How To Get Rich In Your 20’s

How To Get Rich In Your 20’s

So, some of you are watching this video
purely because you’re intrigued and you’re like, “Kris, I do want to be rich.”
But I know some of you are watching this and you’re also saying, “Well, I don’t want
to be rich. I just want to have more freedom. I want to have this one, have
that.” I want to be really clear. In today’s video, I am going to show you how
to get rich. And it’s not about mansions. It’s not about having some crazy
lifestyle. Frankly, it’s just about even a lifestyle free. Enough not to have a job
and to live life on your terms. And you might be surprised how much money it’s
going to take to get there but how easy the solution actually is. So, check it out. For those of you that
are saying, “Well, I don’t know if I really want to be rich.” Listen, we’re not talking
about mansions and private islands. Do you understand that for you to live life
on your terms at the most basic level, you’re probably gonna want 8 or 10
thousand dollars a month. Why? Well, because if you want to travel, you want
to go see some places. Even if you’re living kind of on the cheap. I mean 8-10
thousand dollars bottom line, it’s not as much money as you might think
that it is. When I bought my first 25 homes, it’s because I was targeting
a 10,000-dollar a month residual income. And that was important to me. I
had to build a net worth of 1.6 million dollars. I was a millionaire working on
my second million just to create a 10 thousand dollar month. And actually I
surpassed it. It was twelve thousand dollars a month.
And so, I want you to understand that for you to actually have a basic concept of
freedom, it’s going to equate to a net worth in the millions of dollars. Even a
million dollars today will build you a basic $8,000 a month residual income if
you know what you’re doing. And so, that’s surprising to a lot of
people. They’re like, “Well, I don’t need to be rich. I don’t need all that money.” It’s
like, “Oh, you going to need more than you actually think.” The whole reason why I
even pursue this at such a young age, it’s not because I was crazy ambitious
and wanting to be rich. It’s because honestly, I was pissed off that I am in
this world that says, “You’ve got to have a job. You got to give your best 40, 50, 60,
hours every week to doing something.” You know and you got to do it for 30 or
40 years. And then maybe if you get super smart with your money, you’ll have
a little bit for retirement. I’m like, “Dude, are you kidding me?” Like, I got this…
I got as far as I know or understand it I got one life. And if I’m going to use this
entire one life to like put the majority of my life force into a career. What if I
can’t find a career that I’m passionate about.
And that was the truth for me. I actually couldn’t find something that I was
excited about her that I thought could really keep me excited long term. And
that really worried me. And I was married. My wife was saying you got to have a job
bla, bla, bla, responsibility. You got to help pay for the bills and suffer like,
“Okay, all of this weight is it’s on my shoulders to figure all this stuff out.”
And I was just upset about it. Because I thought “This is unfair.” I was
having yes a total whiny victimhood pity-party
that I hated that that’s just the way that it was. And I thought there’s got to
be a better way. By the way, I did something I can’t believe other people
are doing it. Actually drives me nuts that other people don’t do this. I’m like,
“Okay, I need to build wealth. I want to be rich. How am I going to do that? How am I
going to free myself.” And you know what everyone’s advice was? “Go to college, get
a degree.” I’m like, “Are you freaking kidding me?
Is there a degree for being rich or wealthy or well-to-do?” Dude, there’s no
degree for that. And I knew that. And so, I’m like… There’s all this peer pressure.
and I guess it’s what… The Lending’s. That’s the only option that people know
about. You don’t understand that college means career vocational training. So you
can be a cog in a big machine and get paid your $48,000
a year. And I’m not saying that that’s bad or that that’s wrong. But you should
know that is an extraordinary limited life. It’ll give you very few options.
By the way, definition of money simply means more options. More money, more
opportunity. More money, more options. But see realistically, it doesn’t have to be
mansion. Like even right now, I’m driving this beautiful sexy beast. i8 of the
BMW. I Drive it because I like the way that I feel when I’m in it. But reality
is car doesn’t even make me who I am. There’s nothing I price more financially
than my freedom. So, I get to live life on my terms.
And frankly can afford the lifestyle that brings me the most joy. That’s what
you got to be thinking about. It’s amazing to me that people think that
college is a solution. But in actuality, if you are forced to make a lot of money
in a short period of time, you what you would do is you would actually go to
successful people and you would copycat them.
You would mirror them, you would mimic them, you would do what they are doing.
And that’s exactly what I did when I was in my early twenties. I found 3
people that at each made over t10 million dollars and they basically
followed him around. They weren’t gurus selling programs or
anything. I literally just said please, please, please, please, teach me. I begged
them. And at some point I had to start paying my dues and I had to start
investing. And then I started going to seminars. And basically, I got the
