If you want to know just about everything
that is known about how glyphs work as well as travellers & the most efficient way to
glyph up your game then you’re in the right place. Patch 1.32 has given us a better way to find
the graves of travellers and earn our glyphs for wormhole travel, It has also given us a quick little change
that massively helps with finding Portals which I’ll just mention now so we can get
to the good stuff. This is that Monoliths now allow you to do
both the options to find a portal and the ability to solve the simple puzzle it presents. This is especially useful as these puzzles
usually reward with the exact relic item that is needed to use the portal finding option,
meaning that if you don’t already have one, you need not find 2 monoliths at a minimum
to find that planets portal. Now, I’ve done a good 20 plus hours of research
in the last 2 days since I got back on how the glyphs and travellers work since the bug
fix patch 1.32 hit and I think I’ve figured out almost everything. Let’s start with the Travellers, I’ve travelled to many many space stations
trying to figure out whether there is some trick to finding systems with a traveller
in the space station. System colour which to a certain extent denotes
its rarity, yellow being most common, then green, then red, blue white and blue, each
requiring a different warp drive combination to get to, Sigma for green, tau for red and
theta for the blue white and blues. The rarer the system type, the higher chance
of life, resources and more sought-after planets types. Well, my conclusion on this is that the system-type
doesn’t matter, I found they came just as often in yellow than in blue white. My sample size was limited indeed, but big
enough for a basic educated assumption. If others have done large-scale research on
this I would be very happy to see the results and be proven wrong so please show me. On top of the travellers based in space stations,
I’ve had multiple folks inform me of first-hand sightings of travellers in both freighters
and trading posts. The freighter Traveler in question gave no
option to find a grave though I have a theory why and the trading post pointed the player
to the same grave that the space station traveller informed on. The theory on why no option was given is that
maybe the player had already found and used the grave in that system, unless you have
done enough between or left the system then come back, the option to find it again won’t
be there. This mixed with what I have found myself leads
me to believe that graves are far more scarce than we first realised, with many systems
not having even 1 and most only having one, In a procedurally generated game, certain
things just have to be done in certain ways to keep it somewhat simple, one of these things
is that with all things going well and without minimum distance restrictions, when an NPC
or console gives you a waypoint to somewhere, it must point to the nearest. This can be observed in many ways but a good
example is when you put a signal booster down and search for a monolith, if you search,
it will give you a location, you go there, do your thing and search for another, it will
give you another new location, each one being the closest to the point of search with a
minimum distance setting to prevent the first from being repeated when a second is requested, Unfortunately, when you request a third, it
will often point you back toward the first as it is the closest one, sometimes it will
not as the closest one to the second is a new one. With this in mind, the grave that the Traveller
will send you to will be the closest grave, on all but one occasion, the graves I have
found have been almost a full pulse engine of fuel away on the outermost planets from
the station, and the location never changes whether the planet alignment has or not. Also, the graves are unique to the traveller
who pointed you to it, as the name is on the grave and the traveller NPC, if 2 separate
travellers, unconfirmed on whether it had the same name or not, send you to the same
grave, it is very reasonable to assume that a system will have it traveller NPC name and
grave setup before they are spawned, and whether there are multiple travellers, it is the same
traveller, and if there are multiple graves, which I think is unlikely, it will be the
same travellers grave and just copies. All this points to just looking in the space
station instead of trying to find the graves randomly. Now let’s talk about the graves and getting
your glyphs, Graves can be revisited for their glyphs,
they don’t give any specific glyph per grave and if visited 16 times, they will give you
all 16 glyphs with different dialogue each time. There is currently a big glitch that prevents
the 16th glyph from unlocking even when the dialogue is done and the glyph supposedly
extracted, I have suffered this also, redoing everything will not fix this glitch unfortunately
as I have tested that myself on a separate save from well before. If you have suffered the glitch, it will not
give you a special 16th glyph dialogue, it will repeat the first dialogue. As far as how to trigger the refresh on the
grave to be able to get another glyph, it is not based on time in any way so waiting
in front of it for an hour will do nothing, From all of my testing of every possible way
to trigger, it has come down to completely unloading the grave from your cache, for some
reason, save and quiting for a little while doesn’t do this, maybe a deletion of temporary
files would but I didn’t go that far as I found an option that takes a few minute per
glyph. It is enough to fly to the space station,
get out of the ship, run to the traveller, initiate speech, leave the speech and fly
back. It is not enough to fly to the station and
get out of the ship, immediately get back in and fly back. It is also enough to fly to neighbouring planets
and fly around a bit, land and look in a building then fly back, It is also enough to fly on the same planet
for a bit, land at a waypoint, get yourself a drop pod or something then go back, but
this does not always guarantee a refresh, Staying on foot for a trek away seems the
longest method time wise of refreshing the grave. The one way that worked quickly and every
single time for over 30 tests was the space station, getting out, running to the traveller,
initiating dialogue, then making your way back, no dialogue options need be enacted. For this you will need 100 Nanites to find
the grave via the Traveller in the first place, this is only required once, 50 Marrow Bulbs for a Voltaic Cell, 100 Iron
for 2 Carite Sheets, these are to make a Beacon to place next to the grave to be able to relocate
it without the cost of 100 Nanites from the traveller, A minimum of 800 Plutonium and up to or even
above in some cases 2000 iron, this is for launch and pulse fuel, you may want some shielding
sheets or zinc, titanium etc for shields from random attacks too. This method will get you all glyphs in under
an hour in most cases, the variable being how far away the space station is. Another interesting grave refresh thing is
that sometimes they will lock, a viewer on stream commented on having a lock of 3 on
a grave, on that same stream one of mine was locked to 5, I have since tried multiple times
to refresh that 5 grave with no luck, yet every other grave I have tried over multiple
saves has allowed me unlimited. It appeared as though blue white systems allowed
10 but the 11th was eventually allowed but didn’t give me the 16th due to the glitch,
I then tried to replicate the potential lockout by doing the whole thing in a yellow system
which resulted in the full 16 with the glitched 16th. A few miscellaneous things are that while
the game itself points toward caves as being where to find Traveller Graves, all that have
ever been found and addressed have been in small craters with an open top, some being
very deep cylindrical pits but all open top. The 16th Glyph glitch is annoying for sure
but won’t completely impede your travels, the Galactic Hub for Euclid from the NoMansSkyTheGame
Reddit doesn’t have that Glyph in its address and can be found here. Once you have made it through the portal to
another planet, you will be on foot, unable to call your ship directly to you with the
new option added in 1.3 Atlas Rises, the method for calling your ship is to locate a bypass
chip terminal and call from there, this will automatically bring your ship to your location
and allow you to travel further. A good idea for travel this way would be to
construct a vehicle platform and travel via roamer or other such vehicle. I hope this guide has been useful in at least
some small way, If it has, please be sure to hit that like
button and tell your fellow No Man’s Sky fanatics of this video, Maybe think about subscribing and check out for loads of other cool stuff, I’m working on adding some very cool No Man’s
Sky content on there very soon. Thanks for watching and have an awesome day


