Journey to Eternity – “What is Heaven Like” (Mark Finley) – Discoveries08 – 23

Journey to Eternity – “What is Heaven Like” (Mark Finley) – Discoveries08 – 23

my topic tonight is journeyed till
eternity what is happening really like let’s begin our journey in egypt this evening we’ve traveled to egypt out a number of
times during this lecture series we’ve usually paused to admire the
wonder and the splendor of the pyramids not far from cairo out there in the desert cities but tonight we travel furthur than that we traveled from peace pyramids down to the family of the key sp it’s in the early nineteen twenties and howard carter is looking for the tomb of the ball like
he had to attend common he’s worked in the valley of the
teamster a number of years his money has run out andy’s going back to england toward part of him his patron and financier today dan plead for a little more money so we can keep digging and ask if they
take or carden agrees to finance the expedition for one more cc and it’s touring bat last season of
taking in late nineteen twenty two howard carter comes across what he’d be we’d still be is the entrance to the two of keying two-time cobb howard carter is a static he senses that he has found to the two but there’s one question you can use
mine have grave robbers cotton fair ahead of
him is that true empty as he k enters down the staircase with cancer almost scrambling he calms to the door of the tomb any fines that it sealed he will not alternate unless he said and
les lord carden his finance irritate freeze there with
you on february sixteen nineteen twenty
three lord cardiff in and howard carter the explorer open vis towards and as if they do they stand in wonder amazement and all in fact howard carter is so still in the candidates say anything at all carry his words at first i could see nothing the hot air escaping from the chamber causing the candle flame to flickr but presently as my allies through accustomed to the
lights details of the room with the end he merge slowly
from the midst strange animals statutes and goals everywhere the glitter of gold how large carter was dont he was absolutely amazed and fanned listened as he continues
describing what happened next for a moment any strategy it must have seemed to
others standing by i was struck drum with the basement and when board part of
it inquired anxiously can you see anything it was all i could do to get out the
words yes wonderful things the world had never seen treasures like that before the world’s had never seen treasures like king to john comments too before as howard carter enlarged carded entered
into that too they saw the admit to their amazement and wonder basil the nest of seven coffins that king did and comment was buried in these coffins overlaid with pure goals some of the wonders of the world as they began examining vis artefacts from a distant past they noted the magnificence of the splendor here it is the intermediate coffin notice the boy king states now the egyptians be leave in what was called the baja in the car the egyptians dvd’s that the bob left
the body at death but later would come back seeking after
what they call it was some kind of immortal spirit the cop of course this is not dimmed loco but
founded ancient egypt ology the reason the artists need to face of the image to look so much like the original person was because they had the idea that when
the bach came back and looking for the ka it wanted to find the right person and it wouldn’t find them unless the
face represented in the death mask looked exactly like the person’s face
and so when you look at the details of the face here in this picture here is the boy cake into didn’t comment
probably looks like that and probably resembled bask in that that face student comments third coffin is made of
solid hammered gold and weighs about four hundred and fifty pounds just think of its solid gold for a
hundred and fifty talents of it the death mask of course was gold as
well you cannot put of value on something
like two incumbents death mask it’s not worth a million dollars it’s
not worth a hundred million it’s you can’t put a price our that gives you
seem deed priceless in addition to these death masks that
were found there are a hundred and forty three priceless jewels pace placed on
including comments body jules that are in the estimate a vote
down think of the wealth think of the gold fink of the splendor here isn’t amulet to be worn around the next up
injured from horace the hawk dot representing him but
everyone of these are just inlaid jewels absolutely spect off in estimate civil value here is a croat in a flail that was used in ancient each of
tricking tune in common solid gold again when you look at what was found their
eight q or called jacket gold was you sell lavishly in ancient egypt and particularly and keen to attend province to we stay at it all we stand in wonder we
stay at it amazes me you look at one of six chariots found fair in back to again wheels n
body of the chariot overlay with gold it just takes your
breath away and it goes arcane on ananya not hydrates thousands of golden objects that out this is a ceremonial sailing boat for use supposedly to the voyage to the next
world it is made an overlaid with gold can you see why howard carter said arye c one deerfield phase gold lavishly used here’s king too dot
