Jennifer Holliday

Jennifer Holliday


  1. Pdjohnners says:

    well I knew Miss Holliday could sing. I did NOT know she's so funny!
    thanks for posting.

  2. Regina Denise Clarke says:


  3. John D says:

    So disappointed in her backing out on President Elect Trump. I'm just saying I will not be purchasing anymore of her music. You had a chance Holliday to make a difference and you ran away.

  4. Mark M says:

    This is one of the BEST interviews I have ever seen with Jennifer. I loved every minute of it.

  5. SuperHurricane75 says:

    I love this woman! I am her #1fan

  6. killaa mafiaa says:

    haha!she said oh hell yeah o'm comomg back!😂😅😄😁😀😊☺🙂😐

  7. Rev. D. says:

    I love Jennifer Holliday. She is a comical later. Never have had the opportunity to see a Broadway show, but I know if Jennifer is in it, enough said. Love ya Ms. Holliday.

  8. Randy Cox says:

    Wow! Love Jennifer!!!!!!!

  9. C. D. Woods Sr. says:

    Good day Ms. Holliday. I became aware of your talent back in 1983 when you visited your almamater, Booker T. Washington High here in Houston, TX. At the time of my attendance, Herman Wesley was the Principal. When you arrived, I will admit I had not paired the voice that was being played in rotation on the then new R&B station (KMJK – Majic 102.1 FM). When I saw you and there was the resounding demand from the audience for you to sing, I was struck by a reality that whether or not I was the best academically in high school, I could fulfill my desire to become an acclaimed singer. While as of this message that has yet to come to fruition, I still hold out a morsel of hope anything is possible. Because I consider you my favorite vocalist who spans genres of music, I nonetheless hold you in high esteem. Especially in this day and age when all you have to do is pull up a video of your favorite anything or anybody on YouTube and see what they are doing. That’s what I did recently. In a video on the “theatertalk” channel on YouTube, published on Nov 27, 2016, you speak very candidly about your 40 year plus career in the entertainment industry, your very public working relationship with Michael Bennett and your chance run in with Ethel Merman. However, as a fan who has not reached his goal in what was set out over 30 years ago, there was one part of the video I found particularly concerning. You respond at 2:12 into the video when asked by the hosts if you go back and look at earlier videos of yourself, “I don’t…it was such an awkward size for me.” you say. “I don’t’ feel like I want to go back there.” I used the word concerning because the older I get, the more it’s easy for me to blame why I haven’t reached my goals on my looks and presentation. Whereas that wasn’t a hindrance for you. You were introduced to the world as a full figured woman. You became a Grammy winner as a full figured woman. You became a Tony Award recipient as a full figured woman. Thankfully, you have maintained this more svelte size for a couple of decades. But for those like myself who struggle with body dysphoria issues, to see you have recorded a statement that lends itself to embarrassment during a time you were most popular and celebrated in your career is somewhat counter productive. Over the years, God has given me a love for His Word in the form of ministry. I currently operate in the office of Apostle. So when I heard your statement, I was reminded of the scripture in Zechariah 4:10 Living Bible (TLB) as it reads, “Do not despise this small beginning, for the eyes of the Lord rejoice to see the work begin…” While the passage refers to the temple God had commanded Zechariah to build, often times we take our eyes off of His building plans specific to us because we become distracted by what looks like someone who has more. Our construction may not be as large, but it is what God has commanded us to build and find contentment in. In that vain, God doesn’t make mistakes. We as a people may find from time to time our lives can use some “improvement”, but His original schematics, if you will were never in error concerning us. You were supposed to be the size you were at the time we were introduced to you. You let the broad entertainment industry see that a woman at your then size could present a song with so much soul and dynamics, that from that moment on, your mold would be the one used to inspire people of that size or larger they can in fact become successful, regardless of the sometimes unrealistic standard it has established with respect to physical presentation. In theory, you were conducting a type of ministry. Encouraging people who didn’t’ have a perfect presentation, that talent will win out (no pun intended) every time. I respect your work. Again, it was because of your visit to Booker T. Washington in 1983 that convinced me maybe, just maybe I can make it as well. But if I think in terms of resenting my past, I’m telling God He makes constant inaccuracies and that He is a mass producer of inept product. Ephesians 1:4 New International Version (NIV) reads, “For he chose us in him before the creation of the world to be holy and blameless in his sight.” The interpretation I communicate to people about this scripture is that God had a board meeting with Himself. Obviously He did not need or required the assistance of anyone else. He literally forecast and planned infinity, which included you, me and others who may feel or felt at one time a sense of inadequacy. In the video starting at 14:32 – 14:43, you speak of the bitter breakup of your father and mother and while you have never at the time had a relationship that was tumultuous, you did survive the real life ordeal between your parents, which aided in your circumventing that experience into one of the most legendary presentations of any song during the 1982 telecast of the Tony Awards as you sang, “And I Am Telling You, I’m Not Going”. In all of the incarnations, no one will ever be able to deliver the soul stirring rendition you cemented in time. This is why I write to you. At some point, in spite of your accomplishments and celebrity, you will have to get to a place whereby you revisit those old performances and albeit challenging to watch, you resolve peace and closure with who you were. That period of time greatly contributed to who you are now. Lastly, I was told that everyone wants to get to the highest step. What we sometimes forget is that it took that first step to get us to the ascension some of us enjoy and lavish in today. Continue to give us awesome performances that are immortalized on YouTube for the world to benefit from.

    May success be your testimony!!!,

    Apostle C. D. Woods, Sr.
    Founder/ Visionary / Sr. Pastor
    Authentic Ministries “A Perfect Balance Of People”
    Prevail & Triumph Fellowship Church “Your Victory Is Achieved And Proven"

  10. Gobble blake says:

    Of course I knew of her legendary performance in Dream Girls, but this interviews shows what an intelligent, tell it like it is person she has become. Very admirable.

  11. Brandon Burrell says:

    What kind of person threatens a woman like this, with death, for singing?

  12. Greggory1987 says:

    I love Jennifer Holiday and this interviews demonstrates how authentic she is…amazing.

  13. Alan Liddell says:


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