Jim Rohn: ATTRACT WEALTH ( Jim Rohn Law of Attraction )

Five sources of inspiration here’s the
first one deciding if you just make a decision it can be sometimes the day
that starts you on a brand new journey now some decisions are incidental and
some are small and some you know are part of a working day but sometimes
decision-making can be one of the most important days of your life
may be a decision you have postponed and postponed and now you understand the
penalty of postponing that decision you’ve got to do something and finally
you come to the conclusion today as the day I now decide and whether you decide
on a new direction whether you decide on a refinement in philosophy whether you
decide to act when before you haven’t acted you decide on a on a series of
things that you’re going to do you decide deciding can be such an
incredibly important very exciting inspirational day also deciding
sometimes starts the process of lifting our self-esteem sometimes when you look
back on it the day that you decided was just about as exciting as the day when
you finally accomplished the project that when you finally made the decision
you finally got the monkey off your back as we say in English you finally know
got through whatever barriers kept you from making that decision and finally
you made a decision and now it seems like the sky is blue and the air is
clear and your mind is ready and you know the adrenaline starts to flow
things start to happen to you from that moment of decision so that can be an
incredible source of inspiration now if you don’t follow through it’s not gonna
last all that long if you decide and then you know postpone and and you
decide and but you don’t still don’t get to it for a week or a month or a year
you know soon all that energy and that source of inspiration is all dissipated
so deciding is inspiring but but not for that long but
once you decide it can be a very powerful day but now of course you now
you must follow through but if there’s some things you’ve been postponing some
decisions you have just you know haven’t gotten to I would ask you to just you
know take out your journal and just go through you know what have I been
postponing that’s not gonna be better for my health it’s not gonna be better
for my future it’s not going to enhance my finances maybe a problem needs to be
solved I got to decide when I’m gonna do it and and and how I’m gonna proceed I
need to get to it I promise you if you’ll go through some of that list and
start making those decisions your inspiration will start to flow and those
could be very critically important exciting days indecision is the thief of
opportunity indecision means the door is still closed
indecision means the opportunity waits indecision means what could be is
postponed or may never be and you know that those are all the penalties of
indecision and sometimes we can’t make a snap judgment we can’t decide
immediately on something so important but after a while after a while we must
understand sometimes they have a penalty of putting off our our decision-making
so one source of inspiration deciding here’s the next one planning now that
you’ve decided and you’ve started you start making plans it’s in incredible
what can happen as a source of inspiration when finally what’s in your
head what’s in your imagination now finally starts to take shape on paper
when I first heard about network marketing I was 25 years old and I heard
some of the testimonials and I heard that people have gotten rich and I’ve
heard that it’s changed people’s lives and I’ve heard that you could start with
nothing and become something but let me tell you what was exciting when I
finally made the decision yes I was going to be part of the industry yes I
was going to make it part of my marketing future what was really
exciting was when I sat down and started making plan
I started committing imagination and belief to paper I started writing it
down I started started as we often do drawing
those circles you know what if I had five what if I had ten and then when I
had a concept of what that could bring for me then I said how can I reach the
first five how can I reach the first ten what could I do
starting to make those plans I’m telling you I remember those days as if they
were yesterday they were so exciting I had a concept of what I wanted I had a
dream of what could happen for me if it could happen for others maybe it could
happen for me but when I started putting it on paper and started making the plans
that was an incredible source of inspiration for me because the plan
seemed to now start making it real that what I had thought about what I dreamed
about now I’m actually getting to it by making a plan however you can make all
the plans in the world and it is a source of inspiration for only so long
and you can make one plan and then you can make another plan and you can make
some plans today and the next day you can make some more plans from the next
day you can make some more plans and it is a very exciting source of inspiration
but only for a while I’m sure we would all agree that making plans that
inspiration wouldn’t last for a week now that inspiration now must drive you to
do number three the first source of inspiration is deciding second source of
inspiration is planning and now here’s a big source of inspiration beginning
getting started actually turning thought and the notes on the paper the plans