com in strode and again look at the careful detail if we look at it even a little closer up you notice the artwork the overlay with
gold when you think about king to john scoville treasures you say to yourself if you think tooting common stretches a
pretty fantastic wait to see what i have written is fine if indeed they use coldplay act like i had so much
gold up it happened he uses it to pay streets king too dot comments too is nothing a comparison to the glories that god is going to show
us in the new world think of the foundations of that city with the ferry jewels that amethyst and the crystallite and you think of the
the emerald the sapphires i think god’s holy city has kate’s with pareles in each day one-parent for each day here that golden gleaming city up the living god makes king two thousand comments treasures look like they are worth up any or
afro-centric if there is such a thing because god’s capital is far more
spectacular and far more glorious the bible says first previous diverse
non-degree together with me but acid is treated uh… it has not seen norick here hurt nor have injured into
the heart of man that things which progress repaired for those that about him your eyes have never be oldest p l
something so spectacular you’ve never seen something self and
drastic team to doug goblins treasures do not
hold a candle to what god has prepared for us ras nazi more beautiful that any magnificent sunset more magnificent mark lawrence more beautiful been the most magnificent
flowered garden dots holy city is more beautiful at that anything we
can conceive or imagine the bible says i a snot seed nor ear
hurt it’s more fantastic than the greatest symphony more amazing than the most to finally to
dan professional orchestra is beyond our wildest dreams catherine is beyond are most fantastic a magic nation but what he is heaven
really like will we be dis inviting spirits will my wife little by heads in the as
some federica clouds of course some nest and will i float by the other side of
heaven as some missed something paper some kind
of spirit being and wide open deep deep then was she told be deep that would be asses clouds in the night and why i say is that you darling will we be able to recognize one another
it happened boys have been really really going to be like you know in the united states treasury
building in washington d_c_ i’m told that the treasury building that i
thought that holds the wealth of america or the uh… the wealth in his hand i’m
told that this treasury building has eighteen hundred doors but there it is one ke that upon the
locks all eighteen hundred doors there is one key that’ll unlock the mystery about the door of heaven the mystery that unlocks the treasures
of heaven there’s a key to unlock that door to biblical ke if you were to stay
in that biblical ki you can understand what heaven is really
liked and furious into significant passages in the bible second-tier chapter three verse thirty
now but alas we according to his promise god has made
a what troubles and this one think i can’t do and that’s
life look for a new haven’t set a new worth
in which righteousness twelves so here’s the key to understanding heaven pavan is not some make believe world
have it is not some world disembodied spirits the bible says god’s going to create a
new happen at a new wat earth so heaven is a ferry real place the guard it’s like the garden of eden recreated again when god created the garden of eden he
did not desire that this world be plunged into cn and so god has a new happens aunt in
newark they’ll create revelation twenty one verse one now i saw a new have been
in a new words for the first seven in the first birth and passed away so the key and understanding heaven is understanding that after the coming
of christ after the palace and here’s millennium
that we studied last evening the holy city descends and god’s recreates a new heaven and a
new worth like it would have been had this world
not been to file by seeing it it’s no make believe place it’s no fairy tale
place we don’t have disembodied spirit bodies it’s a real place for real people
with glorious immortal bodies who do real activities that are real new
evidence that a new earth the bible describes these worry piece of faith down through
the ages that look forward to this new happens to be worth the bible describes plan of god to restore even terrace when we look back at the garden of eden it’s airways fuel or it’s brooks work was still unclear it’s
fruit trees blossom anybody if walking and and he had through that garden they experience joy in blackness and the bible says that once again isaiah thirty five person one the
wilderness in the wasteland shall be glad for them the desert shall rejoice
in blossom is arose once again this earth sulk parched so did she really did so defile so
devastated by see it bsr the bible says will be recreated into
eat demic splendor again once again will leave v he can life once again joy n blackness will hold
hands and walk through the land once again left in peace will be partners and walk through the lad once again just like adam and eve walk
to talk in that garden withgod once again we will see him face-to-face once again will fellowship
with him down through the ages the sad drama obscene will be over and the promise of god’s that he held out to the royal line of
faith will be fulfilled the sorrow of the past this the heartache of the past week
