Invisalign REVIEW: Total Cost + Invisalign vs Braces (PART 2)

Invisalign REVIEW: Total Cost + Invisalign vs Braces (PART 2)

Hey it’s Beza, and today I just wanted to make an updated video about my Invisalign treatment because the last video I posted was three months ago and in that video i said that in about 6 to 7 weeks my Invisalign treatment would be done but as you can see, I am making this video, it is still not done so starting off I want to show you pictures from when I first got Invisalign which was in February 2015 then i want to show you my pictures from my last video which was in October 2015 and now January 2016, here are my new pictures initially my doctor told me my invisalign treatment should be 9 to 10 months because I am using Acceledent so now i am 3 months over. If you are planning no getting Invisalign expect it to go over whatever time your doctor says you treatment will take just add another 3 to 4 to 5 months to it i kind of expected it because my sister who had invisalign her’s went over time so i was not totally shocked. Plus when November came there were still things wrong with my teeth it was not as perfect as it should been so if you think you’re going to have invisalign for 12 months put it in your mind that you will have it for a year and a half because your teeth might not move as quickly as your doctor thinks it will be or it is not moving as quickly as the software that they use says it will move so basically my invisalign treatment has gone over for a couple of reasons first, there are still some fine tuning things that need to be done they are not completely straight like this tooth at the bottom has improved so much but it still needs to be moved up a little bit more also the main reason why my invisalign treatment has gone over is because now my bite is completely off and the right side of my back teeth are not touching so on this side, when I smile you can see they touch but on this side, they don’t right now what we’re doing is trying to bring the top and bottom closer together so i went to the orthodontist and got some more trays i have 5 of them. and after these 5 i have 4 more waiting for me at the orthodontist to pick up. That’s nine more trays so it depends, we might have to do another scan at the end of these 9 trays and maybe I will have to more trays, I don’t know but it doesn’t really bother me that much but i just wanted to give you guys a heads up, that your invisalign treatment is bound to go over and just be prepared now i am going to get to price. I know maybe a lot of you are curious to know how much i paid for my treatment so i am just going to say it i paid 4700 Canadian dollars for my Invisalign treatment and it was 1500 dollars for the down payment and from there i just did monthly payments where I just paid down the amount left over i compared my price to what my friends paid and what my sister paid i have talked to a lot of people who have had braces and they said they paid more than i did for invisalign so that is another thing for people who are considering to get Invisalign don’t rule it out because you think it is more expensive than braces from what i heard, people who have got braces have paid a lot more and their treatment duration is a lot longer than invisalign so don’t rule it out. The first quote i got was almost $7000 then i went to a second consultation appointment which was the place my friend went to and it was obviously significantly lower lower than $5000 so that proves to you that the prices definitely fluctuate from practice to practice you might go to but all and all i am really happy with the progression of my teeth next month marks a year that i have had invisalign i am very happy i did, i will encourage anyone who is thinking of fixing their teeth to consider invisalign so if you have any questions about invisalign or acceledent please let me know in the comments down below yeah, thanks for watching, bye


  1. Britney _n. says:

    Are they noticeable ? Can you use orajel?.

  2. Britney _n. says:

    Sorry one more question. Did u get the buttons ? If you did , did they hurt?

  3. Janel Jackson-Oliver says:

    Does it hurt? On a scale from 1 to 10 how bad? Any tips with pain also

  4. BoarderX says:

    What did you use for teeth whitening (they look a lot whiter in after pic)? If you did use whitening treatment, how did you use it alongside the invisalign? The results you have thus far are excellent!

  5. Africa's Best says:

    do they stay the same the whole time? or do u have to get it tigthened?

  6. Natali Lobo says:

    Did the Accele dent help you w this process? I prob spelled that brand wrong lol I'm thinking about getting Invisalign but I wasn't sure. I have crowding and an overbite

  7. gcinmn says:

    How soon did you start using AcceleDent- was it with the first tray or later? Also, how long has your AcceleDent machine been working for now? The manufacturer states there's a limit to the number of months it will last….just wondering in case one wanted to buy a used one. Thanks!

  8. Janet B says:

    how did u get your teeth so white after?

  9. Saudia Tate says:

    I have Invisalign too and I'm only on my third tray but I just got attachments to!

  10. Candice Swan says:

    I am on my first set of trays today is my second day and it's painful for me when I'm taking the trays out. Feels like my teeth are gonna come out with the tray! Did yours hurt? I also get the attachments in two weeks.

  11. Ivy Xiao says:

    omg,I'm Canadian 🙂

  12. ukpanic77 says:

    Now that you're going into un-forseen extra trays are you going to be charged more than your original quote upon down-payment?

