Howard U prof: College scam exposes “deception” that wealthy succeed through hard work alone

Howard U prof: College scam exposes “deception” that wealthy succeed through hard work alone

We see, at every level of education, from
kindergartners being tested by a private psychologist to say that they are gifted, to the various
types of ways wealthy people train for tests and manipulate those outcomes—we see, time
and time again, people using their money and their influence to create an unfair advantage
for their children. And I’m happy that it’s come to light. I think that little, subtle things have been
happening for quite some time. I think if you don’t buy into the notion
that rich people are disproportionately smarter than the average person, then there’s a
lot of things that you would consider pretty fishy. When you look at some of the high schools,
like Georgetown Prep, where Brett Kavanaugh went, when you see how just about every student
is going to one of these elite schools, we know that statistically it’s improbable
that they would just cluster all at that school. And with a private school like that, we have
very little information. They’re not held to the same standards as
public schools. So, it is a very clandestine system at some
of these elite schools that land all of these wealthy children at some of what’s considered
our nation’s top universities. I hope it’s a wake-up call for people who
have bought into the system that people become wealthy because they have worked hard. It’s a deception that’s pervasive in our
society. Among the wealthy, their objective is passive
income. You know, they talk actively about making
money without working. That’s what they talk about in their own
social networks. But yet, when they’re talking to people
who may work for them, they try to make it seem like it’s all about working hard. In reality, it should be about working hard. Everybody should work hard for what they have. But there are people in this country, unfortunately,
who would rather manipulate the system so that some people work hard to get enough,
and other people work not at all and get more. And I think it also does a disservice to their
children, because their children will grow up feeling a false sense of entitlement, believing
in unearned privilege, believing in inherited wealth and all of the things that will lead
to certain types of predatory behaviors, whether it be predatory lending, manipulating markets,
predatory landlords—you know, different aspects of society that we’ve all grown
to loathe. All of this is cultivated in these types of


  1. sk8queen says:

    100000% true. They want to gas us up to work hard – usually for them – and bootstrap it yet they start on 3rd base and STILL cheat to get to home plate.

  2. GARY HILSON says:

    Yes this is been going on for decades since the beginning of college I remember one time I was working on my job and this one engineer told me that there were people that were taking tests for him and it floored me I'm a black person and every time I walk into a room you can hear the eyes and head clicking to look at me I can't go under the radar but white people can it's a rigged system of racism

  3. Rhiannon Podlewski says:

    Boycott Hollywood and all corrupt arenas and that takes away their pay

  4. tony fat says:

    Just more white liberal privilege

  5. TallMoodBS says:

    When Trump began running for prez, it reminded me of that movie with Rodney Dangerfield, the mafia don who sends his kid to college. That was a good comedy and both the father and son had some sense and love for all.
    Unfortunately the paid degree(ped degree) of our free world leader is not so comical, but very sad.
    He's like a fourth grader on the playground who says his dad will beat up your dad.
    Unfortunately, again, his daddy is now talmudic theft and his casino experience knows the house always wins.
    The show must go on……send in the clowns to amuse.

  6. Mike Nelson says:

    This is the reason a quality higher education for all should be free, after all, it's just a transfer of knowledge from one person to another. No one, especially banks and loan institutions, should be allowed to profit on matters of education…it is how we make ourselves better.

  7. DXR says:

    Class, privilege, we all know that these institutions are the gateway to entering the super rich for an individual and that the particular qualities of the the individual counts from the institution's point of view as a quantitative contribution to the institution itself. Along side the creation of a social class of kids who will in the future become the super rich, the political elite, the Wall Street capitalists, the Trump administration is on the biggest spending spree of the nation's wealth in history, giving billions in tax breaks to this class of people who will never work a day in their lives outside of privilege and the institutions themselves give back to Trump their blessing. Money the country cannot afford is spend on ideals that return nothing of value to society. The flip side of the bribes and scams, deceptions that the wealthy commit to get their kids into the social class they belong were the school crimes in black working class schools committed by the administrators defrauding tests scores skimming off the federal grants the Trump administration will terminate in his next budget, federal dollars given to working class school districts redirected for the construction of the wall and more spending on law enforcement. The solution to the problem, a problem of holding on to power, is family separation of migrant children and their parents, an act of genocide, according to the World Court and the formation of a permanent social class of privileged elite, and on the other hand, a permanent working class, tied to the Trump budget as the new vision and objectives for America becomes a caste system.

