Kangana Ranaut with Sadhguru – In Conversation with the Mystic @Mumbai 2018

Kangana Ranaut with Sadhguru – In Conversation with the Mystic @Mumbai 2018

Sadhguru chants: Jananam Sukhadam
Maranam Karunam Milanam Madhuram Smaranam Karunam
Kalavashadiha Sakalam Karunam Samyadhipateh Akhilam Karunam Sadhguru: Namaskaram, good evening to everyone. Kangana Ranaut: Good evening, everyone. Thank you for being here this evening. And this is my first interview, I must say it’s easier giving interview
than interviewing (Laughs). It’s challenging. Sadhguru, thank you so much
for giving me this opportunity, and thanks to all the volunteers
who have worked so hard. So my first question to you is that when I first heard about you many years ago… When I first heard about you many years ago, I rolled my eyes and (Laughs) and I muttered something about, “Oh, guru types”
(Laughter). And until few… few months ago, when my sister gave me your book,
“Inner Engineering” which happens to be New York Times best seller, it changed my perspective. And when I was working on this interaction, I came across few interviews of yours, one of them being with a
senior writer from my field and he was vehemently attacking you (Laughs) like he was (Laughter)
trying to fame you for being a… like fake and he himself is accused of plagiarism
(Laughter). So… So my question is that why does a person connected
to spirituality on its path, is everyone feels entitled to judge them? And honestly if it wasn’t New York Times best-seller book, I would have not read it. What is it about the West, (Sadhguru Laughs) this West stamp that, (Laughs) we can’t do without it? I mean there are so many books and if unless Americans don’t approve of it, it just doesn’t make sense. Why is that? Sadhguru: This is multiple questions (Laughter). About people’s resistance to someone like me – when I say someone like me, someone who is not messed with himself, okay (Laughs)? He didn’t cut his hair, he didn’t do anything, he is simply the way nature intended him to be, that’s all the problem they have with me. They think you have to belong somewhere. You have to be this religion or that religion, or this party or that party,
you got to be something. Today, if you look at the world, now that you mentioned America, and it’s also beginning to happen in our country in a big big way – in imitation of United States, I would say. See, in United States, you ask… talk to anybody, they’ll say “I’m a Democrat or I’m a Republican”. What this essentially means is, you have no clue what is democracy. If you say I’m this and my father also was this and my grandfather also was Republican so this, this, this I am. What this means is, you have become a tribe. Kangana Ranaut: You’ve become a…? Sadhguru: A tribe, you know. Once you become a tribe, a tribal war is inevitable – it’s going to happen somewhere. Democracy means every time you must see these five years or four years whatever the term, how they have functioned and individually you make a choice whom to vote for. You’re already committed to vote to a particular party no matter what, this means you’ve become a tribe. You’ve gone back to feudalistic ways of living, but you’re talking democratic language. So this has happened in a huge way in United States. So these jokes keep going around, someone trying to convert a Republican
into a Democrat. So they came and asked, “Why don’t you vote for Democrats? See what kind of President you’ve got.” So he said, “No, I’m a Democrat, my father… I’m a Republican, my father was a Republican, and my grandfather was a Republican, so I’m a Republican, that’s it.” So this guy asked, “Suppose your grandfather was a jackass (Laughter) and your father was a jackass, what would you be?” He said, “Of course, a Democrat!” (Laughter/Applause)
Kangana Ranaut: Okay. Sadhguru: So, we are taking things from there all the time and in India also, slowly we are moving in that direction unfortunately. About New York Times (Laughs)… New York Times (Laughs), there are lot of things you could say about New York Times but I think the… their president is speaking as to
what is New York Times. I don’t have to say a thing (Laughter/Applauses)! We still have not got out of the Firang syndrome
(Referring to Indians having fascination for white skin). You know what’s Firang? Kangana Ranaut: I know, (Sadhguru laughs)
(Laughter) of course. Sadhguru: So we have still not gotten out
of that Firang Syndrome. It has to come from there. Today, why do you think so many people are
talking about yoga? The yoga they’re talking about in India is
largely a rebound from the American coast. They’re not talking about the yoga that is here. This is the source of yoga. And if you… people’s understanding of yoga is… Kangana Ranaut: Sadhguru, that brings to me
a question about our roots ingrained in yoga and spirituality but where has it got us as a nation, as a country, as a continent, what has it given us? Like, I know what you say about karma, bondage and I will quote you (Sadhguru Laughs). No, I quote you – if somebody he says about karma, breaking karma bondage, that if somebody breaks your leg, don’t go after that person’s leg, fix your leg and go your way. I understand that sounds fantastic but if somebody breaks your leg and
you go your way, somebody again comes break your leg, what do you do? And then others see… Sadhguru: Why do you think people are so much
interested in your legs, hmm (Laughter/Applause)? Kangana Ranaut: No Sadhguru, you are literally taking it. But tell me don’t we have a history of thousand years of…
Sadhguru: Yes. Kangana Ranaut:invasion after invasion, and didn’t we grew up hearing this
from our mothers that, “Oh, if somebody rubs you wrong way” the only thing that they say is, “Oh, bhagwan dekh raha hai.” What? (Laughter) Sadhguru: See, this… this…
Kangana Ranaut: So, I mean we as a land, I mean I don’t know much about history
but this much I know that, we as a land we’ve not… and thanks to our spiritual education that we’ve never gone to invade a continent, and gone to… for a conquest like that, but, but where has it got us? Where has it landed us? So why not imitate West? Sadhguru: Okay. (Laughter/Applause) You must give me a few minutes (Laughter) because you… you raised a whole lot of things about history. So what has the spiritual process given us
as a land, as a nation, as a culture? You must understand this, this is a… Let’s understand this very clearly. Here we always focused on individual development, because without creating great human beings there is no great nation, there is no great culture,
there’s no great world. World, nation, society, these are just words, it’s just you and me. What kind of people we are, that’s a kind of society,
that’s a kind of nation, that’s a kind of world we will live in. So we always focused on individual development. In this, we produced stellar human beings absolutely fantastic human beings for thousands of years, who created a fantastic culture. And let me remind you, our safety was our geographical features. The Himalayan region, the Himalayan ranges, and the Indian Ocean which was called as
Indu Sagara at one time. So this Hi and Indu, together we made it “Hindu”. So you must understand, it is a geographical entity. We revered the mountains and the ocean because we knew our safety, our well-being and our cultural flourish and our economic prosperity of the time, everything depended on these two barriers which stopped people from invading and doing things. But then people found ways to cross the mountains and come across and come through the oceans. Everything happened. So our problem was just this, we focused on human genius all the time, but we lacked organization. The West always focused on organization, but they did not focus on individual genius. For both there is a prize. So now we have come to a place where we cannot ignore individual genius. We have to focus on that. At the same time, we need to learn to organize. That’s what we are struggling at right now, that we want to organize. Kangana Ranaut: Can I ask? So Sadhguru, talking about spirituality and like I… like I questioned that how practical is it in today’s world whereas like the whole philosophy of spirituality or what… Sadhguru: No, spirituality is not a philosophy.
Kangana Ranaut: I know, it’s a technique, it’s a practice which I also do.
Sadhguru:No, No It’s yoga
Sadhguru: No, no, no. Kangana Ranaut: It’s yoga It’s the ultimate union. Sadhguru: Hmmmm (Laughter). Kangana Ranaut: Okay, so I know yoga is the ultimate union and everything that we do as yoga is
supposed to make us inclusive… inclusive of every… Sadhguru: Hmm (Laughter).
Kangana Ranaut: Let me finish, okay? (Laughter) So it is supposed to make us
inclusive of our environment and then further expanding that, our country, our countrymen and then the planet and then the cosmos and then… it goes on. But my question is and I want to present an example, I was in London and you know what it… what happens to when you are in a beautiful city with great infrastructure, you are with couple of friends, and your Indian friends, they’re always cursing India. You know, “Oh, this is so great. Where we live is a piece of garbage.” You know and all that. I felt so overwhelmed. I couldn’t wait to get to my room
and when I got there, I was crying. I found myself crying, and I was muttering something
of the fact that that you know, I mean what do you expect? And you know, why don’t they have sympathy
for their own land and all of that. And then I realized that identifying like that with your country,
today I am crying, tomorrow I might just punch somebody and everybody will behave in their own way. So this kind of identification with your environment, with your country, with your religion, with your family is the root cause of all atrocities. So isn’t that kind of… isn’t it dangerous? Now don’t tell me be inclusive but (Few laugh) still not be inclusive (Laughter). Sadhguru: Don’t play the answer for me, hmm?
