Is Gambling a Sin? Christian Gambling

Is Gambling a Sin? Christian Gambling

What does the Bible say about Gambling? Should
Christians gamble? And is Gambling a sin? If you’ve ever had questions about gambling
from a Christian perspective, stay tuned! Hi guys, my name is Justin and I want to welcome
you to another episode of “That Christian Vlogger,” a place where you get to come
join me and experience faith in the first person. On this episode we’re asking ourselves,
“Is gambling a sin?” In many Christian circles gambling is looked
at as a very dark thing- the type of thing that no self respecting Christian should ever
do. Most Christians would not have a problem saying that yes, Gambling is definitely a
sin and the Bible is clear on that. However.. I don’t think the Bible is so black and
white on this… Now before you stone me for heresy, just hear me out… Contrary to popular belief, the Bible actually
never talks about gambling in a negative way. In fact, the Bible has nothing to say about
gambling at all! What the Bible does have to talk about is stewardship and coveting. The Bible many times talks about how placing
material goods on a pedestal to be worshiped is a sinful thing. Consider Mark 8:36 where
Jesus says, “what will it profit a man if he gains the whole world, and loses his soul?”
or Hebrews 13:5 that says, “Keep your life free from love of money, and be content with
what you have.” Or most famously in 1 Timothy 6:10 that says, “the love of money is the
root of all evil.” Over and over again, the Bible makes it clear
that the love of money and an unhealthy and unbalanced pursuit of money is a sin. Now,
this doesn’t mean that being rich is a sin or working to get a raise is sinful. (Believe
me, I wouldn’t oppose if my boss offered me a raise either, nor would I be disappointed
in the least bit). What the Bible does say is that coveting others
worldly goods and being so consumed with financial success to the neglect of spiritual wholeness
or at the cost of your relationships is a very unhealthily way to live and certainly
sinful. However, this doesn’t really actually answer
the question, “Is gambling a sin?” I actually think that depending upon who you are and
the way you approach gambling determines wether or not it is sinful for you. Here’s what I mean by this. The other day,
I was looking for something romantic to do with my beautiful wife Emily. I stumbled across
this website that had a private hot air balloon ride for two available. Get this, for a ride
that will last only 2 or 3 hours, the rate was an insane number of over $650! Now I recognize
that for some of you this isn’t a ton, but for a couple still trying to pay off their
college loans- this is a little outside our budget. Now, does this mean that riding a hot air
balloon ride is sinful? Not necessarily. For those with a ton of money, $650 might just
be a drop in the bucket and no bid deal at all because it would not cause their families
any undue financial stress at all. Now imagine it was my honeymoon and I wanted
to do something special for Emily and I saved up to do something fun with her. Would it
be sinful to ride the hot air balloon then? Again, as long as I was being a responsible
steward and not running my families budget into the ground, I don’t see anything wrong
with it at all! Now replace going to the casino with my example
of the hot air balloon. Is it wrong to budget a few hundred dollars on a few hours of entertainment?
Maybe, maybe not! It depends on who you are. If I’m in no financial position to be spending
that money then absolutely yes! If I am a wealthy man, than there’s no real reason
to think that spending a few hundred dollars on some fun. Now before you all run off to Vegas, let me
just be frank with you. Just because gambling might technically not be a sin, doesn’t
make it a wise thing for you to do. My late grandfather made millions of dollars back
in the day from gambling. In fact, Caesar’s Palace which was one of the big time Casinos
back in the day would fly the family out to Vegas, giving us the presidential suites for
free, just to get him back in the doors! You see the Casinos knew that my Grandfather
didn’t have the healthiest relationship to money. The Casinos took advantage of my
Grandfathers compulsively nature to gambling and they exploited the simple fact that gambling
is addictive. They knew that if they could just get him in the door over and over again,
in the long run, they would win! By the end of his life, the gambling cost my grandfather
much more than he was willing to pay- it cost him not only all of his money (since he died
broke)- but many of the family relationships along the way. You see, gambling is an incredibly dangerous
vice to indulge for many people. Annual costs associated with gambling run over 17 billion
dollars a year. Those who become addicted to gambling often suffer from major depression
related disorders and are higher risk for tobacco and drug abuse. Studies estimate anywhere
from 25-50 percent of those with an addiction to gambling end up abusing their spouses.
And last but certainly not least, Georgia State University identified that over 73%
of all people who are incarcerated are identified as chronic gamblers. So while in my opinion, I don’t think that
Gambling is a sin, I still don’t think it’s something Christians ought to do. Christ calls
us to set a high standard and to aim for the best in all areas of our lives. He calls us
to be faithful stewards of both our time and money and to learn as Paul said, “to be
content in any and every situation.” Why? Because to us, God’s grace and goodness
in our lives is more than we’ll ever need! That’s all for today guys, I hope you enjoyed
today’s topic. What do you think about Gambling? Is gambling a sin? Let me know your thoughts
in the comment section below! As always I just want to say thank you for
watching, and if you’re new to this channel I’d encourage you to check out some of our
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Until next time, I’m “That Christian Vlogger” and I want to encourage you to experience
faith in the first person! God bless!


