How To Make $100 a Day Online As A Complete Beginner!

How To Make $100 a Day Online As A Complete Beginner!

in this video I’m gonna share with you
how to make your first hundred dollars as a complete beginner for most people
making that first 100 dollars is the most exciting thing that can happen with
their online business so I’m going to share with you the best websites that
you can use studying today to make your first 100 dollars online my name is Greg
Kononenko you might also know me as the Caffeinated Blogger and in this channel
I share tutorials related to making money online blogging and traffic
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alright so the first website where you can easily make that first 100 dollars
online is I’m gonna walk you through exactly what
I think of upwork and how you can make the money so upwork is a website where
you can register as a freelancer and then you can sell your skills for good
money to other people who need your skills so I’m here on the upwork website
you can see that it allows those who need freelancers to come here and to
search for freelancers around different categories and if I’m just gonna scroll
down here you’ll see that here are the top skills that are in sort of highest
demand right now on you can also sell other skills but these are the
top skills at the moment and probably some of the easiest things that you can
do are writing okay so it says here content writer copywriter just write a
technical writer they are some of the top skills and guys you can make a lot
of money as a writer let me show you something
for example I had some writing jobs that I outsource in August and September and
you can see here that these was my weekly spending so seventy five seventy
five hundred and fifty and I was at the time I was paying $75 for one article
and that one article was 1000 words alright so I paid $75 for a thousand
word article it was fairly high quality but to write 1000 words will not take
longer than half a day okay so if you are
can write in English and if you can do good writing in English you can easily
make over a hundred dollars a day just as a writer enough work here is proof
because I have paid that myself I have actually paid on some occasions I’ve
paid 150 dollars per 1000 words for good high-quality content so how do you
actually make that money well you would need to come to this website you would
need to register as a contractor and then you would need to create a profile
and you can like I said you can do a lot of different things there are tons and
tons of opportunities seriously there are opportunities as social media
managers opportunities as you know there are lots of technical jobs here web
designer you know developer and so on but I would go with writing so register
as a Content writer or as a writer or as a technical writer create a profile find
some other profiles in that niche that look good and you will then be able to
apply for jobs and you will then be able to get the contracts and start making
the money as you can see here I’ve just done a quick search for blog writer
which is how I would normally if I want to hire someone to write content for me
I will just come here and type in blog writer and then you’ll be able to scroll
all the different profiles you can see how much people make 38 an hour 75 an
hour 62 per hour so once you build up a couple of jobs and once you’ve got a
little bit of reputation you can easily make really really good money as a
writer on up work you can see that this person Nicola has earned over a hundred
thousand that’s the recorded earnings here you know a lot of other people have
earned three thousand seven thousand one hundred thousand two thousand dollars
twenty thousand dollars and so on so there is absolutely no reason why you
also cannot do that so what I would do is I would just reverse engineer their
listings so have a look at how they’ve created their profiles you know take a
look at it and then make your profile look very similar to how the profile of
the top writers is then apply for a couple of jobs do you know maybe five or
ten jobs at a very good rate so just sort of almost for free you know maybe
charge ten $20.00 piratical once you’ve got that
resume and once you’ve got the history or your work history on this website
then you will be able to charge more because you’ll you’ll get the job
success rate and you’ll got the history and the reputation it’s kind of like the
eBay system cool so hopefully this helps you out and now let’s move on to the
next website the second website we can easily make over a hundred dollars a day
from is cash superstar comm this is a paper leave affiliate program so just in
case you are bit new to this and you’re not sure with pay per lead affiliate
program is it’s a program with that will pay you $2 commission for every free
lead that you send to them so once you join you will basically get a link
wherever you share it you know maybe it’s on Facebook on Twitter on your
website in your emails as long as someone clicks on it it will open up a
page that looks like this okay so it says now literally anyone can quickly
start making money online easy step-by-step income system so if someone
comes to this page via your link and enters their name and email and click
clicks get instant access you will earn $2 for that lead because that will
generate a lead for James Jordan the person who runs this cap superstar comm
program and you will get paid a $2 commission so if you send 50 leads in a
day okay just by sharing your link everywhere you can make $100 a day
obviously you know you don’t have to share you know you don’t have to get 50
leads a day you can just start out a lot slower
how do you actually get the traffic to this special link that you will get
after you join well there are lots of different ways a lot of people share
this on Facebook in Facebook groups a lot of people have got social-media
followings you can literally do this anywhere as long as you get the traffic
and they click and they register you will get paid that $2 commission now
this is a very reputable program I promoted it myself before it has been