(Laughter) Kangana Ranaut: I am not buying that answer. How can you be inclusive and yet not be inclusive? If you are inclusive, you are inclusive (Laughter) or you don’t be inclusive (Laughter). Sadhguru: Well, the city that you are appreciating of its infrastructure and its wealth and well-being, for two centuries was largely built on stolen money
from this country (Applause). Well, I… We should not… We should not resent our history and develop
animosity towards somebody, but at the same time, it’s stupid to forget everything and
go on as if nothing happened. That’ll be absolutely stupid. That’s a problem with us. One thing is… See in this country, what has happened in
those two hundred years – don’t go back 1000 years, there have been atrocities, that’s a different matter, even if you go back this two-hundred years – because we are talking about London – what happened in this country is not a small thing. Six million Jews died, they write and write
and write about it. They make movies about it. Nobody is supposed to forget about it in the world. Everybody is reminded everyday how this atrocity happened to them. But, we… You know, the Bengal famine killed over three-and-a-half
million people in a matter of three months, because they took away all the food for the
World War II effort. And this is not one, the governor in 19… 1860 writes, “The fields of India are bleached
by the bones of the hand weavers,” because they destroyed the handloom industry. Yesterday was Handloom Day or something. Yes? From 1800 to 1860, in sixty years’ time,
an industry which has lasted for 10000 years, they destroyed and left millions of people to die. It’s recorded in British history – you know,
what they have written, not what we have written because we write nothing. If we get our breakfast tomorrow, we are just happy
(Few laugh). This is a big problem in India because
we don’t have a sense of history. Kangana Ranaut: A history or revenge? Sadhguru: No, no, revenge is not needed because revenge will again waste your energy and you know, your future is wasted if you go into revenge. Kangana Ranaut: Sadhguru, this is what I don’t get. Sadhguru: No, let me finish this (Laughter). About what is this spiritual process given to us, okay. The question is why can’t we be like them and be successful? See why we are like this is, because we have realized in a very profound way, most Indian people may not know this consciously but they know this by life. They may not be articulating this in their mind. Somewhere they know that their well-being is essentially coming from within. Outside arrangements we can make as we want, but me being joyful, peaceful, loving,
blissful is most important. Well, that’s why I said individually we did great. Organization also we had great stuff till outside people came who had no concern about anything that you think, and feel and experience, everything was brutally uprooted, all right? I’ll just tell you an example. For example, you have come to the yoga center. That region, there is one police station with
about twelve to fourteen policemen. About four are on night duty, that means about eight or nine. Two, three will be always on leave (Few laugh). I am saying, literally there is no law. It’s a quarter million people. There is literally no law at all. But still there is no crime. This is spiritual process, I am telling you. You take away police in New York City (Applause), you take away the law enforcement
in New York City or London that you are talking about, just see what will happen in three hours’ time (Applause). Kangana Ranaut: Okay, so Sadhguru this… Sadhguru: We are like… We need organization
right now (Kangana Laughs). To succeed as a nation, we need organization. Kangana Ranaut: Yeah but the way society has
also been handling things is… is not great. It’s not really that the best thing. It’s not the… We can’t rely on a system like that. You mean like we are largely being organized by society, but that’s not the most appropriate way. I mean authority isn’t either but aren’t they… there is at least a set of rules there, that society they’re really… I mean more money you have got, you can literally get away with anything. So that’s not the best way to go forward. What do you have to say about that? Sadhguru: Here? You are saying in India? Kangana Ranaut: In India, yes. Sadhguru: Yes. See, we need to understand this, when the British left this country, the average life expectancy in this country was
twenty-eight years, okay. The illiteracy was ninety-three percent. There was literally no industry,
no infrastructure of any kind. People… Some idiots talk about,
“Oh, they built railways.” They built railways because they want to move their troops and the goods out of the country. So railways were there, but what where they transporting on the railways? So there was literally no economic infrastructure. Administrative infrastructure in the form of
civil services was there. That was to keep control. You just see what they were called? What were the local administrators called? They were called Collectors. Even today unfortunately, we are retaining the same appellation. Collector means what?
They were just tax collectors. In many provinces, the taxes on the agricultural produce was
hundred percent, can you beat that? Kangana Ranaut: Oh! Sadhguru: One hundred percent tax on everything that you grow. So this was a totally… absolutely demoralizing occupation that happened for over two hundred years. And we are recovering from that. It’s not a small thing. Kangana Ranaut: I agree. Sadhguru: We have been just beaten down. No education, no nourishment, no economic infrastructure,
all industry destroyed. We were just a resource for their industry. When this was done systematically,
we have been exploited. Only problem with us was we didn’t have
an organization to fight them. We had small, small kingdoms which they played very well and they managed. This is a historical blunder on our side. There is no point cursing them. They did what was best for them. We could not do what was best for us. It’s time for us to do what is best for us now. Kangana Ranaut: But… But Sadhguru, tell me like we have such a diversity
in our country, you know, whether they are different languages, traditions, religions and food and all sort of diversity which is… Sadhguru: Definitely food (Few laugh). Kangana Ranaut: …which is beautiful. Like what you say about
difference and discrimination. Differences are beautiful you know like how like a man is different than a woman, and… and flowers are different and you know, so on and so forth. So, there is… there is difference which is beautiful, but… but don’t you think there should be one spirit, there should be something
that could bind us together? I don’t see anything, because the only common factor between us is
definitely the motherland. Because you are from south and
I am from north and if we didn’t have the history of slavery
to connect us, we would never be… we would never know
what we are talking about. Sadhguru: We are very balanced because
we are from the sea level (Few laugh). Kangana Ranaut: Yeah, his nick name for me is mental (Laughter). He calls me Cuckoo. Yeah, so… so… so, Sadhguru, don’t you think
we should have something that… that can bind us together? Don’t you think it’s… it’s so easy to play us as people, as a nation, and… and that spirit of… like I can think of only one thing that can bind us together
is probably nationalism, which is the most infamous word in today’s time (Laughs). So what is it? What can bind us together? Sadhguru: See, this diversity that you are talking about, as all of us know, there is no other nation which has this complexity of diversity. We have thirteen hundred
spoken languages in this country, and a thousand different ways to cook, and a thousand different ways to dress, and every fifty kilometers you drive, people look different, dress different, speak different, eat different, everything different. So, this is what also helped us to survive. You must understand this. See, just look at this. Wherever the English went, for example or before that, the Islamic invasions
wherever they went, they made sure the entire population
was religiously at least, compromised. Just look at North America, South America, Africa, Australia, wherever they went, they were absolutely nearly
hundred percent successful. This is one country, they couldn’t figure out (Laughter/Applause), because they don’t know where the head is. Because we are like a… we are an organism with,
you know, million heads. Nobody knows which head to cut (Laughter). So this is… don’t complain about this, because this has also been our survival. After nearly 1000 years of occupation, we have still retained our culture, maybe little bit of distortions here, there, but we have still retained it simply because nobody knows where the head is. Otherwise they would have chopped off the head (Applause). Kangana Ranaut: So where’s the head?
Sadhguru: Hmm? No that is the whole thing. You tell me, this whole thing now is leading
to something else. Right now, there is a huge cosmos. In this, we are a tiny little planet, yes? Now the foolish way of looking at life is that there is a head for this cosmos. There is one god sitting up there and ruling this cosmos – this is a childish way of looking at life. But that’s not the way we looked at it here. We saw every… every organism, every life, every atom has its own head, and it’s running by itself. It is complete by itself,
it runs by itself. This is why in this culture
self-realization became most important, because if you realize the nature of this
(Referring to oneself), in a way you have realized
the nature of the entire cosmos. Because this idea that there is some central point in the cosmos, and there is one head sitting up there
is a stupid idea. Modern science is proving that to you
beyond any doubt. But we have said this for thousands of years because we saw this is a headless cosmos. Headless is not a negative thing. I know the Western saying headless chicken
is supposed to be bad. Yes, a chicken should have a head (Laughter). It should also have two legs (Few laugh), it’s important. But this is a headless cosmos.
That is why it’s so beautiful. So we are just an imitation of the
cosmic nature of existence. We are also always headless. But, this is why individual genius becomes
of paramount importance, because each human being functioning
at their peak is important to create a society which is as colorful and as diverse as possible. So what held us together? See because you must understand this, there was a time when there were over two hundred political entities in the form of kingdoms
and empires and whatever. Many times people tried to, you know, unite them into one occupation. But later on it again broke up. Many times over two hundred political establishments. In spite of that, in this nation, people felt this is one nation,
we called this Bharat. And people from outside, they also thought this is one nation, though there were two hundred kings ruling the place. What is it? What do you think made them think this is one nation? Even today, if you go to Syria, Lebanon, you will see thousands of women
especially named as Hind. They’re named as India. Their understanding is Hind means India. And they have taken the name Hind. Even today, thousands of women have this name
that they are Hind. So, because forever we have been known as
one nation for more than 10-15000 years. This is because everywhere they went, they saw a nation means was always built on the sameness of language, sameness of religion, sameness of you know, ethnicity, but they found this land there is no sameness anywhere. If you look from your neighbor to you,
you are a different person, absolutely. You cook differently, they cook differently, you speak one language,
they speak another language. But they called this one nation because this was the only nation
which was the land of seekers not a land of believers. This is why we have always identified as seekers. We are seekers of truth and liberation. Our highest value is not God – God means head – our highest value has never been God. Our highest value has always been
mukti and moksha because this means liberation and freedom. Freedom has been our highest value. Now the so-called liberals are talking about
freedom fresh, as if they are talking about it for the first time
(Few laugh). We have always held as the most sacred thing in our life is ultimate liberation of the human being, not going to heaven, not… The pleasures of heaven have
never been eulogized in this culture. So our togetherness came
because we were seekers. When we were seekers, the important thing about seeking is this, when you are believers,
you will always get together. Because without getting together, see if you just believe something all by yourself, you look stupid (Few laugh). You need 1000 people around you
who believe the same thing. Otherwise you will feel foolish. But when you become a seeker, you always want to be alone, because seeking is internal and individual. So because we were always individuals, we were never an organized group, we never had a situation where somebody could give us one riprap speech
Kangana Ranaut:But Sadhguru and get us all moving. There has never been like that. Still we are like that, I am glad we are like that. But we need some organization
to function in the modern world for sure. Kangana Ranaut: Now that’s a contradiction.
