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    First in India!
    First like!

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    That Dogs in food instagram is messing with me. I was looking for the dog in the thumbnail

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    Just 2

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  5. Jürgen Noll says:

    Thanks! Flying to China soon. This information was right on time.

  6. Christine Savage says:

    I'm in an airport waiting for my plane lol. Good to know.

  7. Roy Batty says:

    Pistachios is the answer.

  8. KGBz says:

    He's clueless about Melatonin
    Watch a real Melatonin symposium

  9. PENDANTturnips says:

    How come ive eaten half a bag of pistachios (like 25-50 pistachios) and felt no difference.

  10. Van Allen says:

    Are there any foods that can replace beta blockers? I have borderline blood pressure and want to find natural ways to lower it without pills. I already eat a low sodium diet btw. It's still 10-15 points high.

  11. Eelke Aptroot says:

    Guess that also means that eating more than 2 pistachios can come with side effects…

  12. Lorena Zavala says:

    Pistachos en vez de pretzels en las aerolíneas, qué fácil!

  13. Smileeen says:

    What is the appropriate time to take the pistachios?

  14. Vinnette Pope says:

    Thank you 🙏 so much for sharing this wonderful teaching information video 👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽❤️❤️❤️

  15. James M. says:

    So should I eat pistachios before, during or after the flight?

  16. XxNova Zayn says:

    Great video as always!

  17. RLG XIXV says:

    Pistachioes are roasted won't it destroy melatonin

  18. Mikey Grande says:

    Starting to see a theme with these videos… every disease or health issue comes back to eating plants!!!

  19. Harris 05 says:

    I eat half a pound of them in a day lol but salted

  20. Susan Wallentine says:

    So can you get a Melatonin overdose from too many pistachios?

  21. Sinjon Sturgill says:

    Pistachios are hella expensive.

  22. Nick Eisnor says:

    What is the appropriate time?

  23. Peter Frazier says:

    I missed the part about how long before bed to eat some?

  24. Leon Schuring says:

    That first study on OTC melatonin was from 1997…

  25. Jeong-hun Sin says:

    Uh, oh, pistachios.

  26. FBlueJay 1 says:

    I'm a non vegan but love your videos

  27. Clownish-Gambino says:

    WOW! Non detectible amounts of melatonin in Cherry Juice? Is there any distinction between Tart Cherry and regular Cherry Juice. Because there has been quite the marketing campaign stating the exact opposite. I see commercials boasting that Tart Cherry choice will boast your melatonin intact and from some like me I will try whatever it takes to have normal sleep patterns again. How is that legal?

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  29. Valeria Vandermark says:

    Thank you!

  30. Nihl says:

    Can confirm.. eating a whole bag of pistacho's will make you super drowsy.

  31. S. A says:

    What about alcohol free beer?

  32. Francisco del Canto says:

    Hahahaha what a funny and quite informative video. Thanks a lot!

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    Thanks for information
    I love ❤️ it

  34. LVNCSR says:

    This is such great news since I eat them every day. I was drinking tart cherry juice because it does help me sleep but now since you've exposed the juice, it's Pistachios at bedtime:) Thanks, Dr. G!

  35. 1983SMOGGY says:

    hi there dr greger or anyone who may be able to help, my friend has just been diagnosed with testicular cancer what are some good supplements or foods that will help this condition please?

  36. dolicol says:

    Wow this video blew my mind!! Thanks Dr Greger!!!

  37. Idonedidit says:

    Have an international flight coming up so thanks a bunch for this new video!

  38. Plantbased Happiness says:

    Man thank you for all the great content, very much appreciated:D

  39. Brokenpen says:

    I should use the money of melatonin to buy pistachios

  40. swaggastronomer says:

    What is the Best Food for Periodontal Disease and Gingivitis?

  41. MrMimlet says:

    The pistachio industry is wetting their pants right now.

  42. Little Voice says:

    When ahould we eat the nuts timing wise?

  43. Daniel Bilodeau says:

    4 people work for pharmaceutical companies.

