Law of Attraction Money Meditation Love Success Story Affirmations Documentary Relationships Quotes

Law of Attraction Money Meditation Love Success Story Affirmations Documentary Relationships Quotes
louise hay film Gregg Braden interview take one I was trained as
a scientist my background is in in the hard sciences physical sciences
the earth sciences in the sixties and seventies when I receive that training there were
was no no room for the possibility the kind of things
that we’re talking about now the kinds of things that suggests that our inner world iand our inner thoughts
feelings emotions beliefs in any way affect the world around us on and it was through direct experience when I began to understand was that this
is the great secret that everyone knows except us in the West almost any other culture we
go to from the monasteries and Egypt and in to bat and India and Bolivia and Peru
indigenous traditions all villages in the Andes Mountains they all know that beer is this experience that we can
have inside everybody’s affects our world in some way in our
science simply has not allowed for that historically loves trains a scientist and I was
trying to look in the world around me for my answer so I began to go to these
places I began to go into the monasteries all
the places that I mentioned it was through the direct experience
ovett sitting in the presence have people who have lived in practiced
the content traditions louise hay in the the other authors I’m so blessed
to be sharing certain stage in this information with but they they teach about what we begin
to understand is that this is the place where science
got it wrong two places to assumptions that science
is made modern science I and they’re they’re coming full circle
in correcting that now but the first one is that the space that we believe this empty is not release on
Mt its its full lovable living essence living
material the wrong beginning understand number one and number two the fact is a fact now that we may have experiences inside of
our bodies the influence the world beyond our
bodies through the conduit over what’s in this space so it wasn’t
going to the monsters in another reason speaking with indigenous people looking at them II heart to heart God
the God and I could say to these people when you just perform that miracle when you just perform that miraculous
healing what is it that you did inside your body
to make that happen and if I didn’t understand what they
told me I’d ask them again and again and again through the translators until I understood that day we were
creating and experience producing effect inside
their bodies that my science never told me was possible we existed
and that was the path that led me on and I just went into sci science is good
and I believe our science is good and service well simply is incomplete and so it was that path that allowed me
to flesh out the missing pieces the I we’re only beginning to understand
the day marrying the best science a hard time with the
with some 5,000 years with my have our past into a greater
understanding and understanding brings us right back to the question as a long answers your question but its
its it brings us back to where we were only now beginning understand that there is something that we can do
in our lives that the influence not only the the
physical body I arson in those over the people around
us but but literally influence the physical reality of our
world net changes everything changes everything that we in
the West believe about ourselves saws a sinus I’ve also come to
understand this is a very different way for many people to think about themselves in their world
and and I found that there is a there’s a
learning curve that our audiences in our friends and families and coworkers in my
career at the water fountain this is not
something that people typically talk about it to a technical organization they don’t
wake up in the morning and say what kinds of feelings what kinds of
dreams what kinds of feelings that you have over the weekend and they’re talking about who won the
football game in who won the lottery is but this is this is work brings us the
relevance in our lives because we all are having experiences every day whether we are consciously aware are not
those experiences are physically affecting our bodies in a
room with Western science now is beginning to understand only in the last
year’s the 20th and now the first years the 21st century is now a scientific fact that the the
space between things is anything but the empty it is for love or are living pulsating
essence that is so new signs yet to agree on the single term summer
calling it a quantum hologram very technical sounding name on doctor Edgar Mitchell for Apollo
astronaut that the honor sharing the stage with
him a number of times he calls nature’s mind Stephen Hawking caused the mind of God
others simply call it the field 1944 the father quantum physics marks
plank identified the existence this field in
he called it The Matrix he said underlying everything that we
see our bodies included everything we see in
the world around us in our bodies he said there’s the existence have up what must
be conscious and intelligent mind that this is his language in 1944 he said this mind is the matrix A ball
matter and it’s from his work at the movie series began in and a minute the idea is that we have
today so what we know is this is that we have the opportunity to
influence that field in ways not really beginning to
understand it’s done through the human heart it’s not a thinking process thoughts are
important the agents made a distinction between
thoughts in feelings and emotions and it’s the feelings that are Arts
Center in our hard work all coherent heart based emotions we know that when
we feel the feeling %uh love compassion understanding forgiveness we change this
office team but there’s no facts from that did it changes the electrical
magnetic field in our heart in those fields literally
change the stuff they are world is made of around their bodies our hearts are the
strongest magnetic field in our bodies in our hearts are the strongest
electrical field nobody’s much more so than the bring on the brain dust create those kinda feels the heart
is many times stronger with the signs now showing is that when
you can change the field that the album is Ian you change the APN were made those abs so we have feelings
in our hearts were changing the field that connects the stuff everything is
made up and we literally are altering their physical reality in
ways that sound miraculous in Western science again this is a great
secret everyone knows except us because Western
