Jim Carey How Wealthy People Laugh arabic version

Jim Carey   How Wealthy People Laugh arabic version

you’re talking there you’re talking about the magazine articles and about and about money and stuff and I know for maybe this hasn’t been your experience but for my experience and that of many other men and women in stand-up comedy they work for years and years and years literally just making pennies and then all of a sudden you hit it big and your paychecks increase enormously yeah and and is that any kind of pressure and it kind of problem for idiot I’m I’m completely alright with that it’s it’s just it’s it seems to have I seem to have relaxed into it nicely I it’s a bit of pressure I noticed that it changes you in little ways like it’s changed the way I laugh at parties oh really yeah I used to go I used to go it’s really funny you know now I go [Applause] [Music] you laugh that way because you know you’re wealthy is that very wealthy and then that’s it so wealthy people I wouldn’t have no punks like you are a dime a dozen

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  1. Tommy Sten says:

    This is not, in any way,shape or form, an "arabic version"

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