  44. Raven's Rolltop says:

    Look Doc- The name of your channel is Nutrition "Facts", so I really have to say something about this and the last video you posted about melatonin. It is true that there are companies that are putting out melatonin supplements that could be potentially dangerous, but there are responsible companies out there as well like Kirkman Labs who test their products. My child has autism and melatonin is absolutely necessary for her to be able to fall asleep. Period! And she is not alone. There is a whole community of disabled that need this supplement to get to sleep. My problem with the paper you commented on last time isn't with what they found- it's with their conclusion. They linked melatonin to the L-Tryptophan contamination outbreak because they have a similar molecular structure. That outbreak was due to irresponsible genetic modification of toxic producing bacteria strains that created the L-Tryptophan by Showa Denko. If producing melatonin might be dangerous because it's like L-Tryptophan, then what about all the companies that produce L-Tryptophan as a supplement?- Better take protein shakes off the market because they have L-Tryptophan. What about soymilk from whole soybeans? Better take that off the market as well because it has L-Tryptophan. This thinking is ridiculous, but so is the conclusion that you last reported on. People take your word as bible and you scared people with that last video. Then to follow it with pistachios "MAY" be a food substitute… no doc… not good enough!
    Here is a PubMed published paper that talks about it:
    A man by the name of William Crist wrote a series of articles on the subject. If you are interested, you can find them here:

  45. supernova1976 says:

    Pistachios ar my favourite nuts, I eat 500g a week sometimes 🙂 I never have trouble sleeping. I just have one question, does the roasting effect the melatonin content ?

  46. beepersify says:

    I’m allergic to pistachios 🙁

  47. Clever piggy says:

    Roasted or raw? I don't know that I have ever seen raw on the store.

  48. Asher Duncan says:

    Since planes can’t give out peanuts anymore because all the peanut allergies, they should give pistachios

  49. MrOoglebog says:

    Is this why I always pass out after binging on an entire bag of pistachios?


    How interesting. I am addicted to these

  51. Ilda Harper says:

    Yuo are great. Thanks.

  52. small footprint says:

    So do they make you sleepy? If so, you wouldn't want to eat them any time. The video said, "well timed."

  53. Dylan T says:

    I eat a lot of pistachios and it doesn't make me tired…

  54. Neophyte says:

    so in the amounts people typically eat them, the melatonin might actually be dangerously high? nobody ever stops at two nuts.

  55. Cynthia Keeman says:

    Hold on. Before I watch this video… please please please let the conclusion be to eat a handful of pistachios before bed 😍

  56. sooooooooDark says:

    idk but
    ive binge eaten all kinds of nuts (cuz vegan diet aint very satisfying yo)
    among them of course also pistachios
    but i never noticed them making me tired any more than other nuts
    and my body is a true pussy, i notice a lot of things ;x

  57. Daniel Matthews says:

    That "WUMP!" sound at the end of the video could very well be the melatonin supplement market imploding. Awesome work Dr.

  58. Max D says:

    Please make a video on seborrheic dermatitis and the role the gut plays in this disease. Thanks

  59. Alchemist-A says:

    Does roasting pistacchios affect their melatonin content?

  60. Kirky says:

    Pistachios are so delicious but so expensive!

  61. Adam Eve says:

    roasted and salted is fine or raw?

  62. isoldam says:

    Does roasting pistachios destroy the melatonin?

  63. bookmarkthis says:

    I eat a handful of raw or roasted pistachios going through an 8oz bag from Trader Joe's at least once a month. I also have taken melatonin from .5 to 3 mg. There is no comparison to feeling any sort of relaxing sleepy effect from pistachios compared to what melatonin does.

  64. Julie Meibaum says:

    If the body only requires .3 mcg of melatonin to trigger sleep, wouldn't any extra melatonin be overkill?

  65. Luffy says:

    Love pistachios! :>

  66. Tina Hansen says:

    What is the appropriate time to take them? I don’t have jet lag but I have sleeping issues. I can’t stay asleep.

  67. psmith85 channel says:

    Where the heck are walnuts in this video? They are one of the best sources.

