Jim Rohn: Don’t Work Harder, Work Smarter ( Time Management)

Jim Rohn: Don’t Work Harder, Work Smarter ( Time Management)

my father had 90 years but it seemed 93
years but it seems short in his seemingly long life of 93 years at the
short because it just seems like if we only had more time Old Testament gives us a view of some
people who live to be five six seven eight nine hundred years old if I have a
chance to ask i will ask how come we got short changed would not be a good question of you had
a chance to ask imagine seven eight nine hundred years to watch generation after
generation after generation after generation stay healthy and well and you
gotta have you got to be healthy to make it to 900 you don’t take your vitamins pushing the Bible and pushing vitamins
I’m doing I’m doing good today so the key is time is precious now let me give you $MONEY bill bailey’s
description of time life is not just the passing of time life is not just the
passing of time life is a collection of experiences their frequency and their intensity life is not just watching the clock tick away life is a
collection of experiences their intensity and frequency when my friend Mark died at age 44
someone says that’s young to die but what if he lived for lifetimes in one
might not be to you so here’s what it whatever the span of
your life turns out to be here’s what you want to fill it up with experiences
and the intensity of those experience but now let’s talk about the management
of time here’s one of the best ones we covered
earlier when should you start building this hotel answer as soon as you have it
finished now . this one down on time management when should you start the day as soon as
you have it finished plan the day the best you can leaving plenty of room for improvising
and surprises and all the stuff that happens during the course of the day but
if you planned a good productive day now you start that day you can’t believe
how much more valuable your time will be don’t start the day until you have it
finished now here’s the next one don’t start the week until you’ve had it
finished now to lay out a week is a pretty good challenge next don’t start
the month until you have it finished the places to go and people to see in the
productivity in the sales and the customers in the development and all the
rest of what you want to accomplish during the course of 30 days don’t start the month till it’s finished
and then here’s the big one this is really challenging don’t start the year
until you have it finished to the best of your ability it can’t be finished like
minute-by-minute but in terms of the sweep of what you want to accomplish in
the year 2000 and to make sure that that’s set and ready to go but the time
january first $YEAR rolls around and it might get all upset that might get torn
up and you do a new and you make so much progress the first 90 days that now
you’ve got u multiplied at all x 2 x 3 because that happened to me I thought
wow there’s happen but this is gonna be a great year by the time I finished the
third month i’m rollin i’m sore and so many things are happening i revise my
whole year’s plan okay now shut this down approaches to the management of
time here’s the first one ignore the subject
I mean that’s good advice don’t let anything overly bug you
because you remember now you don’t have to do anything so I got to get a handle
on my time the answer’s no you don’t if you want to
let it all go you can let it all go I mean this is good advice somebody says you want you want you
ought jot this down ignore all the you arts or you should only if they’re
giving general information we should better to say if you’re teaching we
should not you should we should then you let me listen in without being too
confrontational if everyone did this see that would be great and then you give a person a chance to
choose to do it or not to do it but when you start the uart you are now see if i
don’t now see we got some tension and maybe some problems so you aren’t seem
to always create problems when you’re talking to your kids you say no if kids
would do this not always saying if you did this if you did this life would be
better but if kids did this life would be better it’s like making a little talk and
listen in and then it’s a little less confrontation it gives us a choice in
one of my seminars what I teach all life-forms strives to the max of its
potential except human beings all life-forms strives to the max of its
potential except human beings how tall the tree grow as tall as it possibly can you never heard of a tree growing half
as high as it could no trees don’t grow have a tree drive through this deep as
it can reach as high as it can produces every leaf it can every fruit to
possibly can to the max every life-form strive to the max except human beings now why not human beings jot this down
you’ve been given the dignity of choice you’re not a robot you don’t have to
repeat this year the same as last year you can tear up last year’s plan develop
a new plan so the dignity of being a human being
now here’s the choice on being a human being to be part of all we were meant to
be or to be all to strive for all or half or part or some the choice is up to
you to develop once killer 10 skills such as well I’d be happy with just one
more language well some say i’m going to learn six or seven and this is all a
matter of choice and when someone says no you off to learn for you got to
resist all that because this is personal dignity and you don’t want to destroy
some dignity by by doing all the odds and they feel reluctant to do it now
we’ve got problems so if you want to just ignore this
subject on time management now here’s the next one step down to something
easier the guys in sales and he says I want to
hold the company finally owns the company now he’s got no time to play
golf he said when i was in sales as making big money playing golf 3 days a
week heck with this own and something heck
with managing my life was never my own after i started to manage i’m going back
to sales see this is the key if you’re getting too pressed you might consider
stepping down to something with a little easier time pressure little girl says to
her mother daddy comes home brings his briefcase and pat me on the head and
says hello disappears and works on these papers how come my daddy doesn’t play with me