  8. Steve Taxpayer says:

    Our higher education system is filled with and control by greedy, corrupt liberals.

  9. juan gomez says:

    Probably half of Congress graduated that way and 100% or the White House.

  10. Alexandru Popescu says:

    I thought that, when you're kinda dumb, the only way to be wealthy is to be born into a wealthy family.

  11. Dr. Winston O'boogie says:

    Our educational institutions are controlled by Zionist Jews just like the media and our government.

  12. Jake Tapper says:

    Ever notice, how many stupid rich people we have in government, that graduated from Yale University.

  13. dr. rae christopher says:



    So in other words pigs

  15. adub4ever says:

    Shit like this is why I’m voting for Bernie Sanders!!!

  16. Stonie Wake says:

    It would be really great if even the most racist among us could remove their blinders long enough to realize it’s the powerful that create the rules and it’s the most wealthy among us that keep us blaming the least powerful. Stop blaming the person who has a different skin color or speaks a different language. It’s the top 20%, the most wealthy and the most white, that run the show and make policy benefitting only themselves. By virtue of our own deaths, the most wealthy won’t stop unless we refuse to believe

  17. Man says:

    Wait…how yall got a Howard professor on here and they have their own scandal still going on with financial aid 😂🤣😭🤦🏾‍♂️

  18. rthawk natanabah says:

    That's why they told you to go to SCHOOL….. WHILE THEY were laying out white wash POLICY'S& REGULATIONS … simple 😉

  19. Steve Martino says:

    Money corrupts and when you live in a society that weighs EVERYTHING by money (capitalism) you shouldn't be surprised that everything is eventually corrupted

  20. Vincenzo says:

    Call this what it is: behavior that is a reflection of rich-shitheads' extreme narcissism bordering on sociopathy because admitting one of these wealthy kids cancels an admission spot for a well-qualified student.

  21. Anthony Baiocchi says:

    30 comments, 100 likes and still no 'dislikes', mmmm! I grew up in South Africa white, and went to private schools and remember the 'elitist' mentality amoungst teachers/stidents. No all but most!

  22. Mesozoic Period Vlogs says:

    As usual thanks for reporting the truth Democracy now! I salute you

  23. Anthony Baiocchi says:

    First to 'dislike' because I went to private schools and don't want the rest of you fuckers to leave 'your' space on the factory floor! Get back ro work right now or I'll send you to work for Bezos or Wal-Mart or McDonald's. Oh and if you want a morgage you had better go work for all 3!!

  24. Anthony Baiocchi says:

    Someone fetch my pitchfork!! I'm 'middle' management!?

  25. cook says:

    Sounds like Trump and his circle.

  26. M Santana says:

    By far the best analysis on this issue I have heard.

  27. Tribe213 says:

    These students SHOULD BE MADE AN EXAMPLE OF and stripped of their degrees, admissions and credits. Start over.

  28. mrs mucha says:

    This professor just explained Donald Trump and Donald Trump Jr..

  29. Lisa Burton says:

    This sounds like Drumpf’s issues

  30. Illuminated7 says:

    What is he point of having wealth if you can’t use it to secure advantages

  31. Jay Bennett says:

    Colleges should lose their non-profit status if they don't completely open their admissions records and prove the most qualified are admitted. These elite colleges don't admit normal Americans for the most part – yet the communities around them provide tax free services – college real estate is not taxed – we pay for the roads around them… only to see them serve largely a privileged elite class. At Harvard and Stamford 25% admitted are Jewish when this group is less than 2% of the population – does that not suggest preferential treatment? Who is keeping who down here?

  32. Mohanraj Jk says:

    What's so sickening about American/European invasion is that after they invade you, they convince you that it was for the best. Progress, democracy, freedom will all be caused Ted while they slowly pillage and enslave the masses into the system they've built up.

    Again, this system is not to the benefit of all Western people, but the banksters and corporations who are mainly located there.
    Thus, the Western masses get a higher privilege status compared to the commoners of other countries cos of this systemic mechanism of stratification.

    The masses are less powerful when divided and fighting amongst themselves. So geography, wealth, education, age, gender, sexuality, etc. are made to become the divisive mechanisms that promotes infighting.

    So what we get is different classes of slaves/chattel that is distributed amongst the nation's.

