In Wake Of Scandal, Rethinking What Achievement Means | Morning Joe | MSNBC

In Wake Of Scandal, Rethinking What Achievement Means | Morning Joe | MSNBC


  1. Nott There Yet says:

    Outlaw private schools – are you out of your mind?

  2. Gypsy SnickerDoodle says:


  3. Benny Bees says:

    Maybe success means being a good person?

  4. Michelle Thompson says:

    We need a total reshuffling in the education system, and it must be closely monitored, ASAP, these people are oppressors. You can imagine how many gifted children were cheated out of their place, unbelievable. This should not happen again, this is a disgrace.

  5. John Smith says:

    So Singer helped 750 students cheat to get in – but how many "Singers" are out there?

  6. Richard Mattingly says:

    Please, it's the colleges not the students who should be gone after since athletics fake or otherwise has probably kept more of them out of these schools than a few idle celebrities kids. Add in the preference that private K-12 schools get makes it even more repellant as cash not excellence is what makes admissions tick and always has.

  7. AmericanDog PetGrooming says:

    These student should be judge not by what acts their parents did but by their abilities while they attend or attended these corrupt universities

  8. Rebecca S says:

    Where are the MUGSHOTS?

  9. Remy N. says:

    Outlaw for profit colleges! Get rid of SAT or testing, college is about long term performance not how well you test. If you want to gauge what type of student the applicant will be, look at all 4 years of performance throughout high school. This will encourage students to do better each semester of school to prove they have what it takes to endure the studious demands of college.

  10. 1818JoseRizal1898 says:

    essentially, affirmative action is pretty much like this scam, only difference is that AA is legally enforced to let non-qualified applicants in…..meanwhile qualified asians who made efforts and did the work are drscriminated simply because they excell…..america, u gotta love the people running things, we’re basically all pawns for their political positions

  11. UGO says:

    I wonder if obama's daughters education was PAID for

  12. Tim Brady says:

    Mika , Joe , where did your kids go to college? Was your celebrity enough or did you need to sweeten the deal $$$ . Oh come on ,you guys are trying to act shocked , you all knew it was going on all along . This is just affirmative action for the rich . Nobody asks a rich kid or a black kid how they get in to an elite school , it’s the middle class whitey that everyone looks at and says , how’d you get here ?

  13. Hope A. says:

    Why everyone is acting surprised ? this is no secret.

  14. Tosin says:

    Every few years, there should be a randomization of all human beings. Like "Trading Places." 😀 😀

  15. bluedance lilly says:

    Why aren't William H Macy and Lori's husband being charged too? Our society tends to blame moms for everything – more than dads. But you can't tell me the dads didn't know. Of course they did.

  16. Francis Eyre says:

    a consequence of decades and well orchestrated dumbing down of the American population

  17. Ballsy Bunny says:

    even standardized tests are also constructed in a way that is bias toward minorities. Nothing has been fair and little by little things are starting to change.

  18. ken Carothers says:

    …said all the liberal welfare slugs posting here. As if you create jobs, lmao!!! Go back to bed…

  19. Kimberly Howard says:

    They are not rich people they are BAD people who abuse their money.
    In reference to MSNBC speaker Fl program of taking targeted bullied kids out of their school and being put in private will end up being a huge segregation scam it's wrong with of course good detentions with bad consequences. The BULLY needs pulld out after 3 warnings and homes schooled.

  20. Bob Winters says:

    Bah, these viewpoints are BS. The only reason these "spots" at the fancy schools existed is because rich people are willing to pay. The rich kids are NOT taking some more "meritorious" kids spot. Some poorer kid would not get in instead of the rich kid. The spot just wouldn't exist. The school administrators know where their bread is buttered.

  21. Indhira Elsevyf Garcia says:

    Thank you Anand for underlining the hypocrisy of the public do gooders, they are not just celebrities but also "successful" CEO.

  22. Ndeye Delgado says:

    Is Anand Single tho???

  23. Pat's mom says:

    Of course what they did was wrong. But what's even more wrong is all of this outrage, as if this is something that just popped up. I always thought it was an understood rule. People can donate lots of money or buildings or whatever they have and get something on the back end. These types of plot lines have been in movies since the '80's. Now it's like Aunt Becky bribed a man. Paid half a million. Everyone gasps. Part of me wonders if this is just a balancing of the scales. So authorities had no idea this was going on!? Curious.

  24. Kevin Hanna says:

    You lost me at "liberal arts"

  25. tygerbyrn says:

    The best take-away from this video: "Writing reflects your best thinking."  Thanks, Dr. Deborah Kenny and MSNBC

  26. Chanel 584 says:

    Wow……You can be dumb as a box of rocks……. amazing! Humph Someone was probably running OJ's (Olivia Jade) website too

  27. Christina Marie says:

    Fantastic guest speaker choices!!!!

