Italy’s last banknotes

Italy’s last banknotes

so hello fellow banknote and coin
collectors exclaimed back from another video and today we’re just going to be
talking about the last series of Italian banknotes and at the end we’ll get into
their values and whether you can exchange and so wait until later in the
video and you can get that information you can just fast-forward it and get it
right at the end so these banknotes were withdrawn in 2002 when they issued the
euro and there are actually quite a nice series so these were not all issued at
the start in one year the first bank note was issued in 1984 of this design
unit last 199 u7i designed to make a complete set of banknotes for
circulation so really only 5 years these actually circulators a whole set and as
you can see do you 1 in 2000 the same height but different lengths nee 510 and
50000 are actually the same height in different lengths for gnome gannis ad
100 and 500,000 actually different height and different lengths so they’re
actually quite a nice series different colorations but they could have made
these colors actually a lot more prominent so I knew 1000 lira so this is
the smallest denomination at the time the 500 lira banknotes was actually
faded yeah we we’ve drawn in the 80s and you know I need to actually issued a
bi-metal coin so this one has Murray on one test Saudi and she was a physician
educator known for her dedication to there they go GOG gree dead agog e which
is a type of education where you will learn about how knowledge and skills are
imparted to those who are actually trying to teach so it’s trying to
improve education so those who’ve been educated actually get more out of
they actually being taught so if you see on this bayonet they’re all pretty much
the same they have the numeral up here the amount in Italian bank a d’Italia
down the bottom the serial numbers on the left and right the portrait is
always on the right side and the watermark is always from the left side
and has a security thread and there’s two types of banknotes with different
types of security features for the higher denominations the watermark is
always pretty much the same as the portrait that’s on there and then we
have this seal so this is not the soroban catelleya this is a divinity
hand coat of arms and flag so this is the version of the republic of venice
and here we have the coat of arms of italy that used to be so but the current
coat of arms is or emblem it’s just a star on a cog with a roof around it so
that’s more like communist symbol but it’s not communist so on the reverse we
always have something associated with the person who is on the front so as
she’s an educator you can see there’s two children learning and this is
probably the Montessori School which I she found it and it was dedicated to
education in her style and also has beautiful coloration so I like this one
fails and they’re a beautiful Bank name also has the crown on it so this is the
minister of decree 3rd of October 1990 that’s just a legal decreed tell them
when the banknote can be authorized to be printed not the actual date of
printing because sometimes they just reissued the decree so it’s just one
have a different one no 1990 anyway then we have the 2000 lira so did to fasten
there I’ve got to don’t know why I’ve got to must have got two different sets
and do they have different signatures no the same so this one Cokely Cokely am called limo Maconie
called little Marconi on a butcher his name better I should actually learn how
to pronounce Italian words it was an inventor electrical engineer and he had
he actually has a law named after him called my corn is law which just tells
about the height of an antenna so the height of an antenna and the distance
that it can actually transmit and actually gets a bit more complicated
than that that’s pretty much just a basic theory of what that law actually
entails and he was born in 1874 and died in 1937 so you had a good life and it
has a nice portrait it’s quite handsome actually mm-hmm very nice and as you can
see the watermark it’s actually him so and security Freddie’s just down there
and also we have enough security feature in the center so if you’re holding it up
should actually join up so this side that side of yellow green so those sort
of actually match up so you should actually see straight through it and
anyway on the reverse we have transmissions we have Telegraph which
was the popular means of transmission in the early 20th century in the late 18th
and 19th century should I say and their telephone actually replaced it and then
we have a ship and that is the a yacht electra which is Mahoney’s yacht so
obvious is quite a wealthy person if you could actually have a yacht then he
actually owns and yeah oh that is a beautiful topper banknote and as 1990
and then we had the 5000 there so these two have different signatures
and let’s see in a minute and see if they’re different dates so this one has
inch Enzo Bellini you was a playwright so he actually wrote operas and as you
can see in the background interior tetra masini that’s in Catania and this would
have been a place where people went to actually watch the Opera and it has a
musical night our not in the musical night but I can’t remember what that is
you put at start of our the lines that they used to actually read musical notes
have a look if you have a look at this closing definitely definitely has the
dial of clothing that they actually used during the probably 18 1900s and on the
reverse we have something from one of these plays and that is the Norma opera
so they offer a section called Norma and it has a column and trays and that
