Intetics on How to Reduce Cost of Software Development

One of the top ten biggest worries of
high-level executives today is advancing their information technology. With rising data management
costs, there s also the constant pressure to innovate and maintain the right systems.
Their in-house teams lack the knowledge to improve their software, engineer new technologies,
or are cursed by old bugs that affect performance. They know they need help, but the high cost
of in-house labor along with security and management risks associated with hiring external
help are constant barriers to real innovation. Intetics developers offer the expertise to
make data management and application development more efficient. We refine old technologies
and develop new ones. Your Remote In-Sourcing team is an extension of your in-house staff.
Your team will never be assigned to another project. They always work just for you. Your
team is innovation-driven. They will come up with the best solution to resolve your
problem. They are evaluated directly by you, based on your own criteria. You can easily
check the progress of your Intetics team and review their tasks, allowing you to make modifications
as needed. Your Intetics team works remotely, saving you as much as 40-60% in operating
costs. All of Intetics’ development centers are ISO 27001 and ISO 9001 certified. Intetics
is also a Microsoft and Oracle Gold Partner. re a private company that has been in the
outsourcing business for two decades and have successfully served over 200 Clients. re the
International Association of Outsourcing Professionals #1 Outsourcing Rising Star, included in the
INC 5000 and Software 500 2 years in a row. Remote In-Sourcing is an award-winning solution
because it ensures flexibility and innovation without the scary security and management
risks. To find out how easy it is to get the IT help you need, go to

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