and others look your daddy loves you very much but he has he’s so busy at
work he can’t get it all done has to bring it home he loves you but that’s why he can’t
play with you and the little girl said why don’t they just put him in a slower
group so drop this down now if you don’t have
time for your kids you might consider joining a slower group remember when I said some things i went
for cost me too much so reconsider next key to time
management and that’s work longer and harder but see there’s a limit to that I
almost lost my health the first year I went so crazy about personal development
and achievement i just went bonkers you know i told you i was skinny but the
end of that first year I was a walking shadow and then it suddenly occurred to
me what if I got rich into will to spend it I mean that was a shocker so I started
you know developing a little more reasonable because I said if 12 hours 12
hours 14 that won’t do that work 18 I mean how many of hours it takes and sure
enough it cost me too much so see working longer and harder for
some might be appropriate you know if you’re just sitting around
not doing that much this might be good work longer and harder but you can only
work so hard here’s the key not to work harder but
smarter when you’ve worked as hard as you can doing the best you can in terms of
physical output in the time reasonable time now here’s the ultimate in the
management of time and that is you simply become more skillful when i first
got into sales you know I was around people that could
get you know nine out of ten eight out of ten and when i first started i could
only get 110 but here’s what i did i worked around the clock around the clock
so that I would make up in numbers what I lack in skill that’s good in sales you
got a job that down when you’re new you make up in numbers which you lack in
skill now when you become more skillful the numbers can go down because now
you’re you’re persuasive ability and all of that is now so high that you don’t
need to put as many numbers out but at first if you want to compete if you want
to release get good you got to in the numbers but if you get more from
yourself develop more of yourself now the time management becomes an easier
task now here’s the next thing either you run the project or it runs you i
found out when you start something at first year in charge all of a sudden a
year later it’s in charge some of the companies i started i’m telling you i’m
in control a couple years later i’m out of control
at first I’ve got it on the run two years later it’s got me on the run
haven’t got enough time I’m dizzy with trying to get it all done so here’s part
of the key is to get in charge so I’m going to take charge of my health one of my albums is entitled take charge
of your life take charge of your time take charge of your resources which are
going to talk about next take charge of your health you’re the one that’s responsible for
it’s not a requirement of society that you not have a heart attack and take
care of your family that’s not a requirement of society but
you must make it a requirement of yourself society doesn’t require that you build a
financial wall around your family nothing can get through it’s not a requirement of society is a
requirement you impose on yourself to build a financial wall around your
family nothing can get through so impose on yourself this self development of being in charge
taking charge of your life and your health and your future and your
responsibilities and all the rest next reasonable time is enough time to
achieve all of your goals just jot that down reasonable time is enough time I
have to learn that reasonable time is enough time here’s why it’s not the hours you put in
its what you put in the hours if you start depositing greater ideas into the
hours you’ve got later than now I’m John you later you can’t believe the
productivity that will flow the ideas you can think of now a year from now
they’ll start to flow and when you deposit those ideas in the hours you’ve
got productivity x 2352 next time management essential we’ve already
covered the first one written set of goals and then do priorities on your
goals what’s important this week what’s important this month here’s the next one often review just go
over your goals to make sure that your list is working for you it’s got you
inspired about you turned on so this is how come you’re up so early say if you
were headed where I’m headed you’d be up early too if you were going to meet who
I’m going to meet you’d be up early if it was going to stack up for you like it
stacking up for me you’d be getting up early here’s some more time management
essentials learn to study what we call majors and minors you pick up the phone here’s what you must say when you pick
up the phone is a major conversation or a minor conversation if it’s minor a few
pleasantries and you’re done if its major maybe you’ve got to make a few
notes so here’s the next one important conversations make an agenda before you
make the call just jot down a little agenda it’s so easy now to just talk out
of your head ever hear a conversation like list like
this let’s see there was something else see you don’t look that Swift I can’t
think of it right now i’ll call you back see you look a little incompetent let’s see
there was something it escapes me right now really so we got this now make an agenda
before you make a call if it’s an important call now later that saves you
all kinds of stuff you call John in the salesman say John remember those four
things we went over said no we didn’t talk about that and then you pull out
your daytime or whatever and there’s the list you made when you made the call he
said oh yes seems like i do remember and you’ve got him with your list if it’s
just sales people especially can talk you out of it in your head it’s true now
we didn’t talk about that and if you don’t have a little proof I’m telling
you it’s gone so make an agenda before you make a call so what’s major what’s minor now here’s
the key on this don’t major in minor things if you take up major time to do
minor things I’m telling you you’ll be behind the curve constantly here’s what
we learned in sales training what’s major time and what’s minor time here’s minor time thinking about
prospects here’s minor time making list of
