– Forty years old seems like a good age to have a mid-life crisis
and to go buy a car. And rather than buy some dorky Corvette, that makes me really look like
I’m having a mid-life crisis (crowd yells and screams) Might as well have the fastest
production car in history: (laughs) a Tesla Roadster (upbeat techno music) Alright guys, it is happening. No, this is not click bait. I am sending money to
Elon Musk and to Tesla, it’s happening. This is Wells Fargo Bank, apparently this is where Tesla banks. You have to send a wire today. I am putting my money,
down for the Roadster. If you haven’t watched
it a couple of days ago, remember my video with the Roadster where I rode in that super-fast car. – [Instructor] Three, two, one. (screams and yells) – At the end of the video
I was like, is it worth it. That’s debatable. Well I thought about
it through the weekend. I got the email from Tesla, and I can make my
reservation solidified today. That’s why I decided to
come here to the store. I’m going to go in, make the wire transfer and I’m gonna explain all the specifics around how much the Tesla Roadster costs, what you have to do to get in line for it, how much should it cost
me to take a test drive to get you that footage on YouTube video. ‘Cause it wasn’t cheap and it wasn’t free. But first: Let me go give the money to
Elon Musk before the cut-off. Alright I’m at the bank. I’m doing it. I’m actually wiring the money right now. Not allowed to film at the bank, so I’m not going to film
the whole transaction but it is happening. Alright. I just did it, we’re
getting the final paperwork and we’re out of here. Alright.
(laughs) This is my receipt. We did it, we did it. We got the deposit, it is in. That is a lot of money and now I have two years, maybe three, depending
on if there’s any delays. To actually earn somehow the rest of the one hundred
and fifty thousand dollars to maybe two hundred thousand
dollars to get the actual car that’s just the deposit
and it’s sittin’ there. And yes, if you’re asking
Leslie did sign-off on it. We’ll see if it, how this works out. (rock music) Alright, I’m at the Tesla
super-charging station and the store, whatever they want you to call it. You can’t legally sell
Teslas in the State of Utah, so they have this kind of
weird set up at the store but it’s like a service center. It’s not even a service center. It’s like a nice little
place you hang out. They got couches and waters
and bathrooms and stuff so when you charge, you can relax. Let’s talk a little bit about the event and how it went down. So you guys saw the craziness that was me riding the Tesla
Roadster which was insane. (screams) Whoa-ho-ho-ho (dramatic orchestral music) Ohh. (dramatic orchestral music)
It felt like I was just like a ball of jello. – Hey Mikey I think he likes it. (laughs) That’s pretty much what it felt like. This is how I even got the
chance to ride in that. After the event, you go to the after party and at the after party, they
had six or seven computers that were lined up with
employees at each one of those. If you talk to those guys, they
tell you about the Roadster, they tell you how you can buy one. And so, what you had to do that night, is if you wanted to go on
a ride in the Roadster, which there weren’t that many
people that went on rides, I would say maybe forty
people while I was there. You had to pay a five
thousand dollar deposit. They said was non-refundable. Is it worth it? Five thousand dollars for one
ride that lasts two minutes and I just sat there and hovered my finger
over the purchase button. And finally I decided, for some strange reason
I decided it’s worth it. And I paid the money.
