‘I Think That Wealthy People Can Get Away With Anything,’ Says Man Who Claims He Murdered His Wife

‘I Think That Wealthy People Can Get Away With Anything,’ Says Man Who Claims He Murdered His Wife

One week after Allison’s passing, I went to the San Diego Police Department homicide division and I told them the truth about what happened. And that I committed murder. I explained how it was done, how I had tricked the medical examiner’s office. However, they still chose to not believe me. That is a direct result of them being afraid of my lawyers. Bob Shapiro, Mark Geragos are very well known defense attorneys. Mark Geragos’ most famous case was Michael Jackson’s molestation hearing. Bob Shapiro’s most famous case was the O.J. Simpson trial. They knew exactly who they were dealing with, if they had to go on court. The wealthy get treated a bit differently than people without money and without powerful attorneys. I think that wealthy people can get away with anything. So you believe that, you said that several times. I do believe it. What do you know about my background? You were a forensic psychologist, is that correct? You were a jury specialist. I’ve spent a lot of my professional career heading up the premier trial science firm in America. And there’s no question that wealthy people can hire silk stocking lawyers, but this theory that you have that the authorities down there are afraid of you, I’m sorry, that just doesn’t hold water with me. The DA down there, Summer Stephan, the chief of police, I don’t think they care how tall your wallet is and your lawyers are friends of mine and you know why they’re lawyers that are well known? It’s ’cause they spend a lot of time in court because police take wealthy people to task when they break the law. You think just ’cause you got money you can go kill somebody? There are billionaires in jail today that would beg to differ with you about that. You said that there are streets you can’t go down, places you can’t go, because the press just had a field day with you on this. I can’t find a single article where the press has had a field day with you. The article that I found from your hometown was that you had confessed to police and they didn’t believe you because it wasn’t consistent with the findings, and as a result, they weren’t even gonna name you. So where is this press field day? Where’s all this media? Because Allison is named in all those articles. It says here, “the husband told police in December ’18 “that he killed his wife and tried to make it look “like an accident, claims that don’t appear to be supported “by the evidence, according to the autopsy report.” “The Union Tribune is not naming the husband “because he has not been arrested, charged, “or accused of a crime.” How is that having a field day with you? You know, they are, they’re talking about my wife’s name in the media, my former wife. So anyone who knows Allison, they just have to Google her name and it will pull up those articles, Dr. Phil.
So that one statement there that does not name you nor show your picture, that’s what you’d call being persecuted in the media? Yes.


  1. Jenny Petri says:

    Hello its Me Jennifer And I Just Want To Saying Hi To You Dr Phil

  2. Joshua Lee says:


  3. terry ham says:

    sounds fake and scripted but its dr. phil what do you expect?

  4. Sanic says:

    I can finally say I commented on a dr.phil video

  5. Gigi Guillemet says:


  6. a man with no name says:

    I could care less if this guy wants to flaunt his wealth and ruin his life, I just wanted to leave a comment on a Dr Phil show😂💀

  7. Nothing Happens says:

    Dr. Phil is sitting there looking at this douche like he's the dopiest moron he's ever seen. Who brags about (not) killing their wife?

  8. Big Smoke says:

    the guy when he breaths OMFG JUST STFU JDDJDNNDUCJDKDD

  9. YOUNGFACE says:

    he looks like the "you'll rue the day" kid from icarly

  10. Reebo Shann says:

    Weirdo police don't even believe you

  11. Shelly Bee says:

    He is on Dr.Phil admitting he murdered someone and he is walking around free as bird 🦅

  12. Santa's Brother says:

    He tries to look like a bigshot with that jacket-tug, but it's like he's trying to put out a fire.

  13. Alex Ruiz says:

    he talks like Trump

  14. Vincnet says:

    life is pay to win

  15. Sir Savage The 21st says:

    he has to be smart since he is a wealthy man so y he cappin bout killin his wife

  16. you’re breathtaking says:

    Commenting? On a Dr. Phil video??

    What a time to be alive

  17. Deven Maltez says:

    Why was he so stiff talking to Phil 😂😂

  18. Angela Freites says:

    The autopsy won't ever match it it were faked from the onset.

