How To Instantly Access The Vibration of Money Abundance & Wealth (Learn This!) when we match the vibrational frequency
of abundance and wealth we’re able to effortlessly attract money and other
things of an abundant nature into our lives the following exercise will teach
you how to use your mind and body to send out the vibration of abundance by
accessing the feeling states associated with that in addition it will show you
how to create an anchor to instantly access that vibration anytime you wish
it also will teach your mind that abundance is a regular occurrence in
your reality through the feeling states associated to perform this exercise
place your logical thinking aside for some time and become totally immersed in
the thoughts and feelings of abundance and financial freedom take a few deep
breaths and begin to take on the assumption that you are a millionaire
being that you’re a millionaire what’s the setting that you’re in who’s
with you what are you experiencing with all the
money that you need to feel secure what is your life like now what changes
characterize the fact that you are now very abundant now further impress your
mind and body with the fact that you are a millionaire
now that you’re totally secure in your finances ask yourself the following
questions what types of thoughts are you free to entertain that you didn’t
delight in before what types of How To Instantly Access The Vibration of Money Abundance & Wealth (Learn This, and You’ll Never Be The Same) Cash Success Prosperity decisions are you able to make about
your life that are different now that you have money what types of actions can
you take now that you’re free to do as you please once you’ve answered these
questions imagine that you’re out for fun on a
shopping spree adjust your body language to that of a
rich person someone who can freely go out and spend whatever they please
anytime they choose think about the confident state that goes with this type
of financial freedom anything you want to have can be yours
how would you hold your head now that you’re financially secure what position
are your shoulders in how straight is your back what look do you have on your
face what feelings and sensations do you have in your body look at the things you
want to buy on the shopping spree and realize that you can have any or all of
them what would you like to buy yourself what would you like to buy for your
friends and family what would you like to buy for your new estate imagine how
poised you are when the salesman asks you if he can assist you this is
different than before this time you can choose any style any add-ons any
additional accessories and any price tag you are totally absorbed in the feeling
of being able to be as free as you want we’re spending money is concerned
capture those feelings and hold them as How To Instantly Access The Vibration of Money Abundance & Wealth (Learn This!) Attract Money Manifest long as you’re able to in your mind
point to anything you wish and confidently say I’ll take one of those
and one of those and one of those let yourself totally embody how good it
feels to have whatever you want once you have a solid feeling of abundance notice
how it moves through your body and gets stronger and stronger as you concentrate
on this building feeling use your dominant hand to lightly pinch the
crease between the thumb and index finger of your non-dominant hand
just apply gentle pressure to this area while you continue to feel this feeling
increasing enough pressure to feel that you’re doing it but not so much that you
experience discomfort keep doing this until you have the strongest feeling of
abundance you can develop from your imagination while at the peak of this
feeling state release the pressure from this area and take a few deep breaths
you have just created an anchor to access this feeling of abundance
anytime you choose now test your abundance anchor pinch the crease in
your hand in the same manner you did before what happens if you’ve impressed
the subconscious mind sufficiently with the feelings of abundance you should
notice that those feelings increase once again if you aren’t able to react sess
the abundance state then start the process over by using your imagination
to bring up the feeling states of abundance repeat this exercise once or
twice a day until you’re able to reproduce the feelings with just the use
of your hands and the anchor you’ve created when the anchor is successfully
created you’ll know it once you’ve accomplished setting your abundance
anchor take moments to apply gentle How To Instantly Access The Vibration of Money Abundance & Wealth (Learn This!) pressure to your hand in the same manner
as before during your daily routine once every hour or two is enough so you’re
not trying to force results every time you reacts s these feeling
states with your abundance anchor you powerfully send out the vibration that
correlates with prosperity wealth money and abundance for increased results it’s
suggested to use this exercise for a minimum of 30 days in doing so you’ll be
matching the vibrational frequency of abundance that will attract it into your
life simultaneously you’re teaching your mind that abundance is a regular
occurrence in your reality being that your subconscious mind speaks the
language of feelings most dominantly when creating and validating your life
this is an extremely effective method to begin manifesting more money in
abundance in other words the mind will feel abundance as your reality and
search for ways to prove that that’s true How To Instantly Access The Vibration of Money Abundance & Wealth (Learn This!)


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    If you think Money "fixes your life" YOU ARE WRONG –

    Only you – in your own skin – going inside – in your Mind-Thoughts, in your Heart-Feelings, and in your Behavior-Actions, can you achieve your desired level of experiencing Life Living.

    That begins with – realizing the real and most important subject if YOU in Human with Ego AND your YOU in Soul –

    Your SOUL is what you are truly desiring to realign with – Your Soul has EVERY SINGLE ANSWER and EVERLY SINGLE EXPERIENCE you are longing to "re-capture" – money is merely the Human venue that appears to give you Peace – appears to

    True Peace and Abundant well being and Happiness – is IN YOU with the Aligned Realization of YOUR Soul.

    Soul Energy is Eternal and it is part of God – Sole Source Energy and it is the very same as mine, and all others – we are so truly Souls having a human journey.

    Until you realize this – there will never be enough Money to satisfy your desired.

    1st find you – then seek your desire. (It likely will not be the same desire that you hold now).

    You are Worthy –

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