(laughs) Mostly, honestly it was because I figured you guys would like to see it in the video and if I came to the event and had the chance to go on a ride and I didn’t do it, that’s
kind of a missed opportunity. I thought maybe you guys would like it. So here’s the second portion of it. After you pay that five thousand dollars, you have two options to
purchase the vehicle. The first option is you can
get the Founders Series. Now the Tesla Roadster Founders Series, they’re only making a thousand of those. Those are two hundred and
fifty thousand dollars and what you had to do is, that night you would pay
five thousand dollars. You would get your ride. And then what you would
do is within ten days, you had to make a wire
transfer at Wells Fargo to Tesla for the remaining two hundred and forty
five thousand dollars. Two hundred and forty
five thousand dollars. And then remember you don’t see the car until at least 2020. That’s two hundred and fifty
grand and that’s just gone. You’re making no interest on it. Nothing. And I am guaranteed people did it. There’s people that wanted to do that. That was something I definitely
did not have the money for. Option number two is within 10 days you can wire the additional
forty five thousand dollars, which I just did at the Wells Fargo Bank. So I’m in the queue. Now I’m in line for the
Full Production Series of the Roadster. They’ll first release the
one thousand Founders Series Tesla Roadsters and then you’re in line to purchase yours. They say the price of the Full Production is two hundred thousand. That’s the base model. It still goes fast, it
still has a lot of options but obviously and clearly there’s going to be some different things that you can do to upgrade it at that point that will take it probably up closer to two
hundred and fifty thousand. Elon has talked about a little bit on those options on Twitter. Now why did I pay fifty thousand dollars? That was a ton of money for me. It said that between the time that you send the wire
and between the time that you actually make the purchase order, you can get a full refund on your actual down payment basically on the car. So I was thinking about it, I’m like, okay, if I can get a full refund, I could possibly get back
my five thousand dollars that at the event they
said was non-refundable, so I paid forty five thousand dollars to potentially get my five thousand back. But in reality I do not
wanna cancel my reservation. I wanna keep the Roadster. It’s 2020. I will be turning forty years old… in 2020.
(laughs) And so the way I look at it is: Forty years old seems like a good age to have a mid-life crisis and to go buy a car. So I don’t know how I’m gonna pay for the full two hundred
and fifty thousand dollars. I don’t have that money. I know a lot of you guys are always like, ‘You’re so rich’, and yes, Leslie and I had
very good jobs before YouTube and that has provided us
with a lot of opportunities and yes we’ve made some money
on the YouTube side of it. But we don’t just have two hundred and fifty thousand dollars sitting around. Can you imagine the vlogs of giving people test rides in the Tesla. You saw my reaction. I would love to go to drivers school before I get the car and learn how to drive a
high performance vehicle. Maybe go do some drag racing
at the drag racing strip-place and race some people. I’d probably crash the thing. So maybe I shouldn’t do that,
but I would like to try it. During my video I talked about Ben, and how Ben earned his own for free. I think Ben has fifty
five or sixty referrals since September and that qualified him to get a 102% off of the cost of the… Roadster. And it’s the Founders
Edition that he gets. If you guys know somebody that’s going to be buying
a Tesla between now and the end of the year, there’s a code I’m flashing
it up on the screen right now. There’s a link in the description. If they use that code, which is my code specific to me, then they will get free
supercharging for the life of having their Tesla. I really don’t know that I believe enough that I could get fifty people
to actually buy a Tesla. They’re super expensive cars. So, if you know friends
and family and neighbors, show ’em our videos, if they
find value in our Tesla videos, and if it motivates them to get a Tesla. Great, have them use my code. So between now and 2020
I need to find a way to earn enough money so that
I can pay for the Roadster. I’m hoping not to cancel this thing and take the fifty thousand dollars back, but if I have to I will
between now and then. Time to hustle it out. Time to go in my Model X and I’ll be honest when I
launch with this thing now. This is only a 100 D. It’s not a P 100 D but when I push the acceleration I used to think it was super fast. After that Roadster, it makes me feel more like this is more
like that Honda Civic that’s just driving in front of me. (crowd yells) Not the greatest acceleration. See?
(acceleration strains) Yeah that was great. That was fast and all. Better than most gas cars but nothing compared to the Roadster. (yells) Hope this is helpful to you guys. Thanks for watching. Let me know in the comments
below what you think. Should I get the refund on the money? Is it a waste of money to go and put that much into a Roadster or should I keep it and get the Roadster? Well let me know your thoughts. Time for me to drive. (energetic music) I felt like I was just
like a ball of Jello. Jello.

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