Keep Facebook Business And Personal Page Separate

Keep Facebook Business And Personal Page Separate

One of the most common questions I get
from people is about how to keep their Facebook business and personal pages
separate. In this video I’ll show you how to do that so you can have a Facebook
business page with no public affiliation to your personal profile, and show you
how to make sure you never post as or on the wrong business page, alright? Let’s
get into it What’s up busy people welcome to
Five Minute Social Media. If you have had your social media marketing going around
in your head and it feels like you’re never getting anywhere, you’re putting
time in and wondering, “Am I getting anything back from this?”, you are in a
great place. Every week we put out a quick video to help you with a different
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bell, that way you’ll be notified whenever a new video comes out. My name
is Jerry Potter and today we are talking about how to keep your Facebook business
and personal pages separate. By the end of this video you’ll understand how
Facebook business pages and personal profiles are set up and how they relate,
also how to post as your business page or one of your business pages or as your
personal page in different situations, and why Facebook won’t let you just post
as your business page wherever you want First things first – you can’t have a
Facebook business page without having a Facebook personal profile. Sometimes
people say, “Well I don’t want to have a Facebook page for myself, just for my
business.” You still have to create one. You don’t have to use it, it’s just the
way that you log in to your business page. Every Facebook business page has at
least one admin, or administrator, who is there to run the page but you do that
through your personal profile If you created the page you are the
admin. So the login for your business page is the same login as your personal
profile – that being said your personal profile and your business page are not
linked publicly anywhere by default, so you could have a Facebook business page
called “I Hate Puppies” and none of your personal friends would have any idea
that you’re the one running that terrible page. Now your page can have
more than one person who helps run it, like maybe you are the admin but
somebody else helps reply to comments or messages, or helps with posting. So you
can go into settings in the upper right corner of your Facebook business page,
click on Page Roles and there you can add
additional people to help you run your page and you can give them different
access levels. If you want more information about how to properly setup
page roles on your business page I’ve got a video about that and you can get
that in the description of this video. So how do you post and comment on Facebook
as yourself versus as your business page? Well let’s go through a few scenarios
and I’ll show you. So first of all if you’re on your own business page and you
wanted to comment on something, down in the lower right-hand corner – by default
if I just go to comment I’m gonna comment as this page but right above
that on the lower right there is a little drop-down box. Now I can go
through and I can choose to comment as a different business page or I can
actually just choose myself. So if I wanted to comment just as a person
instead of as the company to get some engagement going (or whatever it might be)
I can just do that. This is actually true on most situations – you click this
drop-down here and you’ll be able to choose who you want to comment as. If you
don’t see the page or account you’re looking for you probably don’t have the
permission to comment in that place. Now if I go to another business page (I am
NOT an admin on the Under Armor business page) I click that same drop down. You can
see I can comment as any of these pages in these different categories or as
myself. By default my personal profile is gonna be what it’s going to comment as.
So now I’m just in my feed – take any given post – and you’ll notice down here
I can comment as myself but there is no drop-down to choose other things. That’s
because this is shared by somebody on their personal profile. I can’t comment
on their stuff as a business. Meanwhile just a few posts later in the same feed
here’s something from People magazine and you’ll see – there it is – I can
actually choose who I want to comment from. Last thing I want to show you is
here in Facebook groups. This is my group, the Five Minute Social Media group, and
as you can see if I click the drop-down I can post as myself or I can
post as my business page because my business page is attached to this group.
But if I go to another group that I am in but it is not my group, I have no
drop-down. I can only comment as myself Finally I often get asked, “Hey I want to
post on my friend’s personal profile as my business page. Why can’t I do that?
Well the reason for that is pretty simple. If Facebook let business pages
post anywhere they wanted, there are people in the world, not
you, not me of course but terrible people that would go around and just spam
people by posting on their pages all the time as a business. The general rule of
thumb is a business can’t interact with a person on Facebook unless the person
has interacted with the business first, aright? Do you have a question about
this that I didn’t answer? Let me know in the comments and we can chat there. Also
grab our free Five=Minute Facebook Facelift. This is a quick makeover for
your Facebook business page to optimize it for profit. You can get that in the
description of this video. If you like this video consider giving it a Like, hit
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Thank you for watching Five Minute Social Media


