The best way to get a huge slot ship early
in No Man’s Sky is to find crashed ships, but without finding a transmission tower it
can be difficult and time-consuming unless you employ this little trick which will increase
your yield for time massively. In case you don’t know, Crashed ships are just randomly littered all
over the galaxy, they are there waiting for you to find and trade for your current then
fix up. Crashed ships used to be just a slot or 2
higher than your current so you could improve your current over many different finds, But now you can find crazy big ships when
you still have the starter Rasamama, sometimes it’s worse sometimes it’s better and they
have a different amount of broken slots that can be repaired for units. Quick warning, these slots get increasingly
more expensive to fix, the starting slot might be 36 thousand units to fix, but it gets to
300k and more very quickly. The second thing you are looking for is the
class, you can find A class, I’ve never seen an S class crashed ship but it wouldn’t surprise
me if they were out there. I’ve only ever seen hauliers crashed also
but you can definitely find Fighters and maybe even Exotic. The classic way to find crashed ships other
than just spotting them randomly is to find Transmission towers, these look similar to
observatories but instead of a satellite dish, there’s a comms tower, solving the simple
logic puzzle inside will give you a crashed ship waypoint. You can often get the location of a transmission
tower from NPC’s, I had a Traveller NPC in a space station give me a transmission tower
location with the Ask for Help option in the speech, it took a few times but it’ll cycle
through points of interest. But beyond all this, there is a great way
to passively find them as you fly over a planet, I should note that I found this out from Reddit
User Stick89, The new fighting system in 1.3 allows you
to cycle through the current ship targets to lock on to, This includes crashed ships, so by pressing
1 on PC or the right D-Pad button on PS4 every second or so as you fly over, you will lock
on to any crashed ships you fly near, pointing to exactly where they are. I found myself a 47 slot A Class Hauler very
quickly using this method then right after found another 47 slot A Class haulier but
with a further 6% increase to shields from the last. You will realise after doing this just how
many crashed ships are strewn about the cosmos, it’s crazy, it seemed like they were super
rare after they took away the ability to scan for transmission towers but the ships are
still there. A quick tip, once you’ve found one to trade,
while this won’t give you huge amounts back, is to dismantle any tech extras you can. Also, don’t charge you warp drive before doing
this as you won’t get the Warp Cells back when trading. You will also need to as a minimum fix the
Pulse Drive and Launch Thrusters, so if hunting for multiple ships, just fix those 2 and don’t
touch the broken slots till you have your final ship. You will need Heridium and Iron to fix the
ship up to a minimum standard, Iron is of course everywhere and super easy
to get, but sometimes the Heridium might require a small trek to find so collecting a few stacks
before hand will save you time. Yet another thing to take into consideration
is that while your new ship has broken slots which take its overall value down, you can
still trade a 47 slot A Class Hauler with 18 working slots for a 35 slot A Class Fighter
or similar with everything fully working on a space station or trading post with no extra
cost, it’s worth looking around and a great way to quickly upgrade at the beginning without
having any units. If you have any questions at all, please don’t
hesitate to ask and if this video helped you, think about hitting that like button and maybe
subscribing for future gaming tips and tricks. The official Xaine’s World website
is up and host to some tools for mass effect, news posts and more great stuff coming very
soon. Above all, have an awesome day folks!


  1. KhrazeGaming says:

    Oh man I needed something like this. A shame we can't reliably search for transmission tower as previously, but it's the next best thing. gj as always.

  2. mkhan89 says:

    Thanks man. Really helpful. I've currently been farming for units today to buy a ship. But from tomorrow I'll be doing this method. Lol.

  3. Games For Cykits says:

    Thanks for the tips time to get my frigate then get a new ship

  4. Gol de Perú says:

    I already found those, just check radar. Sometimes you do sometimes you don't

  5. some random guy says:

    Its simple…use your eyes and explore :p

  6. armyofme says:

    Flew around for an hour, didn't pick up a single crashed ship…

  7. foxyshabazz says:

    Well I'm not sure if I misunderstood or if I'm doing something wrong, but when I'm flying over a planet and press 1 or right on the controller d-pad, absolutely nothing happens.

  8. jack duncan says:

    worked like a charm have found several ships like this. Thank you very much

  9. AJ Hill says:

    Thanks for the info! First click of the d-pad and I found a ship with double the slots! I can't use half of them yet since I started a brand new game, but I figure the ship can grow with me instead of having to save and try to find a new shipagain.

  10. H:ZDWatcher says:

    How do you trade ships, does your ships value have to be higher than the one you want?

  11. Jared Williams says:


  12. juan mendoza says:

    I actually found an S class fighter only 24 slots but way better then the one I had. Good to knw there's an easy way to find them. Thnx!!

  13. E3 _ says:

    Is there a limit to how many crashed ships you can find in a planet?