Sadhguru: It is not. Kangana Ranaut: Well, okay, Sadhguru… I personally feel that this whole dichotomy of
what’s happening in today’s society and today’s world that we are individuals and we need to be organized as well. But we what we face on every days… on daily basis, is something completely different which I mean… I’ll tell you where for me like, it’s very conflicting because like I am working on a martyrs biopic where there is a scene that my protagonist, Laxmibai she goes and
she saves a calf. So my crew had a huge discussion. We halted the shoot and we are like she can’t save a calf, it has to be a lamb (Sadhguru laughs), because we don’t want to look like cow savers. So (Laughs) my point is that, when such a prejudice strikes as a person … as a person you feel very protective
of who you are and what your values are and you want to save all the animals, why just cow? But you definitely want to save the cow for sure because, you know, the prejudice is really agonizing. But a cow lynching, a lynching for cow
takes place, and you look like an idiot and then you jump to the other side, which is… which has been always criticizing
and never wanting to be protecting cows and you are like these people look sensible, and these are so called liberals. And now liberals by definition because I have learnt English now just recently, so I have to access to dictionary for everything (Applause). So… (Applause) So by the literal meaning dictionary meaning of liberal is
people who have acceptance for people, opinions, thoughts… Sadhguru: No, no, they are fanatics (Laughter). Kangana Ranaut: That’s what I am saying. Now… Sadhguru, let me finish this question (Laughs). So these liberals, they will not take you in their group unless you hate the same people as they do
(Few laugh). So one thing is it’s fine, if this is for the betterment of the country, you don’t mind hating on BJP. You don’t mind believing that everything
that is been run by, you know, like Amit… literally Amit Shah is practically doing, that’s fine but (Laughter)
but what is (Applause). No but what I don’t get is… what I don’t get is – this I get – what I don’t get is, what is their agenda and
plan of action for bringing this country out of the pit? What is that they are doing? So when a war breaks, liberals are the first one to say, from my industry, people say “Why should we be bothered with war,
we are artists?” To demotivating a army man who is
protecting the borders for you. Rape takes place in Kashmir, and they say
“Hindustan raped our daughter.” To be pointing fingers at each other when the country is so vulnerable and
trying to break a civil war? Is that what liberals do? And you’re like, wait a minute, the most sensible things seems like
to be a skeptic. But a skeptic is nothing but a space cadet. Doesn’t know where he is going (Laughter). So right now, we need a definite direction to go into. We cannot be stuck in the unfortunate loop of
“to be or not to be, to be or not to be.” So what to do (Applause)? Sadhguru: Well, for a long time from that city that
you were talking about, they always thought asking this question, “to be or not to be,” is the most
intelligent thing to do (Laughter), there. Because they rarely came to existential questions. Existential questions is a daily affair for us in this country but they rarely came to it. So that is how rudimentary ways
they addressed it. They thought it’s a most intelligent question
to ask “to be or not to be.” I think it’s the dumbest question to ask because you have not tasted life. When you’re really blissed out and ecstatic, do you ask “to be or not to be”? In some way you are frustrated, some way you are burdened, so you are asking “to be or not to be”. Leave that aside. That’s a thing. First of all, today in the world people who claim to be liberals are
actually fanatics. If you do not agree with them, they’ll finish you in some way (Laughs). So about Jhansi rani saving the cow, (Laughs) well, she is a woman who stands out in our history, and you are just fortunate that you… Kangana Ranaut: But she did save a cow, I am like, “Listen guys, rather than fighting,
why don’t you access the facts?” They are like, “She did save a cow, but we should not show it as a cow.” Sadhguru: See the thing is we don’t know who wrote the story, she didn’t save one cow. Cows would have always been saved because
in this country which is a pastoral country, cow and the cattle was the wealth of this nation. If you look back at Mahabharat, they are not talking about land as wealth. They are always talking about
cattle as wealth, because land was there plenty. Cattle, how many thousand head of cattle did you own,
decided how rich you are. So if somebody stole a cow, they caught you and beat you up, all right? Kangana Ranaut: Yeah, that’s how it is in
back home as well like I come from a village, and sometimes the only thing that they have is… Sadhguru: So I am saying this… this whole
lynching debate that’s going on in the country, these people who are talking about it,
have not seen India. They have not seen India at all. They are just living in cities and television studios
and endlessly talking about these things. Let me say this clearly, I have always been
connected with rural life, I have… in my life I have witnessed three lynchings, okay, I witnessed. In two they were killed,
in the other one nearly killed. For what? One was because they believed this man could be stealing their children. People lynch – you know, even recently it happened. If you steal their children,
if you steal their cows, if you if you cut a tree
and take it from his farm, these are three things
for which lynchings will happen. I have seen all three varieties. I try to get into it and stop this. They said, “You don’t get into it,”
and push me aside. I knew the local sub-inspector who was, you know, who was a senior in my college. So I went to him and said, “You need to do something,
these guys just killed the guy and buried him right there in the village,
the entire village knows and nothing!” He said, “You don’t get into this.” I said, “Why?” He said, “See, this is how it is.
They have their own law. I am a police officer, I enforce a certain aspect of the law. Rest of the law is handled by them,
in their own terms.” So actually, this is a… a crowd because there is no actual total
law enforcement in the country, slowly it is coming, but it is not been there for a long time, people manage their own things. Kangana Ranaut: But Sadhguru, there are lot of other atrocities like for example… Sadhguru: …there are, there are, but let me finish this,
because this is a big issue in the country today. So I am not trying to prove this is the way to do it. All I am saying is when mob tries to enforce justice, their idea of justice, this is how it gets enforced, unfortunately. That’s where we are. We need to understand that’s where we are. If we want to change this,
there are many things we need to do, not going on pointing about somebody saved a cow… Well, when people thought they are child-lifters and
they killed them, why did you start a debate about that? Because you know, if you start a debate about “Don’t save your children,” then you will get it back (Few laugh), all right? Cow is a easy thing right now to go at. So this is not about cows, this is not about… Whatever is precious to them, if they believe somebody is taking it,
they can’t call the police. Because if they call the police,
they’ll come after twenty-four hours and if they come, there are so many issues. It doesn’t directly get settled. So people have their own way of settling, unfortunately, it is going into a place where
people are being killed on the street. It should not go there means, law enforcement needs to come
on all levels of life. We have not… Law enforcement has not reached the entire
geography of this nation. Let’s get to that.
We need to do that. Kangana Ranaut: Sadhguru, like I am a Rajput myself and when the whole Padmaavat episode took place and, you know, cutting one of my contemporary’s nose, I was embarrassed. Like and also, when the rape took place in Kashmir, to be pointing out things like, you know… Sadhguru: This wouldn’t disturb anybody
if it was Hollywood because lot of them have cut their noses off
and replaced (Laughter). Kangana Ranaut: But Sadhguru,
criminals are not religions… criminals cannot be associated with religion. That is just simply trying to instigate…
Sadhguru: Yes…I know I don’t think that was about religion at all. Anyway that whole movement was not against religion. There are many political aspects to it. When this was happening in full flare, the Padmaavat issue and Prasoon is here. (Laughs) So when they were burning buses, then I called somebody, a very responsible person in the country and said,
“What is this? How are we allowing this to happen?” If you don’t like a movie, you don’t go. I don’t go to the movies (Laughs). So if you don’t like it, you don’t go. Why do you have to burn a bus that people have to use
tomorrow morning” (Few laugh)? They said, “Sadhguru, they have all dressed up
one hundred women like brides and they are sitting ready, ready to burn by themselves, volunteers to burn. Today, if we handle them rough on the street, tomorrow if these hundred women, even if ten of them burn themselves,
it will become an international issue. So let the buses burn for one or two days,
then we will deal with it.” I thought this is a strange kind of wisdom
but it is wisdom (Laughter/Applause). Kangana Ranaut: Okay. Sadhguru: So we need to understand this… we need to understand this, instead of giving commentaries because somebody went to western universities and came back, giving that kind of commentary in this country without understanding the realities, no. There are unfortunate realities of various
kinds of divisions that people are trying to play up. When they don’t get any voice to say something, they will gather one caste together, they will gather one community together, or gather one group of language people together, or religion together, and do something on the street to get attention. The way… unfortunate way that this’s become a culture to get attention is, burn the bus (Few laugh). People… tomorrow morning they’ll have to
walk to their place of work. But burn the bus and get attention. In every other country, if they want to protest they burn old tires. I think our people don’t know how to take the tires out (Laughter) so they are burning the entire bus (Applause/Laughter). It’s a mechanical lapse (Laughter). Kangana Ranaut: Sadhguru, Indians are doing so well. Whether it’s the CEOs of Google,
Microsoft, Master Card, Nokia, you know the list goes on. All the chief executive, I have whole list of those.
Sadhguru: Now Pepsi is out. (Laughter). Kangana Ranaut: So Indians are doing so well all over the world, but India is not doing well. Why is that? Sadhguru: Everybody in the world thinks
India is doing very well, but here there is a commentary that
India is not doing well (Applause). When I look at you,
I see you are doing well, when I look at these people
I see they are doing well. But yes it is a fact forty percent of
our population is still malnourished unfortunately. This is because our focus in these last seventy years has
largely been to industrialize, build cities and stuff, we have not focused sufficiently on our agriculture,
enhancing rural life. Right now, we are pitching very hard to do this. And I think in many ways, the governments of today, particularly the central government,
is very focused on seeing this happen. Well, it’s not as easy as said, there are many, many challenges. But a clear plan at least being…
is being evolved, how to make agriculture lucrative, how to make rural living in a village worthwhile that even if you want to see a cinema,
you don’t have to go to the city, living in a village should be worthwhile. So these things are being planned. In some states, it’s going very fast. In some states it’s going slow. But right now the focus is,
how to make it worthwhile living in a village, that you don’t have to… if you want to have a good life,
you have to go the city. This is how it’s been
in the last fifty-sixty years. This, the government is trying to change. All of us should support this movement
towards developing villages. If we need to forego a few things in the cities for some time, (Applause) we should and allow the villages to develop. Otherwise you’ll have all of them coming to the city,
that’s the biggest problem in Mumbai. People are just coming in, without any infrastructure, they don’t know where to be. In most inhuman ways unfortunately they are existing, because they just come in without any basis. And the life that they go through, the exploitations that they go through, what happens to them is… is an untold story. Kangana Ranaut: But Sadhguru, don’t you think population explosion like the China was also facing a similar problem few years ago and they have tackled it so well. And with us… Sadhguru: Don’t say “well”,
they have handled it. Because you should know in China… Kangana Ranaut: I don’t know. Sadhguru: …they were burying live children. Second child born, live children were just being buried
in the hospitals. When that video was taken
and it went viral around the world, they changed that to giving iodine injections to the brains of healthy children, second child. So you don’t have the stomach nor the heart
to do anything like that. So don’t compare to China. But do we have to control our population? Absolutely. There is simply no question.
Kangana Ranaut: So at least there should be tax on the third child? Sadhguru: Hmm (Laughter)?
