How to Make Money on Social Media in 2019 (5 DIFFERENT WAYS!)

How to Make Money on Social Media in 2019 (5 DIFFERENT WAYS!)

What’s up, everyone? Welcome back to my channel. Now, in my last video, I shared with you guys
that I made over $10,000 in just one month thanks to social media. And at the end of that video, I promised you
guys that I would teach you my tips, tricks and strategies on how you can potentially
monetize your social media platforms as well. The reason why I decided to create a video
like this is because back then, before I was on social, before I started my own business,
I genuinely thought that the only way that anyone can make money on social media was
if they were a huge influencer and brands were paying them to post, or if you had thousands
and thousands and millions of views on YouTube in order to make good money off of Adsense
revenue. Well, I’m here to tell you that of the 10
plus thousand dollars that I made last month, none of it was through brand partnerships,
and only a very, very, very minuscule portion of it was through Adsense money. That’s why in this video I will definitely
touch on those avenues, but I also want to share with you guys the alternate ways that
people actually make money on social. You don’t have to be a big influencer, and
you don’t have to have a million views on YouTube. And in just a moment, I’m going to share with
you guys my YouTube earnings to really paint the picture of why people generally can’t
make a living off just doing YouTube. So, with that being said, if you are down
to learn more, then keep on watching. So the first way that you can make money off
of being on social media is obviously YouTube revenue. Now, you have to have I think 4000 hours of
watch time plus 1000 subscribers in order for your platform to be monetized. I got monetized I think about last month,
and I’m gonna show you guys exactly how much I’ve earned since then. Now, the reason why this is the number one
tip is not because it’s the number one way, it’s really for me to get this out of the
way so that I can show you guys exactly how you really can’t make a good living off of
just YouTube, unless you are making a million plus views per video. Hey guys, so right now, we are on my revenue
page within my creator studio or my analytics on YouTube, and this is my lifetime revenue. I’ve made about $1200 from YouTube ever since
I got monetized on January 20th. So, keep in mind that anything before January
20th, I was not making money on. Now, what I want to show you guys is the money
that I’ve made per video. This video, How to gain Instagram followers
organically is my number one performing video on my channel. I have about 250K views on that video, and
from this video, I’ve made about $882. Now, keep in mind again that it’s not because
I did 250K views. There’s two factors to this that kind of vary
for everyone. So, I didn’t get monetized until January 20th,
so that means that all of the views that I got from January 20th until now, that’s the
views that I’ve made money on. But not only this, I also want to share that
views does not equal money for YouTube. In order for me to actually make money off
of my ads, the people who click on my videos have to watch the ad or they have to click
on it. So, that’s how YouTubers make money. Now, obviously when you get to the level where
you get monetized on YouTube for your videos, you can actually choose the different ads
that you play. For instance, you’ll notice that on some ads
you can skip, on some ads you can’t. I personally don’t really care for ads and
stuff, so I don’t really care if I make money or I don’t make money. This for me is just really good side cash. That’s why I don’t force you guys to watch
the full ad. I personally hate it whenever I see ads that
I can’t skip. But a lot of YouTubers do choose to make them
non-skippable, because they are forcing you to watch the entire ad so that they can make
money. Now, this is obviously good to make money
on, but it also lowers audience retention. I don’t know if you guys have ever not watched
a video because you couldn’t skip an ad. I definitely have done that, and for me, I
didn’t want to do that for my channel. I want people to actually watch my content
and not skip it because they can’t skip an ad. So, this is just kind of what I wanted to
show you. But not only this, I want to show you what
I made from January. So, if you watched the video that I posted
previously, I said that I made about $13,000 last month thanks to social media. About $400 of that came from YouTube. So, like I was saying earlier in this video,
YouTube earnings did not contribute that much to my total earnings last month for my business. So, last month, my top performing video, again,
was this video about how to gain Instagram followers organically. It generated about $350 for me. So yeah guys, this is kind of what I wanted
to show you, and you guys can use your own judgment call on whether or not this is enough
money for you. Personally for me, I would not be able to
make a living off of this. I probably need other streams of income, so
