How to Get Rich from Manufacturing 💰 Fallout 4 No Mods Shop Class

How to Get Rich from Manufacturing 💰 Fallout 4 No Mods Shop Class

What’s up class! And welcome back to another lesson
in the No Mods Shop Class here on the Skooled Zone. Got an amazing response to my manufacturing
video last week. So I really appreciate that. I also mentioned in the video that there’s a
hidden trick to getting rich off manufacturing. And that’s what I’m gonna show you today. Something
I don’t think has ever been shown on YouTube before. And we’re gonna do that over at Abernathy
Farm where I set up that simple assembly. But before we get to all that, it’s time
for a peek at this month’s Wall of Fame. As you guys may have seen in past videos, I feature
the names of my amazing Patreon supporters once a month on this here wall of fame. And
here are my fantastic Patreons this month. I really want to thank you all for helping me get
a little bit closer to doing YouTube full-time. We are literally a few dollars away
from an upgrade to my microphone. Which I do think will be a wee bit
of a game-changer to the channel. So, if you want to be the one that pushes us over
the line, jump on over my Patreon page and join the varsity team. I’m still playing
around with a name to call my Patreons. But that’s what I’m leaning towards. Let me know what
you guys think, you know, something school-themed. And speaking of “Skooled” theme,
hop on board the Skooled Bus and I’ll meet you back at my Abernethy Studio set. Okay! Here we are. Now, as I mentioned in the last video, there aren’t
many items that can be built with the manufacturing system that offer a profit over and above
what it takes in raw materials to build them. In fact, some items require rather rare components
that you can’t even buy from vendors. Most the time, building things with the manufacturing system is really more of a matter of fun or convenience. The closest most people know how to come to making
a profit from manufacturing, is using the auto loom to create, you know, Like clean suits. Now, you can
start your own Brooks Brothers factory if you want. With mass production, those do
offer a little bit of profit. But there’s another item capable of being built that
most people don’t even know can turn into a profit. And that is: The Vault-Tec lunch boxes! I know right?
Most of you are calling BS right now. Nope! This isn’t clickbait. When
do I ever clickbait you guys? Just watch the whole video and you’ll be mind blown. In fact, I did some preliminary research, and I
think I might be the 1st to make a video about this. If I’m not, and this was you know, buried
somewhere in an old video, my sincerest apologies. I always try to make these discoveries on my
own, and it’s never my intent to copy anyone. So, to get this going, we can keep the basic
infrastructure of what I’ve already built here. All I need to do is swap out the pyrotechnics mill
with the junk builder, and then re-program it for the Vault-Tec lunch boxes. So let’s do that real
quick. And then I’ll kind of continue explaining how this is all going to work to make a profit. All right, so I’ll just store that. Grab the Builder. Pop that into place. And then I’m not going to bother with any trick
wiring for this video. So I’m just gonna hook this right over to the vacuum hopper. And then let’s get out… …the terminal. And program this for the lunch boxes. There we go! Okay, now as you can see from what the terminal says
here, you’ll need 3 steel to make the lunch boxes. So make a mental note of that for
later in the video, and you’ll see why. At this point we don’t need the terminal
anymore, so I can just store that. And then to make things fast/convenient for the
second trick involving lunch boxes, I’m gonna add a quick addition over to the left here. And
you’ll see why I’m doing that in a moment as well. Now I just need to hook these up real
quick, I’m not gonna do anything fancy. I’m just doing this to get the wires out of our way. Okay, that should be good enough. I’m gonna
go ahead and turn this off for the moment. And I’m also gonna get rid of this as well. Oh, and I came up with another idea for a catch-all
bin, if you want more of like the industrial look or even the wooden scrappy look. So I won’t be using
those, but I’ll show you real quick kind of as a bonus tip. Okay. So for more of the industrial look,
we can go into the concrete section under floors. And go over to this small floor right here. And then in the scaffolding section, You’ve got these railings. You just
pop these railings right over here. Okay, and that creates a little bin. And I tested it