    I find 1 ship per planet and dunno if i can find more ships in 1 planet

  14. Jessie Nurul says:

    You would think these d pad features would be highlighted after patch updates lol.
    I have to deplete my warp drive before I start looking.

  15. The Portrait Dude says:

    NICE man! Thanks for the tip! subbed

  16. TheWillIamLee87 says:

    I just started a new creative game to test this. Jumped in my ship started flying and pressing left. Less than a 1 minute later and I found a 25 slot class c hauler. Freaking awesome. Wish I new this when I started my real game.

  17. s3bm4ster says:

    I found a crashed S class ship it's possible^^

  18. Andrew Jablonski says:

    iust e the only one, byt ive searched at least 20 planets this way by now and haven't found a single ship.

  19. Joshua says:

    I found an S-class fighter at the Artemis crash site. In creative mode, to be fair, but still…

  20. IAmKry says:

    I found an S class hauler the other day! Can't wait to trade it for a ship design i actually like.

  21. RS Siya says:

    bought a 48 slot shuttle yolo 157m units lol ….. 50 hours of grinding and harvesting and base building and farming …. 46 slot b class was 78m and upgrade to a class 48 slot was another 56m … sigh… looks at some frighters … b class 38 slot was 408m units -.- fml

  22. Joshua W says:

    I'll have to check that out tomorrow. Looking for a massive hauler for my trade routes. 30 slot just isn't cutting it. 45 slot should net me 800k-1m per system. After that it's the freighter that needs the upgrade ;(

  23. Bruellbart says:

    Why there is absolutely no hint ingame that the 1-Button is actually doing something?? What other secret functions and buttons are there?

  24. Fox Die says:

    Wow that's really helpful..holy shit. I got lucky and found an A Class Hauler with around 35 slots on my starter planet. I'm definity going to try this out, thanks for the upload

  25. Lamb Sauce Gamer says:

    Cool tip, ill check this out, are you aware of the trick to replenish ore right after u mine it?

  26. Andy Webbook says:

    7/10 watch worthy. Whitelisted in adblock.

  27. Doomsday_9380 says:

    Very handy thank you!

  28. Senshudan says:

    I found one of those vertical boomerang exotic ships this way, so there out there…

  29. periurban says:

    Good tip. I didn't know about the dpad thing!

  30. LBurhenn says:

    First ship I found, completely random, was a 39 slot class A (with 6 tech slots). Even with half the slots broken it had more slots than my beginner ship so I took it. Been using it ever since.

  31. RODZ THE IBEX says:

    Found a planet with only rare crystals. Made 1m in 30 min just mining and selling. Each trip got me about 135k

  32. Lamb Sauce Gamer says:

    Are there any systems that give beter ships and multi tools?

  33. Micheal Carr says:

    This This is how help videos should be not 20 minutes of nonsense followed by oh hey btw you can do this and this by doing this in most confusing way possible

  34. Ove Karlsson says:

    Thank you! Excellent video with a life-saving tip on crashed ships. Short and to-the-point videos are always appreciated.

  35. RFS 777 says:

    Found an S class fighter in Normal mode, only has 17 general slots and 5 tech slots though

  36. Wump says:

    Great video, very helpful and lots of great tips explained quickly and logically, but what is up with the resolution on the screen?

  37. Carveron Gamer says:

    so if i find a 76million worth crashed ship i can exchange it for free for another less valuable ship? Great video btw

  38. Zireael says:

    How does the abc rating work? Is A the best and C the worst? Or vice versa?

  39. John F says:

    has this been patched?

  40. Ian_B says:

    Ive seen an exotic crashed ship on the reddit!

  41. ubaidubai says:

    Imagine being able to save a contact of an alien whose ship you're interested in, and after browsing through other ships at other stations and collecting more contacts (maybe a maximum of 10) you can call upon a few to arrange a meet up at a station or outpost to do trade with ships (or also another idea could be keeping contacts to recruit crew members for your frieghter which also leads me to another idea of recruiting fighters to help you fight off pirates in large scale battles) so much could be done with this "Contact System"

  42. Jmagnum8989 says:

    I went from the starter ship to a 42 slot hauler within my first few jumps lol.

  43. cucu says:

    Yes, there are S class crashed ships. Found a random crashed exotic S class and it's awesome!

  44. Sandhiren Pillay says:

    Thanks alot Xaine ?

  45. Guthwulf says:

    that was indead very helpful! Thanks alot!