science is only arrived at this understanding you go
these ancient indigenous traditions and cultures it’s where they begin they begin with the understanding sure
everything’s connected sure parted and then they take this one step further
they say here I’ll show you I’ll show you how to create the defects in your body
so that you can that you can heal your body and you can heal the bodies of
others you can change your self esteem your body will mirror that change it doesn’t have to be a long
slow drawn out process it could happen very very quickly can happen in a matter
of minutes we have we video documentation from
medicines hospitals in Beijing China for example where they understand these
practices and employ them for work for several thousand years and
we can look into the body couple living woman with a cancerous
tumor that Western science says is inoperable
and then we can watch is three practitioners that understand
the language of human emotion daily create the feeling in their bodies they’re not looking at that tumors in
the onus they see that woman is whole healthy vital completely enable fully capacity and as they feel that
feeling strongly among themselves her physical body mir’s that and we can see it true sonograms we
can see that tumor disappear in less than three minutes and that’s how quickly reality can
change and this is where the disconnect comes in with Western science as I share this information with signs
medical doctors all over the world in this allow it’s a miracle we have to come back and
study this we will this is we find a cure for cancer were soon as we we find the the the the
Cure to cure on the mechanical level with
aces mechanical process and what we now know is is our physical body is the out
picturing is is the mirror of something that is
not so physical and this is this is where science now is
is only arriving the three practitioners in the medicines
hospital in Beijing did not judge that cancerous tumor they didn’t judge it right wrong good or
bad they said it’s a quantum possibility and there are many possibilities of
course this is just one they said now we’re going to choose
another one that is sunal in very very different way of looking at
things because they acknowledge what is an
invite a new possibility rather than having a
charge on on what is there and feeling that
somehow we have to manipulate or cut out in the case of a tumor or
change hammer the physical reality in the
submission what they’re doing is acknowledging that that moment an example and they’re
changing it on the the level love what we call the quantum
blueprint they’re feeling the feeling as if another possibility has has
occurred and in doing so allowing that
possibility to replace the one that exists without judging the one that exists I work to I was there a space engineer in them de Macau road during that the
last year’s the cold war nineteen eighties and was when the the famous brown cloud was inundating
Denver and we couldn’t or drive in the same days where the
carpool on different days and when the I went to engineer friends
house to do my car pool for that week and I got there a little early and I
never been to his house before and I said to use your bathroom and I went in there and yet we will post
it notes about affirmations all over the bathroom this at my perfect mate is manifest in for me now my perfect
mate is manifesting for me now we got his car in the Evo posted notes all over the
dashboard the rear view mirror my perfect mate is manifesting for me now
and course I knew his office look like it
was the same way them over the walls in CRT I said this affirmation work for use in
he said he said never does I said why do you think that is this it will look at who want to be with somebody
like me understand engineer you know he had a very low self esteem about himself in
again to think about the way that he was
applying was affirmations and other people to apply the very successfully and what I found a difference was for
him it was it was a thought process never went beyond what was happening in his mind in his
own picturing zones of the steam in the thought is important the agents
are very clear about this in the Sanskrit tax they stay tell us that the
thought is the image above the quantum
possibility in other words in in the realm above all possibilities everything
already exists my friends perfect relationship in the
worst one however have otherwise the light the darkest of the
dark RR great is healing are great the suffering
they’re already there in what the invite us to do in these ancient traditions is to reach into those possibilities with our mind
this is the power to mind in isolate we lock in one of those
possibilities so now we have taken it and identified however to bring into this world to
breathe life into that possibility is the power of human emotion our love for that possibility or our
fear about possible either one will work to bring about quantum possibility into
the particle reality of our everyday lives will have to know that sounds for
technical we just have a feeling but this is the signs have appears to be
the signs above how these things are working so this is why our self-esteem is so
important when we feel my engineer friend felt that why would
anybody want to be with me as was what he said to me the affirmation for him wasn’t empty
affirmation it was a thought that had no energy actor to invited into this world i && an example got just the opposite that is
I know other people who’ve it simply made a list have all the
attributes a perfect partner in life because this
is what many people I’m using as example works in healing it works in peace but we’re
talking about relationships make a a list of all those attributes
and then then they come from the place that that
relationship is already happening well what is there life White
House their life different now that that perfect partners there were how was the reasoning different how they
spend their time different how they feel when they wake up in the morning insure
their lives with someone and it’s those feelings that they live throughout the day it’s not something he
sat down to do for a minute when you get up and walk away rather it’s something that we become we
live our lives as if these experiences have already
happened in that way we invite them into our lives may happen frighteningly
quickly for some people I it’s amazing I know people having
finished their list and they go out for lunch for a cuppa
coffee while you’re making less than a person is brought in their lunches the
person is on that list my phone on their merry merry twenty years later I know people that happen to be so it’s