out, and there’s not really much that’s gonna slip through these little cracks right here. You know,
just because of the bounding boxes. So it’ll catch anything that’s gonna fall in there. That’s a nice
little touch. But if you want something that looks more like a wooden scrappy bin,
then here’s another option for you. Just go into the wood section. And go to floors. And you can use these little floors. Or if you
wanted to look even scrappier, you can use something like this shack floor here. And then just head over
to miscellaneous, and use like some of these rails. Or even these, you know? Right here.
Yeah those might be a little tall. But yeah, that kind of creates a cool little
bin for you there. Isn’t that pretty cool? So that’s another option to use beside something
like the bathtub. That little round chair bin that I had, that I just disabled a moment ago, is really
cool, but not for necessarily for large items. So if you want larger items, you can either glitch
some couches together in the same fashion, or build something kinda cool like this. That was our little
bonus tip. Our little extra credit for the day. You know, just wanted to show
you some alternatives real quick. Now I’m gonna get rid of all this. And I’m going to build something better suited
for showing off what we’ll be doing today. Okay, that ought to be good enough. This way we have
you know, a nice little display floor where you’ll be able to see everything in a cleaner fashion rather
than the wood slats with all the patterning on it. So, all we need to do now is just go grab
some steel, and pop it into the steamer trunk. Got some steel in here. Now, it takes 3 steel to make each lunch box. So I’m just gonna put 30 steel in here,
so that way we’ll make ten of them. So I’ll just start off with ten just
to give you an idea of how this works. But this whole concept here is
best done with mass production. Okay, so I’m gonna start the process here. Steel is gonna start coming out. It’s gonna start landing on this
conveyor belt, head into our Builder. And the builder should, if I hooked it
up correctly, it should start pressing. There we go. I was like, what did I do wrong? Okay, now I don’t think there’s a way
to speed up this process right here. I know you can speed up the speed of the
vacuum hopper, and the conveyors, and stuff. But I don’t think you can speed this thing up.
So I’m just gonna let it continue cranking out these lunch boxes, and I’ll fast
forward until we have ten that are ready. Oh, I guess I could go ahead and make it a slightly
clearer day. Getting a little haze going on here. There we go. Okay, so I’ll just
fast forward until it finishes. Okay, I think it’s done. Let’s check
and see if there’s ten in here. There’s nine! Oh, there’s ten. Okay!
It was still moving along the conveyor belt. So what I’m gonna do now is
step on this pressure plate. And they should all slide down under this platform. Okay, that is pretty cool! So what I’m gonna do now is line these up
just so you can see them a little better. And this is also kind of a tedious thing. You won’t
need to do this. I’ll explain a better way to mass produce them near the end of the video. But I’ll go
ahead and fast-forward this process just so you guys can see this technique a little easier. Okay, very cool! So I’m gonna quick save here. Or I’ll just regular save, actually. Okay. So at this point, I think some of you
probably know where I’m going with this. When you find Vault-Tec lunch boxes in the
environment, you can walk up to them and open them. It gives you the option to open them, and a prize
comes out. But with some Vault-Tec lunch boxes, and also the ones that you produce through the
builder, it doesn’t give you the option to open them. It just gives you the option to take them. And then,
you know, it goes into your miscellaneous inventory. And you probably thought all
they’re good for is just decoration. Well, that’s not actually the case. You can open
them. You just have to do it in a way that you may not have thought of. And that is by shooting them! All right? So I’m going to… We won’t go that extreme. I’ll use my splatter cannon. I’m gonna shoot this, and it’s gonna open up with a
prize. So let’s check out and see what it gives us. And it looks like it gave us a tablespoon. Okay? So
here’s the situation with these Vault-Tec lunch boxes. Each time you open the lunch box, it gives you one
of like, maybe two dozen or something different prize options inside. Now most of the prizes inside are
gonna be very cheap items like spoons and pencils, and gum, and things like that. But, it’s
kind of like the lottery All right? There’s gonna be some options in there that are
