Iran threatens to ramp up nuclear activity despite Trump’s sanctions

Iran threatens to ramp up nuclear activity despite Trump’s sanctions


  1. St0rm Ranger says:

    Anyone here ever see Jericho?
    It's only a matter of time before a similar attack happens. They don't need missiles. Just a couple dozen uhaul trucks.

  2. Nicholas Santos says:

    WE drove them to this, thanks to Israel and Mr chump

  3. Joshua James says:

    They are really trying to get slapped by the merican meat hammer

  4. Jack0001 says:

    Rouhani's gonna keep screwing around & wake up some morning in a CIA blacksite… Because that's what you do with your assets when they're no longer useful

  5. john clark says:

    Iran will never even come close to stopping the power of the United States of America we are the #1 superpower not even the Russians could defeat us.

  6. Richard B says:

    That must be expensive for Iran..I wonder where they got the money..
    Maybe Obama

  7. Wally Wally says:

    I understand why goats have similar beards as Iran leader. Look ➡️🐐.

  8. Kaleb says:

    sounds like a good way to get nuked

  9. Jon Foss says:

    Perhaps your nuclear sight will implode MYSTERIOUSLY LIKE YOUR MISSLE SIGHT

  10. Errick Mackey says:

    Iran is using Taqiyya to get what they want. Iran never intended to honor any agreement made with infidels aka non Muslims. This is Part of Sharia Law.

  11. The ShadowMan says:

    They’re FIRED 🚀 💥

  12. B.J Cameron says:

    The EU and Obama were naive to think they could do a deal with Iran. Islam is not answerable to Infidels and President Trump knows exactly what he is up against. Deep within Islam is a Power that wants the World.

  13. David A says:

    Fox is full of crap. Great pro war propaganda .. 20 20 hindsight shows Netnyahoo has BEEN CRYING WOLF FOR YEARS! WHILE RUPERT AND GENIE ENERGY CRONIES GET RICHER FROM GOLAN HEIGHTS STOLEN OIL!!!

  14. localpsychosis main says:

    If they build a nuclear weapon it will be the first and last attempt

  15. Nagato Sarutobi says:

    Iran is only trying to catch up to Israel and Saudi Arabia, However I believe their too late. People seem to believe its the US going after Iran when in reality Irans two closes enemies are in the same area and both allied with the US.. see the picture…

  16. Missie says:

    POTUS, don't meet with Satan's disciples. Send them to hell.

  17. Jason Robertson says:

    Start fueling the bombers…

  18. Pischue Forqe says:

    the real story is Qatar and turkey are on the mullah's side. Qatar shares an oil field with iran though it disallows any Shia citizens among its socialist theocracy's 300,000 legal citizens, it also works with them for anti American and terroristic goals.

  19. Pischue Forqe says:

    Iran was once ruled by Britain, Qatar was invented from whole cloth by Britain and was a British colony until 1973. Britain (and the US) built for Irann and qatar a shared oil field, not having a clue about the Sunni Shia ancient war, also iran sold 9/11 to the gulf. the Iranian revolution was based on the Sunni Muslim brotherhood's ideas, and they never shoes away from their support for the Sunni MB. though today there's a rift between parts of each, even isis the first isis was shia not Sunni, the khourosan group in fact zarqawi the founder of isis called for unity between anti American Islamic terrorists.

  20. Roskill Boyz says:

    Fox news is full of crap, Iran wont and don't want to make new deals, they want to stay to the old deal, Americans talk crap as they always do

  21. Kevin L says:

    He's trying to negotiate with Trump?

  22. Chona Figuerres says:

    Something just blew up during the launch, now they want to play with nuclear enrichment. Hopefully it does not toast them alive.

  23. Edna Roberts says:

    You have to have water to make a nuclear weapon

  24. Edna Roberts says:

    Oil and water don’t mix

  25. Al Gore Rhythm says:

    Give them a trillion dollars, that will shut them up!

  26. John Smith says:

    More sanctions.

  27. World Adventurer says:

    Iran needs to fix their rocket booster program first, lol.

  28. lena pistone says:

    I guess we will see what happens first, Iran developing a Nuclear Weapon, or their Economy crashes and the Mullahs get tossed into a dumpster.

  29. For The Republic says:

    The fact that they are blatantly stating they will keep pursuing their nuclear objective despite our sanctions means that we CAN NOT TRUST THEM and must SANCTION THEM INTO OBLIVION, we must crack down on them EVEN HARDER. We must not negotiate with terrorists!! Hell no!!!

  30. Mickey Andres says:

    Fk Iran!

