Howard Schultz: The Wealthy Should Pay More Taxes And Get Less | Velshi & Ruhle | MSNBC

Howard Schultz: The Wealthy Should Pay More Taxes And Get Less | Velshi & Ruhle | MSNBC


  1. Nikki Berry says:

    I had a mini crush on Ali throughout this entire interview.

  2. CDM says:

    He makes allot of sense actually.Couldn't stand the "hosts" thou talk about a bunch of whiners advocating for free stuff.I've never gotten a pay check from someone on welfare, it takes folks like this. This guy did it right, came from nothing. Its called the American dream folks and anyone is capable of it in this great country of ours.

  3. GD Nygma says:

    Pitch forks

  4. Slimdulla87 says:

    This is a Perfect example why you should vote for Bernie Sanders. Schultz is only thinking about running if Bernie Sanders win the nomination. He won't run if Biden wins, why is that? Because Biden is a status quo candidate he will make sure the rich avoid taxes and the poor stay blind sheep's. It's time for a change not the same ole establishment candidates

  5. Gabtube252 says:

    For once I find myself to be happy with MSNBC

  6. Gabtube252 says:


  7. Goonersurex Rex says:

    This guy doesn’t understand what the problem is. I’m glad Velshi held his feet to the fire

  8. Can2274 says:

    After watching this, I think I'll go get me some Starbucks.

  9. Jeff Stoffa says:

    This guy is a slimeball

  10. gunomah says:

    Thank you, Velshi for speaking truth to plutocracy…….Hey, "politically genius, King Howard of pure idiocy"…go home and drink coffee….

  11. Mickey Lara says:

    No country in the world has paid off their national debt. They problem is we give 13 trillion dollars to Wall Street bailout, when we could of put the money in infrastructure development.

  12. sappo14 says:

    Just go away you disgusting egotistical human being. Go retire to an island or something

  13. Blakeley Music says:

    He calls himself a DEMOCRATIC socialist. Get your smears right, bro.

  14. Blakeley Music says:

    We’re disgusting with our politics because of the corruption, money in it and people like you. You’re not a hero and no one wants you to be the savior.

  15. Utha says:

    No more businessmen putting their hand up. Look what the last one has done thus far.

  16. C A says:

    Dude why do you want to do this? Your just gonna get publically dragged daily. You don't have a party base of support or any chance of winning. You're a genuis food entrepreneur. Go and run a startup fund and incubator for the next specialty food generation. Politics is ugly and Trump eats grime for breakfast. He will consume and ruin you inside and out. Ask Hilary. Do you want your public reputation to be left in tatters? Leave Trumps demise to the professionals.

  17. Colby Stearns says:

    10:00, You really think you're going to follow in the footsteps of George Washington?! Wow, such hubris.

  18. comedy of errors says:

    Howard Schultz is the living breathing reason why you should never ever link wealth to intelligence!

  19. Sinan Yavas says:

    11:09 Is he okay?

  20. Fals3Agent says:

    Each time this dude talks I support raising the marginal tax rate by 5% more

  21. cdnhawk65 says:

    This guy should just go back to Seattle. He is clueless. Just a big ego.

  22. rrmndtqrg8 q says:

    Run Howard Schultz run we need to shake things up in the Democratic party I'm sick of career politicians who have accomplished nothing telling me what is good for me go Howard

  23. Paul Page says:

    Cut military offense spending by 70 to 80%. Raise the corporate tax rates up to at least 70%. Bring back net neutrality. Make college tuition free. Forgive the $1.6 trillion in student loan debt. Break up the corporate monopolies and strengthen the anti trust laws. Support Medicare For All and take the private health insurance company’s corporate profit motive over people out of health care. Repeal the 1996 telecommunications act that allowed no more than 6 corporations owning all the news tv networks, radio stations, and all the newspapers. Get rid of citizens united and take corporate money out of politics. Support a progress universal basic income with a tax on big tech monopolies and big business. Support a $15 minimum wage. Bring back the new deal banking regulations. End marijuana prohibition on the national level. And put some duck tape on Donnie deutsch’s big mouth. Lol.