What was that (Applause)? Kangana Ranaut: At least there should be tax
on the third child because they are using roads and river water
which you are trying to save, (Laughter/Applause) and the oxygen from the trees
which I am planting with many other people. So at least third…
two children should be okay but third one should have tax. Sadhguru: Hey don’t say that because
I am… I’m the fourth among the siblings (Laughter/Applause). I have a big tax sitting on my head
(Laughs)(Laughter). Definitely some incentives have to be done. Right now, when I spoke about this a year ago, there was lot of controversy in the south. We’ve been trying to bring this in the villages, a voluntary year of no conception. All we need to do is – see, because our life expectancy has improved. It’s not because an explosion of
reproduction has happened. No, that’s not true. It is our life expectancy is improving. That means we took our death into our hands, but we are not taking the birth into our hands. We have… See just about fifty years ago, an average time when the first child happened to a young woman in this country was somewhere around
sixteen or seventeen years of age. It’s moved to about twenty-four right now. But we need to push this to thirty-five (Applause). Kangana Ranaut: Sadhguru, these days, the common discussion which is going on, is again, about the refugees. And we being celebrities, we get these questions asked. And this is the most conflicting question
ever because as a nation any… like you know, being a part of this country and knowing that so many of us don’t even have access to
food, education, electricity, absorbing more people into our population
clearly isn’t a good idea, but denying those people is… seems even worse. So what should be… like again, where does spirituality come here,
like what part does it play? And what happens to inclusiveness
when such a thing happens? (Laughter) Sadhguru: You’re picking on my yoga definition (Laughs). Kangana Ranaut: No! No like, I clearly know that this is the worst
thing to do right now, because they are coming in millions, and millions, and millions where our own are starving, so it’s like saying that I’ll let my own child die but I saved the neighbor’s one. So I mean what sort of negotiation is that? Sadhguru: If that was the intent,
I would bow down to such people. I will let my own child, but I’ll save your child, I will bow down to such people if they exist, but that’s not the thing. We are trying to project our inefficiency
as compassion, I don’t like that. We don’t know how to man our borders, but we are talking about compassion, that’s not the truth. We’re just projecting our inefficiency as
some kind of a great value, there’s no value to that. So talking about influx of people from outside, see when somebody comes to the nation’s door because they are violently persecuted somewhere, we should treat it differently. After all they are human beings. But for economic well-being, people are daily…porous borders
people are going across here and there. We need to do something about it! If we don’t do anything about it, we will be stupid because you cannot run a nation without knowing how many people and who is in this country. We cannot run a country like that. First of all we must understand I am not for nationhood if you ask me. It would be fantastic if we live as one world, but we are nowhere near that possibility, okay? We are nowhere near that possibility. Right now the best way to address humanity and the largest segment of humanity that you can address right now is a nation. So nationhood is right now very important and a practical solution for humanity as a whole. In the making of a nation, one of the most basic ingredients is the sovereignty or the physical geographical piece that we call a nation. In this, there may be culture, there may be language,
there may be religion, there may be everything else, economic… everything is secondary. First and foremost thing is, there is a piece
of geography which we call as a nation. Now if you’re talking about inclusiveness. I mean right now, you are talking about India-Bangladesh. Well, you know we became two nations or three nations… (Laughs) we became two nations in 1947,
we became three nations in ’71. So some people think we can make ourselves
into another four or five or six. No, I think we must stop this nonsense now, because people who are talking this, do not know the suffering that happened in 1947-48. There are still… I am sure in this hall there are many people
whose parents walked across the border and came at one time. What they have gone through,
what they have left behind, the sufferings and the pain, and the nearly 600,000 people who died, and about two to three million people who migrated from this side and that side. In both sides of the border, after seventy years, second generation of people still are not settled. Many of them are still living like refugees. When this has happened, talking about one more partition is
the stupid and the dumbest thing to do. We…We should not talk about that. Now about the porous borders
between India and Bangladesh, well we’ve largely sealed India and Pakistan, isn’t it? Why? Because they are coming across with guns. Here they’re just coming for livelihood. So if they come, we can always… if people come to work, we can give them work permits. They can work here, and go back when they want to. As people from Bengal are coming to South India working for two-three months and going back, similarly, they can also come and go, you can have some kind of a loose structure. But if you just allow people and give them
ration cards and identity cards simply, without any accounting, this is going to be a disaster, this will lead to all kinds of problems in future. You cannot run a nation without knowing
who is in this country. If somebody wants to come… come into this nation, they must come through the front door. They must ask for immigration and come through
the front door, we must have a system for that. We must have a system for that, how to… how can people knock on the country’s door and come inside? Not slip in from wherever they want and be wherever they want
– that’s not going to work. For nobody it’s going to work,
we have to take steps on that. Kangana: It can work for few politicians. Sadhguru: Unfortunately, unfortunately… Kangana: Yeah Sadhguru: …nation’s interests are being
sacrificed for personal ambitions. That is there in this country, what to do? Kangana: But it still is a very conflicting thing because… Sadhguru: See if you want to be really inclusive,
we can make the two countries into one (Laughter). Yes. We can make Bangladesh into a union territory and make it a part of this country, then everybody can go across. Like you come from Pondicherry or anywhere else, like that you can go where you want. Are you ready for that? If you are ready for that
I think India is ready for that (Laughter). If you talk about inclusiveness,
that’s the way to include, isn’t it? Not slipping into my house from the back door and saying “Include me.” It’s not going to work (Laughter/Applause). Kangana: Okay now we’ll move to your favorite topic. Sadhguru: Is that? (Laughs) I didn’t know you figured out all those things (Laughter). Kangana: Okay, now we move to Shiva. Sadhguru: Oh! (Laughs) Kangana: So Shiva is… what I got from reading about it and doing my practices and spending time with you, Shiva is not somebody looking
like sitting up there and looking at all of us. Shiva is a dimension; it is what they say in science a black hole where nothingness
seems to be the origin of universe, where everything seems to be coming out of nothingness and being swallowed into nothingness, that very nothingness is Shiva. So, anybody who accesses that dimension, if you access that, you become Shiva. If I tap into that I can become Shiva, but (Laughter)… but… but okay tell me, that… that so Adiyogi, the very first yogi was somebody
who has access to that dimension, so why is it that you are obsessed with Adiyogi? Isn’t it like making about the container
and not the contained? Sadhguru isn’t it like that? You only talk about Adiyogi – it’s like Adiyogi is the container. Sadhguru: Till now I have not said
a word about him, you brought him up. (Laughter) Kangana: No but you… you’ve made the sculpture of Adiyogi and you… Sadhguru: Yeah its only one-and-a-half years old, but you are not checking what I was doing these thirty-six years. Let’s come to that, that’s fine. See about… Adiyogi is not an obsession,
Adiyogi is a plan. I should not… Mumbai is not the… Kangana: No reveal it, reveal it. Sadhguru: (Laughter) Mumbai is not the
best place to reveal it, but now that you ask…
Kangana: So judgmental! Sadhguru: Let’s go (Laughter). That’s her next movie,
she’s promoting it (Laughter). Everybody must watch this
Mental and Manikarnika, everything, okay? I am promoting it so that… So you talked about nothing. We must understand this nothing. English language has some limitations
on these aspects but we can because we are speaking that language, we can manipulate it a little bit. If you want to understand nothing, you must put a hyphen between “no” and “thing”. It’s not a thing. That doesn’t mean it does not exist. This would have been a ridiculous statement
for the western minds, I am saying western minds
because all of us are western educated. Maybe we are living in India, we are born in India,
grown up in India, but we are all western educated. For a western mind, this would be a ridiculous idea of… couple of decades or three decades ago
it would have been so. But now science is talking about no-things – that means, non-physical dimension of existence. Something that is not a thing,
but still a powerful force. Sadhguru: When I say something that’s not a thing, we are not talking about nuclear energy, we are not talking about, you know, electrical energy or magnetism or anything. Simply, nothingness is tremendously powerful. Today, they’re calling it you know, black existence or
dark existence or dark power, or many things are being used. So essentially, you’re talking about a dimension
which is a source of something. Now this is something. This is something. Everything here is something. But this has come from all
that we call as nothing, because it’s not a physical form. A physical form in essence means
a certain defined boundary. You call this a physical body because
this is a defined boundary. If there is no defined boundary,
this cannot be physical. So when we said yoga, this union that your inclusiveness you’re poking at me, (Laughter) is essentially that you transcended your physical nature, so you are not a something anymore. Once you are not a something, there is no defined boundary for you. Once there is no defined boundary for you, union is the only way you can exist. There is no other way to exist. This is not just a concept. This is a living experience. This is the reality of the cosmos that if you look up in the sky, even a little child looks up in the sky,
he will count stars. Maybe there are millions and billions of stars out there, but still all the stars put together, they do not occupy even one percent
of the space out there, isn’t it? But nobody pays attention to that space, that is nothing. So this ninety-nine percent or more,
99.9 percent is vast nothingness. In this, few specks of something. But your attention is only there simply because your visual apparatus are made like that. You are not able to grasp what is not there. You only see whatever stops light. In the sense, you are able to see this hand, simply because it’s stopping light and reflecting. So your ability to see is always limited
to whatever stops light. See, right now we are sitting here. Our microphone, our light, everything is important but the most important thing is the air that we are breathing for our existence right now. But we cannot see it. Does it mean to say we can do without it? So that which you cannot see,
that which you cannot touch, that which you cannot perceive
through five sense organs, that is called a no-thing or a nothing. That’s called Shi-va. Shi-va means that which is not. Now, if somebody begins to experience that
as a living experience, we refer to him also as Shiva. But somebody who’s not experienced it, we refer to him also… Half the people in this country at one time
were named after Shiva. That is, all the men, I am saying (Laughs). Ladies were Shiva… you know, Shivangi, Shiva this, Shiva that or Parvati, Gauri, this one, that one. Why this was so is, constant reminder that you need to look beyond
what is there in front of you. This physical form of being a man or a woman
or this person I like, this person I don’t like, beyond this when I call him Shiva, now I cannot say I like him or dislike him. When your name is Shiva, you claimed already you are Shiva, when your name is Shiva, when I call you Shiva,
I cannot call Shiva angrily. I cannot do something. It’s a kind of a control over yourself,
that you cannot abuse somebody. You cannot say, “Hey, Shiva, you are this and that!” You can only say “Shiva” (Few laugh). So we created a culture like this, where constant reminder… constant reminder wherever you look… We even called our dog Shiva. Yes. We never thought it’s an insult because
he is as much life as you are. We called… If we see a tree we say Shiva,
if we see a rock we say Shiva, if we see a bird we say Shiva, simply because the source of
all that exists here as physical stuff, essentially comes from that which is not a thing or no-thing or Shi-va. So, this is why this talk about third eye and people think their forehead is going to crack and something is going to pop out, nothing like that. These two eyes can show you
only that which stops light. The day you start seeing things which do not stop light, then we say you have one more eye going. You have an inner eye which is able to see something
that these two eyes cannot see. So third eye does not mean forehead cracking up and you becoming some kind of a freako (Few laugh). This just that means your clarity has opened up, that you are able to see
beyond the limitations of senses. Kangna Ranaut: So, all the enlightened people who’ve been… Sadhguru: How many did you meet?
Kangna Ranaut: Like I’ve heard about many (Sadhguru Laughs). Like you know say Krishna or Mohammad or Ram or Christ,
Buddha you know, all the enlightened people who’ve been on this planet, there is some sort of mention of their birth or death. But when it comes to Shiva, like you say and I’ve read that he was self-created and I often ask you this question, that… that did he like disappear into thin air and apparently something like that happened. He couldn’t even have biological children
with any of the women he was married to. Also he… Sadhguru: At least you can’t blame him for
the population (Laughter). Kangna Ranaut: Sadhguru!
