(soft music) – Let’s talk about making
multiple streams of income. I know you’ve probably heard
successful people tell you, or you’ve heard the stories
of successful people who say, well, they have multiple
streams of income, they have a lot of different ways that they’re making their money, they diversify their revenue, things like that, right? Well, how do you do that? How do you go from where
you’re currently at? Out there you clicked this video, you work in a nine to five, you probably don’t love it, but more importantly, is it taking care of you? Is it really giving you enough for you, for your family? Do you have money saved up? Because if it’s just
getting the bills paid, if you’re just over broke, then this video is gonna
really matter to you because the answer that I have found even when I was in that same situation is, well, you need multiple streams of income. So that’s what this video is all about. It’s gonna help you get started. Now a good news for you is that I didn’t make my money selling courses on how to make money online. I don’t have a course on how to make money online. There are things that I do sell but they probably don’t
apply to you in this video, but what I’ll do is I’ll tell you how and what systems I used to build products that I could sell. I’ll tell you a lot of how I transitioned into my coaching business that brings in over $100,000 a year through a combination
of both active income, income you work for, day in day out, and passive income, which is building systems that once you do the upfront work, once you push that boulder over the hill, you make money every time
it goes down the hill. So anyway let’s go ahead
and get into today’s video. Hi everybody, this is Roberto Blake, helping you create
something awesome today. Welcome back to the channel. For those of you who are new here and you’ve never watched
a video from me before, first of all, welcome, thank
you for taking the time. And also I promise this is not clickbait. I’m gonna give you real details on how to make multiple streams of income because I actually did it. So my name is Roberto Blake. I’m a creative entrepreneur. I’m a YouTube certified marketer. I also am a public speaker. So we’re already kind of getting into the multiple streams of income here. And I have a social
media coaching business, Awesome Creator Academy. And one of the things that I think has been really important for me and also the success of my coaching clients
and students is that we are building multiple
streams of income, and we keep building
multiple streams of income, and diversifying our revenue. None of our income is tied to one thing that if it goes away, we’re doomed. Now for me at least, it
wasn’t always like that. And when people criticize passive income or all the online business
gurus and stuff like that, and they pull this slate, well, if you don’t work, you
don’t eat kind of thing, I remind them that the kind of work that they’re doing day in and day out to make their money,
to earn their paycheck is not the way that their
boss is making their money. That’s not the way their
boss has a better lifestyle and more financial freedom
and security than them. Their boss knows just a few things that they don’t know, and that’s the difference. So what I’m gonna do is, first, I’m gonna start this by outlining a few of the different ways that I currently make
multiple streams of income, and this might even give you some ideas, and then we’re gonna get into
how you get started with that, but I just kind of wanna
set the plate here for you. Now I think it’s obvious
for a lot of you that, sure, I’m on YouTube and
I make money on YouTube, and it’s pretty decent money. The YouTube channel and AdSense brings in a few thousand dollars a month. There are very specific reasons that I’m able to do that regardless of how many views that I get that are really complicated and answered in a YouTube specific video, but what you need to understand is that unlike most YouTubers, I don’t rely and live on my AdSense or the donations from my
community, my viewers. I also use YouTube to market
myself and my services, and before it was coaching,
it was freelancing, which we’ll talk about in a little bit. I’m very much an advocate
of having a side hustle, ’cause most of you, I don’t expect you to watch this video and quit your nine to five job in the next 30, 60, or 90 days. What I’m hoping that you’re able to do watching this video is over the next 30, 60, 90 days, make an extra 30 to $50 a day possibly, or make an extra $500 a month that puts you in a much better position than you currently are. And I’m hoping that some of what I’m doing is something that you have the skills and the ability to apply. And if you don’t, there are
actually videos on this channel that can help you develop those skills. So with the YouTube channel, what I did, and you can do this with a blog or a podcast by the way, you don’t need a huge audience, you just need a few people
that will buy something, that they were gonna buy
anyway by clicking your link, and it’s called affiliate marketing. Now I know a lot of people
are skeptical about it. A lot of people think
affiliate marketing is a scam, but we have to understand
is that people in retail, like when I was a kid, I worked at Hex, which was then, like, it’s owned by the same company as Macy’s, so it got rebranded as Macy’s. I worked at the mall. And I would make commissions. I would make 8 and 10%
commissions on my sales, but I also had to show up and I had to work the floor and I had to do customer service. There are a lot of companies that will just give you referrals or commissions on sales, and they’ll either give you a flat rate or they will give you a percentage. When I worked at Macy’s, the other thing they did was they gave us these referral bonuses for every one we got to sign up for a credit card. So you already see that
affiliate marketing or referral sales are not a scam, it’s not something that doesn’t work, it’s something that
exists in retail right now that people do that
work a nine to five job. The difference is instead of doing that and working a nine to five job, while you’re at work, you could have a blog, a podcast, or a YouTube channel that has content regardless of how many views it’s getting, and it’s getting that one commission, that one referral that makes you that 10, 20, 30, $100. And so that’s what I did is I signed up for multiple affiliate programs, and I made a few different videos that referenced those affiliate programs and the links to them, and that’s what allowed me to start making commissions. And so whether I do anything or not, those videos, those blog posts, those podcast episodes, they exist and they bring in money because someone now is a little bit more educated about something that they were thinking about buying anyway. And the best part you don’t have to build a product yourself. So that’s actually really cool. If you wanna learn more
