Ivanka Trump gets heat for being keynote speaker at CES: Report

Ivanka Trump gets heat for being keynote speaker at CES: Report


  1. Josh Thurman says:

    She is no one. They try so hard to make her someone

  2. Fact of Reality TV says:


  3. lisa zuir says:

    Keep America Great… 2024 Ivanka for first Lady President…..

  4. MoneyGod vG says:

    It seems like she is getting into alot of work with no experience she is basically doing the job as first lady from what I seen from another video if you dont see the first lady you see the daughter she has no business being involved unless we start to do that for presidency then ok make it known first if that is the case then this impeachment thing isnt a joke because the son more than likely was helping

  5. great outdoors says:

    Ivanka….Your daddy is a lying criminal

  6. whirlwind cochran says:


  7. H Pn says:

    She's one reason why we see historic unemployment

  8. Jim NORRIS says:

    ITS ok Ivanka Trump.
    The Dem O Trash cant help being Animals.

  9. Carlos Estes says:

    These people i wish they would just go away !

  10. tim kat says:


  11. Stinky Piece of Cheese says:

    Shes a freak of nature.

  12. Samuel Clark says:

    Trumpsky's base moves to Russia.

  13. Panda boy says:

    Shes hot

  14. Random Person says:

    She is soooooo clueless.Smh

  15. matt curcic says:

    no more monarch ! i love trump but enough seriously

  16. Dr Morecoch says:

    i don't know about you guys but i like trey gowdy for 2024 or 2028

  17. Alan Weber says:

    This would be a scandal if it was Hunter Biden… but baby girl gets a pass

  18. zeek says:

    Ivanka hump a lot

  19. William Gullett says:

    Democrats are jealous of Ivanka. She is tougher than Dem men and hotter than their women

  20. Tim M says:

    So….. A woman with little to no formal experience on consumer electronics is getting questioned about why she was allowed to speak at a consumer electronics show? REEEE OMUGAWD ITS A DURN DIDDLY LIBRUL ANTI TRUMP CONSPIRACY! Well, I gotta go guys. Time to run to the airport in my MAGA hat and scream discrimination if they don't let me fly their planes.

  21. Mr. Sarcastic says:

    The real problem is you killed a high ranking foreigner on a Diplomatic trip.
    Now your FARE GAME.

  22. Rani Rich says:

    President Trump will serve his second term and We The People will have a quality candidate in line to keep America on track!

  23. Trevorkian says:

    Meanwhile Obama's children are getting high and partying, and the media has nothing to say about them…

  24. Devon Farley says:

    Old washed white people and technology 😂

  25. THE KING PUG says:

    IVANKA Trump to address CES that so nice to let her going to CES make so amazing 😉 to she her there for business

  26. Paul B says:


  27. Akash Chopra says:

    She should have never been part of the white house admin. Now she is buying voting machines and voting tech? Scumbags..
    And Melania Trump was an illegal when she was modeling. It's a fact, Google it.

  28. Alex R says:

    Her long experience as a handbag designer must make her a really engaging speaker at an electronics show.

  29. rich s says:

    Trump has been impeached Happy New Year

  30. Nava Shashana Shifah says:

    Always Might. Do you ever have hard core facts. Smh

  31. hunk5525 says:

    Only Cavuto on HEAT😱

  32. Orion6699 says:

    Its like when she sat for daddy over at the UN. She didnt earn that seat. And why the hell should tech savvy CES attendees want to listen to anything she has to say?? She didnt earn a seat there either….

  33. Arthur Moore says:

    I cannot wait until a Democrat president get in here and take the cancer of these white supremacist from our country and from our land and put them somewhere in a shitholecountry

  34. C&C Vee says:

    Love Ivanka!

  35. Elizabeth Lind says:

    I would like to see more of Tiffany Trump.

  36. R.C.B. says:

    She's weird looking

  37. Search History says:

    Who cares?

  38. Bad Cattitude says:

    I wanna tongue punch her fart box

  39. Eliza Ugetupa says:

    She’s so ignorant..lol. Why would anyone care what she has to say.

  40. Matthew Holliday says:

    Don't bring your dirty politics into a lovely place like CES

  41. Ruth Federico says:

    I get the feeling they’re jealous because they would NEVER be asked. Ah well. What snakes. They can’t do anything but gripe. This is news???

  42. Trojan Hampton says:

    It's not who she is its who and what she is not. The base will go with the party.

  43. James RTB says:

    "Her Father, deserves an Amen…I mean "AMEN, ………..", Amen!!!


    The commentater said, we need a fresh thinker. Fools got blinders on. Trump is the freshest

  45. RickK RocKStar says:

    I love how these Democrat liberals treat women like garbage, if they disagree with them, then say they are for women's right to choose what they do. 🤔

  46. ramms mutter69 says:

    Well of course she gets heat. She's hot as hell.

