How to Organize Your Business Files Using Google Drive

How to Organize Your Business Files Using Google Drive

– In this video, I’m gonna show
you the best way to organize all of your digital business files. Hey, everyone. Megan here from, where I help busy entrepreneurs like you save time while running their business. As business owners, it can be very easy to let all of your digital
and electronic files pile up. But by taking a few minutes to set up a filing structure that works for you, it will not only be easy to maintain, but you’ll know where to find everything the moment you need it. So let’s get started. I use Google Drive to store
and organize all of my files. And if you haven’t signed
up for Google Drive yet, I do have a link below this video that you can go ahead
and sign up right now. You get 15 gigabytes
for free to start off, if you sign up for the
Google Apps for Work, which is now called G Suite. You can actually get unlimited storage, which is what I have, and you
can see I definitely need it. In my Google Drive, I have five folders. Archived, which is where
I store outdated files and folders that are no longer relevant. Education, which is where
I save e-books, PDFs, and any resources that I am using to continue to learn and educate myself. Megan Minns, this is my home
base for my business files, so I’ll dig a little bit
more into this in a minute. Personal, which is where I
store all of my personal files. And Website in a Box. Now, Website in a Box has its own folder because it is a separate
co-created product between Mariah Coz and I, so that’s why it’s not
underneath my business folder. Since we’re going to be talking about how to organize your business files, I’m gonna focus on this business folder. So, if we open it up you can see that I have six folders within here and I have found that this
arrangement works really well. I actually got the
foundation for this structure from a blog post from a friend
of mine named Maya Elias so I’ll link to her original
blog post beneath this video so you can check it out and you’ll also see how
I have customized it and modified it to work for me. So the first folder is
called Brand Elements, then we have Content and Products, Finances and Accounting,
Internal Communication, Legal Documents, and Miscellaneous. So, if you open up the
Brand Elements folder you’ll see that I have all the different types of brand elements you might need, whether that’s b-roll,
so background video, background footage for videos, my bio, my business cards, fonts, headshots, intro videos, music, styled stock photos, photos for my website
and all that good stuff. This is really helpful
because I’m not only keeping files organized,
but when I added a VA and a video editor to my team it was so easy to share
the exact brand elements that they needed to use to
help me run my business, plus it’s so nice to always
know where these things are. The Content and Products folder is definitely the biggest folder and this is every type
of content or product that might exist in my business, so that can go from affiliate promotions to challenges or courses,
e-books, free downloads I offer, my newsletter, any random tech tutorials, webinars, and, of
course, my YouTube videos so whatever kind of content and products that you’re
creating in your business, it would be great to go ahead and create a folder for each of them and some of these folders,
just as a little tip, are actually empty, but
they’re great reminders for me that I want to do these things so I don’t have an e-book
or an email course yet, but I want to so just by
having the folder there, it really motivates me and reminds me that this is something I do
want to create for my business. Next is the Finances
and Accounting folder. I am actually not going
to go into that in detail, but you can see at a
high level that I have a place for budget, invoices,
goals, income trackers, and receipts, so whatever
kind of financial and accounting documentation
you need for your business, go ahead and give it its own folder. Again, this is also great to keep separate because when you do start to grow a team, there’s gonna be certain
folders you want to share with your team and other
folders that you won’t, so it kinda helps keep
the separation there. Internal Communication,
for me this means anything that’s just about the actual team and things that the team needs, but don’t really see the light of day outside of our business. So maybe this is some strategy, customer service templates,
goals and planning, meeting notes, interviews,
operations is a general folder that I share with my virtual assistant so we can share processes and time sheets and all that good stuff, so internal communication
will continue to grow as I expand my team and get better about documenting things
that we do as a team. Now, Legal Documents. This is where I store all of my templates, so any legal templates I have as well as signed contracts, any licenses and website policies. So, again, highly recommend that you have a legal documents folder. It just really helps things
stay where they need to be and you know where to
find the important stuff when you need it. Now, the Miscellaneous
folder is kind of a catch all so when I was rebranding, I
had a folder for it in here where I kept all of that,
you know, the questionnaire, inspiration, I could
actually probably go ahead and archive this now
that I have rebranded, but for now it’s still
sitting in Miscellaneous. Research and inspiration
is a big catch all folder for all those screen grabs that I capture when I see an inspiring sales page or a great thank you page or I love how someone
did a welcome sequence. I’ll capture all of that inspiration and store it all here so I can always go back and see it and I don’t have to dig
around in my computer. Then I recently added this
catch all folder called To File. This is not an ideal system, but if you want to just be realistic, sometimes you need to go
ahead and upload things to Google Drive so
they’re off your computer, but maybe you don’t have time to necessarily organize them so I created this little
catch all To File folder that is just at temporary placeholder when I want to go ahead
and backup something, but I don’t have time to actually
go ahead and organize it. So, hopefully this’ll
be something I eliminate but for now it’s there
and it does work to ensure that everything is still backed up. So, that is the inside
of my business folder. I have found this structure
to be really successful. I have used it on a team of one up to a team of six or more and it’s very, very effective, easy to use, easy to stay organized, and something that I hope you will implement in your business. Now you know how to organize your files, but I understand if you
didn’t have a few minutes to work through this alongside me, so that’s why I created a free
file organizing cheat sheet when you do have a few minutes
to tackle this project. You can download this
free cheat sheet right now by clicking the link in
the corner of this video or below this video. After you’ve finished
organizing your files, I want you to come back
and leave a comment below this video and let me know. If you thought this video was helpful, please subscribe, share
it with your friends, and hit the Like button below so I know to make more videos like this. I’ll see you in the next one. It’s so easy to let all
of our files pile up and get organized. Oh no, unorganized. Disorganized? Unorganized? It’s so easy to let all of our electron– Oh, why do I keep … Digital or electronic? It’s so easy to let
all of our (gibberish). One of those should be okay.


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