about affiliate marketing, click this video up here. I have a step by step guide on getting started with
affiliate marketing, and I believe the
description of that video has a few different affiliate programs that you can sign up for. I’ll probably do another video soon on, like, my top 10 affiliate programs that you can sign up for today. And I would say that that’s probably worth subscribing for, getting notifications, ’cause I think that video is gonna make you guys a lot of money. So aside from having, like, a couple solid affiliate programs that do very well for me, some bring in as much as 5,000 a month, 2,000 a month, on the lower end a few
hundred dollars a month. And yes, this doesn’t happen overnight, but it is transactional. Like all sales, every sale counts. So again it doesn’t matter how big of an audience you have, it’s about conversions. For me one of the things that I advocate for is Bluehost, right? So if you go to, what I did was I signed
up an affiliate deal, I got more integrated with them, and for anybody that wants to start a website or a blog, I negotiate a discount so that my viewers get a discount, right? This is one of those hacks for how you make more money is when you can negotiate a deal that helps your audience or your customers or your clients, it’s an added value, right? So my folks get a discount with Bluehost when they use my link. And what I also did was in this particular case, I set up content that makes sense for those people. It’s not a sales pitch. It’s that if you want to start a website, there are things you need to know, or if you wanna start an online business, there are things you need to know, right? And here is why I’m
explaining this to you. On about 25 sales that I didn’t have to wake up and pitch people and hustle everyday for, on 25 sales I made about $2,000, right? That $2,000 for many of
you watching this video represents your salary. Imagine making that off of doing two or three articles and posting those in Medium or LinkedIn or on your own website, and being able to make money that way while you’re at work
and double your income. Just think about that for a moment. Now yeah a lot of that
stuff isn’t overnight. It takes time and you have to do know what you’re talking about. One of the things that I did very early on to build another source of income even when I was an employee working in corporate America was I did freelancing, I did gigs on the side. And what was harder
about that back then is there weren’t a lot of websites to give you those opportunities. And now you have,
you have And what I would do and what
I would challenge you to do is don’t look for the cheapest things, look for things that are 50 or $100 task that you know will only take you one or two hours or even less. And let me make this very
very actionable for you. So if you take on what I call my $30 A Day Challenge, this is probably going
to change your life, ’cause this is the thing, there are tasks out there that represent $50 or $100, right? If you do a task every single day after you work your nine to five job, just think about it, after you work your nine to five job, what if you did a task that
was worth 50 to $100, okay? Those exist, Upwork,, There are all these websites
where people hire people. In addition to that, there might be friends or family members, let’s say you don’t have an online skill, ’cause a lot of you whine to me about not being tech savvy or having an online skill, cool. How much is it worth for somebody to clean up the yard debris? How much is it to mow somebody’s lawn? How much is it to rake the leaves? And how often can you do that? And how often can you make time for that? And can you just charge what you want? Because if you can’t
charge between 50 or $100, and you’re doing this a couple
times a week or everyday, eventually it all adds up, it all adds up. So making an extra $1,000,
making an extra $1,000, every single month is not a pipe dream, it’s not a scam, it’s not hokey. It’s something that you
can realistically do. Even if you’re a young person, you can find things that
people are willing to pay for that are between 30, 50,
and $100 that are a task, instead of charging 10 or
$15 an hour for your time. Be rewarded for efficiency. I did a video about stop
trading time for money where I really explained
this concept in depth. Between making content on YouTube, doing freelance work, which eventually became consulting work and I’ll talk about that, and doing affiliate marketing sales, it occurred to me that
what I really wanted to do was have a very powerful business that combined products and services, active income that I hustled for but charged the most for my time, and passive income where I have products and systems that make me money based
on upfront work now and massive benefit later. And so that’s where I developed I built my own website and platform, and I did it using a system called Kajabi. I’m gonna link to that
down below for you guys because I’m a Kajabi hero. What they do is they send you a shirt the first $1,000 you make, the first $10,000 you
make they send you a hat, and then they send you this
jacket which I have hanging up for the first $100,000 that
you make using the platform. Okay and Kajabi is basically for selling either digital product
downloads which I do, online course which I also have, and also you can set
up a membership program to get monthly subscriptions, and you can even set up one time transactions for coaching which is what I did. And there’s a lot of online
business folks who do this. Now here is how this plays into
multiple streams of income, and by the way if you want to do 30 days of a free trial of Kajabi, I’m gonna link to that in the description down below for you guys so you can get a 28, 30-day free trial, and see if you want to get
into digital product creation, whether you can handle
it, whether it’s easy, and then if you wanna
sign up, that’s great, if you don’t, you tried it out. So just like retail I decided that I wanted multiple streams of income, multiple SKUs, multiple product
SKUs within my business, and so I set up a membership
program for $59 a month, I set up various one-on-one
