Liza Koshy | The Rich Life | FORBES Net Worth 2019, Money Earned, Money Spent, Dollar Store)

Liza Koshy | The Rich Life | FORBES Net Worth 2019, Money Earned, Money Spent, Dollar Store)

Over the past few years, Liza Koshy has created
an online empire, and she did it all simply by being herself. But after taking a break from YouTube, she
came back with a bang, landing at the number one spot on the sites trending page with her
ode to 99 cent stores around the world. And while her new song may be called Dollar
Store, she lives a lifestyle that you can’t just buy for only a dollar. She recently moved into a beautiful new apartment
that includes some healthy looking fake plants, a home office for making videos and an incredible
hot tub… well it’s not really a hot tub… And while she loves to sing and dance in her
car, when she’s in her apartment, she rides around in style on a Segway… Although Liza may be making a lot more than
she used to, and more than most people, you can drop four quarters into an empty bucket
aka you can bet your bottom dollar that it hasn’t changed Liza one bit. She just loves to shop at the dollar store. I know Liza is the queen of puns but I got
inspired watching her videos… Liza Koshy’s online presence has resulted
in a reported net worth of over 4 million dollars according to And while she googled her net worth back in
2017: It looks like those same websites she was
scanning, have doubled her value. But even with all of that money, Liza lives
a surprisingly normal lifestyle. In fact, you might actually feel good about
yourself after watching this video! What’s going on good people in the comment
section? I hope you’re having one Hecht of a day,
my name is Jeremy Hecht here for you on the rich life, and today we’ll be documenting
the financial come up of none other than Liza Koshy. If you’re new here, I’m the LA host for
this channel and people still don’t believe, that Michael and I aren’t related
so I’m gonna have to bring out my birth certificate in one of these video! We’ve covered Lonzo Ball and Mr. Beast recently
and we’re going to continue to make these videos to show how some of your favortite
celebrities created their dream lives in hopes to inspire you to do it yourself. Let us know who else we should cover in the
comments down below and like we always do, we’ll pose a question for you now, and you’ve
gotta stick around until the end of the video to find out the answer! Today’s question is: What is the average cost of a Turtle? It’ll make sense later on in the video! Alright, let’s get into the video Liza Koshy was born in Houston, Texas on March
31, 1996, so depending on when this video comes out, Happy Birthday Liza! From kindergarten to 5th grade, she was in
the dual language program at her school where she also learned Spanish. After graduating from high school, she started
to study marketing at the University of Houston, and although she dropped out of school, she
must have learned something in the classroom, because she was able to create a career by
marketing her brand to levels that not many personalities online have ever done. In 2013, she started posting videos to Vine
and by the time the app passed away, she was sitting at 7 MILLION… I had to look at my fingers… 7 million followers… Not bad. She moved to Los Angeles to pursue her dreams
of making content full time and began posting on YouTube weekly. She even has a map of Houston to Hollywood
on a mural in her room. Her high energy videos and outrageous amount
of puns eventually landed her more than 16 million subscribers and over a billion views,
plus more than 7 million on her second channel. Oh, and a sitdown with Barack Obama, plus
a red carpet interview with Rihanna. So, as you can guess, the YouTube money coming
in was pretty good. Plus, she even had her own YouTube premium
show called Liza on Demand. She has also made money through traditional
media as well, appearing as the host of MTV’s TRL and as the host of Nickelodeon’s revival
of its show Double Dare. She’s also made some appearances in movies
like Tyler Perry’s Boo! And the TV show Freakish as Violet Adams. And she’s worked on brand deals with companies
like Beats By Dre. On top of all that, Liza has an extremely
successful merch line. But while many YouTubers like Mr. Beast
spend an insane amount of money on their video production, Liza really doesn’t have to. While her camera and editing quality is always
high, besides her recent music video, which looked pretty expensive to produce, her personality
is so vibrant that she can get away just sitting and talking to a camera for a lot of her videos
and still have it be more entertaining than most people. So if she’s not spending money on her videos,
then what’s she buying? Well to tell you the truth, it doesn’t seem
like much at all. After going through her Instagram and searching
online for hours, it doesn’t seem like Liza’s persona online of being a dollar store queen,
is much of a stretch. Honestly, if anything, this video should be
inspiration for being financially smart no matter how much you make, and to remain
true to yourself even with the fame. Some of her most popular videos have been
her Dollar store adventures, where she has bought everything from picture frames that
contain random family portraits, to fake college degrees. But she also knows to thrift shop and like
a relief pitcher coming into a baseball game and giving his team a win, Liza knows how
to make a great save. I was thinking though, if you buy second hand
clothes, wear them and then bring them to a new second hand store, are they technically
third hand items? Just a thought… When Liza thrifts, she buys things like this
Nike hoodie for 12.99 Steve Madden shoes for 12.99 that don’t
even fit her just because they’re a great price. This Calvin Klein hoodie for $6.99 Plus a bunch of other random jackets and sweaters. It seems like Liza’s more interested in
a great deal than if the clothes actually fit her or not. She’s also addicted to Target,
and I don’t think she means hitting bullseyes in archery… Sorry that was a bad one. I was just so inspired by the amount of puns Liza uses in her videos But regardless of where she’s buying her
clothes, her stylist seems to know what he’s doing And based on this Instagram caption, it looks
like she would rather take off her heels than buy a new pair to put on, it still does seem
like she has a lot of shoes though. Looks like now she’ll have an Air Force… None. Am I right? Am I right ladies? She recently bought two turtles, which can
actually cost between 10 and 100 dollars and knowing Liza’s spending habbit, I feel like
she went with the cheapest ones possible. But now you know the range of how much turtles
can cost, and there the answer to the question from the beginning of the video. And based on her Instagram, she also likes her
coffee. But honestly, that’s pretty much it. It seems like Liza lives a pretty normal life. Plus, if she doesn’t get free clothes from
the 99 cent store for life, for basically advertising their store with a whole song,
then I’d be disappointed. It seemed like Liza was going through a lot
this year and was working on herself. I’m just so glad to see the YouTube community
embracing her back and understanding that she was going through a hard time. And if anything, this is another reminder
to people on here that just because someone’s life looks perfect, it doesn’t mean that
they are happy all the time or that they have no problems, because that’s probably not
true. So Liza, we’re glad to see you’re in a
better space mentally and we’re ready for some more amazing content content. But as for this video. That’s all I have. Let us know who to cover next or check out
the Rich Life playlist for more like this. And be sure to subscribe. Dream good live better and I’ll see you
in the next video!


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