London 4K – Rich Neighborhood Drive

London 4K – Rich Neighborhood Drive

Tour Highlights: Portobello Road Market Colorful Homes Weathy Districts Notting Hill Main Street High End Shops


  1. J Utah says:

    New 8K 60FPS 2D & 3D VR video drives coming soon! I started filming last week and will be filming more over the next few months!

    What do you want to see next? Have any feedback on the video or format? Leave a comment! I read them all and appreciate them – Thanks to all of you that comment!

    Thanks for watching, 


  2. bali suut says:

    Miss London

  3. S says:

    Why rich?? Just drive through London, if you like London you have to take the rough with the smooth…Rich, poor it’s London!

    Good video though…strangely relaxing and I’m from London 😊

  4. Hahaha Tudia says:

    That a smooth car driving

  5. Corri ander says:

    The majority of these properties are empty!

  6. Charlotte Lewis says:

    Make sure you don’t film humans in cardboard boxes

  7. cd sd says:

    after10 years only muslim country

  8. A O says:

    I think more posh is in Richmond, Knigstbridge, Chelsea.

  9. pompilio rapana' says:

    Ma il video in che periodo dell'anno è stato fatto.?

  10. Daniel says:

    count all the Land Rovers/Range Rovers 😜

  11. so good says:

    Is the capital Very quiet

  12. Emmanuel says:

    London is a beautiful city, but this videos is just enough reason to the say that New York city is the greatest city in the world, and act as such.

  13. john smith says:

    Russian & Chinese owned part of london

  14. rachana soni says:


  15. ethan nemeth says:

    Currently too broke to travel to London, so this is the next best thing lol. Thanks!

  16. Sofiane Belli says:

    I had chance to move to holland park for 4 years 95 -99 staying in st villas best neighborhood in London till I left to Sydney Australia , very expensive now .

  17. Michael McCullagh says:


  18. linda lee says:

    why not Hampstead?????or Chelsea area?

  19. paul azadfard says:

    کارگران و زحمتکشان انگلستان به جمهوری شرقی انگلستان بپیوندید.

  20. Alex Vanroth says:

    Fucking limeys drive on the wrong side of the road. lol. Great video. London is bad ass.

  21. 1London Witness says:

    Brilliant footage

  22. Burro Bras says:


    Deltan avaliou concorrer ao Senado, deixou em aberto tentar em 2022 e via necessidade de o MPF ‘lançar um candidato por Estado’

  23. MrAeronuk1 says:

    Notice the Canary Island date palms on the right 10:44. Yes, London is warm enough to grow palm trees now just like Los Angeles.

  24. Will BM says:

    washington and london probrably the most beautiful cities i have seen in these videos

  25. Stephan Costa Lopes itztheportuguese_25_ says:

    @JUtah Can you do a Lisbon daytime drive please?. I'm from Portugal but live in London, By the way nice video I recognize all the streets and roads in the video, I love London!❤🇬🇧 and you sir you've earned yourself a subscriber! 🙂👏👏👏👏… By the way thank you for respecting and following all the London road laws and rules and regulations !🙂

  26. Sancho G says:

    This is in a city.

  27. stuartleetv says:

    Multicultural?? Just WHAT are you saying?

  28. Miss T says:

    Thank you for this video and I like the way you did everything but can you put names of streets on there And or neighborhoods?

  29. Mark Barker says:

    The most expensive street in Europe is shown but you can't drive down it or take photos or videos it runs parallel with Kensington palace and there is no houses under £25m or so the head of British steel owns 2 houses there worth around £50m+ each

  30. Mack Lee says:

    Kensington 😏👌❤

  31. Anne K says:

    Wonderful trip through my old home lands .. I used to live 10 mins from Ladbroke Grove in Mary Place just down the road. From Grenfell … I was there years. Know all the roads you travelled. Also along Ken High St, know that well, and Holland Park on the right. Up to Holland Park Avenue, used that tube station soooooooo many times …. Was always travelling round there walking, down to Shepherds Bush and the market … My parents got married in Kensington Register Office, they then had a flat in Royal Crescent at the bottom of Holland Park Avenue just before and during the WWII, I was born in St Mary's in Paddington … Know that area also … Know lots and lots of parts of London, N, S, E, W ……. I loved to travel around, it's changed a lot in some places, other places not at all …

  32. Dennis Hill says:

    Lovely, soothing, educational video. Thank you.
    As an aside, a better Liberty Mutual commercial might consist of the guy with the bird chasing a liquor runner through winding southern roads. When our Liberty Mutual guys pass! the liquor runner, the guy says:
    "Liberty Mutual can't insure everyone" Of course the liquor runner is Richard Petty…or… and he gives a chagrined double take into the camera.