  1. MrFootyAce says:

    More verses that can guide one who is gambling/betting are those that talk about predicting the future.

    “Do not boast about tomorrow, for you do not know what a day may bring.”
    ‭‭Proverbs‬ ‭27:1‬ ‭ESV‬‬

    Whenever I talk about sports or someone asks me to bet on a game this verse always comes to mind. The ideology is that you need a pretty high level of confidence to put money down on a position that will occur in the future and you have no control over. It's totally true that gambling is not out and out listed in the bible as sin but the folly that is behind it often leads to sin and more or less, destruction.

  2. Mi Les says:

    It's not explicit or never mentioned

    Gambling like casino can be addicting and cause poverty as problems

    Gambling is also in like hedge funds, stock marketing and investment, these are not wrong or potentially dangerous except work stress

    In this case, it has to come down to heart, motivation and wisdom

    Great message!

  3. Lorie Brumfield says:

    very good point that the LOVE of money is the issue not the game of Black Jack, poker…or whatever game you may play.

  4. Seeking Finding Heart says:

    I liked your approach to this video. I really liked how you linked it to the love of money and how that becomes the focus, taking eyes off of Jesus. Personally, I am not a fan of gambling because I have seen it take over family members' lives. Now, is it a sin? I see it as I see alcohol. They are both things I do not partake in, but with responsibility and not allowing them to distort judgement, I do not see them as being sinful activities. However, when they are abused, and it starts to effect others and it pulls you away from Jesus, then yes, it is sinful.

  5. Andy's Destination says:

    I am happy that im not a gambler. I just live with joy that i have a job, a house and working on my new career as a photography. im not racing for money tho. i just do what i do to live with joy. no more and no less. this is a good Vlog and good message. GOD bless

  6. Vanessa WOH says:

    Pastors Perspective touches on this subject often, people call in & ask this a lot.

    They basically have said that gambling can be okay depending on the person, and whether or not you're spending your rent money. Or your money for bills etc Basically not being a steward of your money.

    They gave an example of it being your birthday & you get scratch tickets for a gift, theres likely no harm in it (assuming you don't have a gambling addiction) because you're not being irresponsible with your money by playing the lottery from a gift.

    Loving your channel.

  7. Keepin' It Relle says:

    Oh my gosh, Justin! This is so good! You're killing it!


    Wow, I'm glad I stumbled accross your channel off of a comment on ThinkMedia's channel lol.

    I agree with every point you made here, but, I do believe gambling is a sin. Just using your points on Stewardship and Coveting, even if you have the means, how is it ok to take advantage of another beleaver's "stewardship?" and with coveting, how is it a goal to win with no motivation to want more? Don't get me wrong, I love that you address this conversation and even warn Christian brothers to abstain from gambling. This is a great conversation to have among the local church.

    where are you based from?

  9. TheGravityShifter says:

    Well, as long as gambling doesn't become addictive and you don't hurt relationships or your health, I don't see why not, but then again, according to those verses, at the least gambling is heavily frowned upon in God's eyes. Peter says we must do profitable things and Paul says we must do all things for the glory of God. I have video game addiction pretty much due to my ADD and Asperger's. If that alone is a struggle, why add more weight? I'm struggling hard enough as it is to break a 13-14 year old habit, so the last thing I need is to risk addiction to something else. Great vid btw.

  10. Xernan Balancio says:

    Thank you Justin. It's inspiring to hear a vlog from a brother in faith. God bless you!

  11. David Covington says:

    Ok seriously.. Great.. we got a Hard core Christian in here… Bet you have "EVIDENCE" to prove your God is real right… because if so.. i want to see it.. and i want to see it now

  12. Stud says:

    That wallpaper tho lol. Great video man! Keep it up

  13. J. M. E. says:

    I don't think it's a wise thing to do either. GOD has better for us in life!!!Jesus comes so we can have life and have it more abundantly!!!GOD Bless You all my sisters and brothers in Jesus CHRIST!!!From Jadon

  14. CRAZY SHERMANS says:

    Good thoughts! As someone who once was addicted to online poker, my heart was constantly in the wrong place (and I was driving myself deeper in debt beyond student loans) which is of course idolatry — God looks at the heart, and thankfully, God never gives up on us! Not only have I not gambled since college, but since giving my heart totally to Him, He has led me on an incredible journey… I'm now happily married with 2 beautiful kids and we are missionaries in Tanzania! It's all about the heart, and is best placed completely in God's hands 🙂

  15. Coral Hahn says:

  16. Mykee Landry says:

    i think that gambling with a budget that doesnt change from month to month is a moderate amount. we rather have hope in the Bible than games against the odds. i like this vid very good points and opinion and usage of verses. no non productive words here. thanks.