  68. Nicha says:

    I love fresh raw cranberries, tart is great

  69. Andrés Rubio says:

    Whenever we eat, we get a rise of blood glucose (even if it is a low-glycemic index food), and then we got insulin in the blood. The thing is that insulin mess up with the melatonin. This indicates that for jet lag is best to fast for some days, and then eat in regular times in you destination through out the days.

  70. Insightful By Nature says:

    To those who have been asking on roasted pistachios, it may depend on the time of exposure and heat. Melatonin is heat stable up to 117°C, so we could assume it will be rendered useless by roasting in many cases.
    Regarding the timing of consumption, that may be hard to determine and I doubt anybody will be able to talk about it with certainty. At least it seems improbable you'd find out how long it takes to break down the pistachios and metabolize the melatonin (UNLESS you put it to the test…!).
    Just my view on it, peace😀

  71. Eva J. says:

    The question is how melatonin in pistachios is affected in processing? Usually we can only buy roasted…..

  72. Katie Koenen says:

    Dr. Greger, I was wondering if you could put together a small video on vapeing vs smoking and maybe the effects vaping has on the human body compared to smoking, which is less killer? I know that you’ll probably just tell me to stop any nicotine, but I’m curious!(: rereading how not to die and LOVING IT you’re a genius!

  73. Person McPerson says:

    Amazing! Plants win again!! 🙂

  74. gallan says:

    Hmm…at the end he almost seems to be warning against taking a handful of pistachios as if that is too much melatonin.

  75. James Carpenter says:


  76. Frances Brooks says:

    very proud

  77. Sree Ss says:

    Incredible contribution to public health doctor!!

  78. Das Kässpätzle says:

    What about the other nuts?

  79. A says:

    I just ate a 100 grams of raw pistachios.. rip me (im still eating cause its so good)

  80. A says:

    Just 2 ? I just ate around 50 raw pistachios and im still going. This video is bs otherwise i will have melatonin overdose and its side effects but guess what? It will just be like any other normal day. You cant compare pistachios to melatonin supplement

  81. 99wins says:

    I suffered from chronic and severe insomnia before I went vegan… It did not take me very long after switching to feel as though my insomnia completely gone! I still have a hectic work schedule which shambles any circadian rhythm, however I am able to sleep much quicker & better when the time comes to sleep than I was able to before going vegan.

    That said my body is prolly weird but I don't have any trouble staying up when I binge on pistatios

  82. Turtlefoot69 says:

    They should swap peanuts they give on planes for pistachios 😉

  83. Marcy Brennan says:

    No wonder people get so sleepy after eating their holiday feasts. Cranberries and turkey produce natural sleep aids.

  84. Marow9 says:

    another fake study , what about mustard seed , fenugreek , goji ,walnuts ? thats the best source

  85. Seek Truth says:

    I’ve tried it a million times and it doesn’t work

  86. Ma Go says:

    The difference between the OTC drugs you mentioned and pistachios is that the OTC drugs indeed have some melatonin.



  87. Yowzoe says:

    I've come to rely on Dr. Greger and the team at NF over the last 6 months as I've been transitioning to a WFPB diet.
    This video and the fact that NF hasn't taken it down in the face of its obvious false claims is disconcerting and disheartening.
    Greger's study is linked here: https://nutritionfacts.org/video/how-to-treat-jet-lag-with-melatonin-rich-food/
    Doubts about the Iranian pistachio results here: https://retractionwatch.com/2019/04/30/journalists-questions-lead-to-expression-of-concern-for-paper-on-melatonin-and-pistachios/ It's actually more than doubts, this is a debunking.
    I wish NF would be completely determined to use only the highest-quality peer-reviewed studies (I thought they were).

  88. Justin Martyr says:

    I Placed a very GOOD QUESTION & I was Vaporized!!!!!

  89. Justin Martyr says:

    NO DRIED FRUIT for your HeaLth!!!!!

  90. Simon Warner says:

    Yeah well others studies show "pistachios contain about 660 nanograms melatonin per gram". This is 0.00066 milligrams? https://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/study-finds-american-grown-pistachios-contain-melatonin-300899264.html

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