  19. rf Eli says:

    he’s probably not even that rich lmfao

  20. Maxxx Langel says:

    Dr Phil looking at him like," do i really hv a killer on my show sitting next to me,"….wats more unusual is im commenting on Dr.Phil show !!!

  21. Chas says:

    What was the actual point in this?

  22. i10 East says:

    It’s weird because I start shaking when I’m mad 🤔

  23. bsdacameras says:

    the way he fluffs his jacket at :50 😂

  24. Jay Phillips says:

    Broc Turner was a wealthy young man that got off rape basically scott free, OJ Simpson MOST DEFINITELY got off bc of the lawyers he hired (the evidence clearly implicated him), Harvey Weinstein is still sitting pretty in his ivory tower despite all the women coming forward.Wealthy men in America definitely get off on anything & if you don’t see that Dr. Phil then you’re seriously a part of the problem

  25. Deek Deegler says:

    lol he spent Shapiro and Gergos money to just admit on DR PHIL he did kill his wife lol okay dude your either not rich or just an idiot

  26. I’m enough and I matter says:

    He is longing for attention

  27. C Mac says:

    Maybe this is his way of dealing with her murder because he feels guilty that he couldn't protect his wife. Like he snapped or something.

  28. Nicholas Markovitch says:

    Hes not rich. He's in a hotel

  29. Miss M says:

    This guy looks like He’s permanently stuck in that crying scene in Spider-Man

  30. Quezia Mendes says:

    He is telling the truth though

  31. Meg Hamer says:

    Is there anything that Dr Phil isn’t qualified in?

  32. Twisted Legend says:

    Epstein is probably still alive though he is/was a billionaire lol

  33. Lee Taemin aka God Himself says:

    Dudes out here sitting on that chair looking like the tomato from veggie tales

  34. 1990 Ford Mustang Foxbody says:

    You guys didn't watch the other videos, did you?

  35. GamingWithBZ says:

    He seriously is bragging about killing his wife? I’m sick

  36. Anthony Hurts says:

    Is this based on a true story?

  37. CrispTofu says:

    mf thinking he's Patrick Bateman

  38. Toad_Eitan says:

    He is right

  39. Quinn Melvin says:

    You can tell by the way he acts, he thinks he looks like Jake Gyllenhaal

  40. kylie moore says:


  41. Sofia Johansson says:

    Dude, this is so smart. You can murder someone, then confess with a false statement. And they write you off. :/

  42. Nicole Whittaker says:

    his hands are so tiny…

  43. DJ Latina says:

    wow this whole situation is pretty bizarre and messed up

  44. E O'C says:

    I kinda agree that a lot of rich and powerful people can get away with a lot until the public finds out it then the courts and police kinda need to what there paid to do

  45. Jack Hammer says:

    Is he a Retard?

  46. A S says:

    He’s wealthy and mentally ill 😷A good slap would make him right🧔

  47. Harley French says:

    He's a coward inside and out

  48. Knock Hello says:

    I swear.

  49. Heeed Heel says:

    Wooga ooga booga loooga

  50. Kimberly pgv says:

    Looks like his balls smell like cheese and wet rag 😰

  51. Prasun says:

    oh we can comment on this?! on the most uninteresting dude on the show?!

  52. elena lmao says:

    Why’s he wearing brown shoes with a black suit? Is that a thing? It looks weird. Black shoes go best with a black suit. He is acting like a child, swinging his legs and spouting nonsense.

  53. BigSky Family says:

    Crush this guys ego & throw him in prison.. who goes on Dr. Phil to prove themselves as a murderer?! WHAT??!!

  54. Krystal Woody says:

    Could u weeze alittle more silent fatass

  55. DannyGutz says:

    He’s an idiot

  56. Rodrigo De la Corazon says:

    If he admitted to murder and detailed how and nothing happened he is right. There are millionaires in jail but how many criminal millionaires are free.

  57. Racine Robinson says:

    Why is he shaking?

