayPal Money In 5 Minutes! (Live Income Proof Shown)

– Hey guys, Jaffry Ward here, and I’m about to teach you
how to make free PayPal money. I just went and got a PayPal payout from a app called Pei and I just did literally a minute ago and it should be already in
here in about two minutes. Luckily, my internet is going slow, so you guys are gonna be able to see it as it’s coming up right now. I actually go to my phone,
if it start acting funny, but it shouldn’t because
PayPal should just pop up, pop on up real quick. If you wanna learn how to
make some free PayPal money, not only am I gonna
show you how to make it, I’m actually gonna show you how you can automate the whole thing where you can get people
to post in groups for you and where to find that stuff at, so let me just hit refresh. For some reason, my internet
is acting super slow today. Give it a second. Guys, I’d give it a
second, it’s slow to load. Okay, here it’s pulling up right now. And like I said, logging in
right in front of you guys. None of the BS. Here is Pei right here. Pei is a app that pays
you free PayPal money by getting cash back. You guys wanted to see it live? There it is right there, live. $20 just right there in front of you guys. Before I go ahead and get started, go ahead and like this video,
subscribe to this channel. If you comment how much
money you wanna make in PayPal money below,
you’re automatically entered into a contest where I
give away free PayPal money each and every month. So if that’s something that interests you, you definitely wanna go
ahead and comment that. Comment your goals, comment
how much you wanna make. I’m a real person, nothing fake about me, I’m just a guy that (sighs) you know, make money off wacky apps. A guy that learn how to
generate an affiliate income for free, learn how to
generate an affiliate income by purchasing stuff, and, you know. Sorry about this, they
wanna see different things. I’m doing this video on the fly. This is my second video today if you haven’t checked out my other video, I like linking back to it. But I wasn’t supposed to be
doing another video today, by the way, but I’m doing
it because, you know, when you get proof, you
should basically show it and actually inspire other
people that, you know, that they can do the same. You know, I used to watch
videos like this all the time and you know it would inspire me, and lord and behold, I’m
making my own money now. So I hope this is to inspire you and to, you know, motivate you, it’s
not to brag or whatever, because, you know if I
really wanted to brag, I could bring up some other stuff, but $20 is, you know, compared to what I’ve
currently been making, it’s just the beginning of
May and today is the 1st, is nothing, but, let me
just show you how to make the free PayPal money. I’m on my phone right now, you
can see my phone right here. Nothing to spice up but I have regular LG. But, you know, I just
withdraw the PayPal money just that quickly right
in front of you guys. You can refer people to this app, you can earn money with this app, you can also earn cash back. So what you will basically do is you basically need to go get a card that you’ve already linked to Dosh. So if you guys join me in Dosh, this is basically the same type of app, but only you have way more,
and I do mean way more, places in here that you can shop at that Dosh doesn’t have from, you know, Subway to Walgreens and everything else. So once you star referring people in here and once you link a card,
you’re then qualified to get your first $5 bonus, so, your first $5 bonus comes
when you link your first card, so I have it linked-to
in the description below where you can get your first $5. You don’t have to even do
anything to get your first $5 except link a card. I already have a link that’s already ready for you guys to go, so
once you click that link, go over there and you link a card, you’re gonna get $5 right
here in your account. It’s gonna say 500 points
earned, which is $5 in US coins, I mean in US dollars, and
they also do bitcoins, which is really cool, okay? But it’s just a basic cashback app, you just basically earn
money when link your card to this app, and you just earn money just by going to these
places using your card at that place, and really, really simple. They have more places than Dosh, so you just go in there
and do the same thing, and that’s no shade at Dosh because Dosh is really good as well. You can use both of ’em in
conjunction matter fact. Let me go over to Dosh and just show you what I got this morning. So, you know, people talk
about making $100 online a day and you know, different
things of that nature. This morning in my wallet you see there’s $5 right there
as we’re talking right now. If I go down that, you know, process $40 directly to my Venmo account. And if I go over to my Venmo account, you can see that I
constantly get paid from Dosh over and over again. Venmo is like PayPal,
basically the same thing. You know, constantly getting paid by Dosh, and like I said, same thing with Dosh. You earn $5 per person that you refer. Pei, you earn $5 per
person that you refer, but when you use these links,
the links that I’m gonna have in the description below,
you’ll get a $5 bonus. Simple as that; really, really simple. And, you know, we haven’t
even talked about Societi. Matter fact, I’m gonna go ahead
and get a payout right here while I’m on Societi and show it to you guys. So, you know, this is live payment proof, this is PayPal payment proof
right in front of you guys. Directly, you know, on this video. So I’m a wait for this app to load up. Societi is a app that you
can just play TV games and the more questions you get right, the bigger piece of the pot
they give away, actual cash. They put the actual cash in your wallet and you then take that money,
you transfer it to PayPal or you can get a Amazon gift card if this app would actually load up and I see it’s not gonna load up. Yeah, but I have $93 in there. You can see some of my previous videos where I show you PayPal
