Lucky Discoveries That Made People Rich

Lucky Discoveries That Made People Rich

Some people get rich through hard work when we go to the spotlight we go to the spolkight Some people get rich through hard work and extreme talent. You could also rob a bank. Or, you could get really lucky, like the people we’re about to meet in todays video. Here are our Top 10 luckiest discoveries that made people filthy rich. Before we get started, make sure to subscribe So you can discover some suiting information everyday. Number 10, THE WALL OF COINS


  1. Bflatest says:

    I was with a friend at an estate sale back in the 80s and he started opening books from the large shelf and shaking them. I was like HUH WHY?? he said people put money in books and forget about it. THE VERY NEXT book he opened a 100$ bill dropped out hahaha I was like GIMMI A BOOK!

  2. Itz_Galaxy Cutie says:


  3. Wolf Sheen says:

    POSSIBLY if I ever get a metal detector i’m Aussie btw (Aussie= Australian)

  4. Sebastian Rodas says:

    This proves that the government like to take things you found and most of the time a family possession

  5. Caleb Lectura says:

    you suck this channel sucks my brother pick this one

  6. z5kd says:

    A hole on the wall

  7. Brooklyn Owen says:

    I have a Penny it is from 1967 and I have two dimes 1962 and1964

  8. nightmare says:

    i found a coin and i sel it for 50 milon $

  9. Darren says:

    Don't get involved with your trashy relatives. They will rip you off.

  10. Sketching Sawyer says:

    The wool

  11. Fall Out Boys Fannest Boy says:

    0:53 look at the opened “window/door thing

  12. GathKingLeppbertI says:

    Uh loo min um

  13. Meme King says:

    So he wants us to buy a mettle detector and run through the astrailin desert ?

  14. Lukawhoscomin 135 says:

    I hate that aunt

  15. clipse ck says:

    “The woulld”

  16. Potato Potato says:

    9:43 is that jimin?

  17. Dana J. says:

    Oh, sweetheart, please stop trying to say the word "Wall".

  18. Aswajar says:

    I'm going to start collecting copies of the declaration of independence. How many are out there now?

  19. Candice Perry says:

    People would discover dinosaur bones

  20. aidans videos says:

    Rubys, and i love rubys if someone gives me a ruby ill give you a mewtwo and a big charmander plush

  21. AFK Xilef says:

    they opened up the woul.

  22. nojus v says:

    How many times he said wull? (Not hater)

  23. VanyyVAPE says:

    "I've got some wools to smash"

  24. uDee V says:

    i wish me and my family where rich we are middle money

  25. Rashid Delair says:


  26. Jeff Mentiplay says:

    screw u america i am assie

  27. S u n f l o w e r 전 says:

    Omg 9:41!
    Bangtan!! omshit

  28. mr dangerous says:

    I have a d penni

  29. gravethebeyond says:

    so out of the 23 people. $182,000 ÷ 23 is $7913.00 with a remainder of one dollar. this is what happens when people get greedy.

  30. gravethebeyond says:

    A copy of the Declaration of Independence?! thats just legendary.

  31. Weervle_ says:

    Wall not wol

  32. janjr. s says:

    the only rare thing that i had only cost £22

  33. Victoria Martinez-Santos says:

    Me:why'd it say my name??

  34. Ashannie Is so cute says:

    Sooo when people get money by giving something do the people who pay get the same amount they paid!?

  35. CowDevs says:

    0:51 what’s a wool ?

  36. Lashlaroo says:

    I'm from ballarat lol

  37. Rachel Fixico says:


  38. chumpess says:

    Australia? Yeah. We have a show where people get gold from the surface of the outback mate. It’s not really rare. Gold is also found in quartz. You can find quartz in rocks. Not so rare now. Is it. Sure it’ll make you rich but it’s not really lucky.

  39. Djsssddsnsb Xnsnznsu ssh xb b.s. bx says:

    J Edgar but plug

  40. Looth Vlogs says:


  41. Dirk Van Schalkwyk says:

    I found Mandela coins but a lady named leeann stole them and used them as normal money stupid Leeann????

  42. Mikey Jesu says:

    Want to make money properly? Check out the video on my channel.

  43. ed antonio says:

    My sister Has a Silver penny that my papaw gave it to her

  44. ed antonio says:

    I have to very old books that my mom and dad bought from a yard sale the to books Were called the Adventurers of Alice and the wonderland and treasure island and they could be 100 years old

  45. Dwy Prabowo says:

    I found gold VOC coins from my grandfather's old-house just for my collection. Thanks for The Dutch's empire ?

  46. GoDaddy Dave says:

  47. Provale Balkanske Scene says:

    Or yOu cAn rOb a BaNk

  48. DesignerGirl79 says:

    Me: Hears him say wool (Wall) Like six times in the matter of under 1 minute.

