I Tried Rich People Habits For A Month And This Is What Happened (FUNNY CHALLENGE & EXPERIMENT)

I Tried Rich People Habits For A Month And This Is What Happened (FUNNY CHALLENGE & EXPERIMENT)

Numerous studies have shown that rich people
tend to have better, or more positive habits than poor people, and in some areas the difference
is so statistically significant that we can’t help but wonder what impact changing your
habits could have on your life. Could eating better food and setting goals
for yourself really get you from reading Word Up! magazine to having Salt-n-Pepa and Heavy
D in the limousine? Once more we’re turning to our favorite lab
rat and really hoping that this challenge doesn’t somehow place him out of our price
point for insane challenges, in our new challenge episode: try rich people habits for a month! Day 1: Typically infographics challenges involve
some level of danger or health hazard, so try and imagine how surprised I was to discover
that the latest challenge is actually something to potentially improve my life. Makes me deeply suspicious. But I read and re-read the challenge outline
and yeah, seems pretty legit- all I have to do is basically change my personal habits
to those of a rich person for a month and see how that changes things. The girlfriend is pretty excited about this
one. She’s all about self-improvement, so anything
that is about building yourself up and making yourself better or getting healthier she’s
all gung-ho for. Honestly, she’s probably the reason why I’ll
live past 40. So I did some research to discover what habits
I will need to amend, and these are the big ones I saw as things wealthy people do that
most of the rest of us don’t. 1. No eating junk food. Though recent studies into the issue show
wealthy Americans eat more junk food than we have been led to believe, I’m going to
limit myself to a weekly average of 300 calories a day. I’m not sure you can go to any fast food restaurant
in the world and get one meal that’s under 300 calories- pretty sure that the smell of
french fries alone is like 250 calories- so I’m guessing that this is data collected over
an entire week’s worth of eating. That seems reasonable I guess. With the girlfriend being the Heimlich Himmler
of modern health nazi’ism, I don’t get to eat that much junk food anyways. This won’t be a difficult habit to stick to,
though when I was single that would’ve been a different story. 2. Goals. Rich people have goals and stick to them,
working towards them with all due diligence. Apparently 80% of wealthy people do this and
only 12% of the poor do it. I guess that makes sense, you’re not going
to become CEO if you don’t have goals. This one might be harder for me to adopt,
because I tend to be very free-flowing in my lifestyle. I have some overarching goals, but nothing
finite and super-specific. Guess this will be a good habit to try out. 3. Exercise. Apparently poor people exercise 50% less than
wealthy people. Well, that figure also doesn’t take into account
that poor people typically have a great deal more stress in their life than wealthy people. Taking time out to exercise when raising kids
and working both a full and part time job is just not realistic for most people. Honestly, this statistic hit me as being a
bit elitist, but it’s a rich people habit so I’ll have to do it. Of course I regularly exercise anyways, so
honestly this won’t be difficult to do. 4. Audio books and non-fiction reading. Ok, this one is self-explanatory I guess. Most wealthy people listen to audiobooks during
their downtime, such as commutes to and from work, and spend plenty of time reading non-fiction
books. Personally I don’t listen to audiobooks because
I much prefer to read them myself, and I read both fiction and non-fiction books pretty
voraciously. This is so I can stay informed on the vast
variety of topics jobs like The Infographics requires, but also because I like to be informed,
period. The smarter you are, the more successful you’re
going to be, so I can totally see how this habit is beneficial for building and maintaining
wealth. Guess I’ll have to pick up an audiobook habit
then. 5. To Do List. Ok, now this one I already hate. Like I mentioned before, I prefer to keep
my life kind of free-flowing, and I have never, ever in my life made a to-do list. Yet most rich people have to do lists, versus
only around 19% of the poor. Again, totally makes sense, and totally not
my cup of tea. The girlfriend makes to do lists for literally
everything, I make fun of her and ask her if she’s going to-do-list our vacations when
we take a getaway together. She’s tried to get me to do this myself and
I’ve flat out refused for years. Probably why she’s far more successful than
me to be honest. You know how god has a sense of humor? He makes complete opposites fall madly in
love. 6. Lastly, the final habit I’ll be adopting or
tweaking will be volunteering. Apparently volunteering is proven to increase
happiness, which directly improves just about everything in your life. I actually already volunteer with teenagers