  31. RANDY SUTTON says:

    F**k Iran

  32. stephen bowden says:

    Let's hope that iran blows themselves up with their own nuclear weapons.

  33. EBobby Sing says:

    If Israel and the USA can have Nuclear Weapons than Iran should have it too.

  34. Anthony Gomes says:

    Getting nuclear weapons will not work if America uses it first. Iran will be reduced to ashes, in few seconds. Bad move.

  35. arman757 says:

    I feel like this has been the Iran headline for the last 20 years

  36. monmixer says:

    I'm sure they already have nuclear weapons. This is just hype to get attention.

  37. monmixer says:

    Lets just dig a big tunnel and suck their oil out from underneath of them. Submarine tankers.

  38. Wally Wally says:

    When I saw XI JINPING together with SUPREME LEADER I just fart a spontaneous reaction, two USELESS living things.

  39. Sal Lizandro says:


  40. Sal Lizandro says:


  41. Sal Lizandro says:


  42. George Abraham says:

    America has better plastic surgeons than the drug dealers… Obama bin laden and Rouhani Hussein.. You can't have a plot so consistent and not call it the plan.. I think Lebanon might be in trouble.. The Iranian Nuclear fad is actually a ploy against them. America is not a place that gets it's hands dirty.. it's policy I think.. Somewhere in North Korea.. and old man unsheathes an old bell.. who's purpose is finally understood.. It's the nuclear malfunction bell.

  43. Jon Foss says:


  44. abouzar esmaeili says:

    There is no men in the US to war with iran🇮🇷🇮🇷🇮🇷💪💪💪

  45. Batfan 559 says:

    Their reactor will mysteriously blow up just like Russia's did….

  46. heat cliff says:

    Go Iran. Ran the world.

  47. zoki kostadinov says:

    soooo much one sided propaganda

  48. star star says:

    Let Trump Be Trump he will do what's right for all the people the good the bad and those nut jobs that will not do their job JUST Think what Trump could do with a little help he is working with no help from those nut jobs.

  49. Silence Dogood says:

    The day Iran threatened the world and no one cared…lmao

  50. Chatla Suresh says:

    Iran just making news to the world and reality is it's clerical leadership is crippling and going into poverty.

  51. Chatla Suresh says:

    2015 deal itself a disaster and NO Nation makes any kind of nuclear activity with Iran, known about it's regime terrorist activities. Iran bombs every Nation and Iran made up it's mind about it imagining Hillary Clinton will be 2016 USA President.

  52. Barrett Kettle says:

    Fuc iran…they need to self implode

  53. Gene Hess says:

    Trump has Iran on back burnes, on self destruct button.

  54. stingray427man says:

    Let the Sunnis deal with Iran.

  55. Farshad VCF says:

    thank god these stupids are in charge in america..oh relief on relief

  56. Hong Lu says:

    sanction work

  57. domenicaantje says:

    Time to take out this satanic regime.

  58. Franco Palumbo says:

    Israel Special Forces – Let's Be done with IRAN!

  59. vincent fong says:

    Russia, a democracy , is the axis of evil. China , a communist with zero socialist welfare and more capitalist than USA, is a slavery factory for the world. Iran or middle East provide most oil to the rest of the world and they are a suppressed poor population so that the elites are rich. The west should stop buying from these economies.

  60. Pat Mul-k says:

    Go ahead Iran, I want to see Israel smash you anyway

  61. fafar gol says:

    All countries with policies contrary to that of the USA , automatically become It's enemies.
    Unfortunately since the seventies ,the USA has adopted the policy of
    trading ( betraying) old allies for new ones.
    The USA’s hypocrisy and corruption is only outweighed by its incompetence.

  62. Tom Meyers says:

    Iran threatens to ramp up po0ping dey pants.
    "Trump shows no signs of caving in Obama style"

  63. Tom Meyers says:

    Iran threatens to dig up the young people who tried to rise up and appealed to Obama for help……Slap em around some more….re-bury them.

  64. Dying Starz says:

    Israel is the tru American leader's!!! American ain't nothing without their's Israel father. 😂

  65. Trenton Coop says:

    Go ahead Iran, you still have no ability or the technology to place a nuclear war head on a missile yet so all your gonna do is create a surplus of nuclear material. Iran is being run by idiots that will happily watch their country fall before they give in to sanctions pressure, this wont get resolved anytime soon

  66. Lawrence S A Attrill says:

    Iran send them a gift of a millions bombs big bombs, no matter what you do you will never wipe them out.

  67. Suikerbier says:

    Iran is doing the right thing. Trump hate for Iran stems from his Zionist admiration for Israel. Very unhealthy and has nothing to do with making America great.