actually now committing it to action getting started and beginning can be an
incredible source of inspiration guess what you can say when you begin a change
in your diet when you begin to take the Herbalife
products guess what you can say I’m on a new track I have carved out for myself a
new beginning I’m on my way to the most incredible health I will never be the
same again I’m leaving the old undisciplined part
of me I’m leaving that behind I’m a new person I’m taking my first shake I’m
swallowing the first tablets I made my first you know walk around the block
that I thought about for slow long and never did I finally did it
today I’ve started I have begun that is an incredible source of inspiration and
that is to start to begin you cannot believe what can happen to your
self-esteem and many of you have already experienced it I’m just asking you to
begin something new in all the areas of your life maybe you’ve always thought
about benevolence and you just haven’t gotten started or you haven’t made the
plans or you haven’t made the decision I’m asking you to start taking that
stuff now that’s in your head that imagination
which is very powerful and it’s a great source of inspiration in itself but then
I’m asking you then to decide use that inspiration then I’m asking you to make
plans begin to make plans use that inspiration and then if you take that
first step it can be the first step of an incredible journey and when Mark had
his first meeting when mark recruited his first distributor when Mark got his
first customer his grandmother using the product when Mark got that first few
yeses from people and he started the process as simple as it was you know
from the trunk of his car you know as crude as the literature wasn’t a
beginning it was a start and so beginning can be an incredible source of
inspiration and beginning can be many things beginning a new commitment to
learning you say I’m gonna have a library second-to-none and I bought the
first book of my new library today I’m gonna be
surrounded by information and inspiration
the cassette tapes and the videos and the books I’m gonna have a library
second to none I’ve thought about it there wouldn’t it be wonderful and you
know I’ve started making plans you know I provided some space in my room for my
expanded library but here’s what’s exciting
I got the first book today I’ve gotten started this is just the first of many
many books this is the first of a whole flow of information for me this is the
first time you want to learn a new skill and you sign up for a class let’s say
you want to learn accounting or something and you you sign up for the
class and you take the first class you get started you’d thought about it you
made some plans for it you made some time for it but there’s nothing like
sitting there in the class with the pen in your hand and the pad ready to take
notes Here I am I’m starting on a new journey of learning
remember that beginning is a fantastic source of inspiration planning is an
incredible source of inspiration deciding is an unbelievable source of
inspiration but now beginning only lasts so long if you begin that first week and
then you don’t continue yes you’ll be inspired by deciding and planning and
beginning but all of that now will start to fade away if you don’t do number four
one of the great sources of inspiration is progressing once you’ve gotten
started now you proceed you progress now you go to class the second week you go
to class the third week but it’s not only progressing in terms of time it’s
progressing in terms of what you’re learning progressing in terms of getting
the information that you hadn’t discovered before
now you’re excited about that progress one of the greatest sources of
inspiration is progress when you start jogging around the block
and you know at first it’s a little difficult and then it’s two blocks and
then you go around four or five times but then you notice notice you’re
breathing easier you notice when you go up a flight of stairs you’re not out of
breath and it suddenly occurs to you in a fairly short period of time you’re
making progress with these incredible Herbalife products when people first
start taking the products and they’ve got some health challenges and they
discipline themselves they do it the first day in the second day in the first
week in the second week but it isn’t long if they’ve need some to lose some
weight you know a pound or two four or five pounds that is so incredibly
exciting you don’t have to wait for fifty pounds you don’t have to wait for
a hundred pounds you know that first one that first two or three making progress
having more oxygen in your lungs you can tell within a short period of
time I’m making progress on my my oxygen supply I’m making progress on losing
weight then when you start making progress in your business your ability
to make contacts your ability to talk to people being so shy you decided one day
hey I’ve had enough with being too shy I’ve made the decision I’m making some
plans I’m gonna begin talking to people and you start and at first it’s
difficult but then very quickly and it doesn’t take a year I’m telling you it
doesn’t take a month that doesn’t take a week I promise you even though you’re a
little bit shy if you’ll just start to introduce yourself if you’ll just start
to talk to someone you’ve never talked to before just get started I promise you