prospects here’s minor time keeping books on
prospects here’s minor time going to see the
prospect here’s minor time evaluating the prospect after you’ve been there
that’s all minor time here’s major time in the presence of the
prospect that’s mine that’s made your time and if you took a look if you’re in
sales and you took a look at a week you’d say my gosh i’m spending ninety
percent of my time on the minor stuff and so little time on the major stuff in
the presence of how many hours in the presence of in my day how many hours in
the presence of during my sales week because the time that really counts is
in the presence of majors and minors here’s another key time management
essential don’t mistake movement for achievement it’s easy to
get freaked out by being busy that comes home at night all exhausted falls in the
chances i’ve been going going going here’s the big question doing what it’s not the goal and go and go one some people are going going going and
they’re doing figure-eight their progress is small so don’t mistake
movement for achievement here’s another one in sales we learn
don’t mistake courtesy for consent if somebody’s pleasant may not know they’re
gonna buy no they’re courteous you can’t mistake courtesy / consent now here’s a big one concentration i had
to learn this all those years ago i’m in the shower trying to compose a letter
found it turns out to be a strange letter so here’s what I learned to do
save the work till you get to the office save the work till you get to the work don’t try to get to the office on the
way to work on the way to work enjoy the way in the shower enjoy the shower then
go to work when you get to work i found this to be helpful concentration here’s another big learn to say no I’m
telling you in such a social society we have now it’s so easy to try to be a
nice person yes yes yes to everything find yourself over loaded now you’ve got
to call make that well gosh you know all the time it takes to back out of
something that you should said yes to too quickly here’s what might be better i don’t
think so but if that changes I’ll call you little things you can use not to
commit over commit yourself my friend Ron Reynolds says don’t let your mouth
overload your back to Goodwin now here’s a big one on time management when you
work work when you play play don’t mix the two don’t work at play I used to take my family to the beach
and I would bring my briefcase i learned not to do that or at the beach i’m
saying i should be at the office I should be at the office now my family’s
upset because I’m at the beach and I’m thinking office office office now when
I’m at the office i’m thinking what I gotta get my family to the beach the
beach the beach so things are not going too well at the office because i’m
thinking beach and things are not going to one of the beach because i’m thinking
office here’s what I learned to do at the beach be at the beach at the office
be at the office when you work work when you play play don’t mix the two don’t
work at play now here’s one of the most important ones don’t play at work work
is too serious you don’t want the reputation of being the office Joker it’s not a good yes there’s time for
some Pleasant stories yes there’s time for a little humor yes
best if it’s a happy office of course but I’m telling you got to be serious
about work because you’re partying with a piece of your life for the work you do
your work cost you a piece of your life here’s what it’s called serious business
not grim not unhappy that serious key don’t play at work the old expression i don’t think we use
anymore horse around at the office play around play jokes play tricks no place
not at the workplace at the beaches at the bar yes somewhere else not work you
got to treat work with all due conservative passion because its leading
you to your future here’s another key phrase all work is
good you may not like your job but if it’s the stepping stones to get you to
where you want to go you got to appreciate your job you don’t have to
have a passion for your job here’s the ultimate passion the passion
for incredible success in every department of my life that’s the passion
but don’t look John down on some menial job you have to do to finally get you to
where you want to go no job as menial menial no job is not
know every job is noble training life for pay making the contribution to
society next analyzed how you are and if you have some weaknesses if you can’t doesn’t seem like you can
change here’s the key get it covered I used to keep promising myself I keep
the books keep the books keep the books finally I gave that up and back then it
only took me an extra 50 60 bucks a month for some accountant to keep the
books as a no I’m going to save the 50 bucks you can’t believe what I started
losing in productivity because I tried to save the 50 bucks so the key is a lot
of time you can stay like your heart but to make sure you get it covered okay
next beware of the telephone and all other
systems of communication especially the telephone at home and systems of
communication at home and here’s one of the best lines I’ve got for you for the
weekend let all communication systems serve you but don’t let them intrude
when it comes time to have dinner with your family you shut off all systems
unless the ones that can take messages silently don’t let the phone ring don’t let anybody intrude come through
the front door the back door nor through the telephone or any other device so you
can’t reach john and his family when he’s having dinner the President of the
United States couldn’t get through if you develop that kind of reputation
father mother when we have dinner when we’re visiting and have this time with
our family nothing in truths so don’t let these clever little devices keep
intruding you’ve got to have a place that sank
recite it’s it’s valuable you don’t let anything in for that period of time okay is that good advice own advice here’s the next one read all the books
you know I’ve only got a few notes here on time management but if you’ve got
some particular challenges you run a big organization a big corporation you got
some challenges there’s plenty of books now here’s
what’s next just be more alert to the things that might be stealing your time
here’s why time is like capital you can’t let someone steal your seed corn
