Iran launches second missile attack against Iraq: Report

Iran launches second missile attack against Iraq: Report


  1. Bigwave2003 says:

    You are watching the launch of Trump's re-election campaign. It's the only card he has left to play to keep his crime family out of prison.

  2. Dare 4 Death says:

    18 years in Afghanistan now 118 years for Iran

    Trump: All is well

  3. karekezi Etienne says:

    we can ' t live in peace as long as we have each other. welcome 2020

  4. Michael Singler says:

    Trump is only tuff when he is on Twitter. He doesn't want a war, he wants a distraction.

  5. ALTRAX Channel says:

    think their children..think your children and think those innocent people who will lost their lives in kind of nonsense act you called war..

  6. karekezi Etienne says:

    if u want peace u have to fight

  7. Said Ali says:

    America should be wiped out of middle east. Why doesn't the UN deal with this world menace??

  8. 7625e says:

    So I tell you to leave my house
    you say NO bring more people into my house
    I defend myself and hit you
    now I have to go to jail



  9. janzen mendoza says:


  10. Christopher car says:

    Please everyone let's find a cure for type 2 Diabetes.

  11. ميوزك الفن العالي says:


  12. Sniper Dog says:

    We should send Pelosi to Iran as a peace offering

  13. Amir Hasan says:

    The media just reported as if the US is being attacked unwisely
    They always see others as fools

  14. Steven Corbin says:

    Cant believe theres violence in tbe middle ages….
    I mean east……

  15. Yuriy Tanev says:

    Where Are the FOX's correspondents in IRAQ ? Muhahahahaha

  16. vani lualua says:

    F-22 from US will stop this before its too late

  17. G. Winston says:

    It’s Long past time to Renew the Crusades worldwide.

  18. James dow says:

    The Iranians are probably busy polishing up those beautiful Russian S 400 babies getting them ready to swat the coming Israeli and American pilots out of the sky.

  19. RJ AB says:

    America getting dragged into another war by our Israeli overlords. Don't you love God's chosenites?

  20. Judeen Celorico says:

    Why USA wanted to control all the nations.. They are the creator of war…

  21. Ismail shaikh says:

    get out from middle east u bloody usa

  22. Md.Rony Rasal says:

    Its totally WWF Donald trump fault.Why USA is in Middle East and why USA always interfere with others personal matter? Have any problem inside USA congress. Now world realize after British,France pirates,now their elder son USA is the best pirates and terrorist country in the world. Why USA has 800 military base in the world? But USA is going to over soon.Its Information and technology time man.USA don't talk too much just start if you are brave enough.

  23. Bean Sprouts says:

    OK… Yankee, You get the war you want, happy now?

  24. jeff Mac says:

    Trump should use this as a call for energy independence and a summit with Russia before recklessly starting WW3 🙄

  25. FRED RANAHAN says:

    waste of time watch this video..a colored map..a lot of face time for reporters..if there are correspondents on the that..not this b.s.

  26. Citizen EU says:

    What a coincidence, Impeachment is not on the front pages anymore 🤔.

  27. Hasnat Sakib says:

    Against Iraq!? Dogs are more shameful than You guys..

  28. Recardo Trejo says:

    Las Armas iraníes mandan a las armas de EEUU a la edad de piedra

  29. Oceane Brieze says:

    Iran is scared. America is not.
    It’s annihilation for their entire country if they persist. God is in control.🙏🏼🇺🇸❤️🇮🇱☺️

  30. John Miller says:

    Fox is ramping up for a war. They did the same thing in 2003 when we got into the Iraq quagmire. They want a war. Maximum profits. No talk about how to end the war when one breaks out. Get ready folks. The last GOP war killed 4000 Americans and cost 5 trillion dollars.

  31. Tuxedo Cat says:

    Iran wants war because the Koran says their Savior comes if they start a world war.

  32. Jesus Saves says:

    Iran's leadership is totally belligerent we killed Soleimani as he was caught in the act and now they seek revenge? That was OUR revenge and defense against assaults by Iran.

