How To Start Affiliate Marketing For Beginners ($10k/Month Passively)

How To Start Affiliate Marketing For Beginners ($10k/Month Passively)

Hey, what’s up you guys Jason Wardrop here and in today’s video? I’m gonna be breaking down affiliate marketing I’m gonna show you how to get started with affiliate marketing if you’re a complete beginner Well, we’re gonna talk about exactly what it is how to find products how to promote those products And so this is actually how I got started in internet marketing digital marketing back in the day I was reading some blogs that was find out about affiliate marketing and how you can make all this money Just promoting other people’s products and it sounded amazing now the only thing is this was back when I was first getting started in the digital marketing space and so I still had a lot to learn about how to actually market a business to promote products But I’m hoping that this video today can help simplify your life With getting started with affiliate marketing and be able to make some money online from the comfort of your own home and honestly guys the great thing about this is if you stick with this you can scale this up to about $10,000 per month of just complete passive income and The great thing about it and why it’s passive is because you don’t have to worry about the product creation You don’t have to worry about the support the fulfillment the delivery shipping and handling all that crazy stuff Which honestly if you are a business owner that is about 99 percent of the headache I just think about a lot of times with my own business If all I had to do was just market and sell my products I have to worry about development support any of that stuff. It would make my life a whole lot easier So basically what affiliate marketing is if you’re like ma’am, what is affiliate marketing? I see like a lot of youtubers a lot of people talk about it online Is basically you are an independent sales rep for a company Okay so these companies they’ll have like a software they’ll have a digital training or they can even be a physical product and then when you refer someone to buy that product You get paid a commission, right? So it’s basically like you’re a sales rep for that company But you don’t have to go through. There’s no like monthly Volume amounts that you have to hit every single month is basically as you go and bring in sales You get paid money and the great thing is if you are selling digital products Sometimes you can make as much as 50 to 75 percent or even more Commission on those digital products Which is a great thing for you However, where most Commission’s fall in place with affiliate marketing the 30 to 40 maybe up to 50 percent Commission’s but with that said guys I want to show you guys how to actually affine these products and then once you’ve found a Product that you absolutely love you believe in you want to go share with all your friends and everyone else that follows you on YouTube Instagram Facebook or wherever it is how to actually go through and promote that so you can make more money now guys I remember this is how I got started with digital marketing as I just mentioned and I remember that first check coming in. I think it was like for 40 or 50 bucks and it was the coolest thing All right so let’s break down first how to Actually go through and find products to promote how you can actually be an affiliate at least product So right here we are on Amazon. So if we scroll down here to the bottom you can see over here Where is it? We’ve got become an affiliate right here. So become an affiliate So all you got to do is sign up for their affiliate program and pretty much every single product that is on Amazon site Which is a lot of products you can actually get paid for any product that you refer people to So if you’re like, man I love these office products or I love these fitness products or whatever it is these beauty products You can send people to buy those products and the way is tracked is you get your own special unique URL your own special unique link and then you send people to that link and then Amazon knows for every one that clicks through that link. That’s because you sent them and so they’ll pay you out for those products They’ll pay you out a commission. All right. So right here, all you got to do is just join To advertise you earn you can see the three simple steps right here So I’m just going to show you guys really quick how to find some different products in different industries And then once you’ve found those products I’ll break down a few different strategies that you can do to leverage to go and sell more of that product So you actually end up making more money. Okay, so this is Amazon guys obviously You can pretty much find any type of product that you want and most sites Even if you’re like got a software company or something like that Let’s say you’ve got a software that you use and you love a lot of times down here at the bottom They’re gonna have a link to become an affiliate so and if they don’t just ask the company and a lot of times they do so if you have a product that you use And you love just reach out of the company and a lot of times they have an affiliate link for you Alright, another great place is called Clickbank. So this is actually where I got my start about eight or nine years ago with Clickbank I didn’t have a ton of success but it was one of the many things that I tried when I first was getting started and probably made to $300 and of course about 18 months so really it wasn’t anything to brag about but the great thing about this No matter what. Your passion is no matter what you’re interested You can find a product that’s already in place. It already has all the sales funnels built out I already has everything they take care of the support the fulfillment the product creation The the funnel building everything and all you have to do is refer people to that product. Okay Now these are digital trainings. So if we come over here click on this affiliate marketplace right here You can see there are a number of different categories. So if like you’re interested in arts entertainment Business and investing computers internet ebusiness emarketing, right? You’ve got health and fitness So for example, like let’s say we are wanting to start a fitness blog or a fitness YouTube channel or something like that But at first you probably don’t have your own product but you still want to go through and make money from that blog and so you can refer other people’s products or let’s say you Went through a fitness course you had amazing results. You absolutely love it. You want to tell everyone about it? And so you start a blog or a YouTube channel around that specific topic. So we come over here health and fitness Will come down here. Let’s see. They’ve got diet and weight loss. Okay A lot of people are into weight loss and all that and so you see right here You can search by the most Buhler and let’s just make this bigger. So you guys can see this a little bit better So if we zoom in here got the most popular and then it shows you on average how much you make for every sale Okay, so like if you’re gonna go through and promote this flat belly fix on average You’re gonna make about thirty eight dollars every single time. You send somebody through this funnel Okay Which I’m gonna show you guys here in a second how to promote these different products and how this is all going to be done Pretty much on complete auto-pilot. And so you’re generating this passive income for your life Just be able to create some extra income Okay So if you want to do it all you got to do you see this affiliate page? They usually have some information about their affiliate program. They have an email swipes some ads and all this different stuff So like if you have a blog you can throw this cool little abs, uh ad right here a hunt through your blog So they’ll click out go to the sales page and it’ll all have your affiliate link embedded. So you actually get paid okay, so they have all these different