alone down through the ages there has been a royal line of faith in these men
and women of faith have look forward to the coming of the messiah jesus christ the first
time they look forward to the second coming
of christ the second time but they look beyond all that to the day but the sad drama scene would
be over everyday that have been would take place and the holy city would to
send the bible says he does he live in first and read it with me please for he waited for the cd which has foundations whose p_l_o_ terror and maker is what d_l_j_ red baker is god various a city it’s coming whose filter and maker is god the worth
these of faith look down through the ages for that city and we looked out
through the ages tonight for that city down through the centuries men and women
of faith have moved forward with full field hearts to their churning into eternity there’s one thing for searcher this world is not our will there’s one thing that burns in my soul i know there are many things i do not know but i know for sure that there’s a better way incoming i know for sure that this world it’s not her home this world is not our home when
terrorist board buses with their explosive latent best and blow up those pluses and kill innocent men women
and children deep in my heart i know this world is not her home this world is not a whole when terrorist attack this week a hotel in mumbai india isn’t people are
killed there’s something wrong with that
picture deep in my heart quite know what there must be something better this world is not arlo windshield trim di a brain cancer schoolyard this world it’s not harmful deep in my heart my heart cries out for something better to this world is
not our home when young people like him backed out
leaves insure trucks in their veins and destroy their minds embodies with mind altering drugs inculcated ecstasy this world is not might hold their most d something better fit our youth leafing fruitless lives meaningless lives and dying in back alleys ’cause had
something better this world is not our home husbands and wives must say goodbye because their husband or wife died of
cancer god must have something better the cancer and heart disease and suffering dot must have something better then divorce and heartache in sorrow in
disappointment in baldwin is deep within your heart minute you feel it deep within your heart by millions since
it deep within your heart go you were
created for something better you will need for something better
fiddling this in sorrow in sickness and death you were made for something better vinik teaching and going into the great
you can never coming out god’s plan is so much better than this i know this world is not our home when
the headlines feature tornadoes in cyclones in c_d_s are destroyed in
devastated god must have something better invidious i note this world is not my old when i travel through africa i traveled through india but i see
babies with distended bellies because they’ve been starving and they cry out
for food i know this world is not my home one night i was leaving a meeting in
rwanda and i left that meeting that evening in
the darkness there were many orphans they were running the streets and as i went to step in the car to take
the old young boy i read out of the darkness with many other orphans and he grabbed me by the bootlegs he said mister i’m an orphan of the streets i have no daddy which you be my daddy i knelt down on the ground and i look at this point e_i_n_ many
other orphans gathered around i knew that whatever i did i could never
solved the problem that these kids had and i hope that the warning and i pointed up to the stars and i sat sun there’s a daddy better than me he’s a loving heavenly father and never forget in your life that one day you have a home beyond stones this world young man it’s not your home deep within your heart grandstand reach out to it there is a better world coming there is a better world coming a world
the odd for eyes to see one date that police city will decide you were made for something better you would created for something better you would created by the living god one
day that police that he will descend and the bible says in revelation twenty
one verse to the right john saw the whole way city new jerusalem coming down
on the cabin from god prepared as a bride adored for uh…
spin the but john says this is a spectacular
event and he says i’ve heard a loud felice
from have to say be hold the tabernacle of god is with me
and what’s the tabernacle dot the dwelling place of god it he will be with that’d be their
people it he will be with them and they shall be his people the bible says they shall be the views people got
himself shall be with them at the derek dot the holy cc-ed to send and as if to says eight loud voice comes
it says deal the tabernacle of dot the welling
place of god is with the man and women god comes to be with his
people that work the earth revolves around the sun the sonic in the solar system is
revolving around the cosmic center there are multiple planetary systems with stars and
galaxies in astronomers dallas that they are below and they go around one cosmic center that cosmic centuries the throne of god from god’s throwed dots tabernacle god
says the sunrise it arises he says the sunset headsets god sets in motion is the laws that say
to the tides of the sea you can come here but you cannot come in
further god orders the stars the planets god orders the destiny of the rise and