about clarity it’s about specificity it’s about being
personal being very clear that these are personal desires scientifically it appears that this field the divine matrix it is a mirror in a bridge between our
inner or outer worlds and it can only give us what we give it
to work with in the interesting thing is that we’ve been conditioned to feel the
feelings that the things that we don’t want in life and that were afraid of we wake up in
the morning and we see the six o’clock news and all things to be afraid of and
then we go through your day saying oh I hope I’m not going to see
that today or hope is not around the corner am in my question so fasten me where do we learn to feel
the things that we don’t want rather than things that we choose to
have and how we are lies be different if we we can cut through all the of the static and simply choose in our lives what we
would like each moment each day our relationships or abundance for our
careers were the peace star families to look like
what would our what would our lives look like if we can do that and there’s very good very good
scientific evidence showing precisely where our lives look like because
because we would very quickly experience everything we created as a
science is one of the first things I have to understand then again my
training I was trained in the hard sciences and
there was no allowance for any user experience I’m to have have an effect on our world
to begin with number two I was raised in a relatively conservative community
in the midwest I was born in Missouri Kansas City Missouri didn’t use man up
for the world when you talk about emotions they can to
get lumped into this nephews experience are your thoughts feelings emotions are
all the same thing we’re going to talk about the much in by the way is a male
we don’t see much of your so that was that was my upbringing so I
began to understand when we go into the other cultures and I
am referring again and again to this wisdom we have this wisdom in Western
cultures it was lost in the fourth century about seventeen hundred years ago was
edited right however most cherished spiritual religious traditions the
biblical and it’s the 4th century it was not evident from the other
cultures %uh that we visited an ass the value
going in these cultures and they identify three separate yet related experiences
that we all have in our bodies and they literally called in thought
feeling and emotion and here’s the difference the thinking day identify with three
upper energy centers of the body the Sanskrit traditions have a7 Energy Center 7 shocker system
that they work with and they say the upper three are really
the week of Oct or logic processes so when we think about
something we picture in our mind that perfect relationship or peace between
nations but we can only invited into our lives when we breed the power the motion into
that fought the emotion comes from the lower 3 those creative
centers in our bodies so when we breathe a powerful emotion or
thought we imbue that far with life in those two energies me in the Oncenter that is not accounted
for yet in our my words in our heart or with signs call the seven layer
liquid crystal oscillator in the center bar chest but was called
her heart because that’s what does our heart is creating electrical and magnetic quasar influencing the world around us
based on what we think in the emotion that we
breathe into those starts to create the feeling so now we just define feeling feeling by
definition from the Sanskrit tradition is the Union
have thought and emotion creates the feeling know makes is really
interesting is that those traditions say we are capable
only two primary emotions love and whatever we feel the opposite %uh love is and when you get really deep
into the teachings their two aspects to the same thing but
what they say is we have are thought we are you there breathing
the love that’s our or our fear thought to create the
feeling in the feeling the cum sadness or Jory or compassion or anger those are not
emotions those are feelings now for some people they say will you
know it’s its and you’re nitpicking what difference good
at making these are the subtle differences between these these ancient ways are viewing this
Intertechnology is literally a technology because we could have the same thought
for the same affirmation and imbued with a different emotion and
have completely different feelings in creating different a different outcome in this is the great
secret that was added in Calabar Christian pre-christian judeo-christian
traditions win forty five books removed in the
fourth century twenty were taken out completely another 25 were condensed in in
rearranged I and we know this because we found the
information on the Dead Sea Scrolls not come on the library the Coptic
dynastic texts so we know with those tax would have said if if we
had had them but the interesting thing is without
those texts we we tend to rely upon the written word the validation to feel that power in our bodies I think
everyone senses or suspect there’s an untapped potential
in the human body been on every continent the earth
another ass every every audience ever been and you feel that that’s there and
they say yes we feel there’s something there but but
we just can’t quite get why is that so we have a feeling that there’s more
to it but we rely on are written validation and a five
thousand-year-old text or scientific study to tell us that it’s true and this is a i think that the value
going into those taxes as we get to see the words that
literally say in the Gospel of Thomas the lost gospel Thomas it literally says
win these to become one when fought any motion become one then you’ll say to
the mountain move in the mountains will move and I used to think that was a metaphor
and I now have seen enough to know that moving a cancerous tumor inside the body
of a living woman that’s moving a mountain to me and and
it’s all done from marrying thought and emotion
togethers 1998 I had mine my first journey into
the Highlands have central China and Tibet and it was
during that time we were given a personal audience with
inhabit was an elderly leader of a particular sector monastery I’m is a bit past couple years ago so
I’m glad we spoke with them when we did and it was this man I asked
the question but I ask every month every now and I
asked the shaman in Peru and Bolivia I have the clearest
response from this man and I asked a question I said when we
see your prayers on the outside we see you in the in the chanting hall for 12 16 18 hours