in a fairly short period of time because two things are happening one is deciding
to overcome a liability but also understanding that with this new skill
now with this new ability and with my progress no telling what I can
accomplish because if I can get over the fear of talking to one I can get over
the fear of talking to number ten number fifty number 100 and by the time I get
to number fifty and number one my self-confidence is going to be so
strong my self-esteem is gonna be so high my new skill is gonna show such
incredible progress that I will never look back on the old ways so what an
incredible source of inspiration progressing I jut AddThis down happiness
unhappiness is simply the lack of progress toward a preset goal if you’re
not making progress see that’s when unhappiness sets in but here’s where
happiness begins making progressive progress you don’t have to arrive all at
once you don’t have to have it immediately but as long as you’re making
progress as long as progress is part of your experience now it is a fantastic
source of inspiration now here’s the next one
source of inspiration and that is achieving when you finally have arrived
at that goal that you set I want to have this much experience and be able to do
this by 30 days from now 60 days from now six months from now
and finally that six months passes and there you are finally the time passes
and you have it finally the time passes and the skill is now beginning to be
polished and it is so unique and effective achieving is an incredible
source of inspiration but here’s what we notice when you do achieve what it
whatever you set out in the beginning where you decided and planned and you
got started and you progressed when you finally achieve that achievement is not
much more inspiration than when you decided it’s a different kind of
inspiration it’s a different kind of feeling to having arrived knowing that
you’ve got many other objectives to accomplish many other places you want to
go things you want to do the person you want to become but at least I’ve got
this one you know I’ve done this one I remember what way back when I wanted to
do the training and I wanted to do teaching I would like to do seminars
because I saw people that had such a magnificent effect on
their audience they used the language to such an unbelievable degree I could tell
that something was mixed from their heart and their soul and their mind and
their vocabulary and this mixture of stuff together presented to someone’s
ears to hear and a heart maybe to believe in a mind to understand that the
most incredible magic could occur I thought to myself if I could possibly do
that it would be the greatest feeling in the world later I’ve come to have one
more goal which I I just probably won’t ever attain and that is to be a singer
to not only speak the poetry to not only speak the language but to sing it
accompanied by music in my opinion that’s probably the most awesome impact
you can have on any person or any group or any audience is the ability to
communicate a message or a poem or lyrics or what you feel or what you know
to communicate it by music and by song to me it is the most incredible impact
that one human can have on another or have on an audience but next to that is
to be able to feel strong about some ideas and have the ability to put it
into words to put it into language drive it by emotion have it mixed with
experience you know and all the stuff that goes on in your head and your heart
and your soul and deliver it to the best of your ability even as I’m doing today
to an unseen audience but since I can visualize the audience and where it goes
from here and where it may go beyond where it reaches even at the moment that
inspires me to do my best to come up with ideas that will be meaningful and
helpful to me this this is the most incredible experience you know the song
I will never get there because you know I I don’t have that particular powerful
talent but next to it I’m telling you you can have next to that
the most incredible effect on someone else without a doubt you can stir
someone’s imagination you can reach that achievement you can be there what you’ve
wished for and what you’ve dreamed for if you will draw from the source of
deciding that inspiration and the inspiration of planning the inspiration
of beginning and the inspiration of progressing then you will know this
incredible inspiration of achieving of finally getting there finally being the
person finally accomplishing the goal and here’s what’s exciting about
Herbalife we get to practice all of these every day all of this is working
every day simultaneously and that simultaneous because some of you right
now are achieving and deciding and perhaps you have achieved and decided
the same day because what you have achieved you have decided I’m going to
multiply it now by two by three by five so it’s amazing how you can plan and
decide begin and decide on something else you can be making progress in one
area and deciding on on starting another all of this can happen especially in our
social and our business life combined with our spiritual life and herbal life
all of this can be happening at the same time you know it’s so amazing to go to
Salinas California Salinas is called the lettuce capital of the world the soil is
so rich it’s unbelievable not far from there is Castroville and