training and education outside the primary school system. I founded the
secondary. And I found it for people that actually had proof, they had results and
they already had a great level of success. Now, before I tell you how to
actually get rich, I want to tell you there’s a downside.
The downside to having a lot of wealth even in your 20s like I did is that a
lot of people, a lot of your friends, a lot of your family at first, they have to
develop a new concept of you. Some of them struggle too much to really get or
understand like how you could have even done that? I remember when I was 26 and I
moved into my 10,000 square foot home on the golf course. It was beautiful.
I was driving Escalade and BMW. And I was traveling around the world. And my family
was totally confused like, “Where did you get this money and how did you figure
this out?” Because frankly, I figured it out at such a young age.
Yeah, the downside was I had to make new friends. People that understood me.
Entrepreneurs. People that liked what I was doing. Because I can’t even begin to
tell you that my social network at the time thought I was so weird. They thought
I was so bizarre. And I just felt like we had a hard time relating with each other.
And so there’s going to be some change as they come with money. and people always
like money changes. Oh, the reality is is it changes your spheres the people that
you hang out with. Because a lot of people that know you aren’t necessarily
going to be there have a good relationship with money. So, they’re not
going to be comfortable with you when you have.
And and some of you are like, “Well, that’s not work that I love my family and
friends are.” Like, “Good that’s tape for.” Because frankly, you can just do it even
doing and keep getting what they’ve been getting. But the reality is there’s
wonderful incredible people out there that get a more abundant mindset that
want to travel more and they would invite greater abundance of their life.
And frankly, I think one of the reasons why my wealth exponentially continues to
grow is half of it just has to do with me anyway how is. Like, I’ve got proximity
to some absolutely amazing incredible people. On the other hand, there are sort
of total like upsides that make it way more worth it for me to be abundant.
Number 1, no more fear. I don’t have to fear the lack of money that can keep me
having the things that I want. And instead, if I want to take a trip, if I
want to travel, if I want to see the world, if I want to take time during the
middle of the day to make a video or to play video games with a friend or to
spend time with my child. I don’t have a job getting in my way.
And so I think for me freedom is probably the lack of fear and the
abundance of freedom make having the wealth more like bigger and more poor
than anything pure. Let’s talk about how you actually get rich in your 20s.
Because that’s what the whole video is supposed to be about. I just think that
that background and understanding some of that financial psychology and
personal psychology is important because for me. Psychology is everything. If you
don’t possess race psychology, it doesn’t matter how good of a strategy. Here’s why
you’re not. Going to give you a shortcut. There’s a link below to actually look at
my maverick program. And it’s where you actually become one of my Mavericks. And
what that actually means is that I will actually partner with you. I’ll give you
the deals, I’ll give you the team, I will do all the research. Literally, I’ll make
real estate investing super simple. Because real estate is how I know how to
build wealth in my 20s, 30s, 40s, 50s, 60s, 80’s, 90’s
faster, better and more consistent than anything else. It doesn’t care how old
you are, doesn’t care how young you are. It doesn’t really give a rip about
whether you’ve got money or don’t have money, good credit, bad credit. Doesn’t
care. real estate is agnostic. It simply done
correctly make some piles of money as the most expensive commodity. And it’s
all about knowing how to get your hands on it. So, if you want to learn how to do
that, all you got to do is click the link in the description below and I will
partner with you, I will get the deals to you, I’ll show you how it all works. And
basically give you the ultimate shortcut. Now, you don’t have to trust me on the
page. You can read about many other people who have done this. Frankly, have
helped thousands and thousands of people build enormous amounts of wealth the
track record really speaks for itself. The question is whether you’re serious,
whether it’s your time. If it is, then man, let’s blaze. Click the link below and
let’s go. If it’s not, then make sure you at least click that subscribe button and
that you start just watching these videos every single day so you can get
your financial psychology right. And then learn more about the different
opportunities about getting in the game in real estate and absolutely crushing
it. Because there’s no time like now to make things happen. Waiting will not
bring you anything good in your life. Making good choices will and I’ve put
one in front of you right now. You can decide whether you want to investigate,
learn more, talk with my team live. Let us actually walk you through what it looks
like and find out a building wealth right now is for you or not. I’ve tried
to give you disclaimer on the biggest downsides of actually building wealth.
And now, it’s up for you to decide what you want to do. So, click the link. Make
sure that you subscribe. I’ll see you tomorrow is video.


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