Jake Paul vs Average American – How Do They Compare? – People Comparison

Jake Paul vs Average American – How Do They Compare? – People Comparison

The rise of the YouTube star, a fairly recent
phenomenon, is making some young folks very wealthy without having their stardom officially
sanctioned by mainstream plaudits. One such star, PewDiePie, was riding the wave
of fortune until last year his popularity – in the media at least – took a hit. As hate seems to be as popular as love on
social media, it’s not surprising he gained even more followers after his YouTube faux
pas. It’s reported that the 27-year old Swede,
real name Felix Kjellberg, made around $15 million in 2016. His videos might be a tad silly, but that
seems to work for his 57,208,847 YouTube subscribers who’ve watched his goofiness an astounding
16,091,506,768 times. Not long ago one man claimed he was going
to overtake PewDiePie, and that’s who we’re going to look at today, in this episode of
the Infographics Show, Jake Paul vs the Average American. Don’t forget to subscribe and click the
bell button so that you can be part of our Notification Squad. First of all, when Business Insider put together
a list in May containing the world’s 20 most popular YouTube stars, Jake Paul wasn’t
even on the list. If he really is posing a threat towards PewDiePie’s
YouTube supremacy he has a long way to go. The list put PewDiePie in first place with
54.2 million subscribers. Since the article was published in May, the
numbers have obviously changed. Second on the list was Latin America’s biggest
YouTube hit, Germán Garmendia, with 31.2 million subs. Third was Spaniard Rubén Doblas Gundersen,
aka, ElRubiusOMG, with 23.5 million subs. Fourth was the comedy duo known as Smosh with
22.6 million subs and 5th was Canadian youngster Evan Fong, whose gaming channel has 20.2 million
subs. We don’t need to tell you that all these
people are multi-millionaires. As for our boy Jake, where does he stand? Well, if you check his YouTube analytics,
he’s doing alright for sure. As of this writing, his channel has 10,453,927
subs and in the last 30 days he’s gotten almost a million more. The “England is my country” infamy no
doubt bolstered his current success. His videos have been watched a staggering
2,221,277,736 times and in the last 30 days 430,746,000 times. With those figures, he certainly has some
room to boast about rising up the ranks to meet his Swedish nemesis. But how does he compare to the average American? A quick look at his basic information shows
the 20-year old Jake Joseph Paul was born in Cleveland and grew up in Ohio. His dad was a realtor and his mom was a nurse. This makes Jake what we call a Millennial
– somewhere between the age of 18-34 (some say 29). The median age in the USA is currently 37.8
years old according to the last available statistics. So he’s much younger than most American
folks. He is, however, in the same age bracket – 18-24
– as 30.8 million Americans, or 9.5 percent of the population. As for the Millennial YouTube generation aged
18-34, they make up 23.4 percent of the American population, or 75.5 million people. We can perhaps understand his popularity by
collating this number with the largest group of YouTube consumers by age, which is, again,
18-34 year olds. We can’t find a statistic for how many people
in the USA were born on January 17, but our ambitious Capricorn called Jake was born on
the same date as Mohamed Ali, Benjamin Franklin, Al Capone, Kid Rock, Andy Kaufman and Jim
Carey. If you’ve watched Jake’s antics, the last
three might make some sense, although he may have some growing up to do. Jake has one brother – also a YouTube star
– so his two child family is less than the American average of 2.6 children per family. As for his ethnicity it’s difficult to find
any information, but when we looked at the etymology of his family name of “Paul”,
and his mother’s maiden name of “Stepnick”, we can assume he has European ancestry, possibly
a mix of German, Austrian, or even Scottish or French. This would put his ethnicity as a white American,
the same as 72.4 percent of other white Americans. If he does have German ancestry, that would
also tie him to 17.1 percent of Americans with German ancestry. We might also surmise that he is Christian,
or at least comes from a Christian background. About 97 percent of all Ohio residents who
affiliate with a religion are from one of various Christian churches. 70.6 percent of the American population identify
