1. Angela Xin says:

    This is so inspirational! I also remember feeling the weighty significance of Crazy Rich Asians after I had finished the last page. It was so mindblowing and freaking awesome to read about sexy Asian characters in English. The trilogy has given me, an Asian American girl, confidence, and I recommend it to all my Asian girlfriends. Thank you Kevin Kwan!!!! We love you <3

  2. Bob Newman says:

    Bill Hicks, boozy second viewing, just saying

  3. ri_12 says:

    I cannot wait for the movie! The last book, "Rich People Problems" made me cry! I admired Ah Ma Su Yi so much, how she survived from all the horror of Japanese occupation in WWII and what she truly wished to be the future of Tyersall Park. And i'm curious about who will played Astrid? i admired her so much, she has a great personality, such an elegant lady.. 🙂

  4. Jackie Chio says:

    I love Kevin Kwan's books!! I've just recently finished the first two books (Crazy Rich Asians and China Rich Girlfriend) and boy that was so good! I'm so excited to buy myself a copy of the 3rd book. 😄

  5. Jackie Chio says:

    Gahhhh this interview just made me love Kevin more. I could say he's one of my favorite authors 😱

  6. Sorc Erer says:

    Kevin has great presence of mind, in my opinion. Very relaxed and friendly dude. Also, I loved 'Crazy Rich Asians'! Still working through 'China Rich Girlfriend'.

  7. greimalkin says:

    17:43 q&a

  8. Helen Fong says:

    Very inspiring!! I have a story to tell. Hope I'm as lucky as Kevin one day to have my book published. Can't wait to see the movie!!!! Hope it does REALLY well. 🙂

  9. caevans69 says:

    Love Kevin Kwan….. Read all 3 books (several times)…. Can't wait to see what Kevin does next!

  10. gmat6441 says:

    Thank you. Very inspiring and insightful.

  11. Mariati Norhashim says:

    I remember there was the Joy Luck Club.. that was sad. Crazy Rich Asian is so warm and funny!

  12. James Freeman says:

    A film based in Singapore with no brown people as the main casts. Combating Racism with Racism.

    Essentially, a film based in a country whose ethnic majority is Chinese yet portrays no minority races like Indians and Malays (who just turn out to be brown). Likewise, here in the West where Europeans are the ethnic majority and under portrays minorities.

  13. asha J says:

    the producer didn't look hard enough for the best male lead. Handsome, talented and bi-lingual Daniel Wu, Leehom Wang and Shawn Dou would have been perfect for the part.

  14. Rudeness IS Epidemic says:

    You serious??? Shy?? I'd be jumping up and down for a question! 🙋🏻🙋🏻🙋🏻🙋🏻

    Love the first question, btw!!!

  15. Rudeness IS Epidemic says:

    I can listen to Kevin Kwan all day!!

  16. Craig Esq says:

    Alamak! It's going to be a movie!

  17. Melissa Hoover says:

    Avid reader.  I read Crazy Rich Asians when it first came out and was mesmerized by the descriptions of where these people lived, and how they lived.  Loved the book.  Appreciated Kevin including what certain phrases meant, explaining to us what he considered things we wouldn't know about – it was educational, as well as highly entertaining.  When I found out a movie was being made, I repurchased a copy of Crazy Rich Asians, and discovered two more books had been written in this series.  I bought all three, read them one after the other, and am so excited to see the movie when it comes out in August.  I don't go to the theater very often.  Maybe once or twice a year.  I wouldn't miss this for the world!  Thank you, Kevin, for this wonderful series.

  18. Kevin S. Oshiro says:

    KL (Kuala Lumpur) in Singapore…

  19. paulette andria Hamilton says:

    It was my 3rd favorite book zadie smith brought me to London England with white teeth Marlon James with A brief history of seven killings in Jamaica and now kevin Kwan Crazy Rich Asians

  20. louise says:

    Materialism! !!!! Shallow but so fun

  21. Olivia Cheong says:

    So nice to hear "malaysia" being mentioned several times 😂💖🌸🌹

  22. orlandobabe says:

    Honestly not to be a hater but this isn’t the first book about girl in love with rich guy but mom and family doesn’t approve of her. I’m sure there are tones of story similar to it.

  23. bisdakdiay says:

    so very true about rich people trying to be secretive or sort of have a double life acting like they are normal people …… is actually their way of being careful and be safe and outside the radar of the bad element. I have seen many of them in Davao City, Philippines and other part of Mindanao.

  24. pat barroga says:

    Finally someone showcasing that part of Asia in an honest way. I was born and raised there and moved to the states as an adult and grew up with some crazy rich friends back home and I can vouch for these bogus things happening over there to people with money. Like I remember one friend’s mom would crave for some good espresso and would literally asked her husband to fly to France or Italy to have one. Might sound like a joke to some but it actually happens, like it’s the most normal thing to do. Another friend’s dad bought a mansion in front of their house in a very affluent subdivision just to tear it down and use it as a parking garage of his luxury car collection… I know it’s crazy and shallow but that’s just Asia for you. When you’re rich you’re just filthy spitting rich, but when you’re poor it’s a hard life. Sad but true… I’ve never read the book or seen the movie but from the sound of it, seems like their talking about this kind of ritzy rich craziness

  25. Dora Santos says:


  26. Stephanie Li says:

    I thought Godfrey gao be a good voice too

  27. p y says:

    23:40 'dorothy wang who is flaunting her wealth– ' we are about to pray right now, we don't know where they came from really, maybe underground or your campfire or some sort of shit bloody hell spit into the fire and soak that soil with urine and take a piece of your hair and burn it in that oven… tomorrow, there may be rain, sun and shadow cast by the heaven… don't worry, if u cannot see, it may be too bright and not pitch black…

  28. Nazib Bugiso says:

    Asians are more risk averse especially those immigrants to western countries. Asians in asias are more risk taking.