  33. Nik Raval says:

    Belgravia and Hampstead are the richest areas here in London.. maybe you can do billionaires row on The Bishop's Avenue in Hampstead next..

  34. bubba luv says:

    you see how few people there are? no one lives there the homes are merely caches of money

  35. John Hetherington says:


  36. K London says:

    You hot a couple pf bad roads , mussed out Holland Park itself , where Beckam ,valentino , Richard Branson and a whole host of royalty live . Missed out my street!!!!! Ha ha and also just swerved moments from Ed Sheeran's house. Over all good , but id do the time lapse at traffic ligjts and speed those bits up. So nice to have the engline sound . Nothing more repetitive than those videos with awgul music bluring out. Good job .

  37. clark kent says:

    Just do it…

  38. Mohammed Ashraf says:

    hi man uhh i feel like am roaming in london thanks

  39. Parvez Miah says:

    I see my home!

  40. Sinthy Botany says:

    Nostalgia…. The London daysssss😍

  41. ItzNot Josh says:

    Could u do a sports car pov in london pls?

  42. Challah Smith says:

    If i wasnt born in philadelphia i proly be born in london

  43. clark kent says:


  44. Jose Ignacio Osorio Ponce says:

    Arrastraré sx asqueroso cxerpo por todas las calles del mxndo y me meteré a Tx caserio y te prenderé el tambor en el ojo

  45. fan8281 says:

    Thumbs DOWN! due to the DISAPPOINTMENT of you being AGAIN LAZY by not showing the NAMES OF ROADS you pass by.

  46. Adi Jandhyala says:

    See how those people are going in a manner.. 2:10

  47. My Space says:

    The British don't simplify their traffic lanes, broken lines and zigzag lines are an eye sore.

  48. shirlena Patterson says:

    not a rice area!

  49. Shammi Ahmad says:

    the roadd r so silky smooth amazing infrastructure….compare this to new york horrible roads

  50. r g says:

    I live around here, its nice but Chelsea area looks much better

  51. millennial jesus says:

    reminded me how broke i am

  52. Calvary Crusader says:

    I would rather live in Chillingbourne – beautiful place!! Bing Search: CHILLINGBOURNE.

  53. Hong Kong Wandering TV says:

    How do you get 8k that’s amazing .. nice video as always.. brings back memories

  54. Hong Kong Wandering TV says:

    Can you drive to W14 Brook Green near Hammersmith

  55. John Moore says:

    You have excellent driving skills.

  56. Sami says:

    I live in Sydney Australia but like London is like one of them places I always wanted to live in I really don’t know why

  57. harry Wyatt says:

    Like most Western cities, it is fast becoming a shithole of inhumanity.

  58. lemmieatit says:

    Nice country/horrible weather

  59. chris 1 says:


  60. Chappie says:

    You’d think Central London would have the best most expensive houses, but the biggest ones are always near the countryside, or Purley

  61. clark kent says:


  62. clark kent says:

    Happy sunday

  63. clark kent says:

    Town houses

  64. clark kent says:

    Promo tour

  65. Marcela Gutierre says:


  66. Blackporsche roadster says:

    I played 'spot the English man'…..I lost.

  67. Thomas Knight says:

    Great video lovely to see some of those streets again haven’t been round for a long time younger days when I was courting are used to spend a lot of time in Notting Hill gate and the restaurants are used to live very near Portobello Road

  68. Tom Harrington says:

    I was born and raised in Notting Hill and now live on the outskirts. Interesting to see the changes to the area since the mid 60's.

  69. D Theresa says:

    Am I the only one who thinks London is a dirty shit hole city? I’m British, living in Spain, but use to live in the countryside. Whenever I visited London, I felt I was in some third world ghetto, and not much else.