  47. Donnie Wallace says:

    She can do anything she wants

  48. Paul Fuentez says:

    ivanka Trump is doing a great job i support ivanka Trump by Paul A fuentez from Bakersfield CA

  49. Last Rights says:

    She knows nothing about technology, go back to selling dresses made by chinese children Ivanka.

  50. Neil Brinton Jeffers says:

    Haha lol U$A Spaceforce budget DEBT $1T+ Debtclock $23T World $60T Fed $4.2T (DB) too big to fail

  51. chase leny says:

    She's so much more beautifully then that transvestite Mike Obama😆👍

  52. William Royer says:

    Ivanka trump should file a mega lawsuit against her plastic surgeon !!!

  53. huckle berry says:

    Shes out there learning and making connections for her white house run in 2024

  54. Ck's Life and Travels says:

    She doesn't belong there! She isn't a respected US person. It is inappropriate for her or any of them to be representing US.

  55. Make Sense says:

    If Obama's daughter was doing all she is doing….

  56. Armastat says:

    Media exposes it's bias once more. Its okay for Hunter Biden to actually work at a place he has no experience but not for anyone Trump to just visit a place?

  57. Multiverse says:

    FOX: Try writing a headline about WHAT HAPPENED, instead of about how outraged people were about it? Maybe just once? Jesus. The story isn’t ever “Trump tweets threat,” always “TRUMP FACES BACKLASH FOR THREAT.”


  58. Joel Dillon says:

    Demon traitors are going extinct Trump2020 and we patriots have the next 40 years lined up😀

  59. Tim Edwards says:

    Great job Ivanka! ……..Ignore all the trolls……

  60. Michael White says:

    Hate her or love her, you have to admit she is hot as hell.

  61. karenza t. Wall says:

    Where is Ivanka? Where is Jared? What happened to Jared's middle east world peace plan?

  62. Shane says:

    A very lovely lady focused on keeping Americans gainfully employed. Thank you greatly Ivanka.

  63. osemobo aikeremiokha says:

    the republican party news….so childishness.

  64. Steve Ast says:

    Chelsea Clinton on board of directors…. hunter Biden on board in Ukraine…….ivanka trump key note at CES..-……..all have things in common. Born into wealth, know nothing about what they are getting paid to do, being given lots of money, able to look at themselves in the mirror without any sense of guilt.

  65. Steve Godenich says:

    Fox deleted comments, especially mine, from "Reporter's Notebook: How the growing national debt seems to be fading from concern in DC
    Chad Pergram By Chad Pergram | Fox News" so I'm going to put my comments here:

    The main drivers of national debt are guns & butter spending. We're dishing out $1.25 trillion on national security[1] and over $1 trillion on welfare[2]. The Pentagon and HUD haven't passed an audit in decades so the public does not know where trillions of dollars have gone[3].

    Social Security & Medicare Insurance is funded separately as part of the Federal Insurance Contribution Act. If you eliminated the 15.3% FICA payroll withholding to help the current generation, today, it will not help our current fiscal condition one iota. It's a zero-sum gain. It will, however, devastate today's senior citizens and deprive the current and future generation of social security benefits in their old age, tomorrow. FICA caps are adjusted, ($128,400 in 2018 to $132,900 in 2019) to help account for rising costs. SS/Medicare is not a welfare program. Remember that 40% of SS recipients are military veterans and their families[4].

    Artificially low interest rates from QE/ZIRP/IOER and Fed repos are diminishing returns for the SS Trust fund and bond portfolios in retirement accounts to prop up the stock market, the central government and the Federal Reserve. QE/ZIRP/IOER and Fed repos increase liquidity on Wall Street and in the City, but erodes the purchasing power parity of the United States. Its does little to trickle down liquidity to Main Street otherwise we would see a more dramatic rise of price inflation,… not so good, either. This is not good for taxpayers, the economy nor raison d'é•tat or realpolitik.

    To lower debt/gdp, consider transitioning to a decentralized form of Edgar Feige's 0.3% APT tax[5,6] on dollar liquidity flows[7,8], where tax proceeds are apportioned to local governments and bubble up to State and Federal levels after local fiscal issues are addressed (including price inflation). Besides saving $800 billion/year, it raises net profits, raises net wages, lowers prices, unilaterally addresses tax havens[9,10] and increases financial transparency without jeopardizing national security[11]. This enables local governments to lower property taxes, lower education taxes and limits excessive state and federal spending of our tax dollars. That's the stimulus we need for business and job creation in our local communities, along with less red tape to start and operate those going concerns.

    War is not good for the economy so prepare to forage[12].