fall of nations god from his cosmic control center at the heart of the
universe commands at all but wait a solemn voice concert at that the holy city begins at a said and gods tabernacle comes there if enacts it does there is a then don’t submit and the announcement says the all the tabernacle of god is with
that the cosmic control center of the
universe the command center the university moves
and ali cd said spin this arth this planet rebellion this planet in rebellion dot creates a
new evidence of a new earth he takes his there it’s so pockmarked with cn so
devastated with destruction he makes it over again it he makes earth
is well from place and from this earth the whole universe is commanded and we
travel with god from start to start the planet the planet we travel with him too fast
civilizations untainted by saying princes and princesses we sit on the throne with jesus where he is our convoy through the whole
universe do not throw away your heritage do not throw away your heritage the
world has nothing to offer uart friends you are princess one day you’ll travel from galaxy that
galaxy you will share god’s grace yoshi areas love you share is mercy
because we have a testimony to tell unfolded world’s about the grace of god
in our league picked us up from the doctor most and let us that the after
most he let us from the depths of despair to the delights of discipleship he let us from where we werent to where
he is don’t sellout sheet for a few toward replacers of this world loop are three nts you are princess you have ryo blood running through your
famous the bible says holy city descends the
remainder of it’s the most festivities that in the
entire universe sleep phrases to jesus christ forever and ever the bible says
revelation twenty one verse eleven thirty she had a great in high wall with twelve
dates and twelfth eighteen shows at the gates
in the names written on bed which are the names of the twelve tribes
of israel the dates twelve dates the bible says the names of
the twelve tribes of israel three dates on these three dates on the north three
dates on the south three dates of the west why free on the north three in the
south released through the west three symbolizes the holy spirit the father
the son of the holy spirit needs the father son the holy spirit say
the gates are opened coming in another westall father son oi spirit say
the gates are opened coming in of the north father said those fears they come in
south the father son though it hurts a comment the gates are wide open for you what about the names of israel on those gates wait a minute now with the names for the tribes of israel
rubin simeon levi they were murderers if you tried them in orlando or a state
united states we watch if you tried the sons of levi they could be tried for murder robbery adultery wider names of the gates to testify to you would be that any man or woman but accepts the
grace of jesus christ can walk through those gates they were seniors redeemed vibrates the bible says now the wall of the city
had twelve foundations in on them with the names of the twelve
apostles lam with the twelve apostles james and john the sons of thunder peter
who denied him thomas who betrayed him fees names
indicate that they were sinners saves by grace these followers of christ were people
with their faults but their names are on the foundations
of the holy city wide why with their names on the foundation spot that holy
city because god is saying to us if they can make it so can’t we you can enter editor of the case into that city kevin’s goal is to get as many
people in this possible when i look at myself i see no
possibility be saved but when i look at jesus i see no
possibility to be lost jesus will text you win if u surrendered
your life to him he has never lost a case god is
saying whoever you are you can make it through those gates whenever you’re done his grace can
forgive u whatever you’ve failed in his grace can transform your life he can make you into a new man he can make you women to a new woman the
bible says he measured the city with the re twelve thousand for a once it’s
linked breath in height are equal what’s at twelve thousand for a lot the bible says a city of twelve thousand
furloughs would be three hundred seventy five miles on one side you talk about states city with three hundred senate five
miles on one side we had one mathematician estimate how big that would be the estimated but the new jerusalem good
house school billion people just on the ground floor but if we use magnificent multi-story
luxury buildings the possibilities are endless that there is room for you various room for you the bible says the twelve gates revelation twenty one twenty one worked
well pearls each individual tate was one perot and astringency was pure gold like
transparent glass every kate is current jesus christ the pro-ltte great price
swings opened those gates for you view can be there this cv is self alexa po because you are so valuable in that married supper at the lab god is looking down that golden table for you and if you are seeking is empty he doesn’t have a cosmic photocopy
machine to photocopy u he’s looking for you you’ll be disappointed if you are not
fair there’s a place in his heart i don’t wanna disappoint jesus i don’t want jesus looking for me into
this happen it’s one thing to miss the bus it’s another thing to miss the train it’s another thing to be sure i but it’s