I’m coming to something very important, there is (Laughter) a theory… Sadhguru: I thought population was very important too. Kangna Ranaut: No, no, no. There is a theory that Shiva is alien (Laughter). Sadhguru: See, till now you’ve been talking about inclusiveness and suddenly you call somebody an alien (Laughter). Kangna Ranaut: No… no, Sadhguru there is a theory… Sadhguru: I must tell you this, every time I enter United States,
at the immigration, I end up standing in that line which says
“Resident Alien” (Laughter). I look around and see I’m the only one who fits the description (Laughter). Kangna Ranaut: Sadhguru,
let me finish this question, so there is (Laughter) this theory… there is this theory that…
Sadhguru: She won’t let you go, hmm. Kangna Ranaut: No. That everything that human encounters
whether it’s an idea, it’s a thought, it’s anything, anything that they encounter, it’s been transmitted into them
through an outer space, an outer being. My favorite director Christopher Nolan made
this film Interstellar which is one of my favorite films, where they are constantly
referring to certain beings as “they.” They are communicating, they are talking to us,
they are doing this but they never really clarified who they were, like were they aliens, were they Gods, who they were. and Sadhguru like this I’ve felt it like in, well when any creative idea comes to me, it has absolutely no intellectual grounds
where I can go back and track it down. It’s literally like a mail dropped in my head. It seems like it’s from an outside space… Sadhguru: This is not a confession.
Kangna Ranaut: I know it’s a confession but… but Sadhguru is it that we are being
operated by an external sort of outside beings? Is it… Is it that (Few laugh)? Sadhguru: Well, people who have no faith in
human intelligence are looking up that intelligence
will come from somewhere else. What we need to understand is… See, there are certain things which are very
significant things in this country, which unfortunately this present generation has completely forgotten or very few people are reminded, and the rest of the world – some places they recognize, rest of the places, it’s not there. What the thing is just this – here we considered things like this, for example in yoga, we call your spine the center of the universe,
we call it merudhanda, that means it’s the axis of the universe. What is a universe, please understand this. Today scientists are admitting
it is an endless universe. Forever they said, if you travel this many million light years, you will reach the end of the universe but now they’re admitting it’s an endless universe. Forever we’ve been saying it’s an
ever expanding universe. So we said your spine is the axis of the universe, that sounds ridiculous, even without putting any load most people’s backs are hurting badly (Few laugh). They can’t even (Laughs) walk or run or do anything. If this becomes the axis of the universe, what’ll happen! Why we’re saying this is, see you know there is a universe or you think there is a universe only by your experience, isn’t it so? If you did not experience, if you did not
if you could not see this, if you could not see like this and
feel like this, you wouldn’t know
there is a universe. Only because of your experience there is a universe, and the center where your experience is being transmitted
is through your spine. If we cut a few wires in your spine,
you’ll have no experience even of the body, forget about the universe. So, because your ability to experience the universe
is rooted and centered in your spine, we are calling your spine as
the axis of the universe. Suppose this hall… See, now we know the boundaries of this hall. Now we can debate whether this is the center of this hall
or that is the center of this hall. Suppose there are no boundaries to this hall, how would you decide which is the center of this hall? Where you are is the center of the hall, isn’t it? From this basis we developed a whole possibility for a human being, how not just to believe these things
but to make it into a living experience. It is from this, the word yoga came – that the inclusiveness happens, not because I tell you
“Oh, I love you, you love me” and all this stuff. Inclusiveness happens, simply because you obliterate
the boundaries of your individuality. Not because I love you, you love me. I hug, you hug me, so because… we are inclusive. No! All that will last for some time, tomorrow if they do something that
you don’t like, it’ll be finished. But you obliterate the boundaries
of your individual nature, including your body that you know how to sit here without being identified
with the boundaries of who you are. Your physical structure, your mental structure,
your emotional structure has a boundary, it may be large or small. No, I’m not talking about body being large (Few laugh). It may be large or small,
but it has a boundary. But there are dimensions
which have no boundary. What doesn’t have a boundary is non-physical in nature. So our focus is always been on that dimension which is non-physical. That is why Shiva became the most important thing, because Shi-va means that which is not! That which is non-physical. Now, is he the yogi that we are talking about, is he a human being, is he
did he come from somewhere else? There are many things (Laughs)… This audience needs to be primed for this,
because this is a long story you’re asking, I’m trying to encapsulate in two minutes,
that’s dangerous because it’ll look silly. Let me… There is a book, Arundhati is here, you know we spoke together, and
she kind of put it together. And there is a book on Adiyogi which is going into these aspects
but let me put it across. See, there are things, as you said there is no parentage. When you talk about Shiva,
there is no parentage. There is no place of birth. There’s… Nobody saw him as a young boy to grow up. All the time when we saw him,
he was about the same age. And we don’t know where he died, such a
significant human being even in those times, if he died somewhere they must have…
they should have built a temple, they should have built a…
some kind of a monument for him – nothing like that happened. So, there is no birth, there is no death, there is no parentage, there is no siblings, there is no anything to prove that he was here. Does it mean to say we can
assume he came from somewhere? Not necessarily, but in many of
if you look at the lore, it’s very common to refer to Shiva as Yakshaswarupa. This means Yakshas means always those…
those kind of beings which are not human, but who supposed to have existed
in the natural environment in this planet in the forest and other things. Whatever we were referring to
some kind of beings or creatures or whatever you want to call them,
who are not human in nature. So many, many times in the lore, you will see any number of songs and other things
talking about Shiva as a Yakshaswarupa. So there are many things which point, but there is no specific proof that
he came from elsewhere. One thing is, the level of intelligence in terms of
his mathematics, his music and his geometry, what he thought in terms of that, when you look at it, the times that we are referring to… See, in the yogic culture let me admit this
in front of this crowd because… Oh my god! There are cameras. In the yogic lore, it is estimated Shiva or Adiyogi existed
as a person he walked this land somewhere between 60 to 75,000 years ago. When I first spoke this, all the more sensible people around me
who are not as naïve as me, the wiser people, younger people, they said, “Sadhguru,
if you say 75,000 they will blast you! The only archeological proof that is there that Adiyogi or Shiva existed is about 12,600 years. You should say 12,600 or 13,000 or 14,000.” I said, “Okay, 15,000 (Laughs) (Laughter).” But actually in the yogic lore, there is a clear aspect of… they are talking about celestial arrangements. These celestial arrangements,
if you go by the modern astronomy, they existed only somewhere between
60-to-80,000 years in that span, there is no two ways about it, the things that he’s talking about. And now, of the Cambay… What is the Indian name for that, I’m sorry? Khambat, is it? yah. of the Gulf of Khambhat, now they’ve done explorations. They actually went there to clean up the plastic, but then they found a city
which is five square miles. And now international archeologists from…
especially from Germany and France, they have dated this according to
carbon dating process, that it is a minimum of 32,000 years. 32,000 years ago, nowhere on this planet
did a city exist. Not just a city did not exist,
the idea of a city did not exist. But they had a city
which is five square miles in size, properly, orderly way of doing things. It’s been buried, they are estimating it was… it has gone under water for about 9,000 years. And similarly of course everybody has heard about Dwaraka. There are… There are excavations, which unfortunately now is the line of control
between India and Pakistan, you can’t touch it. If you dig, (Laughs) something else will happen,
you will hit the mines (Laughs). So, there is enough proof today, archeological proof to say, over 30,000 years ago there was a civilized society here. Maybe not across the country,
but in pockets it existed. So, this dating goes back like this. So, I’m just saying over 15,000 years so that when I travel West also I look sensible. Okay 15,000, all right (Laughter). 75,000, they’ll resist because their idea
of the world is only 3,000 years old. They said everything happened in six days,
and it’s only 3,000 years old, anything beyond 3,000 years is not scientific. This has been the approach unfortunately. Now, slowly they’re correcting themselves
without looking stupid, but it is utterly stupid! For all these centuries you insisted
it’s only 3,000 years, now you’re slowly extending it because
science comes and says something else. You will watch it, in the next fifty years,
science will come and say… modern science will come and say many things which we have been talking for thousands of years. Kangna Ranaut: So Sadhguru, Einstein said,
that time doesn’t exist but we seem to… somehow we are stuck in it. And you say that space took a cyclic turn, and that’s how the… we are stuck in time. Is it only our bodies or our mind? What… I mean how is it exactly like? Sadhguru: See right now everybody is sitting here. Let’s say we will make them sit here for next ten days, just like this. Will they sit? No! Let’s say we make them sit here
for next three hours. Well, the body will keep time,
if you forget also… suppose they are very interested in
what we are saying and they forgot time mentally, the bladder will keep time (Laughter). It will tell you when it’s three hours
for sure, isn’t it? Your stomach will keep time, it will tell you when you are hungry and when it’s time! So, once you’re in once you’re embodied as a physical being, time is an essential factor of your life. And you know in your experience, time is a relative experience but in your body it is not so. It is keeping time all the time because body is just a
product of this planet, and it keeps time. Right now what is your idea of time? Planet spins like this (Gestures), it’s one day. Moon goes around, that’s one month. Planet goes around the Sun, that’s one year. All our ideas of time is only because of the
cyclical movement of physical nature, this is the nature of physicality. Physicality is always happening
in cyclical movements. Whether it’s an atom or the cosmos,
everything is in cyclical movements. Without this cyclical movement,
there is no physical existence. This is what we refer to
in the yogic culture as samsara. Samsara means, something that is going in
cyclical movement. That means, it is traversing the same path
again and again, but makes you believe
it is new all the time. So if you have a very short memory, you will see every time it comes, you experience it as new and
you’re excited about it. But if you have a very long vision of things, then you see the same thing is happening. The moment you see the same thing is happening, you will want to change it, isn’t it? It is from this context, the idea of mukti or liberation comes up, because you see that you are stuck in the cycles of samsara,
same thing is going around. Why is this happening? Because of our identity
with physical nature. Because we’re so identified with
the physical self that we are, now everything that we do
also goes in cycles. Cycles means we are going round and round. You know in English the term, if I say you’re going round and round, it means you’re not getting anywhere! So the word samsara has been misinterpreted
and gone into use in variety of ways. For example, in Tamil if you say samsara
it means wife (Laughter), she keeps you going round and round (Laughter/Applause). I don’t know how that usage came, but today in Tamil language if somebody says “my samsaram”, you’re supposed to understand it’s his wife,
not his cyclical nature (Laughter). Kangna Ranaut: Okay Sadhguru, now my question is that
do you think like you said, in the scheme of thing and like… in going round and round
in this cosmos, we, somebody like me, I sometimes feel that the things that I want to do and the things that I feel for is it pompous of us to think that we can do something for others? Or maybe you know like the spirit of… Sadhguru: If you want to do
something for others, please be pompous, as pompous as you want, please do something! Because a lot needs to be done in this
(Laughs) country (Applause). Kangna Ranaut: Okay. Okay fine. So my almost second last question… Sadhguru: That’s good, isn’t it, I’m telling you to be pompous? Kangna Ranaut: Okay fine. I love being pompous anyway
(Sadhguru Laughs) (Few laugh). So Sadhguru, I personally have read a lot of books
about spirituality and I’ve been following Swami Vivekananda
from the age of seventeen, and I never really felt the need of a guru until
I was faced with mortality. I lost a friend at the age of twenty-five even and since then, I just feel that everything that I’ve done in my life or every situation I’ve been into
and I’ve walked into, I’ve always held my head very high and always been prepared for it, I mean as much as I could. And I just… I can’t wrap my head around it, and when I read your book I didn’t instantly feel that I would be seeing this day and I felt okay fine I’ve read Buddha and I’ve read like you know you’re one of those enlightened
people, yeah sure, so… (Laughter) No, I wasn’t impressed
let me tell you. But then I read… (Laughter) but then I read “More Than a Life”, and there is the mention of this yogi Swami Nirmalananda
who waited for you all his life and apparently you were supposed to guide him to Mahasamadhi. Now Mahasamadhi is something that I’ve onlyheard of in stories and in myths
and all of that, like where you willingly walk out of your body because you think that’s
the best thing to do at that point of time. Now that seems too fantastic, and I mean looking at how our society like euthanasia has been being legal now and the kind of resistance, like when your wife heard about the process, she showed extreme desire to adapt to that and she acquired Mahasamadhi in the middle of
like thousands of people. It’s written elaborately in the book and Nirmalananda was opposed
by the government, you know he was not allowed to be able to take Mahasamadhi…
Sadhguru: The liberals. Kangna Ranaut: Yeah because apparently they
were like, you, you can’t take Mahasamadhi. And so… so I mean, don’t you think like we as people we have stopped to discuss that because shouldn’t we
be prepared for that day? And when I got to know that you can… I mean since then I realized
maybe you can help me if… I’m not saying now, but someday
(Laughter/Applause). But when the time comes, don’t you think I should be ready for it? I should be dressed like this
and be like “Hey! Come, let’s go” (Laughter)! Sadhguru: What do you mean “come”? Who has to come with you?
