If you are like myself, a fellow business owner
and you’ve struggled with
figuring out how to get your followers from just hanging out on your
profile to actually being a lead in your business, well, the key could be
in your Instagram Story highlights. So that’s what I’m
covering in today’s video. How to use Instagram story highlights
to actually grow your business and stay tuned until the end. I’m going to share a top secret hack
that you might not know about highlights that will help you track to see is a
new potential lead and how to ultimately make more sales in your business.
So if you’re in for this topic, make sure to hit that subscribe button
and the bell so that you don’t miss any of my future trainings. I’m Elise Darma and I’ve helped thousands
of entrepreneurs like yourself grow their business through the world’s
number one social media app, Instagram. And today we are covering Instagram
highlights for your business. Before I dive into the strategy
of Instagram highlights, let’s first cover what they are.
So highlights are those circle, bubble thingys that live right underneath
your bio and right on top of your feed. What these are, are
saved Instagram Stories. So if you’re familiar
with Instagram Stories, you know that they expire
after 24 hours. But hey, sometimes we make really good stories
and there’s really high value in those stories and we don’t
want them to disappear. We want to save them permanently
on our profile. Enter: highlights. That’s what highlights are designed for. They allow you to save Instagram stories
directly to your profile for as long as you want. You can delete the highlight whenever
you want or let it live there forever. In terms of limitations, there is no limit for how many
highlights you can have on your profile. So you can go crazy, but there is a limit of only a hundred
stories that can be in one highlight. So something to keep in mind. Let’s get into the strategy
behind your highlights. So my very first and number one tip for
how to use highlights for your business is to treat highlights
as if it is your website. What do I mean by that?
Well, if you have a business, you typically have a website and usually
there’s a certain navigation menu that you have at the very top of your
website. I’m talking things like home, about, services, blog, content, portfolio, hire me, results,
all those kinds of titles. Now notice that they are super short and
super valuable to someone who’s looking for that type of content. These are the type of things you want
to save to your profile as highlights. So if you’re just getting
started with highlights, I would first look at your
website navigation menu
and replicate those topics. You might be able to find old Instagram
stories in your archive that already touch on those topics, or you might have to get to work and make
new Instagram stories that cover those topics, which you’ll then share as
a new highlight on your profile. So just so we’re clear, here are the top five to maybe eight
highlights you should have right now on your profile. You should
have an about me highlight, hire me or work with me, FAQ is a really great highlight to
have so you can answer frequently asked questions, tips, tips is really
great for your industry as well. Contact me. A lot of times we make
it hard for someone to get in touch, so have a contact me highlight, and you also want to have a results
or case studies or portfolio type of highlight. This is where you show the results that
your products or your services have gotten for your customers, real
results and real customers – well, that is a great combination for someone
to go from lurker to warm lead for your business. The second tip about Instagram highlights
for business is to choose your covers wisely. So remember a highlight is a saved
collection of multiple stories, right? So you want to choose one cover that’s
going to sum up that highlight really well. You have a couple of options here. You can choose one of the screenshots
that Instagram pulls from one of your stories in your highlight. You can choose a different image from
your camera roll or if you want to be really crafty, you can create a custom branded cover
image in something like Canva or Photoshop, save it to your phone’s camera roll and
then upload that as your cover image. The key here is to keep
the covers relevant to that
highlights topic and to make them legible. Sometimes people like
to add texts to the cover image, but remember this is a very,
very small space on Instagram, so if you add a lot of text or
if it’s a hard font to read, people aren’t going to be
able to read that at all. Now whether to make your cover images
branded or just use a screenshot, that’s totally up to you. When
highlights first came out, it was really trendy and really
hot to have a branded cover image, but these days people are loving
anything that’s raw and real, so I personally right now have just
screenshots for my highlight cover images and that works for me and my
brand. So there’s no wrong way. It’s totally up to you. The third tip for using highlights for
business is to keep your titles short. Now you have a very small space here of
adding texts to name your highlights and if the word is too long, Instagram’s just going to cut it off
and give you the old dot-dot-dot, so if you can, choose one succinct word for the
name of each of your highlights. Are you ready for my hack on how you
can use highlights to get more leads? I bet you are. Here it is. Once you’ve created that set of stories
and you’ve saved it as a highlight on your profile, what you’re going to notice is that
your views are slowly going to creep up, especially as you drive people to check
out that highlight on your profile. I’ve had highlights
that when I saved them, they were maybe at 500 views and
now they’re at a thousand+ views. So what that tells me is people are
going to them and viewing them long after the fact after I created them. How you can use this for your business
is you can check in on your highlights stats and see who is viewing them. [scratching sound] Well that was a great feature up until
the point where Instagram just took it away. So now you’ll no longer be able to
see an updated list of viewers who are looking at your highlight
after the story expires. But I do have a work around. So let me pull up in my phone so I can
show you exactly what I have in mind. So now when you’re building
out a highlight you can
design it so that the last story in the highlight is a direct
call to action for someone to DM you. So you can literally put an arrow down
at the bottom and that’s going to look like a comment box to the
viewer. Let me show you, I’m looking at my profile
from another account. And let’s look at my bootcamp highlight. So you can see this was from a
week ago, so already expired, but my swipe ups still
work, which is fantastic. And I still have the send
message box down at the bottom. So once you craft your highlight, what you want to do is make
the last story a very ca-, a very clear call to action
as to what they should do. So here I’m saying I’m sitting here for
three hours taking your questions so I can literally respond
after and say, Hey Elise, I have a question about the Bootcamp. And now I have just replied to an old
highlight story that is going to create a new DM thread. Yay. Creating that direct thread with them
through a direct message is a great way to intentionally engage with your audience, have them get to know you a little better, and then take that next
step in your business, whether that’s jumping on a phone call
with you or buying your product or service. I’ve created an entire video on how to
sell through the direct messages right here. So go ahead and check that out. If you enjoyed this video and you want
to hire me as your coach to continue to use Instagram for your business, I invite you to check out the
Instagram funnel bootcamp. The link is right below this video and
the funnel bootcamp is where me and my team coach you on your specific business
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becomes a way that you generate leads and sales every day? That’s exactly what we
cover in the Instagram funnel bootcamp. So head to the link right below this video
to check it out. To ease and revenue. I’ll see you in the next video. Oh my back. Almost done. Okay. Let’s get into strategy for your
highlights. Challis chow. Lee.


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