Imagining Creates Reality | The Secret of Causation | Neville Goddard (law of attraction)

Imagining Creates Reality | The Secret of Causation | Neville Goddard (law of attraction)


  1. Your Youniverse says:

    WATCH: Law of Attraction Success Principles – Let Your Mind Do the Work

  2. Robin Luich says:

    Before the secret came out I thought I was the only one who could create things by thought.

  3. Douglas Daugherty says:

    This is all true and facts

  4. LOVEZONE2ONE says:

    This is so GOOD, on so many levels… THANK YOU!

  5. Brother B. B. Belton says:

    We hope they would teach this in public schools. The world would be a better place….or would it!

  6. Lisa Cox says:

    Love this.. keep on believing

  7. assertyourself says:

    This is so good!!! Now to create is another……

  8. Graziana Barsocchi says:

    One of my favourite lectures by Neville, I keep listening to it, there's always something more… Thank you for sharing it.

  9. Happy Girl says:

    Thank you SO much for this!! Brilliant!

  10. Traeandre Powell says:

    True Wisdom!!!

  11. Hot Dog says:

    To me, imagining is just daydreaming that wasted time and leads nowhere. All of my most cherished life experiences seemingly came out of nowhere. Everything about those experiences would have never occurred to be beforehand, I would have never imagined any of it. In some cases, those experiences came after a time in life when things were pretty bad. The only thing on my mind during those times was how bad life sucked. I never dwelled upon or imagined a better life, but nonetheless awesome life experiences seemingly came out of nowhere. They were all pleasant surprises, built of things I would have never dreamed up in a million years.

  12. Ali Safieddine says:

    God bless you guys, this solved my problem…

  13. Clark Brolly says:

    He could never imagine the means. But when he saw the signs that confirmed all his dreams he learned to wait patiently and confidently in the realization of all his heart desired. life became magical. At every turn the universe spoke. It said..the world is yours

  14. lovingmariah Gordon says:

    I cannot find words to express gratitude to Neville Goddard Andrew Carnegie Napoleon Hills Abraham Hicks and so manny more. Thanks for this podcast

  15. Kika Neymar says:


  16. adel Kaz says:

    thank you so much Neville goddard.

  17. Tinú Nessima says:

    I'm happy I found this. thank you. I forgot about it and it came to me now just at the right time.

  18. Lisa Marie says:

    Neville you beautiful kind giving soul. Thank you so much 😊🧡🙏🏼

  19. Melody Tally says:

    Living From It! #WishFulfilled

  20. Thomas Baird says:

    Thank You: Excellent Video: The secret of causation is that imagining creates reality. 🙂

  21. The Three Magneteers Paul Seaman says:

    Wish i found this 20 years ago…

  22. theContainer &theContents says:

    Focus is God.

  23. theContainer &theContents says:

    there's really no point in us even spending much time in the waking world — just lie in bed all day daydreaming your desire and it can all happen nice and fast. i can tell you from experience hard good work in the material world is not terribly powerful, no matter how hard you try. you must go into the mind's eye and do it all there. this is the best news one can get. all you need is concentration.

  24. Exposing Proxy Stalking Organized Harrassment says:

    I find Law Of Attraction videos helpful. LOA is related to what Jesus could manifest. The foundation of dreams come true is FAITH, belief in the possibility of could, should, would happen soon. Bible scriptures say what someone thinks about all the time is what that person will become.

  25. Thomas Smith says:

    Yes, that makes sense! If you could go back in time and correct a wrong, you would. And no one would blame you for doing so. So there is no guilt in revising the memory in your mind because you are creating the reality that is "right" or just. And therefore far more apt to get it "right" the next time!

  26. Catherine McMartin says:

    Great video… Thank you.

  27. Queen Of Gĩkũyũ Land says:

    It works.

  28. Tavoi Aiono says:

    Love and light xxx

  29. Diego Furlan says:

    Thank you for sharing!

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