suffering from sexual assault, and mentor one kid one-on-one. I sneak in other bits of volunteering here
and there, but for this month I’ll try to make it a greater focus and see how it affects
me. There we go, six habits to work on and then
maybe in a month’s time I can march straight into The Infographics and demand more money
for my sufferings. I wonder if they thought about how this challenge
may backfire on them? Day 7: Week one done and dusted. It was kind of weird to shake up my life and
try to incorporate all of these things into my daily routine, but I guess after over a
year of infographics challenges I’m kind of used to the random chaos, so adapting wasn’t
that difficult. To start off I began waking up earlier than
usual, because I read somewhere that rich people start their day early- like really
early. I’m talking 5 o’clock early. That’s been a nightmare, because typically
I’ll wake up early just long enough to kiss the girlfriend goodbye as she leaves and then
go back to sleep until the dog wakes me up cuz he has to poop. That’s the best thing about my job, you make
your own schedule. So I’ve been getting up early and eating a
healthy breakfast instead of my Smacks or Raisin Bran I love so much, because both are
loaded with sugar. That means fresh fruit, oatmeal, and other
random and completely bland things like oatmeal people with no discernible pulse eat. You know, healthy stuff. Ok, I may trash on it, but after a week honestly
I do feel a bit more energetic in the morning. And even though I love sleeping in, I also
hate to admit it, but I’m being more productive. I stepped up my volunteering and on top of
my mentoring I started doing meals on wheels three times a week. Basically you deliver hot meals to seniors
who can’t really leave the house, or who perhaps don’t have much of an income or family to
support them. I’m not going to lie, this was huge for me. I have met the sweetest old ladies living
home alone and it’s really tugged at my heart strings. Still reading as much as normal, but picked
up audio books, which I totally hate. I listen to them during my downtime, so when
I drive somewhere or if I take the dog on a long walk. I guess for some people audio books are a
great way to inform yourself while being busy throughout your day, and obviously being informed
is going to make you more successful. But for me, first of all I hate hearing another
narrator speak out loud a book, it’s just weird to me. And second, during my downtime I spend that
time listening to music, which for me has traditionally been one of the ways I really
boost my creativity. As a writer and photographer, I need to let
my mind wander into random, strange, weird places, and music is amazing for that. Specially Monster Magnet. Every human should listen to Monster Magnet. But, that’s not the challenge, so I listened
to audiobooks instead. I picked up “Obama’s Wars” as an audiobook
to learn more about the behind the scenes of the conflicts during his presidency, some
of which affected me directly. It was definitely interesting, and as always,
informative. During my regular reading time, which is also
part of rich people’s habits, I’ve been reading the memoirs of Nikita Khrushschev, former
Soviet premier. It’s interesting to see the Cold War from
a totally different standpoint, and honestly anyone who never bothered to learn past a
single viewpoint is a fool. Day 14: Ok, this week I really focused on
my to-do listing as well as goal setting, which was really annoying. I hate breaking down my days, or even writing
down goals. I mean I definitely have goals in mind for
what I want to accomplish, but I don’t ever write them down and break it down into step-by-step
instructions or objectives. So I sat down with the girlfriend, who makes
lists for literally everything, and we broke down my goals for the rest of 2019 and 2020. I have a new art show I’ve been putting together
and a major script I’ve been working on that’s all my own, not a commissioned work. So we broke down step by step how and when
each of those things was going to get done. For the show we broke down exactly what I
needed, how many photo shoots I’d have to do, when I would start casting, etc. etc. It was driving me nuts, I honestly hate planning
so damn much. Like I said, totally free-flowing over here,
because you know who made and loved lists? Hitler and the nazis. I even had to sit and make daily to-do lists,
which made the entire experience like pulling out teeth. I wake up everyday and I have literally no
idea what I’m going to do with my life that day. I mean, I know that I have due dates for this
script and that script, or I have to prepare for this shoot or that shoot, but it’s all
just, like, up in the ether as far as when I’ll do what. It drives my secret-nazi girlfriend insane,
and she can’t ever figure out how I get anything done. Yet I do, and that’s my point. Listen, rich people may make lists and plan