extremely valuable. In fact, the most valuable item I’ve gotten through this method so far
during the test, was a fusion core. All right? that would be awesome if I can
get it on camera, but you know Murphy’s Law. We’ll probably get a lot of spoons and stuff. But
I’ve gotten robot models, I’ve gotten aid items, Nuka-Colas, Nuka-Cola Quantums. All kinds of stuff.
And the idea here is that it only costs 3 steel to make these things, all right? And I’ve already
gotten one steel back at least. This is at least one steel if not two. It could
be aluminum, I can’t remember. But the idea is, it’s gonna at
least give you back something. Which is either going to be some more resources,
or potentially something very valuable. All right? Now if you luck out and
get a bunch of fusion cores then well… Actually, if out of these ten here, if we just get
one fusion core, I’ve already made up the price for all the steel I’ve spent making these ten. So if we, let’s say, we get two Nuka-Colas,
I think those are like twenty each. And we get a robot model, that’s a hundred I
think, if you wanted to sell it. It’d be better for decorating actually, but you know… We’ll get a few of these things, and the combined
value of all the prizes that you’ll get from them, is going to be more than the value for building ’em. All right? So if you do this in mass, not only will
you potentially get a whole lot of value that you can sell out of them. But you’re gonna get
a whole lot of cool decoration items too. Now, I know what some of you guys are thinking.
“Paul, you’re wasting ammo shooting these things, and that costs money” Well, there’s another way
that you can open them. And that is to go over and grab a melee weapon. So I’ve got this pool cue here.
I’ll just equip that, and what we’ll do now is play a little pinata with these lunch boxes. And all
you have to do is just whack ’em, and it’s the same thing as shooting them. All right? Check it out! So we got some gumdrops, a plastic spoon… …Pencil. Come on baby! Come on baby! There’s some more gumdrops. There’s some gum. I knew in the test I would
get something that wouldn’t show up on camera. Well, there’s a baseball. Oh, and there’s a noodle cup. Okay. Now, here’s the
cool… Well, there’s a couple of cool things about this, so don’t click away just yet. Alright?
First of all, the items are Randomly generated upon opening them. Not upon
being loaded into the cell. You know, or upon being produced in this case. So what I could do right now is, I’m gonna reload
that save real quick, and show you that all the items that I open up this way are gonna be a little
bit different. So let’s give it a try… …Spoon. Pencil. Oh! There’s a Nuka-Cola, Nice!
2 Nuka-Colas, very cool! Some more gumdrops. Oh, there’s some Dandy Boy Apples, right on! And there’s a baseball. So the combined value of
everything there is probably like… It’s gonna be somewhere around 50 or so, Depending on your vendor
perks and your charisma, and things like that. But we’ve already made up the price of what we spent
on the steel. Now, each time you do this, it has the potential, like I said, of something super valuable. So on average, if you’re gonna get at least
back what you spend on the resources, with the potential to get even higher value, then
this is the way to go for making a profit. You know, It’d be kind of like buying one of those
scratch cards for $1, where you always get back at least a dollar. You know what I mean? Now it’s
not gonna work if you make just one of them. If you make one of them, and you just get like a
plastic spoon, that’s only a value of like one. Whereas I think steel is like three. All right?
But you guys get the idea. Now, here’s the other cool thing, Okay? So this is why I built this
little contraption here. I’m gonna turn this off. Alright, so I’m gonna… …Grab these… …Lunch boxes. Oh, by the way, have you
ever noticed there’s a little face in there? I don’t know if you can see it or not, but there’s
a little face. Look at them closely when you… you probably can’t see it very well on the screen,
But there are little faces of boys and girls inside the lunch boxes. Scraped
in there with a knife or something. So, you’ve got this spent lunch box here, okay?
Now, I don’t seem to be able to do anything with it. I can pick it up, but that’s about it.
If you go into your workshop mode… …It says repair. But it doesn’t really give you the option to repair
it. All right? You can place it, but that’s it. But check this out okay? I’m going to
load this lastone onto the conveyor here. Turn it on. Let these cycle up through the
conveyor and out to the hopper there. Okay. And then check this out! All right, we got a nice pile of all