coaching packages, whether those are one-time calls or whether those are
monthly recurring retainers. So I set up these different models here. I set up high level one-time transactions, I set up two different
forms of recurring revenue. This is important. I’ll do a whole video about recurring revenue later. But a $59 a month membership and then a high tier premium service for a recurring monthly
cost and a retainer to be top level priority. So this is important because this is how the most successful people in the world set themselves up. They set themselves up
with recurring income, passive income, and they do active income, but usually they leverage
other people’s time, and they charge more for their time and for access to them. This is probably how
your employer is set up if you think about it hard enough. If you think about it hard enough, this is what your boss is doing. Your boss leverages your time, and charges a lot more for it, keeps the majority of the profit, which we call a margin, and pays you. That’s a very smart business model. The way that you can do that is you can use products that other people have developed through affiliate marketing, and you can sell it and get a commission. They did the work, they
developed the product, they did the system, you made the sale, so you get something. And this is very practical for you. The other thing you can
do is you can use content the way that your boss
uses you as an employee. If content can make the sale, then let it. Make content that facilitates
that transaction sale, whether it’s your product where
you keep most of the money, or someone else’s product
where they did most of the work and you get some of the money. Now having a coaching
business, that’s active income, so that’s not passive but it is recurring, and then there are high
ticket items there. So I needed to develop products, and the first product I
developed wasn’t a course. I made a digital download
for YouTube creators that I called the YouTube Starter Kit. It’s a bunch of Photoshop templates, ’cause I had a background
as graphic designer. So I took my skill and I
packaged it into a product and this became another stream of income. So even with Awesome Creator Academy I immediately now had multiple different coaching offers, the membership group, and now I had a digital product in the form of the YouTube Starter Kit. Then I built a course which
was another digital product. And then I started on something called the Instagram Starter Kit, and you can see where I’m going with this. I kept diversifying and creating
multiple revenue streams even within the brand of
Awesome Creator Academy. Even within the brand of my coaching I created multiple revenue streams. Within the brand of my YouTube channel I created multiple revenue streams. So what you can do right now and what you can take
away from all of this is the first thing you can do is you can look at doing task, whether that’s doing odd jobs for people you know in the real world if you don’t have digital skills, you can set up somebody’s office for them, you can do lawn care for them, you can organize, you can become a professional organizer, organize their house, you can do these things
in your spare time. It’s more work than the nine to five, but it’s the most accessible way to have another revenue
stream for a lot of you and not be completely dependent
on your nine to five job. The next thing for a lot of you is you can get into affiliate
marketing like I did because there’s no upfront
cost to you doing that, and that makes total sense. After that let’s look at digital products. If you’re not good at something that you can competently teach and make courses or build digital assets around, then don’t worry about it just yet, here’s a really easy one. You can start making cool T-shirts online. And even if you don’t have an audience, the marketplaces for these T-shirts, like Spreadshirt and Teespring, actually help make sales for you even if you don’t have an audience, it’s in their online marketplace. So a cool T-shirt is a cool T-shirt, and you can make money doing this. I don’t push mine a lot, but I had made merchandise, and I had made hundreds of dollars at any given time when I do promote it. I can make an extra $200 in a month, $100 in a month if I actually
push the merchandise. So you guys could probably do that, and that $200 probably would actually make a difference for you. Even if it doesn’t feel like
a lot of money at first, an extra $100, an extra $200, an extra $300 a month adds up, and if you get good enough at this and making more revenue streams, and if you can scale
these revenue streams, then you can be successful. The first year that I started
doing affiliate marketing, I think I maybe pulled in
500 extra dollars a month. It didn’t seem like a lot but it was a lot for me at the time. Scaling that to a point where I’m doing on a bad month $5,000
on affiliate marketing, sure, that took years but it
was worth it and it added up. So I would encourage you
to take this seriously, and to not get discouraged by the fact that it’s not gonna
happen for you overnight, but I would also challenge yourself to play a game with yourself and see how much money
you can make in 30 days by trying to build
multiple revenue streams and trying to side hustle even if it’s with doing
freelancing and odd jobs. Try to charge 50 to $100 for something and see if you get it, and keep playing this game with yourself until you find, wow, I’m making really good
extra money right now. I think if you gamify
this and you try to see, like, how much money you can make each and everyday and
each and every month, then it’ll actually work out, and you’ll find yourself with more money than you’ve seen just doing what you’ve been doing right now. Question of the day. How many revenue streams
do you have right now? Are you just working
your nine to five job? Or do you have a side hustle? Let’s talk about that
in the Comments section, and give people some ideas of side hustles that are accessible and easy, whether they have digital skills or not. Like this video if you liked it. Don’t forget to subscribe. There are over 1,000
videos here on the channel that can help you make a little
bit of extra money online, start marketing yourself or your business, or give you the mindset
for success and creativity. As always you guys, thanks
so very much for watching, and don’t forget, go out there and create something awesome today. Maybe make a few extra bucks on it. Take care. (upbeat music)


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