How to make Japanese Friends! 日本の友達やり方!Ask Oz Ep 16

Yokoso peeps its Oz and welcome to another episode of ask cause I’m making 25 videos and 25 days between 25 people’s questions so let’s begin if you got a question if you got a question ask us today’s question comes from YouTube she said Sora seraphic asks how do you make friends in Japan yes I must admit I have a lot of Japanese friends I’m popular good-looking successful and gosh darn it people love me especially the Japanese so today I’m gonna show you how to find approach interact and connect with Japanese people let’s take a look warning the following methods may not prove 100 percent successful for anyone please adjust methods to suit your personality style and judgment the creators also recommend adjusting these methods 180 degrees in order for optimal success hello and welcome today I’m going to be showing you how to make Japanese friends it’s not as easy as you would think Geof Japanese people have a very different set of social skills and culture so paying attention to the small details and nuances will get you a long way so let’s start with some places you might come across Japanese people what’s up the camera movie whether a plane train bus or taxi public transportation is a good way to meet Japanese people here’s what you do hey bro this tree is packed like a can of tuna a shame I said by the way you like EDM isn’t David we’re at the bomb hey woman – all right right king quinoa Midori des so as you could see you start loud and clear making small talk then you share your hobby as you notice the Japanese man didn’t speak English so the foreigner used a natural expression which means let’s hang out sometime this interpret are a great reaction from the salary man another place to meet Japanese people is on the street let’s take a look Musa chime corridor dock right there Goku as to this yeah in my shop once again confidence is everything how do you not call doubt her she would have walked away you can’t fail if you don’t try also using the friendly term Chan relax the woman and having the statement of getting something to drink together definitely piqued your interest the final key Roy which means dreamy showed a gratitude and thanking for making the attempt at friendship finally let’s move on to a place where Japanese people love gathering the workplace you will most likely spend 80% of your life here so it’s a good idea to make some friends she won’t talk about there that’s net you’re not dr. on Akane yeah have you got thought I love Friday she wants your death hi so this shoe Matsui King Gianni Mota Mina no llamado qua chimas so this car suni suru tanoshii this yeah okay piercing through the shy exterior of Japanese people is hard to do but once you get through you will find that you can make great friendships in that example your mother son was saying boku wa chopped off which means he was a little bit hesitant he wanted to join you but he didn’t want to impose it’s at these moments where you should give that extra push and say wanna cut that up corrosive this usually seals the deal well I hope these examples help let’s review some of the phrases team team one need only this Jean King one we don’t need this booster Jiang booster cookie dough don’t might do cojito don’t quite there beaucoup as to this yummy ma sha beaucoup SSS Jonnie macho King Gianni Mota Mena no air no mado King Johnny Marathi Nina no en Amado quash mas thank you for watching and I hope this helps you make friends in Japan please don’t forget that thumbs up share and subscribe see you next time and let’s be friends

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