Madura Garments Business Model | Case Study | Aditya Birla Fashion

Madura Garments Business Model | Case Study | Aditya Birla Fashion

Hello friends my name is Sahil Khanna and you are watching intellectual indies and today we gonna to talk about Madhura Garments or aditya fashion and retail haven’t heard have you herd peter england louis philippe,van heusen all of this come in aditya fashion it’s top 4 brand are-louis philippe allen solly,van heusen,peter england all these individually earn Rs 1000 crore every year it’s positioning statement or it’s sub brand louis philippe is of rich people brand one who want to focus global fashion high quality product can move to louis philippe. next is van heusen,this is for professional people basically they target professional outlook and they want to look powerful if you are a leader then you will like van heusen next is allen solly they target on trends if you like trend based on professionalism then this is for you peter england is of lower end this target the masses or job oriented people the one who want to wear daily can’t afford loui philippe because we are job professional and not a boss so if you earn less than peter england is good and this 4 brand is owned by aditya birla group till now basically when I got a interview in this company and I got my first placement at that time I did not know all about this recently they opened 2 sub-brands name planet fashion and collectives which is multi product channel in planet fashion they sell own products and in collectives they sell international brandes they too joined hands with forever21,so all the indian sells is looked by them pantaloons too comes under birla in starting it did not came under this,but things changed so this case study is for the one who is thinking for the future business like this it you remember abof,which they used to sell online,there vision was good,they had a good content marketing but logically it wasn’t a profitable business, you can generate a profit,but you need to do a loss leadership in current market situation so they dosoped this idea so currently they are working on the current business partner about it’s history,in 1988 madhura garment got started in 1999 birla group overlook it,and the deal was of Rs 1.89 billion and after the acquisition they did brand extension means in starting they only concentrated on male and after they captured female too in starting they focused on allen solly by providing trending clothes,after that van heusen for professional in females that time 40% of the men market is owned by madhura garments and in 1 year they got increment of 42% in revenue because of female section too after 7 years they targeted kids too there idea is to if a guy comes to his shop then he can buy for his wife and kid too because it makes a brand loyalty if you buy a particular brand,so it makes you to buy for you and for you family so there target is to sell for the hole family based on their need and for the upcoming generation by making a loyalty but there are going under loss because for so many sections in there brand so they did murger to make a aditya birla fashion and retail,and in this acquisition makes it a 53 crore company they too opened alot of retail store,may be about 1900 retail stores they have currently and aditya birla fashion group is a public company so they had a 3 partners.First is public sector,second is aditya birla logo and the last is aditya birla fashion so the big part is aditya birla fashion is of 56.1%,9% is of aditya birla logo and public holding is of 39.84% currently it’s share market value is Rs 177 it value may change afterword let’s check it’s balance sheet,I am not discussing about it’s funding,as it is a public sector company they get money via public and not from investor,for more info do check my share market series if we talk about it’s balance sheet then they are going under loss in the past,but last year they had made a profit they work under 70-80% of profit means if your t-shirt making cost is Rs 100 then you sell it at Rs 180-170 but still it is no loss,because for operating cost like store,in stores like lui philippe they give you coffee,biscuits company has to give all these compensation from my internal sources I got to know that they work for customer centric problem,they think alot for customer person can return and change at any store at any time and many more perks that’s why I liked this company,I left it because of not much salary is available hope you got it like and share,comment below how you liked it buy good night,good morning,good evening whenever you are watching it


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    Louis philippe,allen solly etc are "firm" with aditya birla group… but its not indian brand…

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    It's Madura garments, not Madhura. Van Hussain.

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    Bro.. Can I buy huge stock or collect slowly and sell them in my own store, bringing brands stock from Delhi and reselling.. Under a single store name as DISCOUNT factory..?? Is it legal.. Can I proceed officially??? Plz help me bro

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    People should know that Aditya Birla Retail has the worst track record of management and employee harasment. They pay the worst for a company that boasts itself as a luxury brand chain. Luxury my ass, they have in VISHAK KUMAR, the worst of the bunch of wannabe steve jobs entrepreneurs I have ever seen. The guy has no class and is corrupt as well. Hes disrespectful to his employees and treats employee incentives, well deserved incentives as cancellable. This shows the chain of command is tainted top down. Be a slave to the brand all you want but this bogus corporate facade and the blatant worker exploitation is the face of the company. Honestly the worst work experience of my life.

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