How To Get Clients For Your Coaching Business Fast (3 Unconventional Strategies)

How To Get Clients For Your Coaching Business Fast (3 Unconventional Strategies)

If you’re here you already know no amount of planning, passion or skill is going to help if you have no one to serve, if you got no clients. And you’ve probably already gone through the basics of client creation. If you haven’t yet covered the basics, I invite you to go check out my video on how to get clients, first. Because today we are taking it one step further. Oh, yeah. Hi, this is Ajit Nawalkha and today I’m sharing with you 3 advanced strategies to get even more clients. When I first started coaching, I contacted people that were already in my circle. I already had some sort of rapport with them and so it was easy for me to propose my coaching services. The direct one-to-one approach helped me get my first few clients and also really hone in my coaching methodology. But once I was done with my rolodex, I knew I had to try other strategies to be able to continue to get new clients to work with me. These are 3 unconventional yet effective strategies that helped me create clients offline. Strategy number one: the circle. The circle is when you organize an invite-only group to discuss a particular topic. What you’re looking for is to create a special intimate place where you could facilitate discussions, insight and transformation. Something like this. What do they do? You see, they are incredibly… French! See that’s brilliant man! I’m getting the tape recorder. Well maybe not that special. When you organize a circle, you bring together a set of individuals that are interested in a particular topic. The idea is to open up space for people who are interested in that topic to have an open dialogue and discussion around that topic. To be able to share knowledge, thoughts and ideas. As the host of the event, you have the opportunity to create coaching moments, lead the conversation, challenge the attendees, spark aha moments. This is also an opportunity for you to learn from your circle. What are they working towards, what do they want to learn, what are their pains, what are their concerns, how you can serve them. Furthermore, the more they enjoy being a part of the circle, the more likely they are to invite friends into the circle. Ask your circle members to recommend other friends that they think could be a part of the same circle. It doesn’t only make the circle richer in conversation, it also expands your reach to individuals that, otherwise, were out of your network. Besides, who says no to a VIP invite? A, are you kidding me? and B, seriously, are you freaking kidding me? The second strategy you can use is called micro gathering. This is the best strategy to invite people you don’t know but live in your community. Opposite to the circle, micro gatherings are not invite-only. They’re open to everyone and you aim to have 10 to 20 attendees for each of these gatherings. Due to nature of these events, because people who come to micro gatherings may not know each other, micro gatherings are less of conversations and more of a workshop format. You pick a topic, you make an invitation to your community, you give a talk in a way where your attendees get an experience, an insight, and experience some of your coaching. If you’re able to do this right, you can build rapport and eventually opens a possibility of you even being able to enroll some of these individuals into your coaching business. The more micro gatherings you organize, the greater your reach, the greater your possibilities of engaging your community into your work. Strategy number three: the list. Imagine creating your own Schindler’s List. The list is life. Not that intense. Make a list of 50 individuals in your network or around your network that you may not be deeply connected with, but at the same point of time, you can see that they can benefit from the work that you do. Think beyond your comfort zone. Try Facebook or LinkedIn, referrals from your current clients or from your friends, or authorities in the same network. Now this may be obvious but let me clarify something. I’m asking you to make a list of 50 individuals. Name, contact details. And then, I’m asking you to go and find out more about them. You can do so by looking at their social media profiles and such. Find people who fit the description of people you want to serve. These are individuals that you must feel excited to coach even if you don’t know them. It sounds really simple but when you actually get down to it, finding 50 such individuals can take some time. The broader your list is, greater are your chances to enroll these clients. Now once you have your list ready, I want you to follow these 4 steps. Qualify, invite, give, and propose. Let’s break this down. Qualify. Qualify people by asking them questions that gives you insight on if they would be the right match to work with you. You can also do so by reading a bit about them before you even have a conversation with them. Then go ahead and invite them to solve a frustration or to reach out for a possibility that they already have identified for themselves. As the next step, give them that solution. Give them a way around their frustration. Give them a way on how they could fulfil that possibility and make it a reality. And lastly, is propose. Propose to work with them. Propose to continue to solve these problems for them and continue to help them reach the possibilities that they have identified for themselves. It might sound complicated at first but that’s the beauty of having a list. As you start contacting them, you’ll find a rhythm and the conversation will only flow easier and easier as you practice more and more. On a side note, calling them might sound a little dramatic. You can also qualify your clients by reaching out to them on social media or during events. Calling in today’s time can sometime feel intrusive. Is this Osborne Cox? Who’s this? What time is it? Who are you? I’m a good samaritan. Another reason why this is such an effective technique is because it focuses your efforts. It allows you to be straightforward with what you offer and you have a long list of potential clients that you’re dealing with. This also becomes less frustrating when you get a no because you have the whole list to reach out to to get your yeses. So these are the three advanced strategies that you can use to get even more clients. But I want to share with you one more thing that is crucial for you to grow your coaching business. And that is get out of the house! So why don’t you make like a tree and get out of here? I’m serious. Clients are everywhere. But if you wait for them to find you, you might never become the extraordinary coach you want to be. So take a step out of your comfort zone and start creating clients in the real world. Which of these strategies are you keen on trying first? Tell me in the comment section below. I’d love to know what are those strategies that you are digging. Did you enjoy this video? Go ahead and smash that subscribe button so you can get more videos like this every week. Tag a friend that could use these strategies in their business. Thank you so much for watching and have a phenomenal day.


  1. Tomas German-Palacios says:

    Hi Ajit! Yet another great video! Already reaching out to people in my circle and now putting together a gathering!

  2. Coaching in Christ Co. says:

    This is creme' de la creme' of content..Thank you.

  3. Yamir Antony Aedo de la Torre says:

    Before see the video I sent 100 likedin message inviting meeting, Great video, You don't have a course for find clients online at optime cost , using different tools

  4. no more toxic relationships says:

    do you have any videos on how to create distinctions?

  5. Sudhakar Nandury says:

    I will go with the Micro meets -create a Meet Up Platform

  6. Lakshman Gunawardena says:

    Great Video & thanks a Million

  7. ThePowerWithinOnline says:

    This is just what I needed! I love both the discussion circles and micro event. I could even collaborate with some fellow colleagues! -Marisa

  8. Anitra Hooper says:

    I just created a Facebook group to create a community. I am working on creating workshops for my community.

    Thank you for the reminder to update & reach out in LinkedIn!

  9. HL Coaching LLC says:

    I love your strategies & will be doing a meetup workshop in February & planning for something this month as well. 4months ago, my husband and I paid a business coach to help us with starting our marriage coaching business. We had been coaching for years for free not knowing that we could make real money doing what we love to do. He instructed us to start with posting on all social media's, especially Facebook with daily posts & videos a couples days during the week to build our audience. Then to buy ads, website & to do a webinar. We're working on the webinar now. He also teaches that no need to go out & get clients, it can be done online & workshops, no need to leave the home. My husband and I informed him that we love connecting with our people & meeting face to face, he frowned on that but said it's up to us but there's no need to connect with clients just help them & move on. We are gaining more views & growing friends on our business page with great feedback from lots of them. We definitely start with your instructions. Any other tips you may have for us?

  10. Shannon Reynosa says:

    I’m so excited to use these strategies! This was very helpful! Thank you!

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