How to pay Income Tax Challan Offline|Self Assessment Tax|Income Tax Challan No 280|Advance Tax|

How to pay Income Tax Challan Offline|Self Assessment Tax|Income Tax Challan No 280|Advance Tax|

Hello Friends. I am your friend CA Devesh Thakur. Today in this video we will learn how to pay income tax challan in offline mode. This is our Challan No 280 It will be used for paying Self Assessment Tax under Offline Mode. You can easily download this form, from the link given under description. You need to keep in mind some few important aspects while filing Challan No 280. Firstly you need to mention AY correctly so that it can reflect under Form No 26AS for the respective AY. In case you have written wrong AY, then such tax amount will reflect under that AY (Respective year Form No 26AS) you can easily rectify your mistake by submitting a request letter to your A.O (IT Ward) for such rectification. After that choose code 0020 – in case of companies otherwise, tick on 0021 – for other than companies Then enter your PAN It is highly recommendable to fill the PAN with any documentary evidence Then Full Name, Complete Address with city and state Telephone & Pin code Then choose the type of payment – which is self-assessment tax in our case. Income Tax of Rs.18,115/- along with interest for Rs.1,815/- for not paying the tax within the stipulated time period. making total tax payable of Rs.19,930/- please enter the amount in words carefully. Now the payment mode we have three options – cash, cheque or online (e-payment) for online (e-payment of tax) we will make a separate video. In this case, we have two options cash or cheque. we have chosen a cash for the payment. mention date in case of cheque payment, do write the name of bank and branch. do sign the form. Please fill the counterfoil with the exact details as in the main form as the bank will provide you with the tax payment details which is the only evidence with you. In real life, there are various issues in connection with the date of payment, challan number or BSR code Bank will provide you with Challan No, BSR Code and Challan Date Such details you need to mentioned while filing the ITR.

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    Challan No 280 can be downloaded from the below link

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