  1. Five Minute Social Media - Jerry Potter says:

    If you need help with Facebook Roles (Admin, Editor, etc.), they're explained in this video ➜

  2. Tom A Hawk says:

    Great Vid .Just subscribed. Strange question for you . I had a regular FB page to start with like you said .Then I made the business page for it /with it . So I ended up with the 2 pages. Now here is where it got crazy .The MAIN FB page went away ! Completely away.. I can't find it ,can't log in , like it never existed .Did FB take it down or was it a glitch in the matrix ? Now for another strange thing ,The business page is still there ! Like a ghost -I can't get In .I can see it from my other FB site (personal site) and it is still running .Is there a way to get in or cancel it out .I want to make a new one because I can't answer requests or questions . Please HELP ! Thanks .

  3. tre g says:

    Thanks but i don't see how their not connected cuz all of my buainess pages are connected to my personal page

  4. Tepfirah Rushdan says:

    Why does the business page have the admins name on it? How to take off?

  5. Giverny-Bernadette Petersen says:

    How do I change profiles on the Facebook app? There no drop down option and it's constantly switching between commenting as my personal profile and my business page?

  6. Heather And Tim Sharp says:

    I have privacy settinga on my personal profile that seem to be preventing my business page from being found. I want my personal privacey but I nees to have my bussiness public

  7. M M says:

    Thank you for the video,Jerry

  8. M M says:

    I have a very important question: Facebook disabeld my account for more than 3 times and it stopped me from running my business and the paid ads in my Facebook business page,I get frustration and you know the feeling of frustration how it is,can you please tell me what to do to avoid account disabling(just what are you doing and facebook didn't disable your account),I can't read its policy,terms,community standards,and its help because they are hundreds and English is not my M. tongue,thank you,Jerry for the answer

  9. ApocalypNic says:

    Amazing video! Thanks so much!

  10. Brad Morgan says:

    Nice Video Jerry, however when I tried to share a post i clicked on the arrow and selected the business I wanted to post as, it showed in the window the business icon but when i shared to the page it posted as me and not the business. What do i need to do to make sure it posts as business and not me?

  11. Mary Rogers says:

    When my editor logs into my business account, can they see my personal accounts as well

  12. Mary Rogers says:

    I just set up a business Facebook and Instagram account. how do i make it public to all of my friends and/or open it to up for others to see?

  13. Mary Rogers says:

    By the way, thank you for a very informative, yet short and sweet video. Very nice and easy to follow. Thank you

  14. Five Minute Social Media - Jerry Potter says:

    Hey Diana! As I mentioned in the video, there is no public connection between your personal profile and your business page. However, business pages are public on the internet so your friends will be able to see it if they discover it – but again, they won't know it's from you unless you tell them.

  15. Tunes4Vernon says:

    Great video….short and sweet….down to the point…excellent!! Is there a way to hide my name as administrator on my business account? I don't want to mix business and pleasure at all.

  16. Nick G says:

    How do I post on Marketplace Facebook under my Business name? Can only post under my personal name. I see other businesses listing on Marketplace under their business name


    Loved the video, very clear and precise. Thank you. Have subscribed and will continue to follow. S.H.

  18. Tina McKenna says:

    What would prevent a post from my personal FB page to a Business FB Page that I am an Editor for? Are there restrictions that would prevent people from sharing on a business page, and if so, how can they be changed?
    The Admin of the business page has given me the task to find out why his wife's personal FB page posts will not show on the business page…
    Great video! Thank you for your help!

  19. Cosmin Stan says:

    I created an institution page using a new created fb account and after a few hours I've been asked to send a picture of me, after that, they deleted my account and page.
    So my question is: Do i need to use my personal account to make the page?

  20. Fulton Huxtable says:

    Can I follow individuals from my business page? And if they then follow me, does Facebook allow my posts to appear on their personal page?

  21. Kaffeinefan13 says:

    I am the creator and admin of my fb business page. I inadvertantly made another family member the admin,which has made me basically powerless on my own business page. How can I fix this,so I am the admin again?