running for several years now at least four or five years that I’ve known in
this program for so I highly recommend that you check this out if you’re
interested in making easy two dollar commissions for every lead
you said you don’t have to nobody has to buy anything you know that’s the beauty
of it you just get paid as soon as they click on your link and they leave their
name and email you get you make that two dollars easy as easy as that alright so
let’s move on to website number three all right so the third website where you
can easily make your first hundred dollars is Kindle and that’s Amazon
Kindle as you can see I’ve actually previously published several books on
Kindle so this is one of them list building for newbies I published that
under my real name in 2014 you can see here July 12 2014 I’ve actually made
several hundred sales of this I’ve published several books under other pen
names as well but they just goes to show you that pretty much anyone even me like
with no experience in any kind of writing can be a Kindle author now
Kindle marketplace is huge guys I mean there are Kindle e-books in so many
different categories and your books don’t have to be long as you can see
mine was only 29 pages at the time so it’s very very short so what you can do
is you can come to Kindle e-books directory and just check the category in
which you think you can create a 30 page book alright it can be 30 50 100 pages
whatever you think is right just take a look at what kind of information you
think you can write about so for example perhaps some of the easier kind of books
to write would be if you are into writing I know a lot of people out there
can write science fiction and fantasy okay
self-help is also a very good category to write about and business and money is
pretty good in general as well crafts hobbies and home a lot of people can
write about that you it’s very easy to make sales on
Kindle you know it’s kind of easy to think well nobody’s gonna buy my books
but if you think about it you know my I’m selling our sending my Mike in the
book for just that price so just a minimal price you know if it’s 99 cents
if it’s $1.99 a lot of people will just buy it if they think that
looks good because people buy based on the cover right so if you’ve got the
right cover on your book then it’s very easy to make sales so as you can see
here you know there are cookbooks there is just so many different things you
know how dogs love us so you can find a book or several books that sound like
something that you can produce as well just get it written get it done you know
make it thirty fifty one hundred pages and then just sell it very cheaply and
it is quite easy to make sales because like I said you know barrier to entry is
low the market is so big there are probably hundreds of millions of people
around the world reading Kindle books so it’s quite easy
to make the money I just put together a twenty nine page book you know literally
listed it on Kindle back in 2014 when I was sort of just done I was still
working a full time job and I still managed to get hundreds of sales so it’s
as easy as that so hopefully enjoyed that let’s move
onto the next website so one more website we can easily make your first
100 dollars and you can eventually scale to well over one hundred dollars a day
is called jvzoo so it’s so this is an online marketplace that has
information courses and software in several different issues most of it in
the business and in the internet marketing space and my personal results
with jvzoo have been amazing so if I have a look at my all-time commissions
and I click refresh you’ll see that I’ve actually made one hundred and forty six
thousand dollars on jvzoo just as an affiliate so that’s my Commission’s that
I have earned I’ve also made a lot more money on jvzoo as a mentor selling my
own products as well but just as an affiliate even without having any of my
own product I’ve made well into six figures in commissions on jvzoo so how
does this work well basically as an affiliate what you can do is you can
register a jvzoo and then you can look for products to
promote to go affiliates find products and then you will be presented with a
list of various products that you can promote so for
the products you get a special affiliate link so for example if you wanted to
promote some of these top products here like explain do what you would do is you
would request approval and after you are approved to promote this product okay
you will get a special link so you’ll need to read the terms and conditions
you need to request approval here and you will get a special link through
which you can promote this product so you can see you if your class has been
approved so then it says your status get links cuz if I click get links it will
give me a special link and then I can promote this product through this link
once again I can share it in my emails I can share it on my website I can share
it on YouTube pretty much anywhere I want and as soon as someone clicks on
that affiliate link they will be taken to the sales page of the product and if
they buy this product then I will get paid a commission that’s how I’ve made
all of this Commission here by sharing that link in various places like on
YouTube on my website in my emails and so forth and I have a detailed tutorial
about how to make money on jvzoo that you can check they should be linked
somewhere here there should be a card if not then check the description below
this video there is a detailed tutorial that I made a couple of months ago now
sharing all of the strategies for how to make money on jvzoo so you can check it
out in more detail but here in this video I just wanted to mention that
quickly as one of the websites we can easily make your first 100 dollars or
more thanks so much for watching the video
now you know how you can make your first 100 dollars online even as a complete
beginner if you like this video drop me a comment below let me know what you
thought give me a quick thumbs up on this video as well also make sure to
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so much for watching once again and I’ll see in the next video


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