  68. Harry V says:

    United States is under economic war with Iran. Iran wants to waste money on what is the most money waste field known. The cost of nuclear activities will break them. They are wasting their time, money, resources on nuclear activities. With this strategy them will defeat themselves.

  69. Sarah Petty says:

    LOL… Iran.. Glutton for Punishment… lets Oblige them!

  70. Ford Fanatic the moon landing was real says:

    The title photo would make a good meme

  71. Straight Whitemale says:

    Let them , if ever Iran fires off a nuclear weapon we will have the permission to irradiate Islam.

  72. Jack London says:

    Iran- the next Chernobyl/Fukushima coming up.

  73. David White says:

    Mother of all Bombs, drop it on ROHANI, TAKE OUT ALL NUCLEAR FACILITIES NOW!

  74. David White says:

    (((WWG1WGA))) QANONS make our move!

  75. William Haddock says:

    Thank you very much, Mr Obama, for all your help !!!!!

  76. mohammed ali says:

    when they talk sanction the price of the iphone goes high , thinking about buying a huawei

  77. MrMaroonBubble says:


  78. Russ Clay says:

    IRAN's nuclear program will backfire on them and they will end up nuking their own country.

  79. Vig orniensis says:

    Total bollox.

  80. OkiDoki Mate says:

    No talks period with blackmailers!

  81. Nug OfGold says:

    majority of the comments here are just like the words out of john Bolton's mouth.

  82. Ice Cube says:

    USA created ISIS. Iran and Hezbollah destroyed ISIS. USA butthurt 😂

  83. Albert Mas says:

    Iran is bluffing !

  84. Lee H says:

    Of course Iran don’t want to lost $150 billions nuclear deal created by Obama. $150 billions is big free money from Stupid leader Obama gave for Iran= gave for Terrorists. Obama is more dangerous to America 100 times than all Terrorists compiled. If $150 billions gave into terrorists hands, they make nuclear weapons and bom all over the world. Obama is Terrorist’s leader, send him to jail for what he have done for America.

  85. tino v says:

    Only thing that works !!

  86. Steve Nolte says:

    AWWWWW , poor iran , they want some attention , Listen iran , try playing nice for once in the neighborhood , just be nice for a change with people who dont wear towels on their heads , and I would warn you iran not to try extortion againts the peaceful world . so once again try being nice to other nations instead of towel wearing SOB's , you might end up liking yourselves a liitle better instead of being such bastards all the time .

  87. snaker9er says:

    Not one American should lose their life attacking Iran until they actually strike Israel, until then let them make threats and starve

  88. don't give up says:

    Guys for the record Russia is behind all of these problems .

  89. simon scowled says:

    FAT trump couldn't get mexico to pay for a wall, he has zero chances

  90. Moreno King says:

    Iran never broke any international law…..

  91. shelia newell says:

    Iran will force conflict at heir own peril, They cannot beat America of Israel in a war , Sure they have weapons but how many they will be out of ammo within a week. The Iranian people will suffer the most. Better to wipe the Iranian army and navy out now than to let them go on, Irans refineries and crude storage would be wiped out, their infrastructure would be destroyed. Mines would be placed around their harbors and they would lose their airspace within a week. They are becoming desperate and watch they will start a war rather than lose faith. Israel will eventually attack Iran because of their terror attacks and all they want is our backing.

  92. nadsanan watcharakan says:

    Dumbest nation on earth

  93. CDC 232 says:

    Islamic republic of Iran is RESPONSIBLE for the people's MISERY …..but again, THE SAME PEOPLE brought this REGIME in 1979

  94. James California says:

    ✖ Iran is doomed … 💀

  95. walt7500 says:

    Islam is an inbred cancer, napalm is the answer.

  96. billy boy says:

    North Korea can buy Nuclear weapons from Iran since they are testing their missiles almost every day.
    Trump is afraid to put more section on North Korea like he is doing to Iran.

  97. YouKnow Who says:

    Well giving ultimatums to europeans and everyone is not the best strategy if you want to create trust and stability in the middle east. Khomeini is old school kinda guy and he knows he has to push the upper hand to maintain credibility position , and i understand that ,but for the sake of the World Peace we all have to suck up our Pride sometimes ,for the Greater Good and for the Stability i suggest to both maybe some sorta halfway compromise aproach thinking to gain negotion trust. no bowing tho.sorry

  98. American Rebel says:

    Irans economy is on the brink of collapse, but Irans government are so stubborn they would rather let there country turn into Syria than go to the negotiateon table haha whatever

  99. Aren't I Adorable says:

    To their own detriment and ruin.

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