I Pretended To Be Rich And Lost All My Friends

I Pretended To Be Rich And Lost All My Friends

Hi, I’m Kelly. And I would like to share with you the most
embarrassing thing that’s ever happened to me. But first, let me tell you a little about
my family. I come from an ordinary family. My dad is an office clerk and my mom is a
hairdresser. So we are not struggling financially, but
at the same time we’re not like super rich. About two months ago my dad was transferred
to a new branch office and he immediately realized that the commute was going to become
hellish. That’s why we moved, relocating closer to
my dad’s new office which meant I had to go to a new school, one with a peculiar reputation
for having a huge number of rich kids. To be honest, I wasn’t really happy about
it because I didn’t want to be some kind of an outsider. So I shared my concerns with my mom, my dad
and my older sister during breakfast on the first day of school and my sister said I should
just pretend to be a rich girl. Dad just laughed at that, while mom advised
me to not pretend to be someone else and other things like that. When I arrived at school I saw a huge beautiful
building. It felt like the new school was three times
bigger than my previous school. With a little effort, I found my class and
the teacher introduced me to my new classmates. But no one was paying much attention to me. At that moment I thought that maybe I shouldn’t
have worried, maybe nobody would even notice me here. It was only when I sat at my desk that the
girl sitting closest to me started a conversation with me. You know the things that people usually ask
newcomers, like: “Where are you from?” or “What music do you like?” or “Are
you on Instagram?” …stuff like that. Luckily, we were sitting way in the back,
so the teacher didn’t hear us whispering to each other. Her name was Sonia and, two minutes in our
conversation, I knew we would be friends. To my surprise, right after the class finished
a group of really cool-looking girls walked up to me. Expensive branded clothing, confident, slow-paced
walk. I knew this type of girl was exactly the reason
I didn’t want to transfer to this school. I froze. And while staring at them I silently imagined
how these rich girls might be making fun of me because I was not like them. The girls introduced themselves and one of
them, who seemed most like the leader (her name was Keisha by the way), asked me to tell
them something about myself. At that moment, I thought about what my mom
advised me to do earlier in the morning: “Never lie to others about who you are. Be yourself and then you will find true friends.” And I told the girls that… my dad was the
CEO of a very large company and that we moved to this area because there are big beautiful
houses here and we bought one of the biggest ones. The girls seemed fascinated while I thought
to myself “Oh my God, what did you just say, dummy?” “My new friends surrounded me and started
asking me different questions, like how many cars my dad owns, or if we have a helicopter,
and stuff like that. Sonia was standing there waiting for me for
a while, but instead of just going with her, I chose to stay. Unfortunately, that one lie led to so many
more. I had to create more lies in order to back
up my original lie. I completely lost control over the situation
and it made me feel so miserable. On the one hand, I was popular like never
before, neither in my previous school, nor anywhere else. But on the other hand, I knew I was popular
just because I lied. During lunch we all agreed to throw a pajama
party and Keisha suggested we do it at my house. The girls were cheering and I was seeing a
terrible exposé approaching, because once my new friends saw the real house I lived
in – they would know I lied.” When I got home I rushed to my mom and told
her everything. She wasn’t particularly happy about my lies,
but at least she approved of my choice to share my problem with her. Mom advised me to just tell my friends the
truth and maybe they wouldn’t be super mad at me. The next day I gathered my friends together
and told them the truth. It really wasn’t easy, but it was worth
it. Keisha said that they still wanted to be my
friends. I was so happy to hear that! It was such a relief, I didn’t have to lie
any more and I managed to save the friendships! But then she continued, saying that no matter
how much they wanted to, that they couldn’t be friends with somebody who made up so many
lies. I felt so ashamed and my face turned bright
red. You might wonder why I’m still telling you
all this, so here’s why: this silly story has taught me a lot of important lessons. First, stay true to yourself – I pretended
to be someone else for just one day and that was the worst day of my life. Second, rich kids are not necessarily snobby
– the girls didn’t want to be friends with me because I lied, not because I wasn’t
rich. Third, never deny those who are genuinely
interested in you. Now I know I shouldn’t have just left Sonia
standing there and I hope one day she will forgive me. Oh, and lastly, my mom is the wisest person
to ever walk this planet. If this story feels like something you can
relate to, click on the “Like button” and leave a comment below to share your experience. And subscribe to our channel to see more stories.



    If this story feels like something you can relate to, click on the “Like” button and leave a comment below to share your experience. And subscribe to our channel to see more stories.

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    I can relate to this story because I lied a lot in school and it wasn't until I graduated that I openly came clean about everything in a vlog.
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    Be you, stay true.

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