    There is no mistaking the fact that no power remains with the masses. All our money and assets put together is still a fraction of what the Central Banks have. And every divided citizen is implicitly under the social contract that is being exploited and abused by those in power.

  33. Gary Johnson says:

    Let's not forget the Frats, getting into a good frat is essential for anyone looking to succeed., and it help if your father or mother was a alumni and wealthy…or extremely intelligent in a academic

  34. ExRep Fiddlero says:

    I know it'll never happen, but what if the playing field was suddenly leveled for the privileged? They'd shit the bed, man… they'd definitely never make it through life.

  35. onnielou70 says:

    Same thing with fifth generation welfare kids. Child abuse!!!

  36. KonOneMusic says:

    Get rid of pay to play and affirmative action and let the cream rise to the top!

  37. Juslike EyeCit2 says:

    We already know this. But, it is hilarious to see the BIG lie unfold. There are no bootstraps to pull up. Now, I know why so many managers and supervisors don't know anything. Hilarious times ahead.

  38. southerngirl says:

    They cheat to get in these universities and continue to cheat to stay in.

  39. Troy Walker The Progressive Proletariat says:

    well, its less obvious than buying a wing or "donations"🙄

  40. The Great Homo Sapien sapien, says:

    we not going to let those celebrities cock sucker get away with anything the table is turned, remember they are the enemy of the peoples they been doing it for a long time and they think only their fat wallet, JAIL THEM, they are not hot anymore.

  41. harvard james says:

    The funny part is that these schools teach the same courses as a state college…Just for a lot more money…Your paying three, four, or five times as much for the same degree.
    You're just paying for a name.
    Rich people aren't smarter. This just comes from some jackass in generations past that came up with the twisted Darwinism theory of rich are better than average or poor person….forgot that clowns name.

  42. Andrew Flowers says:

    New Rule: every US Senator must pass the SAT/ACT prior to taking office. Everyone in the GOP must write an essay on: "Why the American People Should Trust Their Government"

  43. Oliver Dash says:

    Those who makes the rules the rules are not made for them because they are the makers of the rules.

  44. Tropical Storm Rain says:

    "People of color"….just admit you hate white men unless they're liberal homos.

  45. Kev says:

    Lock those parents up, put them in jump suits

  46. limp stear says:

    Modern caste system!!!

  47. The Court Of Public Opinion says:

    The one thing is about the story blowing my mind is they keep mentioning the children had no idea the children had no idea that they signed up for sport and then didn’t play it when They get to the school they had no idea that or they had no idea that they were academically defunct and all of a sudden and up in Harvard they had no clue OK they had no fucking clue….

  48. HocusPocus says:

    This class war on the wealthy is beginning to feel like the inquisition. McCarthy was correct.

  49. Edward Bullock says:

    This has being going on for a long time. 23x.

  50. Paul Dalnoky says:

    I'd consider your wife pussy pretty fishy

  51. Apryl’s Page says:

    When we have the receipts for what we already knew! Rich/privileged kids are smarter & more motivated than poor & middle class kids! The smarter poor kid is working in a factory bc their parents couldn’t buy their way, the rich white kids parents paid alumni, donations, kick backs, & bribes to get their kids in school. Currently my son in rooming with one of these kind of kids& that kid is on academic probation & my kid double majoring BIO BS & CHEM BS has a 3.7! We have to continue to debunk these myths!

  52. Ken Dalson says:

    Meritocracy is a scam. Lots of dumb kids at "elite" schools.

  53. Cola T says:

    i highly doubt these kids work as hard as the average college student in school. Unfortunately, money can buy anything here (teachers, coaches, etc)…do you really think these RICH kids are busting their asses….or do you think their parents will allow that to happen, when they can just pay ppl off?? those kids and their families already KNOW the positions they'll have and KNOW there is really not even a NEED to LEARN much in college….they're 'careers' are likely ALREADY in the bag….aside from that, like mentioned in the video….they utilize PASSIVE INCOME…we all can learn from that!!

  54. Paranormal is my normal My paranormal life says:

    This explains how a mentally retarded man could became president.. I think narcissism is a major factor in accumulating wealth. Mentally , emotionally well people couldn't do most of the things the wealthy do in order to become wealthy and continue the legacy of wealth in their families. I believe it requires a deficit or depletion of empathy and lack of internal moral judgment.

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