Kali Akuno: Tax Bill is One of Greatest Transfers of Wealth from Working Class to Rich in History

Kali Akuno: Tax Bill is One of Greatest Transfers of Wealth from Working Class to Rich in History

AMY GOODMAN: Kali Akuno, you’re up from
Jackson, from Jackson, Mississippi. Can you—you’re deeply involved with issues
of economic democracy. Talk about this tax bill. What does it mean? KALI AKUNO: Well, Amy, it’s one of the greatest
transfers of wealth from the working class to the rich, I think, in history—not just
American history, but history. I think when you look at all the details that
are coming out and all of these little backdoor deals, these plausible denials by folks like
Corker, they only go so far. But the details are there. You know, this is going to help a narrow sliver
of folks within the United States. And folks like, you know, myself and a lot
of the folks in Mississippi, we’re going to be drastically hurt by this bill. You mentioned one of the kind of the fallouts,
which is already happening, around millions of people losing their healthcare. I’m likely going to be one of those people,
as a result of this tax bill. When I filed for my application, it said that
my rates were going up from $900 a month, which is already outrageous, to damn near
$2,000—excuse me for that, but just the emotion of what I’m going to have to deal
with. And given my income, that largely makes it
almost impossible for me. And I earn a little bit more than the average
person in Mississippi. So you can just imagine, if there’s only
one healthcare provider now that’s going to be within the affordable healthcare markets
in Mississippi, and if that’s the rate that they’re charging, as a result of, you know,
the pullbacks from Trump, with the subsidies that he already had announced, and you look
at what this tax bill is basically going to do, we’re going to be suffering, this next
period, immensely. AMY GOODMAN: What about Roy Moore losing,
Doug Jones winning, even with Obamacare, the Affordable Care Act, being passed only by
Democrats? President Obama said, “We will wait for
Scott Brown”—who had been elected in Massachusetts, a Republican senator—”to be seated, before
we go for this major vote, because the people of Massachusetts have spoken.” But Mitch McConnell has clearly said that
this vote will take place before Christmas, so that—well, what that will lead to is
Doug Jones— KALI AKUNO: Not being able to participate. AMY GOODMAN: —ho was elected in the special
election, will not be able to participate in this. KALI AKUNO: Right. Well, I think Doug was trying to aim to allay
some fears yesterday, on his CNN interview, when he basically said that he was going to
look to try to find some common interests, you know, with the Republicans. He was clearly aiming at a re-election bid,
you know, coming up in 2020. So it’s also another case we’re not quite
sure, even if he’s seated, honestly, right now, where he would vote. I mean, he’s clearly what we would call
in the old-school days a Dixiecrat. And I think he self-described himself as a
Blue Dog Democrat. So, it’s not quite clear. We would hope that he would be one of the
people who stands in opposition to this tax bill. And we would hope that Corker would come to
his senses and also oppose it. But that’s a lot of hope. And I think, you know, that we’re kind of
stretching thin. I think the real question is: How are we going
to organize in the long term? To not only defeat this tax bill, but they’re
coming for Medicaid, they’re coming for Medicare, they’re coming for Social Security. Paul Ryan has already said that they’re
going to look at that next year. So, we’ve got a serious fight on our hands
that we’ve got to get prepared for. AMY GOODMAN: They will so disadvantage states
and cities that they will then be forced to cut services. KALI AKUNO: That’s right. That’s right. I mean, they’re already looking at that. And then, in our case, in Mississippi, we
have a tea party super legislative majority in our state Legislature. They’re already looking to add more cuts
to what the federal government is also doing with this tax cut. So, for places like Jackson, it could be severe
austerity the next couple of years. So that’s something that we hope is not
the case, but we’re kind of gearing up, expecting to, you know, prepare for the worst. AMY GOODMAN: I’d like to ask you to stay
after the show so we can do Part 2, particularly looking at Jackson, Mississippi, and what
you’ve done there and how the Trump administration impacts that. But before we go, a very quick comment on
your deep concerns about white supremacy in the United States right now under President
Trump? KALI AKUNO: It’s not just here, let me state
that. I was recently in Europe, and I witnessed
reports on the fascist threats in Italy, and now there’s a far-right member sitting in
the Austrian government. I have deep concerns about this playing out
throughout the world, but particularly here, looking at Donald Trump. There is white supremacy, and then there’s
neoliberalism, which is emerging, as I would argue, and I think many people would argue,
with a serious fascism, that could threaten life on this planet as we know it. So it’s not just a minor concern. I think it’s a deep concern that all of
us should have. AMY GOODMAN: I want to thank you for being
with us. Kali Akuno is with Cooperation Jackson and
has written the book Jackson Rising: The Struggle for Economic Democracy and Black Self-Determination
in Jackson, Mississippi. And I also want to thank David Sirota, who
broke the story in the International Business Times about Senator Corker and his surprise
switch vote on the taxes—though who knows? He might switch back, being opposed to the
tax bill—with a provision that was put in that would personally enrich him. We’ll continue to follow that story. When we come back, what’s next in the fight
to preserve net neutrality, the principle of a free and open internet? Stay with us.


  1. dave goldfarp says:

    More welfare isnt the answer.I work and I dont pay…Freebies is what commie now is all about…

  2. mary jane says:

    zionists at it again ! feeling comfortable yet ? clapping every time a prezident candidate says they stand with israel .. lol

    bunch of masochists !

  3. RussiaNukesAmerica3 says:

    That was the plan, enjoy the last vestiges of American ' freedom ' because America's days r numbered.