  33. Michael Piontek says:

    intel inside NOT!!!

  34. TRUMPFOREVER says:

    If you wish to die, keep it up Iran.

  35. Pedro Joubert says:

    Let them waste there missiles that's fine 😁

  36. Patrick Darkwalker says:

    Just authorize the b52 bombers to strike the Iranian launch site good and proper. Then game is over

  37. D Loui says:

    we need to launch those minuteman iii from us soil. to show them who got the bigger stick … !

  38. Mountain Rambler says:

    Jesus is is Coming ! Soon I pray !

  39. The Wizard says:

    Silly people. We have Tesla Technology coupled with Alien Technology. We can literally wipe them off the map.


    See what y'all did America do you see now now what smfh you voted for Trump this is all your fault

  41. Rachelle Smith says:

    Sadly it seems like the war between the US and Iran has started.

  42. Mick Smart says:

    Back to back world war champions USA 🇺🇸

  43. S500 Triumph says:


  44. uncle bobs dead says:

    Why haven't we struck and killed the heart of iran?
    They should be destroyed now.

  45. Tawakoli Mohamad says:

    Save the rest of your soldiers

  46. blind joe says:

    Grab the popcorn 🍿

  47. Adam C says:

    LMAO! They used missiles on the usa. Well lets just hope they dont use the same missiles that they used against saudi arabia because we already know that there is no way to stop those missiles. Also they might use the missiles against ships as well.

  48. John Miller says:

    With the endless talk of "Deep State" on Fox News, and apparently Mike Pompeo (FORMER DIRECTOR OF THE CIA) is running our "go to war" effort, don't you people find this a bit inconsistent?

  49. Tom Meyers says:

    Fox News' national security correspondent Jennifer Griffin provides insight in the second missile attack Iran reportedly launched towards Iraq that supposedly housed U.S. troops.
    "US Troops should not be living in Iranian missiles"

  50. GSHeverything _27 says:

    Take that 🍊 man to the middle East and let him fight off the Iranian himself.

  51. Chatla Suresh says:

    After survey report-review-verify-movements-locations-mapped-marked-blown.

  52. Margy Rowland says:

    Our government has already deployed troops to fight the good fight alongside you America. Love from Australia 💟🇦🇺✝️🇺🇸💟

  53. motosport89 says:

    Why don't our bases employee some of the same missile defense technology that we use on our Navy ships. ?? CIWS for example

  54. Hector Romo says:

    Iran expects to do what? They can't even hit a target,lol! Man they're in for some very bad times.

  55. H Higgins says:

    A terrorist by any other title, in this case "General", is still a terrorist.

  56. Mark Castro says:

    News reporters please dont get bias in you report, you have to get the side of iran also,

  57. joseph Traff says:

    the loose face ideas are just crap!
    at this moment the Iranian leadership is claiming to it's people, to have killed 80 and wounded 200 american personal in these missile attacks

    time to finish it ….only traitors in Iraq allow their country to be attacked by their former Iranian enemy…

    whatever their motive, whether causalities or not, an attack is an attack … appeasement does not work .. to do nothing is to give a lot of their proxies the wrong message and to further aid the mullah cause in Iran and a range of other countries including Iraq! …. there is a need to at least seriously downgrade their capabilities.

    Obama and democrat placation, appeasement and integral weakness of mind, will and spirit only emboldened this 40 year old aggressive mullah regime

  58. Danny Hemphill says:

    Iran needs what we gave Lebanon back in 1976. Navy veteran.

  59. Ellie Uto says:

    If Iran continues…some Americans soldiers will be hurt, but the most one that’s gonna get hurt are the people from Iraq…this is sad.

  60. PAUL MCQUAY says:

    Are there any causalities? We are more safe now that we sent our boys and girls to slaughter. How are our soliders? Report on that

  61. Danial Rajabpour says:

    Misleading title! It's not against Iraq but against American bases in Iraq. Correct yourself Fox Business!!!!