that’s why I created this video to show you guys that there are other ways to make money,
and you don’t have to just rely on Adsense money, because if you were relying on Adsense
money, then you’re probably going to need to get another job, ’cause you’re definitely
not going to be able to sustain yourself just through Adsense money. Now that we have the whole YouTube revenue
thing out of the way, I can now share with you guys exactly how I make my money using
social media. After I share this tip, I’m obviously gonna
share with you guys more tips that I don’t use, but that you can use so that this video
really paints a really big picture and gives you guys as much options. So, keep in mind that this tip is probably
gonna be the longest because it’s how I make money. So the way that I make money is through content
marketing. What content marketing is, I literally googled
it, so it’s the official definition so you guys don’t get confused, is that content marketing
is a type of marketing that involves the creation and sharing of online material, such as videos,
blogs, and social media posts that does not explicitly promote a brand, but is intended
to stimulate interest in its products or services. Now, even after explaining that definition,
a good portion of you are probably scratching your heads wondering what exactly does that
mean. So, put in more simpler terms, what it means
is that I create free valuable content for you guys, whether it’s on Instagram, YouTube,
my website, blog, so on and so forth, and as a result, a good portion of you guys will
find my one on one coaching program and invest in coaching with me. And of the 10 plus thousand dollars that I
made last month, about 97-98% of it was completely from my one on one coaching service. And the reason why I thank social media for
that income is because had I not posted content on social media, nobody would ever find my
website, nobody would ever find my services, and therefore, nobody would invest in it. Now, I’m trying to be a mind reader here,
but I have a feeling that a lot of you guys might still be confused. You guys might be wondering, okay, well I
post content but nobody’s buying my stuff. The reason why nobody’s buying your stuff
is because you don’t have a sales funnel. Now, what a sales funnel is is basically it’s
a process that is designed to guide your customer to buy your product. It’s basically like taking someone from point
A of finding you on social media to point B, which is buying whatever you offer. But in between point A and point B, there
should be a series of steps to guide that customer through that journey so that they
can either have enough trust with you to buy your product, or for you to actually see if
they are a qualified lead. Now, in a second I’m actually gonna share
my screen because I prepared a cute little PowerPoint to show you some examples of sales
funnels and how it might apply to your business. So, if you’re interested in that, then definitely
hang on and keep on watching. All right, guys, so here is kind of what a
funnel looks like, and if you are familiar with my channel, there’s many times where
I’ve mentioned the words know, like, and trust. You want people to know who you are, eventually
like you, and then trust you enough to want to purchase from you or invest in you in the
future. Now, the reason why this is a really great
photo is because it not only incorporates know, like, trust, but it also shows you guys
exactly how to get there. So, in the top of the funnel, this is where
you want your audience to really get to know who you are in a very low risk way. For instance, you watching this video, this
video is absolutely free, but you’re getting to know who I am as a business coach. You’re getting to know what I know. You’re getting to know what I have to offer. And literally, this costed you no money, no
risk at all to watch this video. Another way that you could do this is through
your blog posts, social media, anything that allows you to share knowledge and share things
for free so that people can really test drive you and understand who you are. And even if you aren’t doing social media,
you see big businesses doing this all the time. For instance, if you went to Sephora, there’s
always free samples of you getting to try out the new makeup, or you getting to try
the cream. It’s really kind of like try before you buy,
and this is really important within your funnel. So, if you are already creating content on
social media, you’re already doing the first step of creating the funnel. However, the reason why a lot of people don’t
end up making money on social media is because they don’t build the rest of the funnel. Then next, in the middle of the funnel, is
where you want to create like. This is kind of where you start building trust. This is where maybe you do more advanced content
for your audience. For instance, for me, the next part of my
funnel is my Facebook group. If you want to get more content from me, you
want more personalized help from me, then join my Facebook group. Once you join my Facebook group, that’s how