  28. Jenny Moreno says:

    There are many issues here and things that need to stop such as the SAT

  29. tripleheshy says:

    Ah yes, rich, left-wing, Hollyweird hypocritical, Obama voting, "we're for the little guy" asswipes get their comeuppance. This is truly a great day for America.

  30. ba sook says:

    This means that elite colleges produces dumb kids

  31. Angela Shaw Clark-Westoven says:

    Legacy entrance and cheating. The orginal affirmative Action.

  32. Yeo Wee Huat Huat says:

    College is waste of money…

  33. Crowdfunding Hell says:

    Examine the whole 'branding' concept that has invaded education and the acceptance of it by business and employers. Once you understand THAT, perhaps you can see why people want their kids going to certain 'right' schools. I'm not excusing what's happened, just want people to examine our notions of why this is so important.

  34. F 1000000 says:

    I'm not American, and will never understand how is a donation to the college (a building, money) in exchange for your child to be taken by a college – LEGAL. Do colleges check their grades, extra curricular activities, are there extra places in classes for those kids?? i'm pretty sure that's illegal In my country, let alone the bribes.

  35. ILoveMusic says:

    This is a microcosm of our society……and where we are headed. I'm glad I'm older and I won't have to deal with the extreme consequences of this prevailing attitude as our younger generations will. So sad, but true. When we let the wealthy rule our lives, we know the results. An uneducated populace is the wealth of the rich.

  36. Dottie McGee says:

    I enjoy all the white people's faces while Anand talks. Can I get someone to take a look at all these people's taxes, please? And degrees? Show of hands, who was in water polo? who's kids were in water polo? As an old white lady who had to fill out all the forms and get the grades and is still dealing with the loans, I'm PO'ed at every one of you.

  37. SunshineGirl says:

    So did SPENCER PRATT, BRODY JENNER, Jennifer bunny, lo bosworth, and such who all went to USC got in by SATs, sports, volunteering, and such ? The Stars from the Hills. What about Robert kardashian?

  38. Keys Cabal says:

    giridharadas and dr. kenny are awesome

  39. Santa Fe Patriot says:

    I agree that the cheaters are wrong and and unethical behavior needs to have consequences. However working hard and making a better life for yourself and your children should also have natural and proper consequences.
    Good deeds and hard work should pay off. Destroying capitalism and people’s rights to private education is also wrong. There are many children with special needs that public schools don’t help address. Without capitalism and freedom of choice we lose the benefits that come from hard work and natural motives.
    Why even bother helping these disadvantaged children in Harlem if there is no upside or advantages that come from a better income?

  40. Dottie McGee says:

    "Do what you love," message from the educator. Guys, that's BS. Ask any English Major. Loved my classes. Needed a Masters if I was going to make a living wage.

  41. Purr Cat says:

    How un Felicitous, now put them in a Lori and take them to jail. 😱🚽

  42. Purr Cat says:

    About 80% of us don't need a college ed. You just need a job in the field of interest. And the corporate-for profit- college reality has Destroyed us. My Psych degree cost me $5k or so in 1978. Now? $100k plus

  43. Mandee S. says:

    Pearson is the devil! 👹

  44. VD Strat says:

    We can complain or take action. Contact Netflix & Hulu. Let them know if Loughlin & Huffman are not fired from their shows and the providers continue to air them that we will cancel our Subscriptions. The only way to fight this kind of corruption is to hit them in the bank account. I just informed Netflix that if Loughlin isn't fired from Fuller House and Netflix continues to carry the show then I will cancel my Monthly Subscription. I refuse to let my daughter watch "Family Programming" that enriches a dishonest celebrity criminal who is actively hurting honest children and families attempting to earn their admission to college fairly and honestly.

  45. cledesma135 says:

    Down with the 1%

  46. no name says:

    if you teach insanity expect educated people to behave insanely. Schools do not make you smarter, the more educated you are the dumber you become yet people will do anything to get dumber lol eg – justice system is 100% designed to result an unjust society – how easy is it for wealthy people to get a fake education compared to how easy it is for a poor person to get a fake education – not looking like a "just" society. SO to be educated in "justice" is to be educated to MAKE your society unjust then media can earn a living with all the injustice going on – without injustice would media exist if it had nothing bad to talk about?

  47. stevepd1 says:

    I would like to know the political affiliation, occupation, and religious affiliation of all involved. Who knows? This may even help some of us change our affiliations. I do have my suspicions though.

  48. DianeD08 says:

    Why you do that mama. Because like me you are to idiots to go in college. Importance in life is to do money, so follow the Kardashian’s trail.