  46. That bloke there says:

    Finally – 'Bam' – straight to the point, no mucking around, no BS, well presented – nicely done Xaine's World

  47. Joseph Sorensen says:

    I am struggling to find pass v2 and v3. Any tips

  48. M Giebus says:

    In my own experience this is really useful. Just don't hold 0. textures take too long to load, therefore ships won't load. Just chill and hold the throttle

  49. Prussia1871 says:

    I've been using this and I went all the way till a 29 A class fighter but after that I've found none over 30 at all and I looked for hours did they patch it so you can't get ships over 30? Keep in mind I am also in a prosperous system btw

  50. Tan Nguyen says:

    you are more likely to have bigger ships on lush planets( planets with nice green ecosystem ) . I just switched from my 28 slots ship to a 45 slots one easily

  51. Mohdri says:

    My current ship is a 31-slot S-Class Hauler that I found.

    Now I'm going to use this trick to upgrade 🙂 thanks!!

  52. FrozenShepard says:

    I wish for everyone to know that as of 1.35 this STILL works.

  53. FrozenShepard says:

    You have my thanks. I found a 47 slot class A hauler.

  54. chris20sith says:

    Great video! and I agree straight to the point and very clear description of what you need to do! Keep up the good work!

  55. Michael Moretti says:

    I have found an S Class crashed ship, so they definitely exist.

  56. DarklordXelrick says:

    ADDITIONAL NOTE with crashed ships, if it isn't a ship you want you can salvage it, dismantling equipment parts… You can then DESTROY the crashed ship with your current ship's Phase Beam (tap the fire button not hold to damage faster) and receive salvaged resources

  57. SlabHardcheese says:

    Excellent tip I can't wait to try it. I just started adding ships to my freighter inventory and found it is worth purchasing a cheapo ship (like 400k) to use for crashed ships. I always keep enough mats to build a beacon, because sometimes I'll just run into a crashed ship but don't want to trade for my current. So plant a beacon, spawn freighter (get heridium, etc) fly back down in the cheapo and trade it. Pretty fun stuff but I didn't know about the finding trick and the last tower I went to just sent me to a crashed freighter. Now I should be able to find them a lot faster.

  58. Whisper Zzar says:

    Just to note: I have come across an Exotic crashed ship. Was a 15 slot, and its the only one ive seen so far crashed. Snagged it faster than a hungry kid grabbing a cheeseburger. 🙂

  59. The YouTube Phantom Official says:

    You can trade them in, as the newest update has trade-in mechanics. You can get even better ships, trading fighters for haulers, etc, by trading with a guy in station.

  60. Andrew Dupuis says:

    I found one yes day

  61. kyle_ daden says:

    Super helpful! Going to try this tonight! Just jumpd back in to NMS with a new game on Satuday. 2nd space station i went to, a Vy'keen guy took my starter multitool and gave me a 24 slot (i think) one in return! most of the slots need fixing, but this never happened when i played it months and months ago. Used to take me ages to get a decent multitool with lots of searching. IS this just pot luck or something they've changed in the updates?

  62. Yekkusu Sekai Seiken says:

    Amazing, thanks.

  63. Steve CoInc says:

    Does it matter which speed i'm traveling while searching (pressing the 1 Key)?

    Go figure I asked this question and start finding ships, 3 so far. 1 is an S class Explorer ship with only 19 slots…doesn't seem worth trading for tbh.

  64. Dave L. Woodrum says:

    S class crashed ships exist. I've flying an S class hauler at the moment that was a crashed salvage.

  65. Aimlessimp05 says:

    I wasn't able to get the updates for quite some time and I remember being able to target crashed ships in the base un updated game. And with this video I feel stupid that I haven't figured out how to do this. You are genius. Mass kudos comrade.

  66. TigrisdeGallia says:

    I press 1 on PC when using the scanner while flying and nothing happens. How is this "locking on crashed" ships work again?

  67. SmartBytes Maine says:

    LOL within 45 seconds of trying this for the first time, I found a ship with at least 10 more slots than what I have now. This is nuts THANK YOU! I'm going to drop a beacon at a few sites so I can compare notes on different junkers before choosing the best one for me. Such a great tip thank you again!!

  68. Bigwon says:

    Thanks grate video,it helped me out alout

  69. Roverson Melo says:

    Cycle targets?

  70. S E-B says:

    On pc i lock on a ship great but how do u unlock

  71. FoggyBoss Channel says:

    Thank you, thank you

  72. Jason Featheringham says:

    Holy shit, not 5 secs after taking off did I find one! Hot damn.

  73. LJ Karel says:

    Thank you, this is how tutorials SHOULD be.

  74. Fiona Biscuit says:

    you can find crashed s class ships. i found a crashed 48 slot s class hauler. i was driving a 46 slot a class hauler when i found it.

  75. agnichatian says:

    Great tip – thanks so much.

  76. Kris Beal says:

    Finally, someone explained how to select targets for the PC lol. Don't know why, but took forever to figure this out. Thank you! Great video.

  77. GrungyEmu0 says:

    I've flown for hours over multiple planets pressing the right d-pad button and I still haven't found any crashed ships, other than the one I found through a transmission tower. Is there something else I should be doing, or something I'm doing wrong? Thanks.

