John D Rockefeller’s Advice for Young People Who Want to Be Rich (Part 2)

John D Rockefeller’s Advice for young people
who want to be rich About one year ago, I published a book which
I titled, “How to be rich by using other people’s brains, hands and energy”
In this book, I explained the simple truth about wealth creation and that is; people
who create massive wealth are people who learn how to cooperate with and gain from other
people’s efforts. I’ve mentioned this many times on this channel
that nobody becomes rich because they work 18 hours per day. Rich people are those who work thousands of
hours, every day, through other humans. About one year ago, we made a video with the
title, “John D Rockefeller’s Advice for young people who want to be rich”. Thousands of people like that video and today,
we decide to publish another video as follows up to that one. If you’re new here, consider subscribing
so that you won’t miss other interesting videos like this. Here is the thing; John D. Rockefeller said,
“I would rather earn 1% off a 100 people’s efforts than 100% of my effort”
This, I think is the single most important secret of wealth creation. I have a simple question for you; do you know
any millionaire who works for his money all by himself? Do you know any rich person who works for
his money only by using his own hands and brain? If you don’t know any rich person who becomes
rich by working alone, then, you have to stop trying to be rich by using your single brain. The rich in history While I was writing one of my books, I had
the reason to research about people who have been wealthy in the history of the world. In the bible, we read about the rich guys;
Abraham, Jacob, Esau, Jobs, etc. I wanted to know; what is the single attribute
of all these people? It’s very easy to figure out. The Bible says in Genesis 14:14 that Abraham
had at least 318 servants. In Genesis 32:6, we have a record about Esau’s
400 servants. In the book of Jobs, we have records that
show that Jobs has hundreds of servants who took care of his cattle and farms. Now, it’s obvious why these people were
rich; they knew how to get hundreds of people to work for them. They knew how to earn 1% off 100 people instead
of earning 100% off themselves. Now, let’s move to the modern world. Think about the richest men today; they are
men who have more hands and technology working for them. Jeff Bezos the founder of Amazon has more
than 250,000 employees. Mark Zuckerberg the founder of Facebook has
39,651 fulltime employees as of 2019. Bill Gates’ Microsoft has more than 128,000
employees. We can go on and on to make a list of the
richest men in the world and one thing will remain constant; your wealth is directly related
to the numbers of people and technologies that work for you each day. It’s not rocket science. If as I wake up this morning I have 10 people
who wake up to work for me and you only work for yourself, with your two hands, then, I’m
going to be richer than you. I’ll soon show you how you can be rich by
getting other people and technologies to work for you but before then, let me address one
common misunderstanding about life “I would rather earn 1% off a 100 people’s
efforts than 100% of my effort” But it’s not fair When I analyzed that single most important
thing every rich person does is to figure out how to make other people work for them,
the response from some people would be, “But that’s isn’t fair”
Well, maybe, but that’s how the world was programmed and I don’t think it makes sense
to try and fight against that. More so, because we’re not wired the same
way. Some people were wired to be employees. Some people were wired to be their best by
being part of a great team. As long as these people are happy being where
they are, they are successful individuals. However, if you think that you were wired
to be rich, then, the massage of this video is for you. “I would rather earn 1% off a 100 people’s
efforts than 100% of my effort” Using Technology as Leverage In the days of our forefathers, the only leverage
you have is to get slaves, plenty of them. Just a few decades ago, the only leverage
you have when building wealth is to get another human being to be part of your team or as
employees. Today, we’re in a better position than any
generation in the history of the human race. Today, you can manage a company with only
5 people. Today, you can use tens of technologies to
build wealth for yourself. The only problem we have is that most people
are consumers of technologies. Most people are happy to use the latest phones,
the fastest cars, and the internet. Most people are happy to spend 5 hours on
their mobile phones every day but they won’t use such technology to build wealth. My first successful business is an Agric technology
company. What we do is extremely simple; we use a few
technologies to connect hundreds of farmers in my country, then we match them with the
people who have interesting in the Agriculture business. Yes, this business did not make me a millionaire
but it makes us more money than most people would have imagined. That’s the power of technology. So, what is my advice for you? It’s what I’ve been telling you for a
long time; stop seeing technologies as fun things to be enjoyed. Why technologies are good and technologies
help us to live better, they are also the best gift for anyone who wants to build wealth. “I would rather earn 1% off a 100 people’s
efforts than 100% of my effort” Taking responsibility Now, there’s a question I promised to answer;
how do I start getting other people and technologies to work for me? Start being responsible for your generation. It’s that simple but I need to explain a
few things. You see, you can’t be rich simply because
you want to be rich. You can’t have money by pursuing money as
a priority. To make good money, you have to take responsibility
for one or a few things that are wrong or that can be better. Two crazy individuals changed our present
world more than almost everyone. Both of them were born in 1955 and they both
grew up to take responsibility for the computer hardware and software evolution. Those two guys are Bill Gates and Steve Jobs. These men spent all their 20s being crazy
about changing the world. They knew that computer technologies could
change the world and they were hungry about being the ones to do it. Do you think that these men were driven by
money? Do you think these men simply worked hard
because they wanted to be rich? Well, if these men worked hard simply because
of money, they should have stopped working in their 20s because they both already had
too much money by age 30. The truth of the matter is, people who become
rich are people who take responsibility. People who become rich are people who figure
out what is wrong or what can be done to make the human race better and then sacrifice their
whole time and brains to do what they believed will make the world a better place. When you have this mindset, then, it’s natural
that you’ll have too many things to do than you can ever do alone and that means that
you need the service and brains of other people and technologies and that’s how you get
other people and technologies to work for you. Let me conclude this video with my personal
story. When I was 13 years old, I asked myself, “why
is everyone teaching me how to be an employee?’ I mean, I wondered why my teachers, parents
and even church only talked about a single thing, getting good jobs. Why is everyone teaching me how to work for
other people? Why is no one teaching me how to build a business? When I was 17, I started a club on my campus
intending to inspire young people to do something different aside from the usual path of certificates
and jobs. I was not paid a dollar to run or start that
club. I just wanted to change the world and that
was the reason. After I left school, I started my entrepreneurial
journey and after about 9 years of being an entrepreneur, I started making this kind of
video you’re watching now. Do I get paid for making this video? Yes. But, is getting paid my primary driving force? Well, I did exactly what I’m doing here
when I started a club, without any intention of getting paid for it, so you get what I’m
saying here. What responsibility are you willing to take? How do you want to contribute to the world
around you? What do you think is wrong and how can you
make it right? Where do you think the world ought to be and
are you willing to take the responsibility to move us there? If you are willing to take responsibility,
you’ll have too many problems and because you have too many problems, you’ll need
other people and technologies to join you and that’s how to get rich. Why looking for a problem to solve, don’t
think it must be a billion-dollar problem. Anything that can make life easier for 100
people can lead you to what can make life better for a million and a billion people,
so don’t be afraid of starting small “I would rather earn 1% off a 100 people’s
efforts than 100% of my effort” Thank you so much for watching our videos. Do you love to start your day with high energy? Then, we invite you to join our new channel
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