  49. Janice Green says:

    Just WOW 😮

  50. m.j.roots maya says:

    Iron City, Alita Battle Angel, The Fall, The Great War, Zalem. The Hunger Games, Katniss Everdeen, 12 Districts, Capital of Panem , Acts of Defiance. Enemies. Hummmmmm

  51. Hak Lee says:

    "750+"?, So does that mean the 50 people charged will grow?

  52. Studd Stuff says:

    You talk about it BUT nothing is done about it.

  53. Jerry Lee says:

    What an educated women!

  54. DeepForest says:

    The Corrupted States of America.

  55. TELEVISIBLE says:

    Not rich enough ! Just not rich enough !

  56. M Zarcone says:

    I love he she throws out little digs about paying for their college when that was her choice. Not theirs.

  57. Sweeri White says:

    "The one thing that would help public education…get rid of PRIVATE SCHOOLS – K-12"  —- This statement says it all….especially in the south where I live….integration created private schools!

  58. Lisa beesknees says:

    Rathner ……you covering your buddy zipppp let's change the subject lol

  59. Paula Allen says:

    Wealthy people of all colors get special treatment.

  60. rishi arora says:

    This is a problem in india too!

  61. Jamy L says:

    I think Universities are so dependent on rich people including alumni, that the schools have so much friebery and cheating going on in the upper levels that cheating is rampant in the entire school situation. Do you think school's really run on kids tuitions and government money? I don't think so!! I think that it's sad that our nation is like this!

  62. Now What says:

    It must be great to be rich and white in amerikkka !!!

  63. mshuggabug2 says:

    I would like to know what the wealthy minority community thinks about all this.

  64. Judith Osorio says:

    Is this why Betsy DeVos is so unintelligent?

  65. Dev De Silva says:

    All those involved must be heavily fined and jailed for a long time not just because of the fraud they perpetrated, but mostly for depriving deserving students who worked and studied hard to gain entry into these colleges through proper means. Moreover, the students who gained entry into colleges through fraudulent means must be expelled! Thereafter, the authorities must dig deeper into this fraud to find out who else got into colleges in the past through similar fraudulent manner and annul any college degrees that they may have obtained!

  66. contessachristabella says:

    That white lady is boring & unknowledgeable why have her on the show???

  67. Timelessmusic Familymusic says:

    It's like having it all👸 & watching it all fall apart😢.

  68. L M says:

    Totally Immoral, absolutely shameful a disgrace at every level, put a end to it now,

  69. May'ib19 says:

    White folks mafia

  70. Amy n Vincent Mak says:

    Outlaw charter schools along with outlawing private school.

  71. Steel Living says:

    I hope this scam isn't happening in medical schools. Just imagine the incompetence of some over privileged wannabe doctor. I hope not

  72. Steve Stair says:

    Hey girls could ya float me a half mil to get by???? I Could use a master degree……..

  73. Reggie Wagstaff says:

    Abolish affirmative action.

  74. BBQpotato says:

    No one suggested any new. The lady was clearly dodoging the question about the Asian students against Harvard.

  75. Eddie Fennell says:

    Now they are blaming the colleges.

  76. Dark Madder says:

    If they started revoking these bogus degrees, the current White House would turn into a ghost town…

  77. henry rivera says:

    Smullet just threw a wrench on their slaps on the wrist

  78. Ashley Simpson says:

    Outlaw Private school is an AMAZING IDEA!!!

  79. Catarina Hosler says:

    I'm just appalled by this education for purchase scheme. It is disheartening that the parents have so little confidence in their children that they arrange to cheat. What does this say about their parenting?

  80. Tana Murphy says:

    Was it worth it in the end?

  81. A Thought Crime says:

    Notice the staunch capitalists are awfully quiet on this. They who kept telling us the rich got there on their own with good old fashioned hard work, who championed the meritocracy, and we can't have free college. Just how is it that Trump, who majored in economics, managed to bankrupt a casino?

  82. Karime18 says:

    I hope this is a learning experience for a bunch of people. Don't cheat! don't buy your way in! It's not okay to take someone else's spot. I hope Universities would stop selling themselves to the best bidder and actually start filtering through the rich with a magnifying glass.

  83. Maria Thompson says:

    What upsets me the most is thinking about all those hard-working kids who were dreaming about going into one of these colleges, unfairly getting rejected and missing their chance into becoming the next doctor who would find a cure for a disease, or the next scientist who would make an important discovery… I know that if they have the will and skills they might eventually get there anyhow, but with probably less determination or the means, because of that one rejection. And on the other hand we have rich brats who don't even want to go to college but instead choose a Social media career, snatching that college place from those kids who could offer so much in the future society we live in. It's really tragic to me. What a waste!