another thing to this happen you know one of the seven whatever it takes to read your life to
him say jesus i want to be there for you forever now
what’s gonna be our physical condition in this new worth yes the holy city
descends yes the earth is made over again any derek splendor yes there’s a new have incident you
worth what kind of bodies who we have all the
bible describes it it tells it it’s very clear no guess work philippians three
first twenty and twenty one our citizenship hasn’t happened i’m not a
system here’s somebody walking through down some pieces were you going i say
i’m going to have it i’m just asking for orlando for our citizenship is in heaven from which we also eagerly wait for the
safe here and in the bible says the lord jesus christ will transform our
lowly body are mortal lowly body date may be
conformed to his watch correspond when jesus was resurrected from the dead
he had to pay laurie s barking now in that correspond with the
recognized we came out of the grave well mary recognized him by his voice voice intonation he called mary when she wondered if he
was the gardener of media police she recognized it so he was recognizable to mary when he
appeared to the apostles if they were a kid nicely and i knew it
was their savior and lord even in his glorious body ke was no
different and he was aboard sponsor but he was recognizable they knew it was
jesus the disciples on the miss road had their
allies holding the bible says we talked to them but when they meet dennis at supper when
he broke bread they recognized him end date new date was jesus pies unique
mannerisms so let’s summarize will we recognize one another in heaven sure we will how we recognize one
another by our unique mannerisms you ever unique
personality god wants to save you he’s not gonna
totally transformed you if you wanted to do that why would he have made you so special in
the first place so he’s gonna preserves your unique personality what makes you do is going to be
preserved in heaven if they’ll be unique mannerisms you’ll
have a unique voice intonation you’ll have unique uh… you’ll have an individual personality and you’ll be physically recognizable
just like jesus was physically recognizable will have a gloriously
mortal body as we eat of the tree of knowledge of of of life and as we keep arthi fruits every month we will grow so we’ll
be when we are resurrected we will have to receive moral bodies but you know adams could be quite
different than me adam is probably i don’t know twice as
tall as people now living he may be fifteen sixteen feet tall adam
comes out of the great muscular get out and i come out of the great wealth i think about what makes you laugh at me and i’ll get a little look a little
differently are graded now i saw you there over to sir you know
look so great itself we cannot agree we have glorious immoral bodies but we participate in partaking that comes every month and we grow up to
what we would offend i mean sir if you think your wife looks
beautiful now waste chill you see her in that
resurrected corresponding if you think yachtsman looks pretty good
now what do you see in that we receive these glorious immortal bodies the bible says i say a thirty-three
personally for the inhabitant will not say i’m sick the people who dwell in it will be
forgiven there and it would be no more cancer no mark disease the bible says we we’ll not pat sickness anymore that’s
pretty exciting isn’t it no more pain the eyes of the flight will
be open the ears of the deaf or beyond stopped the lame and shelby as anti air and the
ton of the dom shell seeing the eyes of ida rope-a-dope fear we have
to have translation one today uart years will be able to end and maybe first words you hear if you’ve not heard
from birth will be the words of jesus christ with every three exciting the first words are definite care how what of the leasing christ when he
says well don fowler the and faithful server guys the blind open the eyes of the ears the depan stuff the wizard that aren’t he’ll we leap we run really chunks because all sickness and
sorrow is caught our bodies are filled with vitality somebody say pastor mark you brief seven
times today do you ever get tired somebody asked me that the other day i
was up a lot of you ever get tired i said yeah i did once but i didn’t like
it’s on the back of the twenty three more things c_n_n_’s ed vitality floors three abadi somebody to
fight the gene is way they said hey gene is would you be about it i guess you
would you say what else can i do when i’m down here instead on the life followers through your party it is a new body with a new life you know for many years by taught bible at a crippled children’s home i met your own hermitage change my life she’s a godly woman ship polio she
happily which is seventeen years old bull bar polio shoes paralyzed from her
neck down and uh… she could bursar tif couldn’t colmer
hair couldn’t but her blouse my wife and i also would go and study
the bible with her empty would feeder you know and we’d feeder and shown would
lie dinner are long occasionally she could come out of the iron lung but with
polio shoes paralyzed were neck down and so prolongs didn’t function or hands didn’t
function her feet unity function couldn’t walk and
she had a standard over bad great job and she would look at our bible memorize