    Me again: Wow Must Be some thick wool ;))

  49. Cheyenne Adams says:

    I'm from Ballarat, Victoria and we have a Gold detector it's actually really cool to go prospecting ? you can still find gold. Nuggets just a few cm under the serface, not that big but still gold nuggets

  50. Martha Clark says:

    Hi i have a 1990 old 100 currency bill is it worth something

  51. Zachary Estantino says:

    4:21 San Diego isn’t in the ocean

  52. Developer Large! says:

    how he says aluminum makes me shiver

  53. Sarah Landau says:

    My attic is my room

  54. Daniel Quinto says:

    I realize im a millioner cause my teeth is GOLD

  55. RickiJicki Gamer says:

    Ok you said filthy rich none of the people here didn’t even get on million

  56. Damian Irvin says:

    I’m in Ballarat ??

  57. disciple's follower says:

    Am i the only one who thought that in 9:43 it was jimin? ?

  58. 1000 subs Without a video says:

    I found two dollars under my bed..

  59. Bong Santos says:

    U huhu Yuri

  60. Davian Jackson says:

    One time i found 1 dollar in my mom purse now im rich

  61. Black57 says:

    Asexual reproduction.

  62. yaniri abreub says:

    I faund shit
    ??.my mom when the sow the woll?????

  63. AarizzAkmal_Playzz says:


  64. creepypastagacha Shadow says:

    My teacher told my class a story dat actually happened 2 her(NOT FAKE). She was walking on a beach with a metal detector(no idea why) then she found a gold necklace which was like 23k or something like dat but then she ofc sold it(idk how much she sold it for tho).

  65. BeatSaberMaster100 says:

    What is pounds

  66. galexy warrier says:

    I’m watching in Australia ??

  67. Joshua Ballew says:

    Why would you show the coca cola one if it was fake and they got nothing? especially so far on the list

  68. Ricardo Milos says:

    A little bit late . Ok, so this story happend 1 month ago, i was in my bed looking at youtube, and i see a whatsapp message. And it was my aunt, saying that she found something in the trash, and it was a Master Chief Halo 2 anniversary statue limited edition ( A lot of money) And i was saying that was only 15 euros, only to get it ( I didnt know the value, but is was from my favourite game) And i said that i can give my xbox one s, for a while, he accepted, and now, i dont know what to do.

  69. Gabriel Hernandez says:

    Pawn stars will say: Best I can do is 200 bucks

  70. Raze_Lxmitz says:

    The wull

  71. buddy boy chum says:

    Tbh I don't think a painting by Vincent Van Gogh should be worth more than ACTUAL Roman artifacts and the Declaration of Independence…

  72. Aveesha Sathruwan says:

    Once I found a wet patch of dirt on the garden it turned to be my cats poo which is worth over 0.1 dollars I was so over joyed

  73. Administrative command says:

    Here is some easy steps to make you rich…

    Grab some veggies.

    stuff em in a bottle on a stormy night

    Get it struct by lighting

  74. xXxRockkettPower012 says:

    The way he said “wall” made me want to kill myself

  75. Marc Robles says:

    Am I the only one that hates the way he say wall …(WOOL)

  76. Adrianna The Wolf says:

    For .50 I got a 30 dollar baby Alice toy

  77. Liberty Panda says:

    Can i eat that egg

  78. AZEX Global Services says:

  79. Krystal Keys says:

    * Wool… WaterFool… Ool*

  80. Elexus Murray says:


  81. Dawg Home says:

    2:46, I had to rewind incase I missed something but I didn't! I don't get your term, "this lump of metal".. what lump? Not the picture I presume, so despite the offering I've still to use my imagination which well refuses to budge..I think I'm stressed so hence not enjoying this little piece…I'm feeling frustrated major shrugging session going on

  82. Martin Duru says:

    Once my Uncle was going through his attic and found all these old comic books and other cool old things but threw them away as he thought they weren't worth a lot of money

  83. 07 Z06 says:

    4:23 I didnt know there was a San Diego in Mexico!!!

  84. Natalie Welch says:

    I fond a Romain Coin

  85. Radu Stefan says:

    3:16 warframe will have a word with you

  86. Dory Go says:

    Well i found a penny under my car seat

  87. rie rxses says:

    this is basically telling robbers what to steal ?

  88. JJ Aug3 says:

    I'm never going outside AGAIN

  89. ellie dog cookies says:

    ok this is kinda weird but i once found an extinct owl and it was so cute and we found it while it was still extinct

  90. SFranz Sagabaen says:

    Coins on the wool?

  91. pqtat718 says:

    Do Brits really pronounce Van Gough as "Van Goff?"

  92. Corbin Cleary says:

    The wool

  93. Arex Gamming says:

    Time to buy a sledge hammer and a metal detector and a shovel

  94. Papa Meaga says:

    they opened up the wool

  95. THE DOLL CHANNEL 2 says:

    I need to discover how not to get deleted again! good video

  96. Lowqy says:

    I was hyped when I found a dollar in the snow

  97. Michael Davis-Lugo says:

    Umm san diego is not in mexico…fix the graphic. Who the F is Van Goth? (you pronounced it like Goth) Pronounced Go like in go.

  98. Rhylan Weekley says:

    H O L Y H A N D G R E A N A D E

  99. zoya octavia says:

    yes…..i found something amazing but dont early know how to go about it…… is an old shield, is about 500 years or above here in Africa.

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