Kangna Ranaut: Whoever (Laughter)! Whoever comes at that point of time
(Sadhguru Laughs). Sadhguru: So…
Kangna Ranaut: Why, why is it pushed under the carpet? Why don’t we talk about death?
Sadhguru: It’s not under the carpet, it’s just that… that’s why I said, all of us, we may call ourselves Indian, but our minds largely have become Western because our education is like that and You just… You do one thing in Mumbai
you go and just look at people below their knees. You will see atleast forty-five percent of the people
are wearing only blue denims, okay? I’m not against it. I lived in it. At one time for almost
seven years, eight years, I wore nothing else but blue denims, it was like a philosophy,
not just a clothing. So today that number has increased
in a big way. It’s American working… workman’s clothes, it’s spread around the world and because workmen wore clothes which were… because of work, it wore out you know, our pants would wear out
riding motorcycles, it would wear out, we would put a leather patch
and this and that. But now people are buying pants
which are torn, all right (Laughter)? Paying more for the tear – you also (Gestures)
(Laughter/Applause)? So (Laughs), why I’m saying this is because of this… this imposition is not small, it’s taken a huge footprint
in everybody’s mind. In this culture, we talked about samadhi. It’s very commonly used word but unfortunately people think samadhi means
it’s a grave stone. No, samadhi means, sama and dhi – sama means equanimous,
dhi means buddhi. If your buddhi or your intellect
becomes equanimous… When we say equanimity we need to understand this, the reason why you’re using your intellect
so extensively, is because you’ve been trained to discriminate
between this and this, between everything and everything. And we create… intellect is the thing which creates
division between everything. For us to function physically in this world, I must know here which is me
and which is you, I must know here what is a chair and
what is a floor. Otherwise I won’t know how to operate. So, for practical purposes of life, essentially for our survival, intellect is of paramount importance,
no question about that. But this discriminatory dimension,
if I ask you… I will leave her alone, okay? I will ask you (Referring to audience), suppose there is a choice between having a sharp intellect
and a dull or blunt intellect, what is your choice? You must choose, I’m going to bless you right now. Participant: Sharp.
Sadhguru: Sharp! So, essentially intellect is a cutting instrument. It’s a knife, the sharper it is,
the better it is. It cuts everything. Why is cutting important? See, what is the nature of science
that we learn today? If you went to a biology class, for sure if you did not cut a frog
or a cockroach, at least a flower you opened up. If you open up this flower, you will understand so many things
about the structure of the flower, how it functions, everything. But you will not experience the flower because by the time you’re done with it,
it’s finished! So if I want to know you, I think I must dissect you, I’ve come with my scalpel
(Few laugh). You think by dissecting you,
I will know you? By including you,
I will know you. By embracing you,
I may know you, but by dissecting you I will not know you, isn’t it? So when, the only instrument you have is a knife, and with that you try to do everything… I must tell you this – that was the time when I criss-crossed India on my motorcycle. It seems… Where is Boman Irani,
is he here? They’re bringing back Java once again
into the country, I believe. Well, I rode probably the Yezdi motorcycles like nobody, I was doing around 55-to-60,000 kilometers
every calendar year, just riding across the country
without purpose (Laughter). So at that time I was… I don’t know whether I was in Madhya Pradesh or I was in UP, the whole night I’ve been riding. Early morning, I come to a place and I want to have one tea and
rest for some time. Then you know, I always fix my motorcycle
on the street by myself but I thought… I saw a garage, it was named handwritten
Mubarak Mechanical Works. I looked at Mubarak Mechanical Works and whole night I’ve been riding, I didn’t want to dirty my hands now. It was a simple thing, I had to just tighten
the chain, just take off one link and tighten
the chain, that’s all I had to do. I thought this guy can do it. So this young, very enthusiastic
mechanic came out. And I said “Why don’t you just take off
one link and tighten my motorcycle chain?” Then he came out, then I saw the only two tools that he had in his hand was
a chisel and a hammer. Then I said “Wait!” Then I walked into his little shack
of a mechanic shop and looked inside, there was no other tools. Only one hammer and one chisel, with this he does everything (Laughter). Once he works on your machine, nobody else can work on it anymore, it’s finished (Laughter). Then I say, “Okay, Mubarak (Laughter), you
don’t touch my motorcycle like this.” So right now, a whole humanity has become like this. The only instrument they have is a knife. With this knife they cut, it’s an efficient tool for cutting. Now you want to stitch your clothes, you stitch with a knife, this is what has happened
to the denims (Laughter). If you do everything with a knife, everything will be in tatters
and it’s horrible, isn’t it? That’s all that’s happening to us. We’re trying to handle everything with
one dimension of intelligence that we call as intellect. There are other dimensions of intelligence
within us which is completely unexplored. So samadhi means to get your intellect to a state of equanimity so that it does not interfere in your perception of
what really is the nature of existence. Right now the only thing that’s interfering in your life is
your thought process. Isn’t it so? If I ask you to sit and meditate right now, you think somebody next to you
is going to poke you? No, they are fine. It’s your own mind, isn’t it? People say they’re depressed,
people say they’re agitated, somebody is manic,
somebody is angry, somebody is miserable. No, no, all this is not happening. The only thing that’s happening is
your intelligence has turned against you, you’re not getting it. You think you’re suffering
because of something. No! Your intelligence has turned against you
and nothing else. You have a knife and you don’t know how
to handle it. If you have a knife and you don’t know how to handle it, you’ll cut yourself up. Do you need any assistance from outside
to make yourself miserable? You’re very efficient,
aren’t you (Laughter/Applause)? If you’re alone and you’re miserable, obviously you’re in bad company,
isn’t it (Laughs)? So this is only because… See, we don’t give a knife to a child’s hand, not because knife is dangerous, simply because a child’s hand is not steady, he could hurt himself or hurt somebody. That’s what the whole humanity is doing and they’re evolving philosophies
after philosophies and talking about life endlessly, with one instrument of intelligence
called intellect, this is the buddhi. Samadhi means you brought it to an equanimity, where it doesn’t interfere with your perception of life. So we identify eight dimensions of samadhi. The first four are called savitarka- that
means they have qualities of experience. There are different dimensions of experience. The next four are called nirvitarka or there
is no experience as such, but there is a certain different
dimension of awareness. In this, mahasamadhi is considered the highest because your equanimity got to such a place where there is no distinction between… there is absolutely no identification between what is you and what is your body. Because what you call as my body is a piece
of this planet that you gathered, isn’t it? Either you realize that today
or one day when they bury you, you will get the point anyway
(Few laugh). You get it from me or
you get it from the maggots, it’s up to you (Few laugh) – mystic or maggots,
it’s your choice (Laughs). But you will get it one day. If you get it today, if you genuinely understand this whole thing that I think is myself is what I have gathered from this planet and
put it here like this. What I have in the form of my intellect, every
little bit of data is something that you’ve gathered from outside, isn’t it? What you gather from outside can be yours, cannot be you. Now there are instances, people, ministers and various other politicians, if you give them a government accommodation, after their term is over,
they won’t vacate (Laughter). But there are many of them… See we only hear about those who don’t vacate. But there are many of them, when their term is over,
very gracefully they will vacate, you don’t… they’re not news unfortunately. Actually we must publish news about them, but nobody talks about all those people who exit their residences quietly
without any fuss. We only print news about those idiots who refuse to vacate a government accommodation that’s given to them because
of the work they were doing. Once the work is over you must go, isn’t it? In a way this is also the house that you live in was built
from the earth that you dig up. This also (Gestures) is just the same, this is your residence,
you’ve built it up. When it’s time, if you can gracefully exit without
anybody pushing you out, when I say anybody, nobody need to kill you, no disease need to come, no organism need to invade your body, by yourself you gracefully exited, because you understand it’s time for you, then we say this is Mahasamadhi, that means absolute equanimity has come to you. This is not new in this country, in every generation we’ve seen hundreds of people. We’ve talked about Nirmalananda, I must tell you about Nirmalananda. Like… I was probably just around
twenty or twenty-one years of age, I’m living wild, I largely either I’m on a motorcycle or I’m in the jungle sleeping in
upon trees and existing myself, surviving in the jungle all by myself. It’s one of those days where about… I’ve been in the Biligiriranga… Biligiriranga Betta which is a very fantastic
forest, you must see that, it’s full of wildlife. I’m staying in the jungle for about four days, and it’s rainy season. I usually don’t have
any arrangement you know, all I have is a motorcycle and gas, that’s it! So I survive in the jungle,
I know how to survive. But being rainy season I’ve become very hungry, almost for nearly thirty-two hours I’ve not eaten anything. And I’m head to toe in mud
because it’s raining; wherever I sit down and get up, I’ve become all mud. Then I came up the hill
on my motorcycle. There were no restaurants, there were no nothing
at that time in that place, there was just one temple and the temple was closed. There was no food anywhere. Then I saw this little ashram, four acre ashram,
then I rode in. Those are times even in college I never got out of the motorcycle, even to first floor I went on my motorcycle
(Laughter), okay? In our house going into the house,
coming out of the house we always went on the motorcycle and came out of the motorcycle, steps and everything. So I rode up and there were about six, seven
steps to go to his little hermitage that was there, I rode up that and… I’m explaining this simply to make you understand
how wacky the mind is, always our motorcycle will never
have a stand, okay? It’ll not have a stand, it’ll not have a battery,
it’ll not have many things which we think is extra weight,
we’ve made it minimal. So I go and park the motorcycle leaning on his cottage like this (Gestures) and I get down and I’m wearing ankle length boots
full of mud from head to toe, I take off my helmet and look at him. He just looks at me like this (Gestures) and laughs and laughs and tears start coming in his eyes, I said, “What’s wrong with the
old man, you know?” He’s like in his seventies,
I’m twenty-one or so. Then I said “I need to eat,
I’m extremely hungry,” I was ready to eat him (Laughter)! Then he did something
that I could never do! Never in my life I’d bowed down to anybody, forget about that, I’ve never been to a temple, I’ve not done this even in front of God, my mother says hold it like this (Gestures), no! I’ll stand like this (Gestures), I won’t do this (Gestures) (Few laugh). I’m a confirmed whatever
(Laughs) (Few laugh). So this man comes and falls at my feet and my muddy boots, he holds it in his hands and weeps. I just kind of, you know, it was just… shook me because this is a seventy-year-old man. Then I said, “No, what are you doing? I just need to eat, I don’t need this
(Few laugh).” Then he took me inside, he tried to unlace my boots, I said “don’t do that” and I put my boots outside and
went inside and sat. He baked me some bread, he had nothing else, he bakes his own bread, he baked bread and he gave me a jar of honey. So I ate it up and then we started talking. Then whenever I went that way, because I saw that he had
nothing much at all, I would take him a bunch of bananas or some apples or whatever fruits that was there and he always gave me
a can of honey to carry back. So this became a quiet… because he was not speaking. He was for fourteen years on silence, so he will only write. So I will speak and he will write, it became
a relationship over a number of years. Then, this is ’96… Kangna Ranaut: This was a big controversy,
where… where… Sadhguru: Yes, yes, that’s what I’m saying, in ’96… Kangna Ranaut: It was everywhere on the TV
where he was, all his life he worked towards
wanting to get Mahasamadhi and when he found you and you told him the techniques. And when he was about to get there, apparently the government got involved and like you cannot do that.