  84. Nina Vaughn says:

    Bringing up a morally, competent, good-hearted person that will work hard to get into college or do whatever they want by their own merits and still being humble and kind. America is so screwed up that this is what I desire for my son. I am American, but my husband a German who has worked his butt off and oversees Caltech, Stanford grads because he has very high ethics, morals, and his humble. He finished UT. We lived in Switzerland and came back when Trump was running for president…our standards have dropped to Trump as President. Kardashians as roll models for teenagers, Desperate House Wives, and a system that has created extreme inequality and opportunities for Americans. I think we should return to Europe for our son's education. I really hope for a better America, bit with extrneed such as Amazon not paying almost any taxes and the middle class paying more than Bezos, etc. I doubt it.

  85. Nina Vaughn says:

    I studied Liberal Arts, Spanish, studied abroad, while I worked as a missionary, and learned Italian…. I never placed my missionary work in my college application because I did it with love. I was happy doing it at 15. I left a cult because of my liberal arts degree and because I traveled on my own all over Europe and South America. I feel fulfilled and want the same for my son. My husband did the that speaks German, English, Spanish. We both began in community colleges and he manages all these Stanford, Caltech grads….

  86. C W says:

    Where are all the rest? And, Universities have been known to accept money for bigger and better buildings, etc. and to attract students. I do believe that Lori L. wanted to do the best for her kids.

  87. Robert Hadden says:

    I think people should stop fetishizing elite colleges. There are PLENTY of colleges that don’t have that problem.

  88. Priscilla Wilson says:


  89. life is a struggle says:

    I grew up in a poor home in a bad area n became a heroin addict from all the drugs around me and because of this i became a felon with a drug felony and i still went to college and made something of myself and got a job but still barely have anything but i have my own morals and my own respect i didnt just get a free pass at anything or fancy equipment and clothes to start up a youtube channel from my parents. These people like kylie jenner arent self made – IM SELF MADE

  90. Debra Walker says:

    Wow 😮 the author of Winner Takes All his explanation of rigging is COMPLETELY absurd you can tell on the faces that no one is following this morons obscure perception of rigging. What a moron? He didn’t see the FBI rigging Hillary’s charges instead he points to the White House where he falsely alleges people are being charged with crimes everyday. The guy is out of touch and now I know where false news is coming from. People like this guy shouldn’t be editors. He sounds like a leftist propagandist. The other female author actually mentions something meaningful “achievement”

    Many poor people who came from nothing have become successful entrepreneurs in this country. Key word is POOR and not ethnicity which is a crock of BS. Many poor ethnic people have become successful in this country. The missing element in this conversation is the myth that successful people ALL had a leg up. Total BS. A majority of Successful people were never helped. These people may get into school without merit but when they actually have to compete they will lose because they lack character.

    Where is the proof the seats were locked up? Such generalizations.

  91. One Life My Life Author GI says:

    I hope Lori knows she looks Ridiculous on how She has been Behaving!!! It’s pathetic on her part 100% she is Clueless and Embarrassing to watch!!!

  92. 9Spank9 says:

    "….Oh what a tangled web we weave – when our kids are too inept to achieve"

  93. Gross says:

    Steve was ready to turn away from Bill to them throw poor minority kids under the bus. Good job Steve. Doing the devil’s work 24/7

  94. Michael Heathman says:

    When will Americans stop congratulating themselves on being the greatest nation in the world when in reality, in general, Americans are narcissistic and shallow mental patients.

  95. Not Alfie says:

    The myth of meritocracy has finally been debunked

  96. Sean's Myth says:

    It's Loughlin (Lofflin) right? I swear I'm still hearing "Locklin". What the fuf?

  97. Jane Adams says:

    I worked hard to get into college. For me this is deeply personal. I resent the cheating.

  98. Bonnie Hundley says:

    How come no one is addressing the entire college student loan issue? Is everybody blind?
    That's the most predatory of unethical scams ever.
    Higher Education is just an industry that claims non-profit status, as well as claiming to be holier-than-thou on ethics when they're really neck and neck with all the other dirty players you can imagine. I highly doubt that these schools had no idea about this scam. They want the money.
    Not sure how people think that your typical naive student has any idea about majors, or the purpose of college. They're just told that college is the golden ticket. So, they take loans without having any clue. Financial literacy of these applicants is usually non-existent beyond a basic economics class or two. They have no idea that they're being scammed by a rigged game that many years ago had the laws finagled for their benefit to snag more money through their creative scheme.

  99. Kfire says:


  100. Louis Savard says:

    Remember the romain empire, that’s the way you go

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