you can really build a lot more trust with me because you get to know me a little bit
better. And later on I’m going to show you other examples
of this. After you’ve created like with someone, that’s
when you want to create trust, and this is kind of when at this point the person trusts
you enough to actually invest in your product or service. This is kind of where you make the sale, this
is when you present them your product, you present them your services, so on and so forth. So, if you are using the example of perfume,
after the person’s tried out your sample and then maybe their next step is to go to an
event from your brand where they get to actually experience the perfume a little bit more,
then eventually they’ve had such a wonderful experience, then they buy the perfume. I don’t know, that was a really bad example,
but I’m just trying to paint the picture for you guys on how this works. So, next I’m going to show you kind of more
concrete examples of how that might work for your niche. All right, so here I kind of built really
quickly what a beauty blogger funnel might look like. So if you are watching this video and you’re
creating content on makeup, already your makeup tutorials are generating awareness. But the next thing that you might want to
do in your funnel is maybe you can create a free guide where people can download, and
that’s where they get your best makeup hacks. You know, maybe it’s a checklist of all the
best tools that you use in order to get flawless makeup. I don’t know. By creating this downloadable guide, people
have to give their email in exchange for this guide, and therefore, that’s how you grow
your email list. That’s how you get people to actually opt-in
and literally tell you, “Hey, I’m actually really interested. Here’s my email.” So, there’s actually an exchange. Afterwards, now that they’ve opted into your
newsletter, that’s when you start sending them newsletters. Maybe you start sending them newsletters about
your products, so on and so forth. And eventually, through the newsletters or
through whatever’s gonna help them make the best decision on whether or not your product
is right for them, eventually they take action on it, and maybe that’s when they sign up
to be a makeup client of yours for their wedding. Who knows? Next we have the foodie blogger funnel. Now, I created this super quickly with a foodie
blogger in mind. So, let’s say you are a food blogger or you’re
a chef, or your account was all about food. In order to build awareness, you want to start
actually creating cooking videos, you want to start doing reviews on food, on certain
ingredients. This isn’t my niche, so I’m just guessing
here, but this is kind of where you would start at the top of the funnel. Next, in order to actually generate real interest
from people, maybe you have a free downloadable video. So, this is kind of way more advanced than
the videos that you post on YouTube. It’s a lot more exclusive, and in order for
people to get it, they have to sign up to get the video in their email. So, let’s say if you were a foodie blogger,
your free video download is going to be a five minute vegan recipe. So, people download it, and then you’ve collected
their emails. You start sending them newsletters, and then
eventually, maybe you offer an advanced webinar. So, a webinar is really kind of like a masterclass
that’s live for you to actually maybe hop on and teach them how to cook something step
by step. And then at the end of this video training,
you say, “Hey guys, like if you really liked this, then make sure you buy my $45 cookbook.” And that’s when your audience makes the decision
on whether they trust you enough or not to buy your cookbook. Now, obviously this is very business driven,
so if you are someone who’s just purely looking to do YouTube or to create content for fun,
then by all means, you do you. But I’m just kind of sharing you how I make
money and how I’ve been able to monetize my social media in order to benefit my business. So, I really hope this helps, guys, and let’s
just get back into the video. All right, welcome back. So now that you kind of learned the way that
I make income through social media, I’m now going to share with you guys the different
ways that you might be able to make income if you are interested in doing content marketing. One of the ways that you can also make income
through social media is called affiliate marketing, and what affiliates are is basically retailers
or companies that actually give you a commission based on X amount of sales that you produce
through using their affiliate link. For instance, let’s say right now on my channel
I’m using a bunch of equipment for YouTube. That’s why in the description box of this
video, you’re actually going to see a bunch of affiliate links through Amazon … meaning
that if you guys were ever interested in understanding what I use for my tech, you can actually click
on one of those links, and if you end up buying anything on Amazon, then I get like 10% of