you can’t let someone steal your capital and you can’t let someone steal your
time you must designate your time and some of the time that you designate you
must not let anyone steal casual time you might let someone intrude and steal
a little bit and take a little bit but not serious time next one of the
great time management savers is to learn to ask questions up front sometimes you talk to somebody for an
hour then you ask questions and find out if you would’ve asked those questions up
front you could have saved yourself an hour asking questions up front helps you
to get to the problem now but if you just launched into some discourse you
might waste 30 minutes waste an hour when here’s what you should have been
talking about after you finished an hour you say John what’s really the problem
he said well it’s something personal see that’s what you should have been
talking about this whole our key next learn to think on paper we’re going to
take a break some ways to think on paper one we’ve covered one solving problems
take it out of your head and put it on paper another one is setting goals making
these lists we’ve already started here’s another good way to think on paper it’s
a project’s book each person you’re working within each project you’re
working on get a loose-leaf binder in a tab and some pieces of paper behind the
tab and do a little continual summary of how it’s going between you and that
person and between you and that project i call it a project book it is so useful
to me but what’s going on between you and this person when you last got
together what did you talk about and you got a few notes here’s what we talked
about the last time we got together now when you get together again you can
review that so you’ll know better what to talk about when the president gets
ready to travel and he’s going to meet some important people guess what they
bringing all these briefing books right the last time you were with Khrushchev
Kennedy is informed here’s what he said news reduce it Kennedy said oh that’s
valuable i need to remember that if a person is important it’s worth a little
running account you might even have a project book for your children here’s what’s happening between me and
my child we’ve talked about this and we’ve talked about this we talked about
this next add a timer keeping track of all of your appointments you know- all
filled with you know when to catch an airplane and went to do a seminar going
to sit down and have a conference all the rest next is a game plan you know if you’ve got a house and the
no insurance is going to come do and some other things are going to come to
you just put it on a spreadsheet make sure it’s taking care of key phrase take
things out of your head and put them on paper and the key is to just experiment
with different ways that helps you to do that now here’s the last one thinking on
paper and that’s to keep a journal one of the things I’ve known for around the
world have been now for 39 40 years is keeping the journal now my journal is
not a you know it’s not necessarily a it’s not like a diary it might be part
diary you know i’m flying over Ireland but
write down a few little things that impressed me today I met this person what an extraordinary event today the
scent i conducted this seminar in Rome thousand people stood up and saying for
me I’ve got a little bit of a diary in there but here’s what primarily your
general is for collecting good ideas a journalist to collect good ideas on your
health good ideas for your business good ideas for your future good ideas for
time management because i used to take notes on pieces of paper and torn off
corners and backs of old envelopes and restaurant placemats and I through all
this stuff in a drawer it did not serve me well I found he
learned to get a bound copy right and just keep a journal and five was here I
had my journal I be taking notes write these two days in my journal now if
you’re caught without your journal you just take the notes when you get back
home you put those notes in your journal throw the paper because we don’t usually go through
paper to review and see my journals now make up a significant part of my own
library my journals all reserved privately for my children and my
grandchildren can you imagine what I’ve collected over the years tumble the loop
there are three treasures to leave behind I think you’ve already got those
notes right here they are number one your pictures don’t leave the event
unrecorded takes only a fraction of the scent of a second to say here’s who i
was with you when I travel the world right we take all these pictures here’s one of
the gifts people send me the pictures they took of me and then it’s part of
the treasures i have on the farm incredible a picture’s worth a thousand
words to describe the scene the emotion what happened say wow this is an
extraordinary day from you and I met these people here’s what they told me happen to them
when they went to my seminar 10 years ago wow the drama comes back if you’ve
taken the pictures it’s one of the treasures to leave behind when you go remember the old photographs that we
have now you know hundred years ago 7080 years ago just a few photographs what
would it be like if you had thousands of photographs of the past of your history
your mother your father my grandparents so change all of that now for your
children leave all your photographs as a record here’s what’s next to leave behind and
that’s your library the books to change your life the books to change your
health the books that rescued you from oblivion the books that you passed on to
other people they were so exciting for you the books that made you financially
independent the books to develop your leadership books that give you wisdom to
ponder when things are tough the books that got you through the winter the
books that helps you to plant in spring and the harvest in the fall what
a treasure to leave behind if you do that here’s what’s for sure your books will
be more valuable than your furniture Wow now the third treasure to leave
behind is your journals the notes you took that help you to live life as you
lived it long after you’re gone a treasure the children grandchildren
great-grandchildren will find so fascinating they may use it to help guide they’re