Castroville is called the artichoke capital of the world and within a few
miles of there is a place called Gilroy and Gilroy is called the garlic capital
of the world they now have a garlic festival every
year now over 300 thousand people come from all over to Gilroy California to
get in on the Garlic Festival not far from there is a place called
Watsonville and Watsonville California is known as the strawberry capital of
the world all within a within a very short you you
can drive to all of these little towns within a very short period of time it
only it doesn’t take half a day and yet these are the capitals of the world in
terms of productivity and the reason is because the soil is so unusual that in
these areas you can grow two three crops a year now as you know most of the world
is restricted to you know one crop a year spring summer harvest and then
winter but in this area it’s unbelievable when you drive through to
see them harvesting in one field and planting in the field right next to it
harvesting and planting on the same day that they’re harvesting they’re planting
it’s just it’s just a phenomenal place but you know that’s true of herbalife
you can harvest and plant the same day you can achieve and decide in a single
day you can be making progress in one area and having achieved something in
another area all mixed in together all happens happening simultaneously and at
the same time I wanted to call that to your attention so that you would
appreciate it and how our lives are so dramatically affected by the business we
do you know and our social life and our religious life and our life of the
community but especially the opportunity that Herbalife offers for all of this to
be working simultaneously deciding planning beginning progressing achieving
here’s what’s exciting about Herbalife we get inspiration by inspiring others
this is a two-way instantaneous experience as we inspire we become
inspired now you you it’s difficult to fathom it
you know it’s just our finite mind but this thing called spirituality and human
emotion is so unbelievable that the two things can happen simultaneously at the
same time as we inspire we become inspired we are being taught by teaching
as we teach we learn sometimes we learn what not to say because you know it
didn’t go over very well and we just make a mental note you know I’m gonna
dispense with that I thought it was a clever idea turned out that it really
wasn’t but we learn and we learn simultaneously as we teach it’s
incredible we are becoming wealthy ourselves by creating wealth as we
create wealth we become wealthy as we give it out it comes to us as we
dispense it through our facilities of speech language spirit emotion eyes
handshake contact as we do that from incredible sources now it comes flowing
into our life and sometimes it flows simultaneously we are becoming wealthy
by creating wealth you can’t have a much more exciting experience than that next
I wrote down we are changing by creating change by helping others to change we
change ourselves and sometimes we decide to make some changes the very same day
we’re trying to help someone to change for the better we’re trying to help them
change their mind we’re trying to help them change their position we’re trying
to help them change their plan refine it so that it works better and as we do
that we suddenly find ourselves changing now making mental notes as we go as I am
now teaching as I’m helping someone to change by the way I’m going to start
making the changes it is a powerful experience we can have with all of this
happening simultaneously at the same time next we progress by
creating progress we create progress for others we get
them to grow and by helping them to grow we grow by helping them to succeed we
succeed that’s what happens to Marcuse immediately he started helping people
with their health immediately he started helping people with their financial
future and as he helped them his came to him he didn’t even have to concentrate
on what he was getting you know he didn’t have to zero in on you know what
was how much was that for me today he could forget that all he had to do was
invest in those early distributors invest his time invest his energy invest
his ideas invest his emotion and it and it just started coming as he gave it so
he received it that is the awesome experience not just a verbal life I
understand this applies to all of our other social personal religious gifts
and experiences but but it works so well in what we’re doing in Herbalife next we
become happy by creating happiness when we put a new pin on someone and it
creates this incredible joy for them that they finally arrived they did the
meetings they did the classes they did all the stuff now they’ve arrived we
create this happiness for them by putting the pin on giving them a hug and
giving them our congratulations we create happiness for them but it
simultaneously raises our level of happiness to an incredible degree we
learn to see by creating sight in others if we can help them to see we can see we
develop our vision by inspiring vision we develop sight for someone we develop
a future for someone and our future automatically then starts to develop and
starts to grow and starts to expand as we develop vision for others sources of
inspiration I thought you would enjoy it

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