payment proof of Societi. But that’s it. I’m referring people using, and let me pull up my document real quick. I’m referring people using Facebook and it’s not like I’m doing that anymore because I have somebody posting it for me. So you can go over here to Fiverr and you can pay $5 for
somebody to actually, let me pull this up. I don’t know which one
had my method on it. Sorry about this, guys. You know, like I said, I wasn’t gonna do another video today. I’m just gonna pull one of ’em up. These are some more Apps as well, and you can get the link to this app and these apps, in my other video. Where it’s the actual document where you can actually come in here and just click on these
links and download em’. But today, we’re just
talkin’ about pay and Dosh. And we’re gonna throw Dosh in there, because they both the same, they both have the same referral system, where you earn five dollars per person. But, basically on the
other document I had, basically post it in Facebook
group, Instagram groups, not Instagram groups, but Instagram. Pinterest, but I don’t
even do that anymore, I have somebody post for me. (keys clicking) So you can come in here, and
type and post it on Facebook, or you can create a job, like I did. You basically created a job for somebody, and they will basically, you know they can manage your pages, and they can constantly post for you. So instead of you having to do work, and you know, posting on Facebook groups. You know, it’s not required, you can pay for somebody to do this. And you tell them exactly how your ad, you want your ad to look, so you can have somebody post; we will promote your post,
in 500k and 100k groups. You can tell them you want the groups to be internet marketing based. So you want to get people who
want to make money online, and you want to post in those groups, and you wanna tell them about this app. You don’t want to tell them
up front what the app is, you just wanna say this app is payin’– this paid me five, well these two apps. If you promote these two
apps at the same time, you can earn ten dollars. So you can just say, these
two apps paid me ten dollars just for linking a card. Which is true, with Pei and Dosh you get ten dollars when you link a card. You can do the same, you
can say this app paid me ten dollars to link a card, these two apps paid me ten
dollars to link a card. The only thing you have to do is link the same card to both of em’. If you want more information,
inbox me on Facebook. They promotin’, they are out there and going into these groups promotin’ it, and when people are interested,
they’re gonna post info. And they come over to your inbox, which is basically your inbox on Facebook, they ask for more information, you send them your link,
they sign up, you get paid. I know it sounds like, people think it’s too good to be true, but I actually have students that are making over five
hundred dollars a month, doin’ this. And if you break that down, that’s a little bit over
a hundred dollars a week. What’s an extra five
hundred dollars a month? What can an extra five
hundred dollars a month, excuse me, help you wit right now? Think about your bills, think
about what you got goin’ on. I have the two apps, that I’m makin’ free Paypal
money wit right now, two apps. They just see it right here, more cash back from Pei. You know, just another PayPal payment we’re gonna dismiss that right now, ’cause we talkin’ about this. But like I said, simple as that, you wanna make the PayPal money, you wanna constantly put free PayPal money in your PayPal account, this
is the exact way to do it. I gave you all the information you need, and like this short ten minute video, ’cause I’m gettin’ ready to end it, I have other things to do. I have other businesses to run. Like I said, I wasn’t
gonna do another video, but just had to show it to you guys. Go in, sign up for Pei. And if you alread– if you haven’t signed up for Dosh, sign up for Dosh as well. And then, and a matter of fact, I’ll leave the video that shows the whole method I
actually posted in group. I’m gonna show you how it’s supposed to, how you supposed say it, how
you supposed to set it up. So I’ll actually leave
a link to that video, in the description box below, so you can just click that and go over and watch me
actually post in a group, so you can actually see it live. So I’ll leave that link
in the description below you can go over there
and watch that video. But there you go, two apps
is payin’ free PayPal money, right now. You make the choice to
go and start makin’ money with these websites, and these apps. I got it all for you guys, showed you, I even showed you a way to be lazy, to get somebody to do
it for you, like I do. Really simple, it’s up to you. And I’ll even give away this information as most of the time when I do this stuff, I think to myself, you know
I’m gonna keep this to myself. But, if you guys are not makin’ money, and you’re followin’ me, I just don’t feel I
could live with myself. If I’m not showin’ you the exact ways to make money online, then I just really can’t sleep. So, for me being like an honest dude, you know what I’m sayin’, just actually just puttin’
you guys up on game, as we say in the hood. Just puttin’ you guys
on game, what’s workin’. So, if you guys really wanna
go out there and do this, you have to go out there and hustle, you have to go out there
and put in the work. So, I don’t share this for
you guys to be average, I share this for you guys to make money. I want you guys to make money, for real. You know, nothing makes me happier, when somebody comes and says, yo Jaffry, you helped
me make five hundred. Helped me make,
(laughing) you guys, I can’t even say it right now. But you helped me to get to
five hundred dollars a month, nothing makes me more happier inside and brings more joy to my heart, when I’ve helped somebody
make money online. So, that’s my whole goal,
that’s all I got for you guys. Comment your goals, in the description, not in the description, but
in the comment section below. I hope you guys enjoyed this video, sorry I’m all over the place right now. I didn’t wanna do another video, but peace out you guys have a nice day. Go out there and make
that free PayPal money. Peace out.


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