  22. PhotosByCarmenKC says:

    Yes. Need to post in market place from business instead from personal. Help.

  23. Bhavana R says:

    Does this mean I can set up so that my business page's notifications are sent to my business email instead of my personal one?

  24. Stefano Miraglia says:

    My issue as I look at my business page it has me signed in personally and my social media people can access my personal account which I dont want…there is no way of just signing in to the business page.

  25. Awais Habib says:

    U r doing great… Especially i like that u answered every comment or question,, i am facing problem that when i share a post on my business page it shares with me,, just because of that everybody find that its my page… for instace, xyz is my business page and abc is my personal account and when i share post on my xyz it tags with abc automatically… i am tired of it and get rid of it… one more thing that it does,nt happened every time…. please help

  26. Seth Baum says:

    Explain how to separate them.

  27. Ant Brad says:

    Hi Great Video!!… I created my business account last year but didn't do anything else with it as I ' I didn't want to be recognised as linked to my personal page and is it is quite annoying but also frustrating… how to delete my identity from facebook business page now that its there?

  28. Sunny Rajesth says:

    how do I keep the passwords for the two pages separate?

  29. Brian Thomas says:

    Hi Jerry… I really enjoyed your video…. BUT… I tried creating a business page a year or so ago (the way you outlined) and my friends quickly started seeing my business page as a suggested page for them and I started seeing my friends as suggested friends for my business page. This also happened on Instagram. Did I do something wrong?

  30. Five Minute Social Media - Jerry Potter says:

    The only way that would happen is if you tagged yourself in the updated cover photo.

  31. Anna says:

    Thanks so much for this video! I have a question though: I'm trying to do a video call in messenger with a customer AS MY BUSINESS PAGE. I know they will have to initiate first but they keep telling me the video icon isn't there. I can't find any info on this anywhere and I really don't want to conduct business video calls from my personal messenger account. Please help!

  32. Anja Svare says:

    Hi Jerry, I am having trouble figuring out how to use messenger and chat with my FB business page. I am in FB and in my business page. I see chat at the bottom but when I try to chat I don't think the chat is coming from  my business page, as it is loading old chats from my personal page — does this make sense? I did create a message button which I tested and it shows that theses messages are coming from my Business page. Im just confused on this. Also one more question, if someone sends me a friend request to my personal page can I accept that as my business page or should I send them a generic response and ask them to send a friend request to my business page – can people friend the business page separate from the personal page.YIKES! that's a lot sorryAnja

  33. Nancy J says:

    Wow, great.. very detailed

  34. Islamuddin Safa says:

    Hello, how to remove my name from my facebook page story ?

  35. Islamuddin Safa says:

    great channel

  36. Laurie Noe says:

    Thanks for the info, Jerry. I do not have FB now. I see that I must create a personal profile to have a business page. My question is, can I make a personal page that is set up as completely private and still have a business page or does Facebook force you to keep your personal page more than just a completely private one? Thank you!

  37. tophatandtails says:

    Can I send a message as my business rather than as myself?

  38. Alastair Goodbody says:

    Please help – How do I separate my business and personal accounts so that people don't look at my business account and have access to my personal account! It's driving me absolutely crazy because all other answers are out of date. Please help with this 🙂

  39. Rooster Grogburn says:

    You take way too long to get to the point.

  40. Jan Stephenson says:

    I want to "Like" other business pages as my business page, but I don't want all of those showing up on the list of "Pages Liked by This Page" section on my business page. Is there a way to do that?

  41. Fred Moreno says:

    i want to unfriend people from my personal page, but still see, post, comment etc in y biz page. How do I do that?

  42. Craig Willis says:

    so if you look someone up on FB, both pages will show up?

  43. Kristine Gallagher says:

    I would like to place an ad on my confidential business page while targeting my ad to another region without my ad showing up on our other business facebook page.


    Jerry- How do I move a page from my personal account to my business? I created it under my personal by mistake. Thanks

  45. Kristine Gallagher says:

    Thank you very much. I tried to find our ad searching on our company name and I couldn't find it. So it works…Thanks again.