page after page in turn the pages of the bible with her tongue she memorized hundreds attacks in the
bible and i would go there it should say passed a mark of studying the bible with
this nurse this doctor this state official i’m studying the bible it these people
in the third drawdown the bottom of my desk pull out
this twenty-five bible lessons you read the questions and to tell me what they
wrote down for tax because i’ve memorized every single text and uh… i will uh… tell u tech to
right a wrong or not occasionally three hours a day if you would be put on a
portable on and should be left out of her uh… iron lung i remember going there and uh…
studying at the bible with heard you can see this picture was taken just a couple
years ago butternut i remember going there and studying the bible which only and we’d study together should be out of
a ride on for three hours in the day she had a vision inner fission was that
i mean some vision at night dream in ur mind her dream was to establish a
comprehensive community for physically handicapped people and she did that they were young people
there my wife and i would go sabbath afternoon to sabbath afternoon study the
bible with them and and we came and i’d study with joni at study with felicity and uh… her head would be cocked to
the side shoots cerebral palsy little jimmy would come aboard people themself along that bored with
wheels on the port and there would be doris doris was blinded couldn’t see and our system and couldn’t speak and our subscription and couldn’t walk
and that will run out of bed nearly faculty she had with her hearing and
we’d sing a song darshan smile when you can see a word began smile he cannot be
heard you can smile anytime anywhere taurus this is your song should smile
and i’d say jimmy will you want to teach today anti-communist four chiles cripple no
legs and hits a pastor teach us about
happened today but i’d say to fill the city police say what you want to teach today teaches about having passed their i
think jodie what you want to teach at that particular liked what you guys have
been last week there’s a pastor teach us again because we forgot teach us again because we forgot if you’re watching this telecast inured
on believer what you can say to jimmy who’s on the board with no legs you can say to that jimmy william city joni who was paralyzed in ironed lung for
twenty one here’s until she was thirty eight mid thirty eight she got cancer
and died we have to say to her when she’s what do you say to fill the city doomed to a life of cerebral palsy could
discuss eight to bed a two hundred say on the whole jimmy in my arms a message
in i know life is tough but there’s a better world coming you may suffer for twenty years thirty
years fifty years seventy years but i wanna tell you about a million
trillion yours because deep in my skull like no it’s
true deep in my soul license its reality we are made for something better were
not made for disease and suffering and death cock past eight there were a for u
don’t throw away my friend it’s just not worth it don’t throw it
away we too need to hear it over and over and
over again because we tend to forget jesus as making a new athens jesus is making
anew whereas the bible says god will wipe away every tear from their eyes there’ll be no more walked yes or sorrow or cry no more death no more sorrow no more cry the bible
says that we will no longer get phone calls
at one o’clock in the morning saying your son your daughter she’s been killed
in a car accident is a thing of the past the bible says in
revelation twenty one read it with me there shall be no more what kane for the former things are passed away beyond where i stand c beyond where he
has been a year the holy city want to spend the heavens will be made new again the earth made new violence
will be no more warp will be no more the weapons of war will be put down in the
bible says i say eleven verse nine they shall not hurt no destroyed all my holy mountain for the earth will be full of the
knowledge of the larger as waters of the sea but echoing in react going from every
mounted in every fadeley will be whereas the whereas the is the
land that was still a to receive blessing and
honor and glory forever endeavor an effort at effort we got there and rabbits run of the art we worship jesus our hearts are filled with love in peace we’ve never felt so accepted we’ve never
felt so loved the one who’d knows us best loves us most is a real place for real men and women with real bodies have been is a real place for real
activities the bible says isaiah sixty five yr
seventy for people die create new evidence of the neuwirth the formal will not be remembered ur
come to mind real bodies vitality energy kels to leave enable real new happens in a
new art the bible says they’ll build houses and have it then very shall plant in your speech there
from two of them the bank of heaven will never go broke to foreclose on your
mansion in heaven you’ll never have to worry about how
statements there you can’t deal george dream home in that
country and have a city hall me in the holy city your dream home get overlooked eight
thousand with that beautiful broke running through it all the great minds of the ages who are committed christians will be
fair to help you decide that your dream home if necessary that community of lobbying faith webkit build the bible