  62. SC EM says:

    Major Earthquake strikes next to Iran’s nuclear reactor at the same time as Iran sends threat to Israel and launches missile strike.

    – God is speaking. Many will hear, but only the humble will listen.

  63. Ida Quesada says:

    Remind me again, how many wars have we actually won?

  64. RM says:

    What do you expect from the incompetent, orange idiot?

  65. Jody Powell says:

    Why would we put up with this crap!!! Take the whole country of IRAN out!!!!! Push the button President Trump!!!!!!!

  66. Antonio Gates says:

    Time to show the new weapons .

  67. Vin Commons says:

    Kentucky machine gun shootout!

  68. KT Tah says:

    Video Title is misleading, there was one round of 15 missiles last night. Come on fox get your shhh together

  69. Flam N says:

    America out of my country , Iran we Love you 💪🇮🇶🇮🇷💪

  70. Antonio Gates says:

    Made in China missiles are garbage…they don't explode and they get lost half way..thanks china

  71. mosesmoses2000 says:


  72. Kmak Milly says:

    Blue Lives Didn't Matter For Mohamed Noor.

  73. SuperFaisal110 says:

    New war n last war

  74. W TF? says:

    We have only Obama and the Delusional Democrats to blame, for Iran's current Military capabilities.

  75. Skip Johnson says:

    Iraq government response????

  76. Tiberius Maximus says:

    as someone who's been on receiving end of hundreds of missiles and mortars in Taji, Iraq (one of the bases hit today) I can tell u these things are not accurate at all, these bases are sprawling and the chance these things hit anyone is EXTREMELY low

  77. Haydee Alghassny says:

    Iraq ain't gonna do anything since they are controlled by Iran

  78. Vicki rana says:

    Good attack 80u.s military kills this is Iran

  79. Mr Pool Player says:

    Well, President trump promised to unleash Major Pain on Iranian Targets, if something like this happened. Major Pain is a kickass program, so Iran should unpack some body bags… for some immediate use. By the way…., Major Pain can't spell Compassion….

  80. Chaz Setias says:

    Joker missile of iran

  81. Stephen Erickson says:

    Lite them up.

  82. M. K. says:

    Oops, they missed………..

  83. Feanor says:

    So the long rambling GRR Martin novel finally comes to a close … and we all know how it ends.

  84. Billy Jack says:

    Trump is finally giving his voters what they've always wanted – BLOODSHED.

  85. Siseho Ginnie says:

    Nice move Iran

  86. Richard Nakashange says:

    i wish Kim can respond about this U.S it's need some lessons

  87. John says:

    America has been at war for 20 yrs now. Trillions of $ spent. Yet, homelessness, drug abuse, failing schools, no health insurance and the President's favorite people, "the under educated" Americans, they still want war. Smh!!!

  88. Love Forever says:

    Well done Iran, get these mother fuckers out of middle east.

  89. trigger nometry says:

    Water people. Buy water.

  90. D P says:

    U.S. needs to wake up we are in a war now this is for real not a joke. Wake up

  91. Mr Bush Lied says:

    How come the Iranians can launch missiles to avoid casualties and have none, whilst the Americans can't launch a missile without hitting a school, hospital, wedding party, or funeral and killing dozens of innocent people?

  92. sa dw says:

    Against Iraq….loll
    Really a fox

  93. Super Wisdom says:

    Trump is pussycat, we need new president for the great american people to start the great cowboy warfare again,

  94. Super Wisdom says:

    Let's attack iran economical sanctions is a waste of time
    No more games only war

  95. Cataclysmic Umbreon says:

    Incoming. Incoming. Incoming. CRAM Firing

  96. joel lee says:

    Old news

  97. Tony Dardi says:

    Trump ain’t gonna bow down and kiss your hand like Obama did and he ain’t gonna send you a billion dollars in cash on a plane either. Iran will find out they’ve messed with the wrong President.

  98. Mark Willette says:

    Hopefully Cardi B. will make good on her promise.

  99. The Illusion says:

    Well….. bye….

  100. muhammadi khan says:

    Dewn with tramp

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