  24. Paul Page says:

    Trump, Reaganomics, and 16 years of Bill Clinton and Barack Obama neoliberal globalist economic policies caused the greatest socioeconomic wealth inequality disparity since the gilded age and the Great Depression.

  25. Paul Page says:

    Just Another multi billionaire predatory capitalist trying to buy the US presidency with his deep pockets.

  26. Lars Jones says:

    A pumpkin in every cup!

  27. j ena says:

    No, He totally misunderstands the problem. We have a broken healthcare system not because Democrats and Republicans can't get along but they're bribed by their political donors who stand to gain from that broken system.

  28. nigel b says:

    Ali Velshi and Stephanie Ruhle make millions of dollars per year – are they not considered wealthy?

  29. Felix Munzlinger says:

    He might not know but technical if you are able to print money to pay your loans you can not run out of money

  30. jen cobra says:

    Hahahahahahaha!!! Awesome!!

  31. jen cobra says:

    Howard Shultz: waawaawaa it wasn't me……boo hoo…

  32. Shane Hockenberry says:

    People cant pay for a medical emergency. Yeah, that's why we want a single payer system

  33. doggiesarus says:

    Just because some guy made money and had a business does not mean they can run the government. Look at Trump.

  34. Ken Brownfield says:

    Howard handled himself well

  35. j ena says:

    We have a broken health care system that costs twice as much as Canada and the rest of Europe and Japan because it goes the profits as a health care industry specifically insurance which then bribes the politicians. Not because Democrats and Republicans aren't having a Beer together.

  36. Mars Tru says:

    I would vote for Schultz in 2024 if the Republicans didn't have a viable option. I support Trump all the way! MAGA!

  37. Naheen Robinson says:

    This guy must have money🤔someone helped him if he does. 🧐there are two sides to this. Yeah I’m disgusted with how it’s been going🤨 however, it’s not up to one man with the answer. 🤷🏻‍♀️ it’s up to many many new leaders elected by many constituents. Not elected by corporations or deep pocket individuals who think they have the answer. 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  38. pc says:

    Ali velshi is getting it

  39. Marena Jose says:

    He already lost.

  40. Tommy Hayfield says:

    Ali Velshi will NEVER show up at a rally to change taxation policy. He is part of a cabal of crooks who are so full of themselves they can not gve even a tiny chance to real idea people. Ali will edit most professors of education into oblivion. Didn*t you know. CNN GETS THE LAST EDIT!! ALWAYS!!

  41. extra solar says:

    somewhat interesting how hes being treated and the immense fear many democrats have of their cliche choices changed railroaded or removed without proper political permission. kinda like years of strzok stained service and ford flopped fairness fallacies expecting to be 'respected', the intern impeached clinton scam crew need a 'consensus', lol.

  42. C the Change says:

    Schultz is absolutely clueless and out of touch. His motivation for even considering running is based in selfishness and pure greed. I have yet to see an interview or town hall where he didn't completely embarrass himself. 🙄 I don't watch MSM much but I'm glad to finally see some push back instead of the usual softball questions.

  43. lain11644 says:

    Ali Velshi is the man.

  44. I Want To Survive says:

    Let Howard talk, jeez….

  45. I Want To Survive says:

    All the thumbs down is for not letting Schultz speak.

  46. sculptureofsound2 says:

    I actually hope he runs just so he can get slapped around by Bernie and embarrassed so thoroughly, people will stop supporting Starbucks 😂

  47. Lucky Situmeang says:

    You heard that starbucks employee?.. He is self made billionaire.. All the hard work you did that made him a billionaire means nothing to him… he did it all himself…lol his ego is just as big as trump.. typical rich billionaire who forgot where they came from.

  48. Juan Pablo Villarroel says:

    He finally said it. He's only running because he's afraid Bernie will win.

  49. Sols says:

    hmmkk. ehh idk

  50. How I Propel My Life Forward says:

    ROOOAAARRRRR!!!!😁😁😁😁. (Go Ali Velshi!!).