says they’ll build houses that inhabit that they shall plant figures any their fruit now we look at the fruits of this paris
and we think these are anxious look pretty good until god gives us in our
each the size of a basketball that entire family can feast on these artists are sprayed these are
images arctic terry a kid by c_n_n_ down through the ages but god’s our industries will be path are inches the size of basketball’s
in one that ben anh hung may feed an entire family for a half a
week for all i know the bible says they shall not be old in another inhabit they shall not plant in another t for as
the days of a tree shall be the days of my people putting your hands in the soil growing your own crops eating luxurious food from your own
garden worshiping jesus fellowship thing with
the angels one a day fat is going to be milo left shell long enjoy so work of their lives hands together you know in my wife and i have a little time off for many years we have garden we’re looking forward to the time that
we don’t travel as much we’ve that garden getting growing our green fiends
and growing our tomatoes inc rowing or chlorine but in heaven she’s xx says g_o_p_ gardens a magic booking at philip ’em hundreds of that fruit in your old very backyard but the most amazing thing about having
his fellowship and friends you know in in my life i travel a great
deal because i travel so much it’s hard to establish deep rooted
friendships when you’re in a place five weeks in your go on a
serious like this you know i’m here and my wife and i have to do or we greet
people it we tried word people’s names and sums of
you signed my book sure dot take a picture to show soviets
despite i got a question here and you know where back-and-forth and you travel a great deal of we just
get to know people who would go on the wonderful thing about half is relationships the wonderful thing about heaven know the bible puts it this way nephew a purse eleven and i say to you that many will come from the east in the
west and they will sit down not run by speedily sit-down with
abraham and isaac and shake-up in nyc kingdom of luck we are gonna fellowship with the bible
breaks down through the ages we aren’t going to sit down with them iron action
that one day i’m walking down the golden streets of carre and i see a man as i walked by and i say though sorry
it’s a wonderful day an eternity he says yes it’s a wonderful day i said my
name’s basta mark what’s your name moses i look twice argue ya most is not the
first five books of the bible jess excess of the tickets numbers that are
out of moses you got time for me we need right time for you which he turned to
cut off time the workouts it’s almost as i sit down and i say
moses what was it like when the red sea often were you afraid he said book i’m a human being on the fear fear means fears only that the paralyzes you sure i had my stomach was in knots might
put my foot the water but by states i stepped forward inspite
of my feelings and moses and i talk for much of the
morning i’m walking a little further on another
day and i see another man time passes mark ho i i’m daniel uart you daniel i wrote a seminar about you and any when i sit down together we
talked about the lion’s den he shares the miracles of god’s grace and then one day i meet a man by the name of paul and paul says can we talk and we sit down to tell me
what it’s like the preacher deficits tell me what it was like to repeat the
christ and see them baptized and paul tells me a story that he says
marked by understand that you had a meeting in orlando it was satellite i never dreamed of satellites and back i preach deficits but you preached it in time god called me to preach in the first
century market he called you to preach in the twenty-first century tell me what it was like in arlington tell me the struggles that people went
through tell me the decisions they made tell me the ones who came down the aisle tell me the ones that walk through the
water and i share with pull your story in your
story into a story that i share with him about what happened to be a satellite
and paul sparks is thrilled me said he introduced me to some of those people
alright don’t wanna miss those moments in heaven for anything what about you i wanna be fair with moses in abraham
and isaac and shake up in the possible but one day one day it’s out there sabbath in half the bible says isaiah sixty six first twenty three from
one sabbath to the other in the new evidence in the north all flesh shall come to worship before
me says the ward if we don’t worship him about they are on-site bath don’t you think we ought to be
worshiping at every sabbath down here if we’re gonna praise him up there on
sabbath don’t you think we ought to be praising
him down here recently and we come to church and got the father stands up in introduces his son and jesus talks about his love for us jesus talks about a scare for us he tells us how much we are worse he tells us ddiprs he explains how he’s swamped for bolivians for us to be with him in
heaven you and i sat there we’d never felt so loved it so accepted we’ve never sold so found every corner of our heart is filled with
his grades every corner of our heart is field with this law the bible says revelation twenty two
first floor they shall see his face in his name shall be on their foreheads they shall see his face we fall at the feet of jesus and with being chills in the repeat we think we