repaired Vault-Tec lunch boxes All right? So I’m gonna fast forward again and line these up. And by the way, for those of you who are new to the
channel, and don’t know how I’m rotating these things, I’ll put a link in the description to one of my 1st
tips video that explains exactly how to do that. Okay. So these are all our prizes from the first
attempt, and we’re gonna make a second attempt now. Now, I’m just gonna let you know ahead of time that
when they get repaired through this method, they’re not always gonna have prizes in them okay? I think
it reduces it by like 50% chance or something. I don’t know if there’s a formula to it, that’s just
what I’ve been able to estimate through my own tests. And then if you repair them again, it drops down
another half to like 25%, etc. Until at some point they’re just all gonna be duds okay? But you do have the opportunity to get another
item out of’em sometimes without having to spend any more resources. Okay? So you see where
this is going right? Let’s give it a shot. …Dud …Dud …Dud …Plastic …Dud …Dud …Dud …Dud Of course! Of course! On camera, I get one! Ha-Ha! All right guys. Well, you’re just gonna have to
trust me. When I did this in the test, the first time I got a Fusion Core. You know, and some
Nuka-Cola’s, and stuff. Then when I reloaded and did it the second time, I got some Nuka-Cola Quantums.
And then when I reloaded them back through this hopper method, at least
half of them opened up again. Okay? Of course, I always say this “Murphy’s Law” Because
I’m recording this, you guys aren’t seeing it. And I don’t feel like going through the process of
reloading a hundred times just to show you something. That isn’t honest, you know? I’d rather you guys see that it’s not
gonna work a hundred percent of the time. But the thing is that, you know, if you wanted to,
you could grab these, and reload them back in again. Give it another shot until you basically get bored
of doing this. And by the way, at the very least, It’s gonna repair them to the point where they can be
good decoration items. If you don’t want a hundred Vault-Tec lunch boxes decorating your settlements,
then you can always sell the lunch boxes at a vendor. I don’t know how much they go for, to be honest.
But you know, you can always create a junk pile out behind your settlement. Okay! So we got a
nice little stash here, you know? I did much much better in the test, so. It’s random, it’s the
way random works. And the higher priced value items, are obviously… The developers gave them a smaller
probability to occur. Most of the time you’re gonna get plastic, and pencils, and stuff. But
you know, pencil, hey, is one piece of wood. That’s one piece of plastic. That’s one piece of
steel or aluminum. I’m not sure. Let me grab this real quick and just check. It is steel. Okay. So, you know, we
got at least one steel back from that. You know, these other items are
good aid items, or you can sell them. So you guys get the idea. And then I think, I’m
not positive, but I think you can sell these at vendors too. I’ll have to research that, or you
guys can leave a comment about how much you can sell them for at vendors if you happen to know off the
top of your head. But anyway, now that you see how this works, there
is a faster way to accomplish this rather than lining them up and just whacking
them on a platform like this. What I would do if I was to, you know, start over
with a new character. And I wanted to make a whole bunch of caps, you know, fairly. Without duplication
glitches or anything like that, then what I would do is I would build this conveyor… So instead of having
the hopper right there I would have a long conveyor that ended up in the conveyor storage bin.
I would set up some kind of wall on the back of this conveyor, and then I’d get some
really cheap ammo like, you know, 38’s or something. Or I could still use the stick. Whatever you want to
use, and basically, each time a lunch box came down the conveyor, I would just give it a whack. And whatever would pop out beside it, would end up in
the storage bin as an item that I could pull out. As well as the repaired lunch box.
Alright? So how cool is that? Anyway, my friends that is how you get rich off of
manufacturing, especially in early levels the game. Obviously the higher level you are the less you need
money. But it’s nonetheless a fun little trick all done without console commands, duplication cheats,
or mods. So I hope you found that helpful. Be sure to subscribe if you haven’t
already, and throw a like on the video. And I’ll see you soon with another fun lesson.
Happy building, and class dismissed…