resources right here, but then When it comes time You want to actually promote it you just click promote right here And you would put in your account nickname or your tracking ID and then you would generate the hop link So hop link is basically your own secret link where you’re sending people to that link And so that now this company right here, which was it called flat belly fix They know that they need to pay you for that sale that came in okay, and look this guy’s average percent of sale you make seventy five percent of The sale. Okay. That’s pretty awesome. Right not asleep Product and so You know with digital products and delivery and all that stuff is really not that expensive So you can they can go through and manage that so you’ve got all these different products So like, you know If you got fifty one dollars per sale twenty-five dollars per sale thirty-three dollars per sale so you can go through and check out all these different products and once again you’ve got the Amazon products and the big tip or hint that I would give you guys when it comes to affiliate marketing is Don’t just pick a ton of different products and just throw them onto a blog or you you channel or something like that Because you want to specialize you want to niche down With whatever you’re going to be talking about, right? So you don’t want to have one where it’s like This YouTube video is talking about how to lose weight and then another one’s how to make money online it’s just like it’s gonna be so scattered that you’re not really gonna be able to build any type of Following and it’s really not gonna give you the results that you’re looking for. All right So let’s say you are now at this point where you’ve got your your product that you’re gonna go through promote Okay, and like I said, it’s usually best to focus on just one product or offer Now you guys look at me and my business I’m not an affiliate for any products because I’m gonna fill it for my own business Which is Arsenal marketing arsalan kg and basically I just refer people to this business that I already own but once again It takes a lot more work to go through and do the product creation to support the fulfillment management operations There’s just a whole lot of extra mess added onto it that if your affiliate You really don’t have to worry about any of that. So it’s a huge blessing where you can make 75% of the sale Without even having to manage any of the difficult stuff or the things that take up most of your time Okay so once you do have your product that you want to go through and push and promote the Thing that I would do you I would do one of three things and maybe you can do a little bit of a combo here But I would either start a YouTube channel Or start a blog or I would have an Instagram account Okay and most likely I would pick just one out of those three and If I were to pick one of the three, I would take a youtube channel just because I enjoy making YouTube videos I absolutely hate writing. And honestly, I think Instagram is kind of a waste of time So I’m not really a big fan of those but based on your preferences and where you want to go through and spend your time You can you go through and pick the platform So you need a product and then you need a platform to actually market and promote whatever product that you chose Right. Now the thing is if we come over here to YouTube and We type in let’s say okay this flat belly fix if we type in flat belly fix Let’s say somebody about this and I want to go through and check it out. See this guy right here flat belly fix review Okay, so this guy is an affiliate for the flat belly fix product So every time somebody comes in here clicks on his video, which he’s got about 3.5 thousand views in last six months. Okay, and they so if we click on this Look now, he’s gonna have his link down here in the bottom. See this little tiny URL right here It’s gonna click out and he’s gonna get paid for every single person So this is taking them to the sales video and then he’s gonna get paid for every single person that signs up through this link Okay So this is a great way to go through and get some sales is whatever the product is talked about the brief the review right or if it’s a diet or weight loss than Before-and-after or how like it went through and changed your life So like you only through in just leveraging the name of the product With review so you can see all these different videos right here They’re just reviewing that specific product and most likely these are all Affiliates for that product so we could do with the same thing if we come down here the Venus factor 2.0 so if we type in here Venus factor 2.0. Okay, there’s gonna be people doing reviews on this product So this one has five hundred five use two point six thousand one point one thousand. So these are all gonna be Affiliates, and so you’re just making review videos or talking about that or you can be talking about your fitness routine or whatever you do And then have that as a link in the description out to your URL where anytime somebody clicks on that buys the product you get paid a commission now there is why I love you two as Opposed to Instagram right is because it is a search platform. So a video that you created eight to twelve months ago Someone can still find that video they can watch that click on your link and actually go and buy that product so it is like this it is like a a soldier of working for you that’s out there how many people watch it and It’s massive leverage for you and your business. Whereas Instagram you make a post And then within 48 to 72 hours that post is lost in the newsfeed and no one’s really ever gonna see that again So you have to continually make post it’s a lot more of an active Investment whereas with YouTube it’s a lot more of a passive investment with your time because you create some videos like I have one video On my channel that still gets a couple thousand views every single month and I made it over 15 months ago. Okay So anyway guys, hopefully this helped breakdown affiliate marketing for you If you’re looking to get started with affiliate marketing how to actually go through and find the products well First of all what affiliate marketing actually is of being basically a sales rep that you all you have to do is promote the product Then finding the product you’ve got Clickbank you got Amazon and pretty much every other site out there You can go through and find that they have an affiliate program for you And then if you want to promote it you want to build an audience because you need people actually Send there because if you’re only gonna send your friends and your family members You’re really not gonna make that much money but if you have a platform so like a YouTube channel a Blog an Instagram account where you’re actually getting people to that account where they can click on it and go buy your products You can make a pretty nice passive income now. I’ll say this last little part right here I know people always ask me about an affiliate program with arsalan kg with all of our trainings. And yes We do have an affiliate program for all of my digital training So like our Byerly’s mastery course or Facebook Ads course our six-figure agent program so if you guys are interested in that just shoot an email out to support support at our salon kg comm and they will get you the links that you can go through if you have a Email list of real estate agents or you’ve got a network of real estate agents You want to go through and promote those products? We actually pay up to 75 percent on all of those digital trainings Which you know you guys all you have to do is just promote it So anyway, hopefully this video was helpful as far as Affiliate marketing goes on how to get started for beginners and how to actually scale that up To eventually make ten thousand dollars per month of complete passive income from the comfort of your own home So with that said guys, thanks so much for watching and see you in the next video


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