  78. Kevo says:

    Ugh been talking to all the npc’s but only 1 in system will give me a transmission tower… and it was a freighter ? the other npcs wont give directions at all after the first one

  79. Lavoye says:

    Holy shit! That's so easyit's almost cheating!!! I found so many ships in so little time. Not to mention you can find a new tech and Nanites each time you find a crashed ship.

  80. The Rat's Cast says:

    Thank you! I need to find crashed ships in order to find Warp Drive Upgrades to travel to Blue Star Systems! This will help me out greatly!

  81. kadyra Skinfirstb4beauty says:

    Thank you so much

  82. Jim Cole says:

    Awesome information Xaine, thanks.

  83. Karim Tibben says:

    I got an exotic s class ship at my first search for a crashed ship

  84. Nock says:

    found an s class explorer after 15 minutes, thanks for video!

  85. jannanos says:

    Hmm. It isnt FAST. And when I find a ship (every 20min!) then its most of the time a shuttle or attackship (mostly class c) and WHEN its a Hauler, then one with less then 28 slots and c class. Spent 2h on this methode and got ca. 5 ships. 1 C-Hauler with 20 slots, 3 bad C-Shuttles and one bad B-Attackship.

    Do I do smth wrong? Is there a hidden tipp? Or is the chance to find good ships (and ships in general) like here in the video depending on the planet and solar system type?

  86. My penis is unbelievably small, but says:

    When I first started my current play through I found a 29 slot A class explorer ship before even leaving the first planet. I also got a 21 slot B class multi tool for free from an NPC in the first building I wandered into, on that same planet

  87. Ao Heartsdale says:

    After watching this video, I tried your cycling technique as I went between locations. This was my third day playing the game. I found a B class ship that doubled the ship slots from 14 to 28, yea! The only bad thing was I took the cargo but did not dismantle the technologies from my starting ship (didn't know about it) so I lost the rocket launcher. I got a new one since then. I repaired some of the slots and ran out of U (units). Within 15 minutes after that, I found an S class ship using the same method nearby. It had the same number of slots but the stats were better. Now a hundred hours later I am still using that S class (S59). I have found ten or so ships using the targeting technique since then, but none of them better (a hauler had two more slots but less valuable class). So to answer your question, S class ships ARE downed and available. I can verify that. Thanks for the video. Succinct and to the point. It's much appreciated.

  88. NMW Cook says:

    Thanks much super helpful

  89. Krispy Kreme says:

    Can someone let me know if this works with Next

  90. AndyD says:

    Question. With the new update now, what exactly are you clicking when searching? I don't see any command on the pc that auto targets? I tried every button on my keyboard and only thing I have is the C sensor which doesn't work every second and very vague.

  91. ryan avent says:

    Using dpad right doesn't work since the. July 2018 update (PS4) was right over a crashed ship and nothing…

  92. JGame87 says:

    I found a New ship and added to connection apparently, repaired It. But What happens with my Old One?

  93. Yasha says:

    I happen to find a crashed ship and repaired it in order for but then i have to abandon my original ship? Can i just warp the repaired ship to my freighter so that I can't lose my original ship?

  94. remi zik says:

    I've been searching a lot of planets, can't find any 🙁 I'm trying what you're explaining @1:40 but no luck 🙁
    is it still working since the last update ?

  95. Rick DeShong says:

    Does this still work in the most recent update "NEXT"? I've been flying around and have not found any.

  96. casey czerwin says:

    New to the game! I’ve not found a single ship by flying around like in the video. Have things changed in an update? The towers work as a way to find them but not just flying around . Please help!

  97. King Akira says:

    Hello. This method doesn't seem to work as of now, 08/25/2018?
    Crashed ships don't seem to get taegetted.
    I found a crashed ship throfuh other means, and tried targeting it. Result was a negative.
    Anyone experience this or have a solution?

  98. J Flowers says:

    Does this still work?

  99. Severin Parra says:

    Is this still relevant?

  100. johnny bulldogz says:

    Hello, I do have some questions as I am pretty new to nms but here goes… 1) all of my supplies are different then everyone else's I.E. I have ferrite dust, pure ferrite, instead of what I believe it IRON. The names, and photos are all different. .. is there a way to change it in the game settings or something? It is very confusing to take and understand tips tricks and tutorials due to this difference. 2) I've been to approx. 15 systems and can't seem to get any new blueprints to buy with my nanite or the upgrade parts? 3) "splitter" and similar upgrades actually do, they are also the same items in every system I've been in. I know that these questions seem simple to you guys but when ever I try looking these things up in get vague info and instructions about materials that aren't in my version of the game. P.S. it's ps4 and I bought it in 2016. I just haven't played it for more the an hour until just last week. Now I'm addicted to it but can't seem to progress very far. Can you help by answering these concerns. Thank you in advance.

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