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  68. Indus S says:

    purified water.

  69. Kyle Shea says:

    Water farm is easier

  70. ItzLaZy says:

    How you repair?

  71. Taylor St. Pierre says:

    Holy smokes. Even watching this at 1.5x this is way too slow paced

  72. Bifrost14 says:

    FYI: enemies give you stuff when you smack them open as well, and it tends to be better loot + exp.
    Personally I’d rather smack raiders than lunch boxes.

  73. Lewis Schatzdorfer says:

    Great video, but you should a used a Swatter! 'Swatter! Get your swatter here….' Seriously, I have the manufacturing DLC and never thought of doing this. What I noticed is the vendors seems to have so little money (caps) and I end up having a lot of items to sell that I can't sell because they are out of caps. Seriously, how do you deal with that?

  74. Joseph Wijaya says:

    How come you have/build such machinery if not without mod??

  75. VariusMayhem says:

    I think that fish manufactory is getting visited by me even more now. There you can loot tons of steel.

  76. Schizskai Rentio says:

    But isn't it more fun to just explore and kill stuff to get drops i mean get rich in a fun way ? xD

  77. manictiger says:

    This is a cool idea for someone like me who wants more iced nukas and souvenirs (things you can't easily get ANYWHERE in the game). But, looting a battle with War For The Commonwealth installed is much more profitable.

  78. t3hb0ss says:

    your laugh is super insincere and it bugs me a lot.

  79. Michael Bargo says:

    Duuude! What if you put the lunch boxes into the junk gun then shot them into a hooper above a conveyor belt…?

  80. Piranadude Piranadude says:

    Thank you this helped me A lot

  81. Nagihan Göt says:

    This is the laziest and immersive-breaking 'method' of 'manufacturing'.

    Why don't you build something, do some ranching, farm some stuff. This is Fallout. Even the NCR is held together by Brahmin barons.

  82. PRAET0R1ANN says:


    Mind fucking blown.
    have I really, REALLY spent hours decorating my house with random items by dropping them and picking them up when they laned in a position where i could crouch and pick it up and look up to have it roughly straight, to then have to drop it on my shelf 10+ times to have it standing.. WHEN there are pivot and axis controls?? Are u for real?

  83. Brian Crompton says:

    What about calling ur patrons the Headmasters

  84. Josh p says:

    At the end you say it was done without duplication glitches… but isn't being able to re-run the lunch boxes through a hopper and having a chance to re-obtain a prize by all rights a duplication glitch?


    boxes are around 10 caps

  86. Nathan Baker says:

    I use the spray n prey for opening my boxes I built a room to contain it all and then it falls into a hopper then recycles the boxes

  87. bigmaxy07 says:

    I just prefer to mass produce purified water at every settlement near water I can cram the things into

  88. david white says:

    [email protected] Benny Hill chase music!

  89. Lucas Cloud says:

    How about the Dean’s List for a name 🤷🏻‍♂️🤷🏻‍♂️

  90. Mike Häusling says:

    whats the song of his intro?

  91. Shi no Kami says:

    Wouldn’t you just scrap the repaired lunchboxes for even more steel back

  92. seais level says:

    The title says no mods that's a lie . your a liar . Thumbs down for lying to people

  93. MRBOOOYA says:

    Idk how long I've been subscribed but I just found out, I never clicked the bell… so I've been missing a crap ton

  94. Nick Alleman says:

    I love how he uses his settlements as a set for his videos, like he decorates Jamaica plain as if it's his own personal YouTube studio

  95. Anonymous says:

    A little surprised that he didn't mention that you can turn the used lunchboxes into Bottlecap Mines and sell them that way. Just saying.

  96. TheGrouse says:

    I'm not sure about this but u can use a ripper and open them while they go out the belt

  97. Eric Chapman says:

    What if you scrap cheap ammo?

  98. mustang veteran says:

    Bro love the yackety sax lol

  99. Ian Barrett says:

    I loooved the guitar riff for the intro

  100. Ian Barrett says:

    I loooved the guitar riff for the intro

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