person probably playing allegory of lyrics so not to show they were actually
CDs play I should actually watch it she’ll be on YouTube so actually what
it’s actually product quite a nice play I believe and because now they’re both
1985 so this is one of the first ones actually issued in 1985 the neck bank
now the 10,000 actually issued in 1984 as well as the 50,000 and these ones
have less than 50,000 has say Eva a single security threat or double and
that is two so this one’s an upgraded security features and it has a single
security fred that’s one of the earlier ones
so it is spanked no he is has alessandro volta
and if you know voltages it’s actually named after this guy so here we have a
battery he’s a electrical vote column and I
believed I had a Lincoln copper plate Superboy salt water so it’s pretty
simple that’s from memory I I actually did read
about it and it has it has a anode in the keto cathode and that just creates a
loop for electrons actually go around it so it’s actually quite an interesting
thing and this is him and on the reverse we have museum tempio for Tiana that’s
in comer and I presume that that is actually a science museum dedicated to
Volta but probably not any in probably ever scientific works it looks like the
building this actually it’s Romanesque style so has a vaulter on it so this is
definitely a museum to Volta probably has the battery and all that stuff in it
I’d love to go to Italy and check it out and the watermark is voltar as well
pretty much assignments the one that’s actually portrayed in here and let’s
have a look at the dates on them so this is 84 a for is 84 so it all pretty much
dated 84 but these signatures are pretty different and I believe this is a second
oldest one and these ones are pretty earlier so the same signatures and it’s
the actual numbers serial numbers don’t actually correlate with the date they
just kept on printing serial numbers doesn’t matter what the date the decree
was so the last one I have and this is the
highest banknote I have is the 50000 so here we have gone lens of Bernini near
the sculptor and architect so this is one of his actual sculpts sculptures and
he is one of the free people actually promoted the baroque style of
architecture painting and sculpture and also you actually work for the actual
pope at one point I think Pope Innocent D 7th and he it was born in 1898 and
died in 1680 so he had a good life I actually died quite a long time ago so
he’s been deceased longer than he was alive but his legacy survives which is
pretty good have a look into secure fire serial numbers so this is a first issue
the AAA says 1 million so this is actually D so it’s a full moon eight
hundred and four thousand three hundred and twenty-eight Bank no so what you
need to get is that to be an aid to be really a collectible banknote and then
there is only one million for all a numbers and on the back you have a a
statue that Bernini actually sculptured so do you questions that you and here’s
the interior of st. Peter’s Basilica which he also painted as well so it’s
st. Peter’s Basilica is built around the same time and I’m going to make a video
about the actual vet ok so now that we have actually looked at the banknotes
what are their values well when these were actually change in 2002 the actual
value to the euro was 1936 point to 7 to 1 euro
so it’s nearly 2000 probably would have been rounded up to close to 2000 so 1 9
3 6 0 – one euro and these were exchangeable
up into the 29 February 2012 by the central bank so you could have changed
them up until that time and now there’s actually a worthless you can’t actually
exchange them at the bank d’Italia and I actually have no monetary value and you
have a collector’s value so with this banknote you can actually get this one
for like $10 on eBay probably a bit more expensive at coin shops with the value
winner is in circulation in Australian dollars this would have been equivalent
to 50 Australian dollar fingers like 1200 lira to one Australian dollar so
look probably $45 so it’s actually quite a lot of money
and whoever collected this they probably would have actually got their money’s
worth when they actually sold it or they could have actually lost money so in the
process someone actually lost money when actually sold they’re bought and sold
this banknote because their value is actually dropped in the same of these
ones so I brought two lots of these so I brought them for like $15 each
and the face value would have been $30 for these runs so I actually brought
some over banknotes with it as well so really you did not actually get your
money that money’s worth that the value was in the 1990s so really these are
dropped in V because they no longer exchangeable and I’ve yet to see that
with you 500 1000 Indian rupees that day do you monetize it soon a like that
probably happened and yeah so these are only collectors owned so you can
probably pick this up for I know each of these in this condition probably a few
dollars I’m not gonna get it keep all these so I’ll get rid of some so this
one I’ll probably get rid of I’ve yet to determine a value but if you
can buy this one flight ten to twenty dollars then these ones actually
probably worth a little bit less except if they’re in higher condition so the
higher the condition the more money you can actually get so that is the end of
the video I’d like to say thank you very much for watching my video please give
it a farm something Scott to my channel and have it awesome coin collecting
magnate collecting time people thank you and bye bye


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