  29. Jason Le says:

    This talk inspires people because the author's message is Go for it, it's possible… That's said, the host is so stiff that it's also possible to think he's the first robot Google is perfecting.

  30. N Young says:

    Please tell me Auntie Wind Tunnel is real!!!!!!! hahahahaha it cracks me up every time!

  31. Rita Bow says:

    He needs a good haircut !

  32. jazzed2002 says:

    So proud that Singapore has left a global footprint. You go Kevin!

  33. Spider Salticidae says:

    cowardly pos who defaulted his national service obligations

  34. Leanne says:

    It is so nice to be so authentic and be real – Singaporean mold or not. I think it is the chinese, the Singaporean thing. Kudos to his parents.

  35. Buck Rogers says:

    As for children of interracial couples – like that questioner who who was Chinese/Korean w a Filipino wife, you have also to ask yrself if you want yr children to pass down anything to theirs. For example, if you teach them their mother tongue from young, they will grow up having that skill, then they can pass it on to their kids.

    Many kids in S'pore now do not speak the native dialects of their parents or grandparents who had come from mother countries like China, India and Malaysia. This is due in part to Sg's attempt to forge a national identity based on English, Chinese, Malay and Indian. The Chinese are the most diverse with their Cantonese, Hokkien, Teochew, Hakka, Hainanese, Hockchew, etc., etc. – Mandarin became their enforced "mother tongue".

    Losing your dialect is losing a big part of your culture. As any HKonger can tell you, Mandarin is not the same as Cantonese at many levels. Sure, they share many written words, but Cantonese is an older and richer language. So, bear this in mind if you are thinking how much of a culture to impart to your kid. You lose your real mother tongue, you could lose the wit and wisdom of generations.

  36. Laura Gin says:

    I cried, alright, it's craziest, fun, true story, awesomely make!

  37. Finster says:

    the marginalization of Asian males in Hollywood and American society will never go away, and Kevin Kwan is an accomplice to this with Crazy Rich Asians.

  38. Nigelz Tay says:

    Good that that he "absconded" from his National Service conscription commitments as a Singaporean with the Singapore Government still brewing with anger by disallowing him to disown his citizenship. This is one talent the Government failed to recognize because of their strait-jacketed bureaucracy. The issue of NS deferment for sporting and literary talents is of late a recent thorny matter for the Government.

  39. rossita hsu says:

    Alamak, too much " you know" !

  40. khoo chee peng says:

    i hope he is no longer a Singaporean (basic Singapore male must serve SAF, ) sad ass !

  41. Su Hugo says:

    Amazing presentation! Bravo Kevin!

  42. thinkpadx60 says:

    Good stuff

  43. Romes Republic says:

    Asians are seen as a pretty intelligent and wealthy group of people in the states, you'd think they'd invest more in Hollywood.

  44. Bryan Wong says:

    Don't you just hate it when hosts or interviewers keep aaahhhhhing and uummmming, so annoying.

  45. Vote for Andrew Yang 2020 says:

    Kevin Kwan is my hero now after I watched Crazy Rich Asians.

  46. Sarah Olson says:

    Flower Drum Song

  47. Chethan Sagar says:

    He talks about “ABCD” – nice one Kevin 👌

  48. Susy Choo says:

    Thank you, Kevin. Good job! I enjoyed the movie.

  49. Citra P says:

    Don't forget asians in Indonesia. I don't think you can ignore that when talking about rich asians in Singapore/Malaysia

  50. Ernest Sy says:

    The host sucked.

  51. K G says:

    Whoever Alexandra is, thanks for not rejecting his manuscript!

  52. Jacqueline Myra Yeung says:

    Thats such a great answer: bridge the two worlds. definitely agree that we should freely interact with others of any descent while understanding his/her own history and being proud of his/her descent.

  53. Cesar Pena says:

    When he published the book Vogue reviewd the book in the most gushing way its why I saw the movie fell in love and nought the series, as well. Also not only asians but any minority in the USA as being pretty disenfranchised

  54. Nathan Tillett says:

    Spoiler Alert: if you havent read China Rich girlfriend, beware audience Q and A has spoilers

  55. Kate Krauss says:

    Looking forward to the fiction written by the Singaporean woman in the audience and man whose wife is finishing her novel!

  56. nantinee9 says:

    I recently finished reading "Crazy Rich Asians", and look forward to reading the other books in the triology. I laughed so much reading "Crazy Rich Asians", and I also appreciated the more serious moments as well. Kevin Kwan is so cool! I think it's wonderful Kevin's parents supported him in his creative endeavors, and I hope to be able to do the same with my daughter. =)

  57. Mister Quan says:

    Ah shit, missed my chance to become a movie star!

  58. Lindsay Krasniqi says:

    The books are amazing and really make me appreciate Asian culture more! I am not Asian but the culture has always intrigued me and this story just heightened that even more! Hope they make the last 2 books into movie sequels 🙂 #KevinKwan #CrazyRickAsians #RichPeopleProblems #ChinaRichGirlfriend

  59. Jam Jia says:


  60. Alfred Yap says:

    Kevin has given a good explanation of Asian and the evolution of it in a different culture. Hearing him I can tell he misses Singapore and somehow I believe if he was given a choice, he wouldn’t have left.
    It is unfortunate that he is stuck in a difficult NS issue which is a catch 22 for everyone in his situation. Hopefully he can one day come home.
    Singapore is now actively creating and there is a growing Arts and creation industry… would be great to have Kevin to be part of our new environment.

  61. Jobje Rabbeljee says:

    I hate cars. That's rare. Too many happy schmucks out there.

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