    [1] Making Sense of the $1.25 Trillion National Security State Budget| POGO | 2019

    [2] CRS Report: Welfare Spending The Largest Item In The Federal Budget | Sessions | 2012¬

    [3] Dr. Mark Skidmore – $21 Trillion Missing from US Federal Budget | Youtube

    [4] Research: Military Veterans and Social Security | SSA

    [5] Alternative Proposals Reform, May 11 2005 | Video | C-SPAN

    [6] Taxation for the 21ST Century: Automated Payment Transaction (APT) Tax | SSRN

    [7] Intraday Liquidity Flows | FRBNY

    [8] Worldwide Currency Usage & Trends | SWIFT

    [9] The Spider's Web – Britain's Second Empire | Youtube

    [10] [PDF] The Treasure Islands | Nicholas Shaxson

    [11] Federal Financial Accounting Standards 56 | FASAB | 2018

    [12] Top Economists Say War Is Bad for the Economy | The Big Picture

  66. Tinker Cooper says:

    Trump 2020

  67. TheKrazysinner says:

    It would NOT have mattered who was sent to speak, if they are from Trumps admin people are gonna trash talk period. the left are a bunch of cry babies.

  68. Edward Wolski says:

    This isn't democracy….this is an aristocracy…

  69. Mark Hou says:

    Fake news

  70. ra ra says:

    Welcome to the Dynasty Battle of the Brats! On one side of the ring we have the bearded halfwit known as Donald Trump Jr. On the other side is his little sister Ivanka, Tech Genius, patron saint of hypocrites with the irritating accent. Are these two creeps going to be the presidents for life after the Orange Blob is in jail?

  71. Christophe Blanchi says:

    Ivanka has 0 technology experience. She has nothing to say at CES. She is only there at CES because of nepotism.

  72. Grumpy 154 says:

    Cavuto sucks 💩

  73. Nicki nurse says:

    Trumps pulling out the peace keeping force in Syria…..led to this Iran war. As that
    move was what gave Solemoni the nerve to pull all his little attacks….that led to trump killing him. Too bad trump never learned how to play chess

  74. Ahmed Ibrahim Hassan haji Ali says:

    A daughter should work close with her Dad as long as he is in office. Because of confidence call out.

  75. siga al profeta R M N says:

    Si Eres por delinquent

  76. siga al profeta R M N says:

    Delinquent delinquent Ivana Intidad ajena

  77. kiyo nishikawa says:

    President Trump is so unpredictable that he should be categorized as an Out of the Box guy!

  78. Bruce McGregor says:

    The Demobrats will react badly to anything with a "Trump" handle.
    Before the election they ALL said "Trump will never be President". Now they have mud on their faces and they hate eating humble pie.
    Message to Nancy Pelosi, The retired cows meadow is out there, not in Politics. Time you are put out to graze. No! No! Don't mention it please. I'm always here to give helpful constructive advice.

  79. siga al profeta R M N says:

    Tengo mi conbrate GET y tambien mi acta de

  80. M18 Hellcat says:

    Some women are jealous of her because she is one smart and classy lady and they haven't a chance of competing with her! Some men are jealous because they don't have a chance with a woman like her but mainly of what they had to settled for. So in short, some are just jealous!!

  81. Brian Hill says:

    I'll bet you 1 million dollars that wacky Nancy was half as beautiful as Ivanka Trump…..dont worry what that leftist deepstate democrats say Ivanka because WE HAVE YOUR BACK…..GO TRUMP GO DRAIN THE SWAMP.

  82. N V says:

    Meh, nothing new here. Had it been the totally unqualifed mee-shelle the left media would be wetting themselves singing praises.

  83. Mary Giannoble says:


  84. Sam Kochel says:

    idiot "news" commentators. She gave the KEYNOTE address for something she knows next to nothing about and have no qualification for. What does she know about tech or the details of the tech business?

  85. Nancy Mesek says:

    What does she know about tech?
    Too bad they didn’t ask her to explain coding. That’d been hilarious.

  86. Captain Prototype says:

    Ivanka was looking all over ces 2020 for the "Michael Steel", the latest model dildo that vibrates over bluetooth remote control. Turned out recently she has had a years long friendship with him. Uh, it…..

  87. Inland empire California says:

    Everything about Ivanka is pretend ….her voice …her walk… total FRAUD…

  88. SGT ROCK says:

    CAVUTO is a Parasite

  89. Windy Richardson says:

    I listened to Ivanka speak and she did a GREAT job.

  90. Windy Richardson says:

    Don Jr is our man. Kimberly is getting him ready.
    Ivanka is too Left for us Trumplicans

  91. mindminer says:

    The dumb daughterwife talks at CES. Hilarious!

  92. Inland empire California says:

    Lol daughterwife

  93. Yiguang Shi says:

    Neil Cavuto did point out that there was a long list of keynote speakers including a few non-tech speakers other than Ivanka. He questioned whether it was appropriate to send Ivanka, but I guess he overlooked that Michael Kratsios, the Chief Technology Officer of U.S. from WH, was also a keynote at CES 2020. I guess Kratsios doesn't get as much attention as Ivanka.

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