Jury reaches verdict in Tesla’s Elon Musk case

Jury reaches verdict in Tesla’s Elon Musk case


  1. Nigel Johnson says:

    Difficult to understand why they reached this verdict.

  2. Goofy Tiger says:

    You will never win to bring a lawsuit against a billionaire who has over 20 billions!! This is a joke because everyone knows the outcome before the judge! ?

  3. Hugh Neek says:

    If you are mega rich and have very powerful friends, justice is easily turned in your favour.

  4. Tapin4pardude says:

    Elon Musk= Winning

  5. Michael deBidart says:

    These journalists are worse than mangy scavenging dogs with fresh roadkill

  6. howie119 says:

    Best news all day, now that shady brit wont slip and fall on his next trip to Thailand  or get disemboweled by some ladyboy.

  7. Slam Free Poetry says:

    SpaceX is all CGI.

  8. airmsater cool says:

    At 1:10 he just gets cut off

  9. Joe Go says:

    As long as u got money u can get away with anything! Good old U.S of A

  10. Fooks Lee Ho says:

    I thought it was the guy holding briefcase who came out door in beginning I thought did he always have a gut

  11. Elon Musk says:

    Why is everyone so hyped

  12. James Clune says:

    Good. Musk is innocent

  13. francesco arbia says:

    Elon offered his help,
    and that creepy guy answered with a filthy insult
    it was not his call to decide who can and who cannot give a hand in that situation.
    he decided to be the boss of the situation
    and answered someone who just wants to help ,with a very offensive insult .
    and on the top of that
    the creepy guy wants to be paid 180 millions.
    can you imagine that ?

  14. 5KindsOfSmoke says:

    He called me a name! I want millions of $!
    GTFO of here. Don't waste my courts time.

  15. Stephanie Mujan says:

    IF it was any other poor guy with no expensive lawyers, he'd be found guilty. Justice is flexible for the rich.

  16. Corey Mendoza says:

    Keep it up fox you’re doing a terrible job

  17. john smith says:

    Old Elon looks more of a paedo

  18. marlon anan says:

    190 million dollars ? DOn't make me laugh. The guy is an old gold digger and opportunist. Thankfully, it backfired. Everyone who read that tweet knows that it was a crude remark with no evidence or merit.

  19. Richard Mercer says:

    Rich people always win.

  20. noonsight2010 says:

    Elon Musk: Incest guy.

  21. BountyHound22 says:

    bruh moments 0:16

  22. Sean Walker says:

    Elon will always be a raving nutbar to me.

  23. nick says:

    Good for musk I’m happy to see him make it out of this case. This guy only wants what is best for humanity as a whole. Got to love how people just want to see this world burn and you have people like Elon who want to do the opposite.

  24. Sergio Alcantara says:

    Nice, an American court finally goes for the American businessman, and not for the foreigner. Let’s go Elon. ????

  25. BKneroEntertainment says:


    News guy from studio–"YOUR ON AIR!….YOUR LIVE!"

    Bill O'Reilly-" we'll do it live!…….we'll do it LIVE! FUK IT!!!…. WE'LL DO IT LIVE!!!!!!

  26. odisy64 says:

    the dude was not a diver, he was a map maker.

  27. New Horizon says:

    Always kick an idiot to let them know when they're wasting others time!

  28. Henry Niemi says:

    Wow, a millionaire wins a lawsuit. That almost never happens in USA, where justice is always just! Not!

  29. Phantom Video says:

    Facebook defams thousand of people everyday. We should sue facebook

  30. Laika24102007 says:

    U.S. district court jury in Los Angelas, California f..ks heroes, low moral people, but ok, how many of those judges are pedophiles?

  31. ThrummerOfLove says:

    Elon Musk, is an exemplary African-American.

  32. Complete Satire says:


    For making a dumbass truck.” Lol

  33. Laika24102007 says:

    And of course it was US court …. Time to celebrate 911 in the rest of the world?

  34. reality check says:

    Musk still ain't gonna live forever and will never get a human living on Mars !! Lol

  35. mgn says:

    Elon musk is the only child molester..and this shows money talks

  36. Despair Gumshoe says:

    It's called the 1st Amendment, and even Elon Musk is allowed to say what he thinks as an opinion.

  37. Erik Neumann says:

    The stupid diver should not have provoked it by inviting the cameras to record him publicly talking trash about Musk because he doesn't like him.

  38. Jon C says:

    Name the car 369

  39. Jay's World Of Rods says:

    That reporter is trash

  40. Gill Munchen says:

    The filthy pervert wanted $200 million – dirty stinking animal

  41. Glorian Yapinus says:

    Elon never back down and willing to go for a menial fight , and (still) win the case while at the same time, managing multiple companies

  42. Philip Morris says:

    Musk had no chance of l;osing the case after all he is a yank and a pervet himself, has anyone seen him in trunks ? Like Jackson he loves young boys.

  43. Magsegdjmo Orion says:

    This is how rich overgrown children behave. We really need a purge.

  44. Ash Doodge says:

    These people would be on Mars in a colony if Elon Musk had his way. Naturally they all would have survived.

  45. Lukevin99 says:

    Elon Musk is literally the greatest hero today. He's one of the smartest men, too, if not the smartest. That diver was very rude in the interview and whatever Elon said afterwards (right or wrong, in anger or not) was totally understandable. The diver's girlfriend would not testify? Hm, interesting. I wonder why?

  46. HeavyHanded ` says:

    Booooyah bitches

  47. Anton Samokat says:

    Can someone explain in short what is going on with Elon? What this case is about?

  48. Shayne Rowe says:

    The jury was biest and corrupt , it was a bought trial favoring the wealthy over the system, Elon Musk should have payed damages for defamation, it's amazing how money will get people off the hook so easily.