  4. the teach says:

    That is so disturbing. If anything, gross, lying, illiterate, imbecile Trump proves whites are NOT superior and only became president because of privilege.

  5. MrMalcolm900 says:

    Hm, I wonder where was all this outrage under Obama? Now the liberals have a issue when it comes to the transfer of wealth, Occupy Wallstreet was cute but the tea party actually tackled the issue head on. The only problem with the tea party was they got co-opted.

  6. Stef says:

    How does paying less or even NO tax transfer wealth to the rich?

  7. Dan Bee says:

    Whats funny about whatever supremacy is there no scientific base for their beliefs, its literally folks just like the nazis who just go along with numb minded notions, they have no urge to prove themselves because they cant. The only thing they know how to do is ruin a society while implicitly creating genetic dead ends for their own. Thats why there is a notion of inbreeding southerners, thats just empirical method. You can choose that road and it is self inflicting, so have fun with that.

  8. Kathleen Smith old white woman says:

    Trump supporters do not realize that he is not loyal and if he destroys your fellow americans he will come for you next.

  9. Speak Yo Peace TV says:

    Wow this guy is spot on

  10. Dan Ames says:

    The only ppl I want to hear from are those who aren't surprised and Voted Hillary.

  11. MagicKirin1 says:

    This is a tax break for all of us. The only loser is wasteful govt spenders

  12. foxbat144 says:

    Obama Armed Hezbollah And Let Them Deal Cocaine Across Europe And The US.

  13. Phatt Daddy says:

    what else is new? they have always done this to the working class and will continue until all we can do is work for our next meal!! They provide the cell we live in and the work we must do.

  14. firefighter0585 says:

    This guy is retarded. Stealing less money from the wealthy does not equal transferring wealth to them! Stop the lies libs!

  15. CinnamonComplex says:

    Damn! I just came here to say Damn, Kali is fine! ?

  16. Jada says:

    King Midas can't eat his gold. I hope the elite enjoy their kill!

  17. Marijuana Saves Lives says:

    2025 people will pay higher taxes than now. Any working class cut will be paid back with interest by the working class and next generation. This bill is irresponsible and sets up the next generation to fail.

  18. Deborah Hoffman says:

    Lots of lawsuits coming over all of this. Consumer confidence will be impacted too, and then the stock market will fall.

  19. Crypto Johnny says:

    SO now TRUMP gets Millions of Dollars for Being President by changing the Tax Laws ! Just like spending Millions on GOLF, and then making money on it by using his own courses! This fucking ass needs to get out of office ! So now he FUCKS over the Middle and Lower Class !! I HOPE you FUCKING TRUMP VOTERS are HAPPY !

  20. mars laredo says:

    Trump and the GOP are rigging our tax system for the rich. This new report explains how.

  21. jxsilicon9 says:

    Let US collapse

  22. ran dori says:

    Math isn't for some people.

  23. a saint i ain't says:

    Republicans despise the poor and working class

  24. Wilhelm Heinzerling says:

    WWIII here we come…

  25. dave goldfarp says:

    The rich pay more corp pay less and start investing for a change…

  26. Stampeded Buffalo says:

    Charles Ortel. Goodman is an idiot.

  27. Still Learning says:

    White supremacy is a global system- he is absolutely correct.

  28. lamar truth says:

    Glad he brought up white supremacy as a global issue.

  29. J R says:

    Welfare for the rich

  30. Sean McManus says:

    Wait I'm confused about Akuno's comments on neoliberalism

  31. Nathan James says:

    “When I filed for my application…”, this guy is a brain dead fucking moron.

  32. Genesis says:

    More liberal lies…..

  33. Adaept Zulander says:

    FFS, black people need to stop with this shilling for white liberals. It has gotten us nowhere

  34. Liam Naughton says:

    What an idiot, get your act together. Obamacare is useless and needs to be replaced Some states had an increase of 116%. Millions of new jobs will be produced because of the bill. Trump is the least racist person in America.

  35. Mr Noah EM Iakopo says:

    Give it time the people will have their say come feb2018 about this tax bill .Remember POTUS is working for free??

  36. Mike X says:

    Stay healthy. Eat healthy. Eat greens, drink water, no meat, no food additives, low carb, low fat. Don't drink alcohol. Don't smoke. Exercise. Be safe. Don't have accidents. Health care is for the rich.

  37. Cheers To You says:

    Where is Kali getting his inaccurate facts from?

  38. Jerry Archer says:

    This guy has no clue, dems talking points, that all they do.

  39. smilinmikeusa says:

    Fake News. I challenge you to find a backroom deal that you speak of.

  40. Shannon Laramie says:

    The dumbing-down of the democrat voter base at its best.

  41. Bigger Man says:

    I don't even have to listen to this guy to know that he is a fool! But, I will . . . . . . I'm listening and he is confirming my suspicions . . . so far, I can see that ObamaCare is his problem. This is just another liberal spewing out liberal, democrat cliche's and talking points that have no basis in fact. Now that the tax bill has been passed, these shills are being proven wrong.

  42. Makinja says:

    Can we assume the folks who like the cuts  are mainly GOP supporters, not dems who  seem to argue for higher taxes, so it would be hypocritical for them to now rush to avoid taxes, when they're getting what they ask for.

  43. OfftheGridGirl says:

    The poor and middle class Republicans and Trump supporters, just got screwed. Sad.

  44. OfftheGridGirl says:

    I don't care… I don't pay taxes and not a consumer.

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