  1. Daniel Hipley says:

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  13. Lamb Sauce Gamer says:

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  14. Andrew Bearden says:

    I just purchased the game when the game went on sale for the Atlas update. Just started playing it a couple of days ago, and I have to say that your videos have been the greatest help to me. Thank you so much for wisdom, and please continue to upload more content on No Man's Sky. Hopefully in the next few days I'll be able to met up with my cousin (Who had been trying to talk me into buying the game to play with him since release) and start exploring together. xD

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    I didn’t notice until now that you mention a grave can stop after only a few glyphs. I think the planet I’m on stops after 2 which sucks because the Traveller was located in a trading post a short 10 minute walk away. I’ve tried using a station portal to go to all the different systems and messing around and then coming back but nothing happens even after an hour. I hope the next grave is easy to find.

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    When I started it up again there was a traveller there. weird. So I stick a beacon next to him and go to the grave. No dramas, however when I get back the beacon is there but no traveller. WTF? So I did what you said about going to the space station and talk to counter person and "leave" and did that and flew back to the grave [15 seconds of pulse drive away] and just kept doing the same thing without variation and perfect. I had 2 glyphs and got the rest doing the "reset" thing. Imagine how long that would have taken doing it by the chance method.

  25. Wayne Joyce says:

    Hi does this trick still work? I am using PC and have tried flying back to space station, talking to the traveller and click "Leave" and then fly back, and I can't get the traveller to respawn next to the grave and interact with the grave. Tried multiple times – did they patch/fix this?

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    I found my last 8 glyphs this way. I think it only works if you sell stuff on your planet, because I tried selling on the world where the glyph was located, but the traveler didn't give the option to ask where they came from. I kept having to go back to my planet, sell stuff, and then back to the space station to do it over again. ☺

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    I just edited this so you may wish to remove the heart. If you can't, let me know and can start over. 8)

  31. Yueran Zanathos says:

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