  51. longho says:

    Ok ! Top 1% give little more to keeping " Big Money In Politics" .

  52. Bell's Theorem says:

    The 'an empty chair will solve all our problems' guy.

  53. RhondaH says:

    Ask Schultz if he knows how much a gallon of milk costs. I would bet he hasn't a clue. BTW the government is NOT a business and can't be run like one. FACT!

  54. pool Boy says:

    I like how billionaires are more than happy to preach socialism when talking about each and every person's share of debt. I'd like to see the national debt divided by net worth. Those at the top can pay their proportional cost, i'll be happy to pay my portion of the national debt if they pay their portion.

  55. Enuf Ots says:

    Lol Their heated debate & arguing over the problem is the perfect example of the bifurcation between the Democrats and the Republicans. So obvious to me the answer is neither one, but it's both bifurcation (a divided government) AND the rich not paying enough taxes! Here's the question that America has to really decide on, if not, than just break up the nation in 2 halfs: The question is "Am I my brothers keeper, Yes or No?" I'm guessing some of you will understand where I'm going with this question and some won't!

  56. GoatZilla says:

    I wonder how many people are boycotting Starbucks because of him.

  57. Herr Drumpf says:

    Howard has zero policies. Get lost coffee boy.

  58. Mac Gon says:

    No man or woman is 'self made', you are a child if you describe yourself that way.

  59. Kathleen Flacy says:

    Who is this ahole interviewer, constantly talking over his "guest"? He may as well just do a monologue and not waste the other guy's time.

  60. Jody Sheridan says:

    What is this guy planning to do to remedy the wealth distribution divide? Just showing up on a ballot doesn't tell anyone how a plutocrat will assure the health, welfare and safety of all Americans and the Constitution. Does this guy know anything other than how he made Starbuck's succeed? America does not need another celebrity running our country, we need a skilled diplomat who knows how to care for Americans and America's role in the world.

  61. Arya Ess says:

    eat him, ali!

  62. Hunter Sykes says:

    Howard , just write me a check for $1000000 and I will vote for you

  63. Christian Figueroa says:

    Velshi and Ruhle doing good here!

  64. Rob D says:

    And what happens when you run out of other people's money.. Venezuela

  65. David Gentile says:

    I am a big trumper, and this guy is clearly a well mannered and good intentioned candidate. The efforts to destroy this man by liberals, when he is in essence a bill clinton like candidate. Is astonishing

  66. TU nguyen says:

    when will this Republican fool drop out

  67. David Atchison says:

    Boo boo hiss hiss

  68. MarLy MarLLe says:

    Mr. Shultz is a Russian Bot come to life. This is the problem with artificial intelligence…Its not Real Intelligence. Like he's upset they called him a rich guy.

  69. robert9ish says:

    Howard Schultz should use all that air blowing up balloons for better candidates.

  70. NessOnett8 says:

    This man is a moron who is doing nothing but cheerleading the Republican party while claiming to be a liberal. Glad someone on MSNBC finally had a chance to confront him on it.

  71. daveme7 Emme says:

    I really do not understand this guy. Yes, it is a bad thing to see President Trump try to control the Fed. Know what is worst? Not recognizing that The Federal Reserve Bank is just as complicit in blowing up our debts. Does anyone really have a good grasp on what quantitative easing was all about?

  72. Mark Alexander-Warne says:

    Way to go Ali! Anytime a politician says that a complicated issue is simple, run away. What an arrogant SOB. If he runs and splits the vote to benefit Trump, how would he have "saved" America? He can't possibly win.

  73. KB Peters says:

    I don't want another governmental EXPERIMENT.

    Schultz is another (but better spoken) ARROGANT billionaire.

    Americans have had enough of billionaires who have no fcking clue about government.

    No more bulls in the china shop!!! We need a leveled person with experience to clean up Trump's mess.

    So Schultz is attacking Democrats. Great…./s….he is guarantees a Trump victory. Why can't Schultz run as a Democrat and lead the other democrat to his view. Win and then work with the Democrats in Congress. Why take votes AWAY from Democrat and get the win to Trump. It is all about ego….again.