  58. Courtney Brooks says:

    This guys breathing is so annoying all I could pay attention to 😂

  59. King Lightwood says:

    This is exactly what American Psycho was trying to show

  60. asha says:

    tag yourself i’m “people without money”

  61. Caroline Granados says:

    Sadly I think it is true.. guy like Epstein could get away with anything.. after his death, no one in his circle got “touched “ by the legal system

  62. Billy Westerband says:

    That chump is not rich…

  63. Sizablemrfreeze says:

    He is trying to be a relevant person. Classic ego manic

  64. Brandy B says:

    Awkward idiot to police- I murdered my wife, here's how and btw, I'm rich and these are my lawyers.
    Police- Whoooaahh there sir, this is getting too scary for me, you can go now, we won't be bothering you again.

    What planet does this man live on?

  65. Lindsey Mayfield says:

    Why is he putting on his jacket so aggressive lol..

  66. Soñor Pigeon says:

    The rich has been doing this but when the working man loiter around the steer or park, they’re immediately detained or arrested. Remember kids the world isn’t perfect and corruption is everywhere, even in your fruits and veggies.

  67. Jaelyn P says:

    This guy is legit confessing no one is taking him seriously because there’s no possible way rich people could be above the law as he claimed.

  68. Lea Veri says:

    I like how your allowed to comment on this vid LOL

  69. Mi O says:

    This guy is weirdly delusional. Weirdly bc why would he want to have committed murder??

  70. sara4hayati says:

    Heyyy I just wanted to finally be able to comment on a dr. Phil video!! Also this whole story is fake

  71. pearce gossett says:

    so he wants to be held accountable for killing his wife and go to jail? just let him go to jail then lmao.

  72. Fish Jan says:

    He's tryna flex hard

  73. Roman Johnson says:

    he is shaking in his boots

  74. Dropa Tan says:

    00:50 🙂

  75. Happy Day says:

    This tub of goo couldn’t lie his way out of a HUGE paper bag.

  76. Daze Over says:

    his eyes scream killer , and dead inside. deffo lock him up if u can

  77. Kortez Riko says:

    But why say you murder someone but you didn’t? Why would you want to get in trouble ?

  78. P N says:

    Wow open comment holy molly

  79. Lord lasagna says:

    If his wife did overdose he could be going through a mental breakdown were he wants to think he did murder his wife to cover up the fact it was an overdose. Or maybe he feels embarrassed his wife died of an overdose and doesn’t want people to think she overdosed.

  80. peelthescary nope says:

    Mom this is what my mom thinks but shes poor omg more crazy adults

  81. Mr. Scoot Scooter says:

    He said he killed his wife.

    Now he's on Dr. Phil.

    The title is perfection.

  82. TonmoyRockz Vlogz says:

    “Wealthy people can get away with anything”

    Have y’all not seen Donald Trump?

  83. Truitt Odom says:

    I’m not afraid of Tubby boy

  84. Elisa From Wii Sports says:

    He's not wrong

  85. Ed O says:

    Yes rich get away with some things. But court stuff they just have money to make it drag on far longer than others.

  86. Ian Hovenden says:

    Why is he bragging about killing his wife 😂

  87. can yildiz says:

    Wealthy people can get away with anything and your stupid of u refute this fact

  88. Laura Norrman says:

    Haha what with the chairs

  89. Barney Fife says:

    It is true tho

  90. Srirachy_TV says:

    This dude shakes more than my milkshake

  91. Eduardo Contreras says:

    I was hoping he had the cops arrest him on the show.

  92. Anandi Puritipati says:

    Is…is he crying?

  93. michael sedwick says:

    Why he shaking so much 😂😂

  94. Galaxy Guy says:

    He looks so scared.

  95. Kyle Joynes says:

    how could he benefit from lying about killing his wife

  96. 112477fm says:

    I went to the sun and came back 10 yrs later . If you guys dont believe me just look at my sunburn Nd tan


    He’s absolutely right, look who’s at the White House

  98. G.umFVNK , Dirty Gumball says:

    Why do these keep getting suggested to me and why do i keep watching them…

  99. deedee megadoodoo says:

    4:00 he gets arrested

  100. Voges says:

    What a douche. He’s trembling in front of Dr. Phil hahaha.

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