Sadhguru: Yes. In 1996… In 1996 he announced “I’m seventy-four years of age right now, I don’t want to die as a rogi,
I want to die as a yogi. So when the Uttarayana comes, that is after the winter solstice happens, I will leave my body.” He announced in the month of April or May,
I’m not very sure about the time. Kangna Ranaut: And media got to know. Sadhguru: No media… later media came. Then at that time I was there and
he told me this and we discussed a few things, and my wife Vijji and my daughter
were sitting there. And we went into all kinds of details which we never speak about. So when this was over, he was all very emotional about it, and then we were driving back. Then I saw my wife was weeping. I said “Why?” She said, “I also want to leave like that.” Then I was joking with her, “Okay! When are you going to leave?”
(Laughs) But then she said, “No, I’m very serious, I want to go like him, what he was saying was fantastic, and what you were explaining to him,
that’s how I want to leave.” I said “Why do you want to leave? Because twelve years of marriage, we’ve been traveling, traveling, traveling!” People have been absolutely wonderful to us
everywhere but there is no home as such, we’re always on the move. So just then we were building
a small place to live. I said “Just now you’re getting a home
after twelve years, and the girl was only seven years of age,” I said “Why now?” She said, “Right now, everything within me is wonderful, everything around me is
just the way I want it, this is the time I want to leave. I don’t want to leave when things are wrong. I don’t want to leave when I’m not well or something is not well.” I just thought because she was not She was intense! Either she was at the peak of joy or at the dumps, she doesn’t know in-between. She would hit the peak or
she would go down but she never knew the in-between, and she’s not a great practitioner of yoga or something, she was keeping her normal practice
but nothing much. Only thing is, she was intense person. There was no moment of
dullness with her, she was always intense. So, she took up the sadhana so intensely, from the month of August it started and she started announcing to everybody
in the month of February, “I will leave.” I said, “Why are you talking
about this rubbish? People will make a joke out of you.” She said, “No, I’m leaving in February.” And she started telling the girl! I said “Please don’t disturb the girl, what will she think? Seven year old girl.” But she brought the girl
to that level of understanding, the girl’s birthday is in March, this is in January. Then we went to see Nirmalananda
for the last time, he wrote a letter to me saying that “This is the last letter” he was writing everyday hundred letters
to people all over the world, that’s his only communication. So he wrote one letter to me saying
“this is my last letter” and so we went to see him. He left on January 8th or 10th
I don’t remember… Kangna Ranaut: But Sadhguru there was a lot of resistance for that.
Sadhguru: I’ll come. When he said he will leave on this date, the so-called rationalists moved the court. Kangna Ranaut: Imagine the very day which you’ve been waiting for so many years
(Both Laugh). Sadhguru: The rationalists moved the court
and posted police in the Ashram. This man I want to tell you how he lived – he has a small Ganapati temple, if he wants to do pooja, he will wait for the flowers
to fall down from the tree, he will not pluck. He doesn’t want to hurt the tree. Only if the flowers fall down, he will take that and worship. Otherwise he will not do that worship, some leaf he will take and offer to the God that he believes in. This is the kind of man,
they put police there. So when I went there, end of December, with a group of our people, you know about hundred, two hundred people we went there to see him because we knew it’s the last part of his life. He was still fit and well. He just cried, he said,
“See they’ve put police,” two constables were sitting there, he said, “they’ve put police to watch me.” I said “You don’t worry,
what’s your problem? They are just two people sitting there, you just don’t look at their uniform, leave them alone. You just focus on what you have to do.” But he was deeply disturbed, he said, “How can they put
police watching me? Am I a thief? Why are they putting police on me?” Kangna Ranaut: I mean the very thing
he should be respected for! And these kind of,
We need to discuss this Sadhguru: See, in this culture such a man would be worshipped, but unfortunately in today’s India, police were put
Kangna Ranaut: But Sadhguru the very fact that he was healthy, why? why one has to drag to their death ,
is what I don’t understand. Like euthanasia, these people they will, like the ones who were fighting
for it to not be passed, they will even snatch your,
you know, food but they definitely have no love
for somebody’s life but they are scared of death! Sadhguru: See… Kangna Ranaut: That is for sure.
Sadhguru: The culture has become in such a way that we are in a denial of death. But you must understand this, the only reason why
somebody turns spiritual is – when they realize they are mortal. If you’re immortal, spiritual process would be meaningless. By thinking about God, you will not become spiritual,
you will become fanciful, you’ll become unrealistic. You think there are shortcuts to life
by believing in God, but the moment you see
that you’re mortal, then you naturally want to know
“what is beyond this body? What is the nature of my existence?” These questions are very natural when you understand
that you’re mortal. So in this culture, we’ve never hidden mortality, always death happened in open, you know? When somebody is dying in your house, they’ll keep him outside, so that everybody can see
how he dies. So, this is a thing that people will watch whether he dies gracefully, whether he vacates his residence gracefully or he needs to be pushed out. This was very, very important, unfortunately we’ve lost that. We need to understand this, whatever we may be doing, it doesn’t matter what you’re doing, you’re making movies, I do something else, somebody runs a state, it doesn’t matter what we’re doing, we’re mortal, this is the fundamental reality
of our existence. If we forget this one thing, only by forgetting this one thing, we start doing idiotic things
on this planet. We’ve done all these idiotic things
simply because… Today we have to talk about saving rivers, saving mountains, nonsense, this is all utter nonsense to me – saving a river, saving the forest, this is simply because we think
we’re immortal. We may not be actually thinking so, but we’re not conscious of our mortality. If we understood that our stay here is just
a brief amount of time, we’re just baton carriers from previous generation to the next generation, we’re temporary occupants of this planet, if this awareness was there within us
every day of our life, we would live completely differently. It’s very, very important
to be conscious of one’s mortality. Kangana Ranaut: So,one good thing is that Nirmalananda finally acquired Mahasamadhi and so did your wife, which is the saving grace
of the whole episode. Okay, so my last question is, Sadhguru,
that about our youth. Apparently the statistics say that
every one hour, actually less than an hour, a young person below twenty-five is
committing suicide. Why is that? I mean there is a time to die and you can utilize Mahasamadhi for that, but why die before twenty-five? Sadhguru: Suicide is not a pleasant thing,
not at all a pleasant thing. Because for a human being to make… See when somebody dies, commits suicide, we are just thinking “Okay, he committed suicide.” It’s not like that. You must look at what psychologically
that person goes through to come to that decision. It’s the most horrible part of one’s life, where somewhere they feel so trapped
either by physical situations, financial situations, or emotional situations. So absolutely trapped when there is no other way, this is when they take that kind of violent exit
which we call as suicide. And if we… If someone tries to kill somebody, that somebody has some defense. They can fight, they can run, they can protect themselves. Some resistance is possible but when you start hurting this one
(Referring to oneself), this is the most helpless life. And it is the worst kind of torture that you can do is, to torture this one (Referring to oneself) because this is an absolutely
helpless life with yourself, isn’t it? Somebody else has some defenses. So suicide need not be seen in terms of statistics
– one hour they are dying. Even if one person commits suicide, it’s a human concern. It must be a concern for the whole humanity. Why is this happening? You must understand in this country in 2017, 7600 children below fifteen years of age
have committed suicide. Below fifteen years of age! When they must be bursting with life and wanting to live. Below fifteen years of age if they want to commit suicide,
what is it? We are somewhere driving ourselves
to a certain desperation. One big cause for all this is
education system. Sadhguru: Unfortunately,
it’s the schooling system which is killing people because if you get ninety-eight
you’re no good. You know? People will ask you where is the other two
percent (Few laugh) (Laughs). So apart from this, there are various other things, economic things are there, emotional things are there. Various kinds of things for a human being. Essentially, simply because there is no clarity about life in some way… See, youth means it’s life is making. Youth… The most significant aspect of youth is
they are full of energy. It’s a huge amount of energy. When I say energy, after all our life is a combination
of a certain amount of energy and a certain amount of time, isn’t it? Time is ticking away for all of us
at the same pace. It’s going away. If you sit here, it goes away, if you stand it goes away, if you run it goes away, if you don’t do anything, it goes away, if you sleep also, it goes away. Time is rolling for all of us. It’s only energy we can manage. If you organize our energies
in a certain way, what somebody does in hundred years, you could do in ten years. It is just organization of one’s energies. So youth means an exuberant energy. But most of the time, the problem with the youth is they don’t have the necessary clarity nor balance. If only if you could bring
ten percent more clarity and ten percent more balance
in their life, than the way they are right now, this energy would translate
into something fantastic. Because if individual genius has to unfold, the most important thing is, there is balance and clarity. So as a part of this, we are just about on
the threshold of this. We are launching a campaign called
Youth and Truth in the month of September. We are doing events across the country in various universities. More than that the idea is to communicate
to the youth of this nation and the world, that there is a way to bring clarity to your life. You have energy, if you bring clarity and balance, you could be a wonderful life early on – fantastic you can be. But if you have energy and you don’t have the necessary balance and clarity, you could become a disaster right here, both for yourself and the world as such. So we will be a part of doing this and we expect you and all your friends in the industry and in the media, please be a part of it, because this is one thing we need to do
because as a nation, we are talking about our demographic dividend, where fifty percent of our population is
below thirty years of age which is a unique situation, and
it’s a fantastic situation only if we give the necessary clarity, and balance, and competence
to our youth. Otherwise we can be a major disaster. Such a large youthful population without necessary clarity, without competence,
without balance, they could be the biggest disaster
on the planet. But if we organize this well, we could be the greatest miracle in the world. So we are making this effort, and I’m putting one full month of my time
traveling across the country, speaking in various universities, and causing a buzz about this
among the youth, speaking a very youthful language. You will see a very different Sadhguru
Kangana Ranaut: I know you can… because I will dress differently,
speak differently, do everything differently with them, because I am very youthful (Applause). Kangana Ranaut: So my message to all the youth who are going to participate in this, you can ask Sadhguru all kind of questions why… about monthly cycles, about sex, drugs, all kinds of questions. Sadhguru: I thought they know all those things
(Laughter). Kangana Ranaut: No, they don’t. Sadhguru, they are being a victim of
drug overdose. There are so many you know… drugs has become a big epidemic, especially in schools and colleges. So guys I look forward to those conversations and ask exciting questions. Sadhguru: This is being pitched as Youth and Truth: Unplugged with Sadhguru, ask whatever you want. Kangana Ranaut: Ask whatever you want.