    I'm boycotting Starbucks in favor of small coffee houses….even Dunkin Donuts 🙁

  74. KB Peters says:

    I do not trust anyone who refuses to understand nuances and also refuses to examine global issues/circumstances.

  75. fran groves says:

    Ok. I had to look up bifurcated.

  76. Nokomisclub says:

    Bifurcation constipation.

  77. Nicholas Gillespie says:

    Schultz comes across as the most ignorant rich person who does mot understand the problems of average Americans, he is so out of touch

  78. csnerd21 says:

    If I hear Schultz say that he grew up in the projects one more time… 😒😤🤬

    Dear Mr. Schultz,

    When (most) people, especially those of color, hear the word "projects"… it has the depressing connotation of struggle and pain. It evokes imagery (rightly or wrongly) of crime, drugs, and poverty. Further, minority groups seem to make up the majority of that imagery.

    You sir did not grow up in this environment. Yes, your home for a time was the Canarsie Housing Project in Brooklyn; but you moved there in 1956 when it was brand spanking new!
    Around that time, Progressive Architecture called the housing development “middle-income,” being designed to “alleviate the shortage” of housing for people in this wage class. Further, The project was over 90-percent white (HuffPost).

    Please be honest.

  79. Hakcure says:

    Schultz gets wrecked 5:50

  80. Midge Curreri says:


  81. Midge Curreri says:

    WELL DONE VELSHI & RUHLE! He has to know that he will be dealing with the same exact parties now in control. He definitely wants to stop spending. He talks like it is going to be a walk in the park. PROMISES, PROMISES. Well, how will that affect the people of this nation? How will it affect infrastructure? How will it affect housing? How will that stop interest rates from rising? This country will need reserves. Will the bank build those reserves and how?

  82. Midge Curreri says:

    How, Mr. Schultz, can you confirm that the votes will be there. The Republicans have closed hundreds of polls across this nation. The electoral votes are in the Republican governors' control. All his employees are below minimum wages who work for Starbucks' coffee shops. Try and buy a cup of coffee for less $12.00 for premium.

  83. Michele Kett says:

    How is giving scholarships to employees not a form of socialism? Make the rich pay their share of tax.

  84. simon says says:

    i hate this guy

  85. chiritarisu says:

    Stop. interviewing. this. schmuck.

    He is wasting EVERYONE'S time.

  86. Tzefirayah _700 says:

    Enough with the rich and wealthy running the government.

  87. Phart says:

    What a simpleton this billionaire doofus is! Ali Veshi displayed what a real interview is.

  88. Jason Almenas says:

    Oh he wants to raise taxes for millionaires to a sky-high 25% give this man a medal. 25%! Wow Howard, slow down now.

  89. M Faal says:

    Can velshi & ruhle get their own channel on here please

  90. T Crain says:

    Why didn't they ask him HOW he plans to eliminate deficit spending? Either you have to raise taxes, which he seems to be against (scary Socilaists) or you have to cut spending. "I'm an Independent" is not an answer to this dilemma.

  91. Joseph Brewster says:

    The country can actually keep printing money. You are a moron.

  92. Joseph Brewster says:

    I actually thought this was a good conversation and I like Howard Shultz's position that people are over complicating certain issues.

  93. Joseph Brewster says:

    I also think that Howard is not supporting social policies that mirror his company policies because he then won't have leverage to convince good employees to stay in the company.

  94. 18kendricreed says:

    this guy is a straight up clown

  95. qarahiyo says:

    Malefactors of great wealth are running scared

  96. Carl Page says:

    Howard Schultz becoming president is a national security threat

  97. Mr.Angry says:

    Best candidate

  98. Antillano says:

    Ali Velshi. Will not have a job for long if he keeps talking truth to power like that. Respect the Oligarchs!

  99. TruFantom21 says:

    Howard Schultz is a fuckwit…don't be like Howard.

  100. making sense out of nonsense says:

    Ali is following in the footsteps of mehdi Hassan. You go Ali love you man

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