1. Ananda D. says:

    This summarizes the whole concept of Digital Marketing Expertise and earning as an expert. Instead of a huge course, just share a link to this and those who get it will get it.
    So while you have this way to go. Could you also not own a domain for 10usd a year (repeat 10usd a year) plus web hosting plus a personal gmail account plus an unlimited catch all email account all for 10usd, (even dynamic web hosting using GAE) if you use gSuite?! Awesome man!

  2. HB I says:

    Very informative video

  3. Peter Tumbas says:

    are we paying for all months up front or month to month pricing?

  4. Qaisar Mahmood says:

    Thanks for sharing your knowledge 👍

  5. Karl-Heinz B. says:

    How the price the second and follow years???

  6. Website So Simple says:

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