as being Christian, while agnostics and atheists now outnumber the smaller religions in the
U.S. As for Jake’s face, he looks like a European
with his blond hair and brown eyes. According to the Huffington Post, natural
blondes in the USA only make up 5 percent of the population. Brown eyed folks make up around 41 percent
of the population, although sources seem to differ on the exact percentage concerning
eye color. One website that publishes the measurements
of celebrities tells us that Jake Paul is “athletic”, 6 feet 2 inches tall (188cm)
and 192 pounds (87 kilos). This makes him much taller than the average
Joe in the U.S. who is said to be around 5 foot 9 inches (178.8 cm). His weight of 192 lbs (87 kilos) for such
a height definitely doesn’t make him a sufferer of the great American obesity epidemic. The average American man presently weighs
195.5 (88.6 kilos), according to the Center for Disease Control. According to some reports Jake didn’t technically
finish high school, and he left the place disgruntled with education, as well as leaving
behind a few people that have come out and said he was a bully. He’s quoted as saying he wouldn’t have
returned to “that Place” unless it was in a Rolls Royce, but we cannot confirm this
as the source looks quite dubious. But let’s say Jake didn’t finish high
school. According to the Department of Education,
that makes him much less than average, as over the last few years the rate in the USA
has been around 80-83 percent of kids getting their high school diploma. But Jake may have left for a good reason,
just as Bill Gates bid adieu to Harvard before getting his hands on a bit of signed paper. Jake left home and moved to Los Angeles. This makes him a little average as his Yellow
Brick Road-type dream has become a bit of a cliché, as well as LA being the second
most populated city in the USA behind New York City. Its population is 3,976,322. He went there for fame and fortune, and according
to some sources lives in an apartment with his Team 10 work buddies for a rental cost
of 17,000 dollars a month in the small neighborhood of Beverly Grove. We looked at rentals in this area and found
some nice places for 4,000 dollars a month and one very cool looking pad for 7, 500 a
month, so no doubt Jake is paying more than the average for this area. The latest data shows the average rental cost
in LA is 2014 dollars a month, but the average in the entire country is closer to 1,000 dollars. He’s also causing lots of trouble for his
neighbors, which could land him a fine for causing a public disturbance. He pretended to have been arrested but that
was just a prank, and so Jake can’t yet join the ranks of 1 in 3 Americans that have
been properly arrested by the police. Jake might not care, having made obscene of
amounts of money for his bling and expensive stunts by the time he was barely old enough
to vote. It’s thought his present net worth is around
4 million dollars. That’s doesn’t seem like much compared
with some of the figures we often discuss in our shows, but CNBC reports that he was
a self-made millionaire by the time he was 19. In another report, CNBC said that America
now had a record number of millionaires at 10.8 million, which is around 3 percent of
the 323-plus million population. Nonetheless, research shows us on average
it takes a self-made millionaire 32 years to acquire their fortune, while Jake did it
at hyper-speed. Even more impressive is the fact the average
net worth for someone aged 18-35 in the USA according to the Census Bureau is 6,676 dollars
for a man. Even at the highest range for a man at 65-69
years old, the average net worth is 194,229 dollars. Most folks without a high school diploma in
the USA will make an average wage of about 20,241 dollars a year. When interviewed by CNBC on TV, Jake said
once he got savvy to better monetization practices, his salary went from 6 to 7 figures. We don’t have much time to talk about Jake’s
likes and dislikes, but we do know he likes his pet dog. According to insurance research, Jake being
a dog owner puts him with another 60.2 million American households. So, what do you think about Jake Paul? Do you aspire to do something similar? Let us know in the comments! Also, be sure to check out our other video
called Bill Gates vs the Average American?! Thanks for watching, and, as always, don’t
forget to like, share, and subscribe. See you next time!


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