  46. Avatar Of The Stars says:

    Thank you. I have a different question. 1. I have a personal page i use for yoga/astrology. 2nd. I have created a biz page for my new biz,. When trying to ask people to join my biz page it brings up my personal account friends list to choose from. I just need to invite new clients only to my biz page. How do i do this, I have tried and it does not send due to the fact they are not on my personal page. Yikes!

  47. Julius WA says:

    Hi all, Nice video. I have still the question though…How can I separate this two accounts properly? I mean if I have my business page I have to get people to know about it, so I have to get them to see the page and those will be at the beginning the people who are in my personal network. Right? Or am I see it wrong? Thanks in advance for your answer

  48. Susan Renard says:

    I'm not seeing the settings that you've mentioned in our business page. There is no drop down for me to choose to comment from the business page. Help please!

  49. Kim Newell says:

    How can I add someone to my business page but not invite them as a friend to my personal page?

  50. Jason Greenwood says:

    You answered my question!!!! I'm so happy now!

  51. BMo says:

    So where did you separate the Facebook Business And Personal Page?

  52. Carla Leech says:

    Hi Jerry, I have an app on my phone where I can create a post and share onto facebook. I would like it to go straight onto my business page but it doesn't give me the option to do this, I can only post it onto to my personal page, then share onto my business page. Is there a way to change this please?

  53. Jodi Campion says:

    Thanks, I joined a group a few years ago from my personal page it was free, then it changed to a paid site, we pay to join and be able to post our services and then they approve posts from paid members, non paid members are also able to post looking for recommendations or advise from paid members. I have been posting to this site a few years, and think it would be best if I post from my new business page instead so I can keep my personal site personal, But I don't want to loose all of my posts, since people who are members of that group reach out to me and I get leads from that. How can I change how I interact with this group so all future posts, and past posts change to my business?

  54. Your channel Your wish says:

    First time, subscribed too, good info

  55. Malaika Mulla says:

    When we create a Facebook page connected with Instagram blogging account what is preferable.

    1. Creating a new Facebook profile and creating a page linked with Instagram and this new profile. OR

    2. I have a personal profile of mine and I create a page on that and connect it to my Instagram account.

    With option 1 with no friends on a newly created profile, will that page will be more traffic driven?

    With option 2, As my fb page visibility will be public, do people get to reach my personal profile stuffs ?

    Which one should go with?

  56. Mike Taylor says:

    I am trying to link my facebook business page to a website. How would I be able to link the business page without having it linked to my personal page? Like viewing it from an outside consumer perspective instead of admin of the page. Just so that people who click the link do not have access to my personal facebook page.

  57. Gloria Gorko says:

    Thank you for this Video! I just finally after a year found an answer. BUT if I put myself on my Business Page as Team Member (admin) it shows my photo and personal name and I can click it and it goes to my personal page. But it doesn't for others from what you say?

  58. Caroline says:

    Hi Thanks for the video, info but i am a little confused I have just started my new business page and on my face book page it says welcome people to your page , now if i welcome and add a post it says down the bottom it has news feed ticked & posts are public and show up on your page & in search results so does this mean it will not show up on my personal feed? as i only want ti to show as my business I don't want personal friends to see it? please could you help. Thanks

  59. laura musonye says:

    This is super helpful. My question is, I’ve posted the items I’m selling on my Facebook page but when a customer reaches out, whenever I reply, it by default responds with my personal profile. How can I turn this off on a picture I’ve posted?

  60. Russo says:

    Your video is very helpful Jerry and thank you! But I still have a couple of questions for you, when I want to share my instagram posts to my business facebook page, it does not allow me. It only allows me to share to my personal page. I also try to invite people to my business page, but It does not allow me. I have to have my personal page active, which means I have to have friends on my personal page in order to do that. I don't want to use my personal page at all or show it to public. Please advise. How to use only my business page and keep my personal page private. THANK YOU!

  61. De Camille says:

    Thank you for this video. Can you help me understand why I cannot post on someone's page who has liked my business page with my business profile? It only gives me my personal profile option. Also, I want to add my biz page to my MailChimp widget/button at the footer but it also goes to my personal account even though directed to the business. May be related. Thanks so much!

