I Retired Rich At Age 27…And This Is How I Did It

I Retired Rich At Age 27…And This Is How I Did It

– Today I wanna share with you exactly how I retired at the age of 27. How I did it, and maybe how
you could do it as well. You see, I started very
early at a young age. The path of entrepreneurship. I started my first business
when I was in high school, just with a couple of buddies mowing lawns for people in our neighborhoods. That’s my very first business. There are three things
that I did during this time that allows me to retire
young and retire rich. So the very first thing is this: I focus on developing what I call high income
skills, my high income skills. Skills that allow me to bring value to the marketplace in exchange of money. Now I define high income skills as skills that could make me
$10,000 or more per month. You see, the first five years of my business career,
when I was getting started, the first five years I
didn’t take a single day off. I was working 12 to 14 hours
a day seven days a week for the first five years. While all my friends, they
were out there drinking. Drinking and having
parties and chasing girls. I was fucking working. I sacrificed, I made a lot of sacrifices. I believe if you don’t
sacrifice for your dream, then your dream becomes your sacrifice. So I might the decision,
I paid the price early on. I spent a few years of my
life working on myself, working on my business. Doing the things that most people are too lazy to do, not willing to do, so I could have what
most people cannot have. The very first high income skill that I developed was copywriting. Now you might wonder what that is. Well, it’s simply the skill to
use words to sell, that’s it. Print persuasion, or persuasion in print. And I was running a one-man
advertising agency myself. If you watch the T.V. show “Mad Men”, that’s kind of what I was doing, without all this smoking
and all that bullshit. But I was basically a
marketing guy in my early 20’s. Working with companies,
working with entrepreneurs. And I was making 10,000 a month, $12,000 a month, in my early 20’s. And at that time it was like,
I felt like a million bucks. I thought it was the most
money I’ve ever seen. And I did that, then later
on I took that money, the income that I
earned, I put that aside, and I started quote unquote,
“A scalable business”. Now if you want to retire
early, and retire young, one of the most important things that you have to know is
noticing and identifying trends. At the time, I went onto the internet. I saw this trend on the internet. We’re talking about back
then, remember Netscape, dial-up modem, I’m talking about Overture for pay-per-click, you know good old days. You, watching this young guys, you may or may not even know this. But I’m talking about Yahoo!
for search engines, okay? Facebook and then later on Google. But I’m talking about
that’s when I got started. Back then, early, and I
noticed a trend on internet. And I was importing
collectibles from Hong Kong, Bruce Lee collectibles, actually. And I was flipping them on eBay, I was doing affiliated marketing, I was doing digital marketing online, I was selling digital products. Before PDF, before all these
things were even popular. Software, all these things, and that’s how my first bucket of money. Then I took that money, and I sold some of those businesses so I cash out, and I took that money and
I invest in real estate. Then my investments are able
to support my lifestyle. And that’s how I retired at the age of 27. But here’s one thing I’ve
learned through that experience: at the age of 27, I
thought this was my dream. I thought, “I wanna get
to a point where I don’t “have to work anymore, I’ll
sit on the beach all day and that is going to be it.” And I did that, the first month. The first 30 days, I was sitting
on a beach on English Bay, just sitting there
every single day, right? Looking at the beach,
looking at the ocean, I thought, “I have made it.” You know what? All I got was sun burnt. That’s it. You may dream of sitting
on a beach every day, I’m telling you, when you could do it, I was bored out of my mind. I thought, “This is fucking stupid. “I worked so hard to get here, “and now I’m sitting on
a beach doing nothing. “This is dumb, like did I work this hard “and make all that sacrifices for this?! “Like come on.” ‘Cause you gotta understand,
when you’re entrepreneur, I was going like this every
day, go, go, go, go, go. Suddenly when you have nothing to do, when you cash out, when
you have investments, you’re like, “Okay, I
guess, what else do you do?” Right? After 30 days of that I
was sick and tired of it. I’m like, “This the dumbest thing ever.” So the second month, I
did something different. I actually thought, “You know what, “I’m gonna watch some movies.” So at the time, I rented
a lot of movies, a lot. I was watching six,
seven movies, the DVDs. Stack of them, every single day. Let me tell you something: I love movies, don’t get me wrong. But when you’re watching six, seven movies every fucking day, you don’t like movies so much anymore, believe me, okay? After 30 days of that, I’m like, “This is again, the dumbest thing ever.” I just felt like, so lazy, I felt like I wasn’t doing
anything with my life. Then I went to talk to
my mentor, and he said, “Okay Dan, here’s what I want you to do. “I want you to start another business.” I said, “No! No! I’m not
gonna start another business, “I was killing myself all
these years so I could retire, “you don’t understand,
I’m not gonna work!” He said, “No, you’re gonna
start another business.” I said, “No! I am not gonna
start another business.” He said, “You’re gonna
start another business.” I said, “No.” But this time he said, “You’re
gonna start a business, “from a totally different place. “Because now you made it. “You could start your business coming “from a place of strength,
coming from a place of abundance, “coming from a place of
something that you want. “What do you want to create? “Build it around your strength, “build it around your passion, “’cause now money’s not an issue. “You’re not just doing to make money. “What could you do? “How could you use all the skills “that you’ve accumulated,
you’ve developed, “all the business
acumen, all the knowledge “that you have, how can you use “that to build something great?” And I thought, “That, I could do.” So that’s my story. That’s how I retired at the age of 27. I don’t know where you’re
at in your journey. Maybe you want to retire young, maybe you want to retire
at the age of 45, 55, 65. I don’t know where you’re at. But what I do know is, is it’s possible. And what I also do know
is once you get there, there’s always another step. There’s always another level. So don’t wait, don’t feel like you have to get to a point where,
“Hey you know what, “I’m gonna spend my whole life doing stuff “that I hate, so I could get to a point “where finally, I could do
some stuff that I love.” No, enjoy the journey,
success is a journey, not a destination.


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