    I try avoid this place.

  70. Mark Gable says:

    I can't understand the point of having big SUV's in town.? They must cost a fortune to run..

  71. VoidIndigo25 says:

    47:15, two women (one of dark clothes and long blond hair and other with red coat and dark hair) crossing the street to the right of the video, vanishing into thin air! Photoshop or "ghosts" ????? !!!!!

  72. Gregory Stafford says:

    Many thanks for this.
    Obviously the word 'Rich' is not 'Spiritually' linked to a Natural World 'Eye' as presumably 'the Branded unrich 'Created' the Vista's for them to 'Aspire Unto' (?). Why Politics is a Stand Up routine & has, to my Dumb Eye hidden this Act until 'Fake Media' Era' & why the 'Rich' are probably,whether they are conscious of it(?), in favour of getting the 'Internet' into a 'Nasty Brand' category that somehow excludes any mention of any other Pre Internet Media 'Integrity' that remains highly 'Accusatory' in nearly all it delivers as a Public Present.

    Thanks for your efforts & sorry for Venting a 'Spleening' on your 'post'.

  73. suzy schwarz says:

    Shame no explanation of where

  74. Don Bean says:

    the garden area of Notting Hill proper from 36:50 should be walked on a summer day. It's like strolling through a giant cake shop. Fabulous.

  75. smyffmawzz says:

    You in an S Class?

  76. Ray polaris says:

    Paris is even more beautiful. You should drive there 😉 too.

  77. Nancy Retuya says:

    I live nearby this place. I have my own 2 bedroom house here in West Kensington. I always go pass by Nottinghill. Usually i do my shopping in Westfield Shepherds Bush.

  78. Miss Winter says:

    Спасибо!!! Путешествую,не вставая с кресла по Европе. Спасибо. Красота кругом!!! Кафешки, бутики ,парки … Нет суеты, чистота и красота. Beautiful video 🌹🙏🎄💖

  79. Angela Dallimore says:

    Can u. Film kensington high st

  80. Iva Basak says:

    Hamstead heath and it's surrounding, pl

  81. KING. KAMAL AHMED. says:

    Love London UK

  82. Faisal Fz says:


  83. Lucy Badman says:

    Oh please do Bristol! Xx

  84. Sandra Naylor says:

    Great city, so much to do.

  85. Darren Earley says:

    0.11 … Basement flat on the right with the flowers …This, I think is Lansdowne Crescent in Notting Hill ….. the place Jimi Hendrix was found dead..

  86. Linda Ford says:

    Berlin gets my vote!

  87. L B says:

    doesnt look affluent tho

  88. PurelyAfrican says:

    Notting Hill Gate is 100% gentrified! Brixton is where Notting Hill was in the late 90's! So in 20 years time, someone will be doing a drive through Brixton to see the affluent (aka White) area of Brixton!

  89. dadi suresh says:

    I thought Using bicycles is the best option there because everywhere is signal keep on stopping the vehicle and going with 10 kmph….

  90. Raheem Jan says:

    London is the best city

  91. Raheem Jan says:

    I am pakistani

  92. smarty says:

    Damn, I honestly hate most of London but West London is honestly so beautiful.

  93. lila 123456789 says:

    Ignore this comment as this is a personal msg for someone

    For michael

    Of course, i want you

  94. Vic C says:

    Not A Lot Of Space!!😱

  95. Mia Feigelson says:

    In February 2016 my younger daughter and I stayed at the London House Hotel, at 81 Kensington Gardens Square, Bayswater. I think I've recognised Kensington Gardens Square on minute 0:10 and the entrance to Kensington Gardens on minute 0:30… Am I wrong?
    In any event, thank you so very much for this beautiful Video, J Utah, I love London beyond words !!!

  96. Nathan Knipp says:

    I’ve always wanted to go to London, thanks for the video…

  97. Lawrence Simmons says:

    2.38. On the left at Kensington High Street is one of the most stunning examples of Art Deco architecture in London; the huge Barkers department store building with its sweeping canopy and soaring decorated towers. The Daily Mail occupies much of the interior now with its fantastic lifts which are themselves works of art. It really deserves as much appreciation as the Hoover Building or any of the city' tours trap traditional sights, many of which are far less impressive in reality.

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