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    5:46 This is not true. All humans do the best they can do based upon where they are and what they know. We all continue to grow as much as we can from where we are forever. we are not seperate from other life for form in any way. We are "robots" if that's how you call it. creatures of habit. we are the same as every other life form.

  65. Munk and Bear says:

    What is the voice at 17:31?

  66. Cassey Falcao says:

    Rohn. Jim speech I understand that wisdom comes from on high.

  67. Vanessa Stapleton says:

    I want 2 thank u for all ur inspiration and passion. May God continue 2 bless u in all u do. Thanks again.

  68. Vanessa Stapleton says:

    I want 2 thank u for all ur inspiration and passion.

  69. karel A says:

    the new Jim rohn = Jordan Peterson.

  70. Aroussi Kawtar says:

    this remarkable man was born to be the perfect speaker.

  71. Priceless Capture says:

    For everyone wondering what the audio is, here it is: samples album outro lance davies. You're welcome.

  72. OnceUponaSavage says:

    Thank you Jim Rohn for changing my life

  73. Stan The Man says:

    Missed but never forgotten a man of this magnitude still touches lives in 2019 and beyond

  74. Lavender Violet says:

    my life just changed in an instant yesterday
    I feel embarrassed and ashamed and not-needed and unwanted

    and terrified of further disappointing my parents at almost-40-years-old

    I pray things are all going to come together for me

    (I feel so disappointed in myself.)

  75. King Of kings says:

    This man changed my thinking pattern completely. I am more positive and have goals I will achieve. Stay away from negativity and do not watch the news.

  76. Frank Mack II says:

    Good video! Reminds me of the Movie "In Time"
    God bless

  77. Phani Bhaskara says:

    I listen to him daily. I am blessed to listen to his audios. Great .

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    Jim Rohn has been a huge inspiration of ours! Check our channel 📺

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    Like it before even listening. Yes he is that Great!

    Thanks for sharing this.

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