those sales. And obviously, it’s not just Amazon that offers
affiliate programs, but it’s also fashion brands, makeup brands, anything or any company
that you can think of, usually they do have an affiliate program. If you are in business and you took an amazing
course that really helped you out, you can always contact the course creator and ask
if they have an affiliate program so that every time you recommend something, you get
a portion of those sales. So, again, affiliates is one way that you
can make income through social media. However, in my experience and in my opinion,
you need to drive a lot of traffic to either your blog, your YouTube, or whatever your
affiliate links are in order to actually make decent money. And what I also don’t recommend, especially
if you’re looking into Amazon affiliates is starting too soon, because with Amazon affiliates,
I actually got my account shut down because they have this rule where if you don’t produce
a sale within 180 days, your account gets closed. And the mistake that I made is that the moment
that I started YouTube, I started using affiliate links, however, I wasn’t getting enough traffic
on my YouTube to actually produce sales for Amazon, and therefore my account got shut
down. So I want to kind of caution you guys with
affiliate links, and making sure that whichever company that you use affiliate links for that
you actually pay attention to what their rules are and what their thresholds are, because
there’s a huge chance that your accounts might get shut down if you’re not producing enough
sales. The next tip I have for you, especially if
you are a content creator, is to use a platform called Patreon. Now, I’m not on Patreon, but I know a couple
people that are, and they are making good money out of it. So, what exactly Patreon is, is it’s kind
of another social media platform where content creators can create exclusive content for
their subscribers, and their subscribers actually pay them money. Now, this really helps out, let’s say, if
I were to do it, I would say, “Hey guys, do you want like a private video on how to choose
a niche for your business?” If you guys said yes, then we’d hop on Patreon,
and then you guys would kind of pay me in order for me to teach you guys something that’s
ultra exclusive and that you only have access to. So, I definitely want to shout out Patreon. Again, I’m not on it, so I can’t speak to
how much money you’ll make, what the user experience is like, but I know from my friend
Denzel, I’ll link his video right here, I’ll link his channel right here, he actually told
me about this platform, and I thought I’d at least shout it out in this video. Now, the last tip I have in order to monetize
your social media account is kind of a no brainer. Everyone knows about this, but that his brand
partnerships and collaborations. The reason why I’m still bringing this up
is because there is money to be made when you collaborate with other companies and other
brands. I used to work with influencers in my old
corporate job, and I was really exposed to that world. I really understood how much money some influencers
actually get paid. There are some influencers that get paid $10,000
plus dollars in order too just post one thing on Instagram shouting out a company’s product. That’s definitely a huge way to make money. However, for many of us that have a small
following, it’s really not that feasible to make a decent living, unless again, you are
celebrity status or if you are a huge influencer with a lot of clout. But, that’s not to say that it is impossible. Even for me in my short journey on YouTube
and also being a small YouTuber, I have been approached by brands and companies to create
content for them in exchange for a monetary gain on my part. So again, I don’t want to say that it’s impossible. It is absolutely possible, but if you are
thinking of making millions and millions and millions of dollars like Kylie Jenner, you’re
gonna need a Kylie Jenner following. However, keep in mind that it’s not just about
the following that matters, it’s also about the engagement that you get on your channel
or on your Instagram. As someone who has worked with influencers
before, I was a part of the PR world for a very brief moment in my last corporate job,
I can tell you right now that I actually do not work with people who have bought bots. I do not work with people who have bought
engagement. There’s a lot of tools out there that big
companies use that makes it really easy for us to see if you are fake and if you are real. So, I just want to at least tell you guys
that just because you buy followers, it doesn’t mean that the money’s going to come. You need to work for it. So anyways, I hope you guys enjoyed this video. I hope you guys learned at least one thing
that was new. And if you did learn something new, definitely
let me know in the comments below. As always, I hope you guys have a great day,
I hope you guys have a great week, and I hope you guys have a great life, and I’ll see you
next time. Bye, guys.


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