out goals, but you don’t have to live like they do. Some people are free-flowing, but I guess
you have to be really honest with yourself and ask: are you not making to-do lists and
writing down goals because you’re a free-flowing person who still manages to be successful,
or are you just being lazy? Day 21: I cheated on the challenge. I couldn’t take it anymore and I drove myself
to In and Out while I was home alone and I think I ate more calories than can fit in
a normal human being. I’m supposed to average less than 300 calories
of junk food a day, which includes things like candy and sweets, not just fast food,
and I’m pretty sure I just ate a month’s worth of double doubles and animal style fries. Other than my brief slip-up- hey, nobody’s
perfect- the challenge wears on. In some areas I can genuinely see how some
of these habits could be of benefit. Waking up early and eating better in the morning
really does make me feel better, and well while I always did regular exercise, I know
that not doing it can really lower your self-esteem and your energy levels. Being a couch potato is not conducive to a
great life- trust me, I did, after all, do a challenge on it. But other habits are driving me insane. Making a to-do list every day drives me bonkers. Instead of feeling more focused and like I
get more done, I feel constrained and uninspired. I hate seeing that little slip of paper saying
what I should or should not have done throughout my day. Screw you, to-do list, you don’t own me. I’m a free man. The goal setting I guess was good, even though
I hate to admit it. Getting an idea down of some practical steps
to take in some of my goals was not a bad thing, and actually helped focus them a bit
more. But not when it comes to my writing. I’m supposed to have a set amount of pages
done every day for the script I’ll be shopping around town when it’s done, and that’s just
not happening. My own manager has tried countless times to
get me to set these kinds of goals, and sorry, but I just don’t work that way. Some days I’ll write a single page. Other days I have literally spent from sunrise
to sundown writing, even ignoring meals. The girlfriend really hates those days because
it makes her worried about my health, and I love her for how she always brings me food
but doesn’t try to interrupt me. You can’t like, cage inspiration, man. Day 30: Challenge completed, and honestly
when I reflect on everything that’s happened over the last month, it wasn’t all that terrible
of an experience. At least not compared to some of the other
monthly or weekly challenges. I’m still psychologically recovering from
spending 24 hours in a tub! So some parts of the challenge stuck, others
not so much. Honestly I think that rich people’s habits
can be great, and definitely see the merit in a lot of them, but ultimately you’re your
own person. What works for some people may not work for
you, and you should embrace that. But like I said in a previous week, just be
honest with yourself and admit if you’re just being lazy or not. The to-do lists can go straight to the deepest
depths of hell and stay there. I have literally nothing else to say on the
matter. Planning out my goals though, has actually
not been a bad thing. With my writing, it’s impossible, but other
goals are definitely more manageable. I think if you primarily work as an artist,
whether that’s writing, painting, photography, acting, or anything else artistic, it’s definitely
harder to pin down goals, because typically you have a different rhythm that doesn’t really
mesh well with overly detailed goals lists. But I know from personal experience that not
having goals is also dangerous, leaving everything a little too free-form can be a great way
to get lazy, or just fail outright. Keeping your motivation can be so difficult,
especially if you’re just starting out as a writer, actor, or anything else that isn’t
really a typical 9 to 5 job. I think the one habit I’ll be sticking with
for sure is the increased volunteering. I’ve grown to love my time with meals on wheels. Some of these elderly people are incredibly
lonely, and the Meals on Wheels volunteers are the only people they get to see on a daily
basis. It actually made me really sad to discover
this. This week me and the girlfriend went to have
afternoon tea with one of the ladies on my route and just pay her a visit, and she was
so excited and happy to have company over. Of all the habits I picked up or improved
on, I can’t recommend volunteering your time enough. Find a cause that jives with you and go for
it, make someone else’s life a little better for a day and you’ll be surprised how it makes
yours better too. Also, I’m officially asking for a raise. Sorry Infographics, but you did this to yourself. What rich people’s habits
do you think you’ll pick up and try out? Which do you already do every day? Let us know in
the comments! And as always if you enjoyed this video don’t
forget to Like, Share, and Subscribe for more great content!


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