sing where every work reportedly it’s alone to be slain who’s been slated for ever and ever and
ever we sing praises to its name when we’re leaving that church that day
in my imagination jesus taps me on the children says mark i want a bill for
walk with you and you will have to our special walk
with jesus i’ll have mine it all eternity he has time for you and in your imagination in my imagination we’re walking with jesus and as we walk
with jesus we see magnificent flowers that he says do you see those flowers i made in jest for him we walk through fields of waiting grain itty-bitty so free pics optic kernel of
grading system used by know your taste buds i made that grade just for you it’s the only for a ride it
like it in the world various no other and as we walk with jesus he says you
see that those flowers i had the angels plant them on the hillside just for you and he says i want to be here so much i’ve given you all the gifts of eternity they are yours and jesus says a sorry thing else so i
can do to make you happy and i followed his feet and with tears running down my feet my
face hold his feet and say jesus all i want you i don’t need the flowers in the field underneath the grain lord all i need issue your love is enough for me i don’t need to mention over there on
the hill that’s a bonus i don’t need the gardens of their that’s
a bonus but jesus all i wanted to is worship you because your about this field every need
in my heart and i know the fence is eternity i fall asleep and i say hold holding holy i’d out i might be and art crying hopefully because for me and for you god has an eternal plan a plant that i don’t want to miss a plant that you don’t want to miss healthy bodies abundance jesus piece freedom from disease eternity rami why not right now in your mind say lord for your grace i’m not gonna miss eternity now listen charles degeneracy downtown unlike these and rambling to remove villas since he is are you so worlds the the uh… one for sizzle there were syndrome ranches armand home soon hands i’m the don’t all on on a and and long then har rome garnering more the uh… ringworm listings new remiss in will and stole walden marine science and parthenon dr memo villa n romo star on villa louis then stuntman removes the over the an awful arms sir mass hand the say then harahan so lonely man well known for the over on godaddy lone star on man i hansel and let’s try and get it will say and it’s the proud hard i amanda r lore laura hart godaddy cloned cloned pat the we’re gonna play as we pray tonight wherever you are as the spirit of god
touching your heart maybe have drifted away god’s calling
you back tonight maybe even hesitating and you’re about ready to make a
decision to be baptized i was calling you tonight here in orlando if god is calling you amid a preferred you’ve drifted away you may not need to be read up times but
you want to come back to jesus if there’s some sand in your life you
want to deal with it tonight and it’s a ward and surrendered nothing to do if you send starts calling you to
baptism tonight you want to say what i want to make a
commitment ivan appeal for three groups of people i just want to raise your hand
if you’re in one of those groups first if you have made a decision that you want functions to be baptized you want to look forward to that i will
pray for you tonight wherever you are you’re standing in some church you are watching in some home god sees your hand you’re here in orlando you want to look forward to our
baptismal december sixth th were baptism of our churches this month for a baptism
in january just raise your hand were for your swifter him polish lecture concedes these and stands he’s
arms tonight if you’ve drifted away and use a
word i have to come back to you i want just with my hand and actions drifted away got too much blanche the settlement wherever you are tonight thirdly tonight if there’s somebody the u_s_ some problem in your life some have it in your life its just
holding you from complete decision for jesus u_s_a_ were answering in that happened
to u just now answering emails and you just now i
wanna be in heaven just raise your hand god bless you pledge purplish mature father in heaven thank you for jesus
thank you for his love thank you for his grace thank you first power coord we love you with or hearts we want to be in heaven we don’t want
mister father luv on our hearts deeply this week consecrated selves to u we
look forward to being with you throw eternity increase army bcd please by just want to tell you how much i
deeply appreciate the opportunity of being here with you
in orlando we look forward to seeing you many of you next week from descend on
december sixth from the forth to the sixth we will look
forward to that satellite audience god bless you as well and we pray that you’ll find day-by-day a sweet fellowship with jesus
till he comes again god bless you all


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    Amen and Amen!

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    I cannot wait for that great day; the appearance of JESUS CHRIST,KINGS OF KINGS AND LORD OF LORDS.

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    Amen. Thanks for great and, wonderful sermon. Well I want to be there, I will be there, this earth is not my home.I Love Jesus and I want to follow Him. I surrender you Lord.

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