a day and we see the bells in the balls in the moochers in the marchers in the
gauntlet Chinese in the incense with your prayers on the outside so what
are you doing on the inside and this was the man looked at me said
you’ve never seen our prayers because a prayer cannot be seen he said
what you see are the things we do to create the feeling in our body in appealing is the prayer and then he
turned a question he said how do you do this in your culture through a translator and I began to
think about this and realize that when we lost the words in our most cherished spiritual
traditions that tower us that feeling is a language it speaks to
our bodies in this world we lost the words that validate that we began to think
that the words themselves with the prayers and if we say where the affirmations if
we say those words the right number of times the right time a day or the right
time with your that we’ve set our prayer or affirmation
and then if it doesn’t work we get frustrated when we say well my per
didn’t work for my affirmations not working for me because we lost the link with feeling
and emotion when I was in the monasteries in Tibet in the habit past a new and it took his
place was our teens mid-eighties he’s the new young habit he’s already has
mid-eighties and I ask him a question this was in
2005 with this went back and I ask you a question and I said I said what is the force in your
tradition your belief system what is the forced connects the universe was the force that
holds everything together to the translator he answering with one
word and I thought I heard it incorrectly I said would you do that again thinking
back in the answer me with one word he said compassion and I said wait a minute ices compassion a force that holds everything together or is it the feeling that we experience
in our bodies and he said yes and I was very powerful mean understand because it says that we have the ability
to feel in our bodies the stuff that holds this universe together and we’re really not so different from
those quantum particles in the stars beyond us or in the tumor that’s in front of us in
the suffering above our loved ones are in the peace between the nation’s top
are the same thing the challenge is to make it more than an
intellectual exercise how do we know we’re part evolve it is what are the ways that help
me come to that realization there was an experiment that was done 1997 in Geneva Switzerland made world
headlines 3500 reporters from the science journals were there the the document this
experiment and it didn’t didn’t make the cover of Time magazine
for USA today although I think it should have and what the experiment showed to bottom
line was that when you take this stuff our world is made of a particle of
matter one particle and even if he split that
particle and send each portion to different
locations which is what this experiment did they have a split one particle of matter
and sent one particle seven miles this direction the other
seven miles that direction were 14 miles apart and even though they were separated
physically they were still connected energetically so that one one particle
had an experience they would disturbed one particle the other one
acted like it was having the experience sometimes the other one would act like
it was having experienced before the scientist even disturbed the first
particle and its mine bought me said we’ll how can this be but what this tells us
is that once matter is physically joint even when it becomes separate be energy
is still there that’s connecting and this is why it’s important to me
because we go back far enough in time all the particles matter this entire
universe that are expanding were all mashed together in a single
particle about the size the green peas with signs tells today’s
with computer models suggest that you could go into the universe day
and take all the particles of matter and take it all the space in between the
bringing together and compress it in US size the single green pea it means
that you and me and every one of our listeners we were all once part of that
same particle the crates this whole universe
today and even though those particles are now separate in
expanding in studies show that they are energetically
raw still want when we lost the information telling us
we’re part of all that we see we found ourselves in a very
technological path without the wisdom us being in the equation so we thought
that’s the world out there in there were separate from that world
now what happens our technology has come so far that our very existence is threatened by
the technology that we’ve developed whether it’s the workers are the viruses
are the climate change so so I believe we’ve come full circle
now to survive our time in history we’ve got to right ourselves back into the
equation our prayers are affirmations our beliefs our
language and when their spoken through the
language of the heart they have a a direct powerful an immediate impact on our bodies in the
world around us and invites us to be very very where
word is that we truly hold in our hearts is the truth of our
world because we live that in our lives from lies the light to the darkest of the
dark the greatest fears degrees joins what we’re getting understand is there human emotion in feeling believe is
literally a language to nonverbal language that this field recognizes and
understands in the field works in week or real time
it doesn’t know about a few minutes from now so he say
if you say in your affirmation 20 minutes from now I like my perfect
mate to manifest for me now it doesn’t know about 20 minutes from
now it is a real time application this is why did the key is what the ancients saying this with
the monks and nuns towers real time today they say to be Sperry specific about
what it is that we’re choosing to have in our lives because what we’re doing you help supply
understand this what we’re doing is in the world of
quantum possible in the soup the nebula soup and all possibilities what we’re doing is we’re isolating were
locking one in the place that we’re not specific about what that possibility is that how
can the field be specific about what it is that the goods to us whatever it takes to get us to the point we can transcend the limits the laws of
physics and biology is we’ve known them in the past we have a power within us that
transcends those lines that were more been our mistakes that were more than
the suffering were more than the limits that we believe in the past and that his where I said Wow that really
inspires quick like blow and then click the link
in the description box


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