  49. Deplorable American says:

    Elon Musk is a con man and immature in any way.

  50. sid ney says:

    Well this concludes that you can call people a certain word and it not be an offence , I wonder what other words we can call each other "my lord" ….?

  51. james Scott says:

    What a arrogant prick he is I wonder what the outcome would have been if the tables was turned he new he’d won the case weeks ago that’s what money buys you with out a doubt shame the case wasn’t herd in Thailand

  52. Lookementheye says:

    Elon jet packed off the building…so let's just keep looking at the front door and make up chit and waste time?

  53. Philip Emanuele says:

    Lol, not guilty… good! That dude in Thailand being a hater not even on the rescue team giving bad info.

  54. Sean Lennon says:

    That guy sitting in the background looks ready for a spacewalk.

  55. Rose Bentley says:

    Good judgment!

  56. Jk channel says:

    the swamp and the big oil are in bed together?!? big fuk* news

  57. Nievas says:

    That judge better be driving away on a cybertruck

  58. CottageGarden SMITH says:


  59. J Flow says:

    Jurors must have been ignorant Trump supporters.

  60. Ascension5dEarth says:

    Let the onsite reporter do his job and stfu anchor.

  61. resistance 0078 says:

    Old prick triggered him first. There was no need to be nasty to someone as great as Elon Musk.

  62. defektev says:

    "Any minute now we could potentially get some rare footage of Elon Musk.. walking through a door. I know, I know folks. This is an incredible time to be alive."

  63. Lala Lala says:

    Did he just say what i think he said?
    Elon Musk said his faith in humanity has been restored lolololol
    Elon is such a meme ?

  64. killbotone says:

    Great news. Now we can all call Elon Musk a pedophile and he cant do a thing about it ???

  65. Acidtrip6969 says:

    Shitty jury.

  66. Paul Nelson says:

    Elon Musk has 3 really annoying things about him:
    1) A pretentious name that sounds like a bottle of perfume.
    2) A face you'd love to slap.
    3) Horrible South African arrogance.
    Such a shame he won this case. Justice was not done.

  67. wulphstein says:

    Good for Elon Musk!

  68. FreedomWorkshop says:

    You can't sue someone for 190 million because they called you a name, lol.

  69. Laura Strong says:

    What does Elon know about Faith?

  70. Chris Anderson says:


  71. NHV303 says:

    Insults are not the same as defamation. Nice! And true too.

  72. BradLee Jones says:

    Yeaaaaa! Free Speech wins!

  73. Donny Wahlberg says:

    looks like a potbellied elon musk snuck by them at 0:27 lol

  74. Joe Google says:

    If the Earth is not flat, then how do you explain the Universe being flat. AAAAhhhhhhhh. Maybe you all missed something.
    If the universe is flat, then so must be the Earth. But I think most of you out there won't even understand a thing I just said.

  75. Blind Servitude says:

    The Judicial system in the United States is an absolute sham, a fraud on the people. There is no justice in the courts, its all about who has the most money and who can buy the best Lawyer. The criminal courts are all rigged against the defendent because evreyone in the court room has a vested interest in finding the defendent guilty because they all get a paycheck from the same employer, which is the state, that includes the judge, the prosecutor, the baliff, the clerk, and the cops.

  76. Jim joe Kelly says:

    The diver got the truck without the bulletproof glass for some odd reason

  77. James Hart says:

    I generally thought of Elon Musk as a great role model for kids…….and then he pulls a stunt like this….

  78. Celtis Africana says:

    I wonder how much that verdict cost?

  79. twisteddman says:

    well yeah, could this have been defamation? Sure. Was the single remark such that it actually effected the guys status , career , income? No. so the answer to him getting millions to compensate him for losing nothing is …NO . makes sense

  80. Andrea Dedoro says:

    This was obviously an horrible try to get lots of money for free, glad that ended up as it should've

  81. M A says:

    that judge was seen in the unreleased telsa roaster later that day.

  82. Patriot says:

    Freedom of speech . God bless America. Trump 2020 let's keep it blessed

  83. theartplaza says:

    It's legit. If you are rich you can call a hero, someone who helped rescue 7 kids, a pedophile. Ironic considering Elon Musk's relationship with Epstein. They were much closer than has been reported on the mainstream media. It's a disgusting judicial system. The rich are only fanning the flames.

  84. shev shev says:

    Elon Musk was only there in hologram. He ditched his physical form years ago.

  85. T Dawg says:

    Can't stand Musk's paedo face

  86. M Skallywagg says:

    Money talks

  87. gvceda900 says:

    Money talks…

  88. Miguel McGill says:

    will the Tesla become the DMC DeLorian of today?

  89. Jac Crystal says:

    It looks as if Justice is second to none except the Rich.

  90. Bart Swihart says:

    Lol this verdict does not surprise me one bit

  91. Soren G says:

    disgusting…one rule for me another for thee…shitty and disgusting

  92. Trollasaur says:

    These guys slept with each others wives or something.

  93. daryl fitz says:

    Elon Musk is a slimey dirtbag.

  94. Jack Burton says:

    Jury found in Musk’s favor. If you want to avoid the overdramatic misery pimp. ??

  95. anthony combs says:

    What the hell is going on with the reporter and the camera guy?

  96. David Heller says:

    Vote for Zoltan Istvan for president he running as a Republican on Transhumanism and Universal Basic Income in 2020!

  97. David Heller says:

    Why Musk not guilty?

  98. karma tam says:

    This anchor look like Brad Pitt

  99. Om Nishchhal Raj says:

    You can tell these guys do not like each other.

  100. Jimmaculate says:

    This is the most jumbled explanation from this journalist guy.

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