  13. Markus Ungar says:

    can you make a close up video about your teeth and open your mouth please

  14. Paul Spiccia says:

    I got quoted $8500 here in Australia. Thats the going price, doesn't matter if your teeth are screwed up or pretty good, flat rate of 8.5k….Also the Australian dollar is like 1:1 with the canadian dollar. So yeah I might end up paying basically 8.5k canadian. So pricey 🙁

  15. Tiffany Pace says:

    Love your hair! ?

  16. Anekii says:


  17. MountExplo says:

    hey saysBEZA did you bleach your teeth after all this ?

  18. Javis Agreda says:

    I have one teeth is like on the side the one of your but the thing is the my ortho said i cant get invisaligan i have to get braces.How is that so

  19. king steezin says:

    Does the price of it depend on how long you have to wear them for?

  20. Sonni Clinansmith says:

    Where do you live in Canada, I live near Toronto? I'm just wondering if I'm close to your dentist 😉

  21. a....... says:

    I just had my teeth scanned yesterday and I will be getting Invisalign in about 8 weeks. I have been quoted $8000.00 plus another $1000 for AcceleDent. I live in Vancouver, Canada. I realize that if I shop around I might be able to get it cheaper, but my orthodontist has already done work on my teeth so I'm just going to stay with her. I figure it's worth the money and I'm looking forward to starting. Thanks for the post!

  22. Lando TechReviews says:

    if I go to the same practice you went to for a consultation would I be able to use you as a referral?

  23. Sahar Nabi says:

    Do you live in Toronto? If you do could you tell me the orthodontist you went to? That would be extremely helpful! Thank you!

  24. Afro Atheist says:

    So acceledent didn't work?

  25. vanilson gomes says:

    Did acceledent work?

  26. saysBEZA says:

    PART 3 is up now!

  27. andrea ramos says:

    You are so pretty ??

  28. Calvin says:

    That is a really cheap price~~ Did you do some negotiation with the dentist? I am preparing to get braces now, the only thing I worry is the price. T-T

  29. Kayla says:

    What is acceledent?

  30. Flames92 says:

    Hi! So I just left my first regular checkup at the dentist in a while and we spoke about Invisalign. I notice you are from CA so it may be different for me since I'm from USA but when you needed to add more trays than what was expected, were there extra fees or was the $4700 what you paid for your entire treatment – extended or not? Thanks for all the info so far!

  31. Otasha Small says:

    where did u have it done

  32. Priscel Neri says:

    you're so gorgeous ??

  33. Faizan Shaikh says:

    can u explain me if the uper jaw big so have to do surgery this right way to upr jaw solution yes or no

  34. Pepe says:

    Do you how to get them for cheap I live in Alberta and I have quoted $6000 min from an inexperienced dentist ?

  35. Nicolas Joseph says:

    Too Tweet ☺

  36. Alexis Satterfield says:

    I have heard that Invisalign is more expensive than braces. I think my parents paid $3,000 for my sisters braces and insurance paid $2,000. My mom did monthly payments to pay the cost. I think like $200 a month. I need braces and was given a note from the dentist when I was in middle school or high school but my mom never thought I needed them so she never let me get them. Now I want Invisalign but I want less cost and I want insurance to pay most.

  37. Dttm lol says:

    i got invisalign for $1850 in toronto

  38. Cali's Review's says:

    First off I wanna say you are beautiful. This is a great review but it's way too expensive.

  39. Nayib Noyola says:

    I kinda always noticed the bite…cool

  40. Sara Grippo says:

    Litterly they cost between 3,000 and 8,000

  41. John Dot Com says:

    Wow. I live in Maryland and my price, with a discount, was almost $10,000 for only 6 months. And, no offense of course, my teeth aren't as jacked up as yours were.

  42. Chuna G says:

    Literally the best ! The only reason why i wanted this for a faster process

  43. No Brainer says:

    I have a question does invisalign can be dangerous or change de voice and what is the multiple consultation and is it possible to hav a traitement in Canada ? And did you see amazing results ?

  44. Will Smith says:

    I just got my Invisalign today and it hurts so much and really really really hate it.

  45. nedza15 says:

    saysBEZA the quotes I am getting are like 8000 usd

  46. Calvena Jordan says:

    Did you pay out right without using dental insurance?

  47. ONE LOVE says:

    Awwww konjo

  48. Zee says:

    I paid $6,500 for mine!!! ??‍♀️??‍♀️??‍♀️

  49. Sa M Aa says:

    Lol if you go smile direct it costs 1600

  50. California Cowboy says:

    Gorgeous woman . Love the information

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