  17. محمد زمانى says:


  18. Mr. TaLLy!!!! says:

    How can you ask is gambling a sin you don't keep the Commandments

  19. Des Gardius 2012 says:

    Gambling is dumb, my friend. But is it a "sin"? I wouldn't say so.

  20. Unamaanda Kenneth Nndwammbi says:

    Great video… very wise thinking

  21. Josh Cooper says:

    I subscribed to you thinking you make pretty good videos like the study tips ,than I came across and few more of your videos watering down some sins ,this blew it for me ,GAMBILING IS A SIN , what your doing, saying it's ok to gamble responsibly with a few hundred bucks is going to currupt minds of other Christian's now thinking it's ok to gamble ,you are misleading them ,this is for everyone who's watching this , GAMBLING IS A SIN "PERIOD" EVEN IF ITS A FEW HUNDRED BUCKS LOL mathew 6:24 “No one can serve two masters. Either you will hate the one and love the other, or you will be devoted to the one and despise the other. You cannot serve both God and money ,how can we gamble away what God blessed us with??? im unsubscribing bro ,God bless you

  22. TC W says:

    My question – didn't the roman soldiers "gamble" or cast lots (roll the dice) for Jesus' clothes? Isn't this the Bible speaking of gambling in a negative light? This is an honest perspective. Thoughts??

  23. Israel Galivjan says:

    Well, I need money because I wanted to buy a scooter I have 2 jobs and I go to college but I still have to work 2 years to be able to afford it. Am I sinful if I put a part of my loan in roulette? I mean it’s a joy and it’s not that I will be addicted forever because I honestly don’t like having much money. It’s just that I don’t want to work another 2 years. I am very careful and I know the limits and I will certainly quit once I gathered and earned the money for the scooter (mainly by working)

  24. Al May says:

    I do lotto tickets. I won $2K once. If God does not want me to gamble, why did He allow me to win?

  25. Adrian Espinoza says:

    Poker is different than gambling, good players have edge over lesser players… not like other games where odds are never in your favor and house always wins… furthermore is the wall street broker, or business man who doesn't study their craft any less a sinner? Or the student who to school for a degree they'll never use? True message is keep strong relationship with God and be good steward of his blessings.

  26. Marvin Ward says:

    If gambling causes you to be greedy and selfish then I think to that person it is a sin.

  27. Marvin Ward says:

    Look at what God did to the man in the bible who was greedy and.selfish.

  28. gayle norris says:

    my whole family are Christians and my dad taught gambling to us and we became good at it.i started at 12 my sis 17 and unlike betted her betting with my dad.he wanted me to learn the hard dad gave us 5 rules to gamble so you can win and not get stuff thats very importantan,never ever bet no more than you can afford to lose,never drink,do drugs or get angry when you bet,keep your bets the same [hard for me],and last never chase loses because he would always say their will be games when iam dead and gone.i wish more people that are true Christians believed the way you do.the supreme court passed a gambling bill a few weeks ago andi was so happy until I heard that south Carolina vetoed it eventhough most people is also the second most most imployedbehinn Michigan and we live 10 miles from mrtyle beach.i love hearing you talkand theirs only 1 that I know off that the bible talked about gambling is when they were gambling to see who got Christ's robe,but that is it.north Carolina is not known to have the best basketball player on earth buttransgederlaws that cost us the nba allstar game and the acc tournament.gambling would be a great revenue.godbless adam.

  29. christopher granthem says:

    gambling is looked down upon and not approved though maybe allowed
    leaving to chance and fate is accepted and approved if you dont test the solid ground of god to see if hell save you from impending doom you put yourself in but test him in regard of giving 10% of your earnings to him and giving generously and abundantly

  30. Otavious Mckenzie says:

    To be honest with you I used to play in the past when I got saved I know God told me not to play just want to trust in God and not playing the lottery, I want have faith hon Jesus and sending a postive message

  31. Virgil Fabre says:

    Go fuck yourself, there you go
    Fuck religions

  32. ClipsForGames says:

    Grrr that sh-t music in the background grrrr.

  33. Sal Ochoa says:

    Has anyone in the bible ever gambled against the devil, using the loyalty of a righteous man as the wager? If you answered God him self, you are correct.

  34. GRACE & TRUTH says:

    If you talk to me like that. I'll punch you.

  35. Jerry James says:

    Over 2.5

  36. Lisa M says:

    Very good points. Like ur style and how It break it down. Gby

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