  62. The Great Pyramid (AIP) says:

    I want to give a login for my YouTube profile that goes to my business page… this is done through a bot, so all I can do is choose the account login… so that will automatically go to my personal page… so there is no separate login that goes directly to the business page???

  63. Camilla Fitzsimons says:

    I have just taken on a job in communications with no handover because the previous person left suddenly. I don't have a personal page but have managed a business page before. My thinking is that I have to create a personal page and then link it ot the business page but I don't know how to do this. When I click on the settings tab on my business page it is not working, my ad boosts are also disabled. I have tried contacting FB but nobody is getting back to me – help

  64. Five Minute Social Media - Jerry Potter says:


  65. Candy Gareiss says:

    I'm an author with an author page. Does this mean that I cannot comment with my pen name (business page) on author Groups I belong to? Comments show up as my personal profile not as an author. Group is open to pages.

  66. G TZATZIMAKIS says:

    First congratulate for your great video!
    I am the administrator of a business page which has about 500 followers. The personal page which the business page has been created has about 850 followers. Most of them are clients of my company. So I am inviting them to follow my business page. Generally is it right to find and add friends new potential clients first on the personal page and then invite them to my business page? Also many people find me and sent me friend request on my personal page.
    Usually the personal page should be inactive in order not to confuse the followers (consider that my surname is about the same with my company name)?
    Also is there a way to invite people through e-mail contacts?

  67. David Lee says:

    Hello Jerry, I need help. I have a business page. When I go to post an ad to our left top of the post shows my personal profile is on the posting tab instead of my business logo.

  68. Cryptoman says:

    I have a page linked to my personal account with an ad account and pixel. I have recently opened a business account. How can I have them all completely transferred to business manager? Thank you. Great video

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    thanks Jerry that was very informative…I'm such a newb. My facebook page doesn't show up in google searches do you know how to make that happen going forward.

  70. D the entrepreneur says:

    I had deactivated my fb for a while once I reactivated I could no longer join the same groups I was in before as my
    Business page so I created a new business page and it’s still tryna make me use my personal page to join those same
    Groups why?

  71. Kerry Clements says:

    Thank you Jerry, just what I needed.

  72. June Shell says:

    Hi Jerry how do I delete a business page and can I set up a new page with the same name of the business?

  73. Pursuing Peas says:

    I don’t use my personal account
    When I am in my business page I invite people to friend
    They accept always
    They actually accept my personal
    So I have to go back into my business where there’s an option to friend them again
    They accept… sometimes
    For the entirety of my business I have to invite twice every person?!

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    Thanks for the info, Jerry! Is there a way to deactivate my personal page (not delete) without deactivating my business page?

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    Thanks for posting this. I'm going to now watch some of your other stuff as it was very helpful. However I still have a question. Can I ask, how do I post on a group Marketplace FB, as the page I manage (which is my business Highland Colours) rather than as my personal name? The problem is, I can't find any drop down box to select who I post as on Marketplaces, and I keep getting a lot of traffic through my personal FB as a result of posting with my own name, and NOT through my business FB, which is where I would like the traffic!

  90. Michael Cruz says:

    Helpful and insightful video, thank you. I created a personal profile for a business. Now have 1300 friends but I want to add a business page. so I can advertise. Knowing this is possible, what happens to my personal profile page. Do I just invite them to Like the new business page?

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  92. Michael Brownjohn says:

    nice video, tbanks! Seems to be a glitch with facebook. I'm joined up to a group as a personal profile. The group also allows business pages to join. There doesn't seem to any option to also join business pages I am admin of to the group (in order to publish content from the business). I don't want to leave the group, then re-apply only under the business page….I want personal still. Can't find any way to do this. When I try and join a new group, it has the popup asking who I want to join as, personal or one of my pages. Is there any way to get around this?

  93. GamerLjvesMatter [Make Gamerica Great Again] says:

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  94. Finding Joe says:

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  98. Sunclip Eyewear says:

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  99. Martin John says:

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  100. says:

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