Sadhguru:Nothing is a taboo. Kangana Ranaut:Yeah, So how much time
do we have for questions? Sadhguru: Please. Participant 1: Namaskaram, Sadhguru. I would like to bow down
with all my knowledge. Sadhguru: It’s not clear.
You can hold the microphone. It’s quite safe you can hold it
close to you (Laughter). Participant 1:Is this okay? So first of all I’d like to bow down with all my knowledge and
all my ignorance. Like I can’t tell you how much you mean to me.
Sadhguru: (Whispering) Come to the question (Laughter). So my question is very simple. Whenever I go to watch a movie, I am given a place and I can see the screen in front of me, hear the voice coming from somewhere and I can understand where I am but when it comes to my life, I don’t know where I see things, where I hear things. Every night when I go off to sleep, I don’t know where I vanish,
where I come back from. Something within me is seeing me pass by
all that experiences that I had… I have in my life, I have been seeing it, but I can’t figure out where I am. It’s… I can’t understand what’s happening. I can see everything, I can feel everything. Whenever my hands get burned, I understand this feeling but I don’t understand
where it happens. Whenever I do my practices, I see, I can’t figure out where I am, Sadhguru. Kangana Ranaut: Matrix (Laughter). You are in Matrix like all of us. Sadhguru: He said you are making bad movies. He said that, not me (Laughter) because he said “when I sit in the movie I know it’s just a movie” (Laughter). No, no you must get lost in the movie. You must think it’s life for some time. That’s when a (Laughs) movie… He is making comments on you
not me (Laughter). Okay? So about you not knowing where you are, well if you are thinking of where
in terms of geography, nobody knows where they are in this cosmos. That is the beauty of this. A tiny little block of a planet in this limitless cosmos
is floating around and here we sit and talk all this stuff,
isn’t it fantastic? Isn’t it a miracle, hmm? You and me sit here and talk all these things, and we don’t know where we are. If you don’t know where you are,
it’s not a problem. It’s a geographical issue and
there is no issue about it. It’s perfectly fine. But you should know what is the nature of your existence. This is very important. If you do not know what is
the nature of your existence, you can never ever conduct
yourself properly. You may be socially well-conducted
in a given society. But as a life you will never conduct
yourself properly, if you do not know the nature of your existence. This is what this entire culture invested
in, called realization or self-realization that you must first know the nature of this life, otherwise how will you conduct it? If you do not know the nature of
what you’re handling, how will you handle it well? How can you handle it well? So, where you are, I don’t want to give
you a GPS location. That works only on this planet. There is no CPS – cosmic positioning system doesn’t exist yet (Laughter). Okay (Laughs)? So let’s focus on knowing “What is the nature of my existence?” That will sort out
whole lot of things (Applause). Kangana Ranaut: You know what time is it
(Whispers to Sadhguru)? Sadhguru: You have taken the whole time
(Whispers to Kangana). It’s nine o’clock (Laughter). Kangana Ranaut: Really? That was long conversation. Participant 2: Hello, my question is that we often tend to attract patterns in our life. The pattern can be good or bad. It can be abusive relationships, it can be
successes, it can be failures. So how to break away from a negative pattern
and attract a positive one? And my second question is… Sadhguru: Hey, let’s handle one at a time
(Laughter). She is asking you. Kangana Ranaut: No, she is definitely
not asking me. I have the same question in my life (Laughter/Applause). Okay, this is the last question. answer, yes. Sadhguru: So when we say we have patterns,
this is what we said in a certain way. There is a cyclical movement to everything. Our psychological and emotional processes
also have become cyclical. Largely because of a very a very strong attachment and involvement with the physical process, and physical process has to be cyclical,
only then we exist. Without cyclical movement, there will be no physical existence. If you… do you… Just on the side, if you want some entertainment, you want to know what is the yogic doomsday? Kangana Ranaut: What is the yogi…? Sadhguru: Yogic doomsday. Kangana Ranaut: Doomsday, yeah. Sadhguru: (Laughs) In yoga they calculated
some 3,200 years ago… 3,200 years ago, they made a calculation and said, every year – this is a fact – every year the moon is moving away
from the planet approximately about thirty-two millimeters. This is nearly one-and-a-half inch. The… The orbit of the moon is going away
from the planet. So they made a calculation and said, in 28,000 years, the moon will go so far, that its impact on the planet will become minimal. When that happens, the human women will lose
their menstrual cycles. Once that happens, human race will just peter out. You don’t need a bomb, you don’t need
a flood, you don’t need something. Our ability to reproduce will go away and
slowly, we quietly peter out. Having said that, our physical existence here is only because of the cycles, various levels of cycles going on within us, isn’t it? So if you attach your psychological process
too much with your physicality, your psychological process also
becomes cyclical and in this, your karmic process also becomes cyclical. So your life starts running in cycles. You cannot avoid the cycles absolutely. The longest cycle that can run in your life
is twelve-and-a-quarter years because that is the cycle of the sun. The sun’s cycles happen in
twelve-and-a-quarter years. Moon’s cycle happen in twenty-eight days. Our physical existence is based
in the moon’s cycles because unless our mothers’ bodies were in sync with the cycles of the moon,
we wouldn’t be born. So our physical existence is a short cycle. But other dimensions of our existence,
is a longer cycle. Let us say, your life became a six-year cycle. Then you will be still fine, you will be productive
but once in a way, you will freak on somebody, do this and that. But you will be still doing things successfully. Let us say, your cycle became three years. Then you will see, you will be still doing reasonably well, but volatile. One dimension of your life will be doing well, whatever you are competent with, the rest will be a mess. It will be going like this. If it becomes let’s say
eighteen months cycle, then you will see, every day waking up in the morning is a problem. So many things will happen. Nobody need to bother you. Everybody leaves you alone, still you will torture yourself
in many, many different ways. Let’s say your cycle becomes
nine months, once you come below nine months cycle, then you are serious trouble. If it becomes three months, you are you must be in an asylum, you shouldn’t be out. I am sorry, your next movie (Few laugh). If you get less than three months, then your physical existence itself is
coming to an end, it will not go beyond that. How to watch these cycles? If you want to watch patterns, don’t watch patterns in terms of
what happens around you. You must learn to observe the system. There are clear cut cycles happening. It’s very important that
you do the necessary sadhana to bring this cycle to the longest possible cycle within the human body is
twelve-and-a-quarter-year cycle. If you keep your cycle at that level, you will see, you will be very well balanced. You will be successful with your life, you will handle your life effortlessly, and no matter what happens around you, everything works for you, simply because you are in sync. Because you must understand, your existence is not independent
of the sources which create you. Here every moment of your life, everything that you do, the plant life, animal life and your life is all solar powered. Only if you are in sync with that
fundamental energy, you will run with certain ease. Once… As you start getting away from that cycle, you will see life becomes
more and more of a struggle. If it drops below three years, I would say you will not live a fruitful life. You will live a very fit-full life. It’s like, in spurts you may do well
here and there but generally life becomes struggle. Instead of trying to settle all these external situations, which nobody can settle, okay (Laughs)? You lived long enough to know, you cannot
settle all the situations in our lives. But if you settle this one thing, bring it to the right kind of cyclical process, you will see everything falls
into place for you. Whatever may be happening, whatever the people’s intention may be about you, still that will also work out for your well-being. Simply because you are in sync with the
fundamental nature of your existence here and that’s very important.
Thank you very much (Applause). Speaker: Thank you, Sadhguru.
Thank you, Kangana. I think it was a session that was as engaging
as we all thought it would be. And on behalf of Isha, we would like to offer a small token
of gratitude to Kangana (Applause). Thank you very much for being here. (Music)


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